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But whene'er we lose the track,
Thou dost gently bring us back.

Saviour let us learn of Thee,
Meekly bearing every cross,

Leaving all to follow Thee,
Counting all things else but dross,

Till we dwell with Thee above,

In the fullness of Thy love.


"As thy days, so shall thy strength bo."—De xxxiii. 25.

When the deep waves of trouble roll

In heaving billows o'er thy soul,

And no bright ray of hope appears,

To soothe thy heart, and calm thy fears;

Then in this word thy anchor see,

"E'en as thy day, thy strength shall be."

When all the future seems to wear
A garb of gloomy doubt and care;
When dark aud cloudy to thy view,
Appears the path thou must pursue;
Still let the promise comfort thee,
"E'en as thy day, thy strength shall be."

When at the dawn of opening day,
Thy fearful soul, with sod dismay,
Views her own feebleness, and feels
The crowd of care that round her steals;
Still trust thy Father's firm decree,
"E'en as thy day, thy strength shall be."

And if around thy aged head,

Time shall its snowy honours shed;

When dim the eye, and faint the voice,

Yet in thy Saviour's love rejoice;

So shall thy spirit pass away

To realms of bright unclouded day.


'' Ho shall dwell ou high: hia place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks; bread shall be given him; his water shall be sure.

"Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty; they shall behold the land that is very far off."—Isa xxxiii. 10, 17.

Bird of Heaven ! o'er the sea,
Roaming at thy liberty,
Now aloft, and now below,
Where the briny waters flow,
Skimming o'er the deep blue wave,
Thy delight—the seaman's grave!
Dipping now, with graceful motion,
In the deep and rolling ocean:
While the silvery drops of spray
Sparkle in the sun's bright ray,

Wheeling round in airy rings,
Balanced by thy steady wings,
Then returning to thy nest,
There with folded wing to rest;
While below the ocean wave,
Dashes through the sea-girt cave.
In thy rocky home on high,
Fearless of the stormy sky,
Free from danger and alarm,
Thou art safe from every harm.
Faithful Christian! battling long
With the raging billows strong;
Boldly breast the heaving wave,
Though thy weary head it lave;
Rise above the stormy sea,
In thy flight—unfettered, free;
Borne aloft on Faith's strong wing,
As the gull to Heaven spring,
Upward steer with stedfast sight,
To the realms of life and light.

In the fastness of the rock Hidden from the tempest's shock, Shall thy peaceful dwelling be Wrapt in blest security. Far above the din and strife Of the busy worldling's life; Streams of living waters roll, Through thy dry and thirsty soul; While to feed thee shall be given From on high the bread of Heaven. Soon with joy thou shalt behold Zion with her streets of gold; And to Christ thy glorious king, Songs of praise for ever sing.

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