The Secret Army: Chiang Kai-shek and the Drug Warlords of the Golden Triangle

John Wiley & Sons, 4 ago. 2011 - 384 páginas
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The incredible story of how Chiang Kai-shek's defeated army cameto dominate the Asian drug trade

After their defeat in China's civil war, remnants of ChiangKai-shek's armies took refuge in Burma before being driven intoThailand and Laos. Based on recently declassified governmentdocuments, The Secret Army: Chiang Kai-shek and the DrugWarlords of the Golden Triangle reveals the shocking true storyof what happened after the Chinese Nationalists lost therevolution. Supported by Taiwan, the CIA, and the Thai government,this former army reinvented itself as an anti-communist mercenaryforce, fighting into the 1980s, before eventually becoming the druglords who made the Golden Triangle a household name.

Offering a previously unseen look inside the post-war workingsof the Kuomintang army, historians Richard Gibson and Wen-hua Chenexplore how this fallen military group dominated the drug trade inSoutheast Asia for more than three decades.

  • Based on recently released, previously classified governmentdocuments
  • Draws on interviews with active participants, as well as avariety of Chinese, Thai, and Burmese written sources
  • Includes unique insights drawn from author Richard Gibson'spersonal experiences with anti-narcotics trafficking efforts in theGolden Triangle

A fascinating look at an untold piece of Chinese—anddrug-running—history, The Secret Army offers arevealing look into the history of one of the most infamous drugcartels in Asia.


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Two Young Chinese Soldiers
List of Abbreviations
Sorting Things Out in Tachilek
Lieutenant General Li Mi
Li Mi and His American Friends
Li Mis Yunnan Anticommunist National Salvation
Attacking Yunnan
Washington Opts
Air Battle Over Burma and American Weapons
The Second KMT Evacuation
Removing KMT Remnants from Laos
Nationalist Chinese Armies in Thailand
Intelligence Bureau of the Ministry of National Defense
Thailands Troublesome Guests
Intelligence Bureau of the Ministry of National
Resettlement in Thailand

Li Mis Army Settles into Burma
First Evacuation from Burma
Liu Yuanlins Yunnan Anticommunist Volunteer
A Resurgent KMT Strengthening Liu Yuanlins Army
The PLA Reenter the Fight
Soldiering on for Thailand
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Richard M. Gibson earned a BS in 1965 and in 1966 an MA in history at San Jose State College, San Jose, California. As a Naval officer from 1966-71, he served aboard ships in the Gulf of Tonkin and taught history at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.
In 1971, Gibson joined the US Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer. His postings included Martinique, French West Indies, Burma and Japan. He speaks French, Thai, and Japanese fluently, and received the Department of States meritorious and superior honor awards.

Wen-hua Chen earned a BA in Chinese literature from Tunghai University, Taiwan and an MA in oriental history at Hiroshima University, Japan. Chen also studied at Taiwan’s prestigious Academia Sinica. In 1975, he began a career with the United Nations as a Chinese translator, working in both Bangkok, Thailand, and at UN Headquarters in New York. He retired in 2000 and has been pursuing various writing projects, publishing several works in Chinese language periodicals in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

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