Sigma Kappa Triangle, Volúmenes 2-3

Sigma Kappa Sorority, 1907

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Página 25 - LEGISLATION. Legislation enacted by a Sorority at the suggestion of the Conference can be repealed or modified only by formal action of the Sororities, who must follow the regular order of procedure (Art.
Página 171 - The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on : nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, „. x Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.
Página 23 - Additions to official list shall be made in ordei -of election to membership. Sec. 4. The delegate from the sorority calling the Conference shall act as chairman, and the delegate from the sorority next in order shall act as secretary of the Conference, and shall continue in office until she calls the next Conference. ARTICLE VII. POWERS. The powers of this organization shall be two-fold : First, to propose legislation to the sororities ; second, to act...
Página 92 - annual" to which all women of the college are invited. 5. That heads of chapter houses confer twice a month with Deans of Women or faculty members concerning the management of houses, and at all times keep in close touch with alumnae.
Página 23 - But to resume our old theme of scholars and their whereabout,' said the Baron, with an unusual glow, caught no doubt from the golden sunshine, imprisoned, like the student Anselmus, in the glass bottle ; ' where should the scholar live ? In solitude or in society ? In the green stillness of the country, where he can hear the heart of nature beat, or in the dark, gray city...
Página 24 - Inter-Sorority interest passed by any Grand Council or at any Grand Convention shall be reported at once to the secretary of the Conference, and also to the grand secretary of each Sorority represented in the Conference. Sec. 2. Suggestions offered by the Conference shall be submitted as soon as possible by the secretary to all the grand secretaries of the Sororities represented in the Conference. Voting blanks may be used for all motions submitted to the Sororities, and the result of the vote announced...
Página 28 - The duties of the officers shall be those usually devolving upon such officers. ARTICLE V. VOTING. A unanimous vote shall be necessary to fix the date for pledge day and to make rules regulating rushing.
Página 5 - ... they wore, And soon the lowering brood were tamed, and took, Meekly, her gentle rule, and frowned no more. Her soft hand put aside the assaults of wrath, And calmly broke in twain The fiery shafts of pain, And rent the nets of passion from her path. By that victorious hand despair was slain. With love she vanquished hate and overcame Evil with good, in her Great Master's name.
Página 18 - It was moved and carried that the Conference present to the several sororities the following motion for their consideration : Resolved, that sororities in High Schools and other secondary schools should be discountenanced, and that after four years from date of notification by Grand Presidents, each sorority in the Inter-Sorority Conference refuse to admit any young woman who has been a member of a sorority in a High School or a secondary school. The committee on the model constitution for Pan-Hellenics...

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