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Fairmount Sub-Branch. 380
Flags, List. 34
Gifts of paintings, 2; plants,
38; sculpture, 2
Harvard Univ., List. 252
Hazeltine, A. I. A Christmas
shelf of inexpensive books for
boys and girls. 373
Illinois Univ., List. 253
Index to the Shakespeare num-
ber. 132

American colleges and universities, List. 248 Amherst College, List. 251 Annotations by the class, Note on. 216

Art Dept. August, 13 Board of Directors 1, 76, 136, 174, 214, 258, 302, 377, 454 Book week. 380, 424 Books for boys and girls, A Christmas shelf of; inexpen sive List, 373; note; 380:;

of the month, Some interesting. 303, 343, 379::**

-to buy for Christmas gifts, Adult list, 408; notes, 380, 424 Bostwick; AE. The public library as civic asset. August, 3


A. L. Municipal statistics of St. Louis. 259

Brown Univ., List. 251
Bryn Mawr College, List. 252
California Univ., List. 252
Carlyle, Quotation from, on
work. 215

Case, Mrs. R. W. What to do and how to do it; vocational list. 444

Catholic Free Library. 38, 138 -Univ. of Amer., List. 252 Chicago Univ., List. 252 Christmas exhibit, Lists; adult, 408, juvenile, 373; Notes, 380, 424

Circulation. 380, 424
City Club bulletin. August, 2
Civic no. August, 1
Colleges and universities, Ameri-
can, List. 248
Columbia Univ., N. Y. City,
List. 252

Cornell Univ., List. 252
Costume (Shakespeare) 131
Crochet, List. 448
Crunden, F. M., Quotation from,
on recorded thought. 423
Dances, with music (Shake-
speare). 130

Dartmouth College, List. 252
Delivery stations, List. 342, 378
Directors, Bd. of. See Board
Dressmaking, List. 451
Earning one's way through col-
lege. List. 249
Embroidery, List. 450
Epitaph on Shakespeare by Mil-
ton. 77

Exhibits. 304, 344, 382, 424

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Recitals, Index to. 35, 74, 136, 173, 214, 453 Regulations. 1, 76, 174, 258,


Returned books, Receipts for 38 Reviews on the cover. 38, 138 Road to success; list. 445 St. Louis, Histories of. 35; government, Chart, 262; statistics, 259; flag, (list) 34 -Univ., List. 254 Sculpture, Gifts of. 2 Seals, List. 35 Shakespeare number. 77 Smith College, List. 254 Songs, College, List. 250 Speakers, City Club. August, 10 -on public questions. August, 7

Stations, List of Delivery. 342, 378

Statistics, Municipal, of St. Louis. 259

-For the month. 76, 138, 176, 216, 304, 344 Stories, College, List. 250 Summer library course. 176

-months in the Library; statistics. 304 Teachers, Reception to. 382 Training class notes. 2 -class number. 215 Tuckerman, G. City clubs. August, 6

U. S. Military Academy, List. 255

University of Pa., List. 255
Vassar College, List. 255
Verse, College, List. 250
Virginia Univ., List. 255
Visitors' night. 380, 424
Vocational list for boys and
girls. 444

War. 3, 39, 139, 177, 217, 305,
345, 381, 425
Washington Univ., List. 256
Watkins, Marie O., comp. Guide
to the literature of Shake-
speare. 79
Wellesley College, List. 256
What shall I do for a living?
list. 444

-the Library is doing. 380, 424

-to do and how to do it; vocational list. 444 Williams College, List. 256 Wisconsin Univ., List. 256 Yale Univ., List. 257

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Olive, 13th and 14th Streets.

BARR BRANCH, Lafayette and Jefferson Aves.
CABANNE BRANCH, Čabanne and Union Aves.
CARONDELET BRANCH, Kraus St. and Michigan Ave.


REGISTRATION AND USE. All residents of the city, or persons having permanent employment therein, are entitled to use the Library on giving guarantee.

Books may be taken from the Library only when charged on a reader's card. This card must be presented when a book is returned. Books may be renewed by telephone.

Immediate notice of a change of residence or address must be given.

The registered holder of a card is in all cases responsible for books drawn by means of the card, by whomsoever presented, and for all accrued fines.

FINES, Etc. A fine of two cents a day will be charged for over detention; and no books will be issued until all fines incurred by the card holder have been paid. Failure to return books is a violation of the city ordinance.

Books should be examined for mutilations, etc., at the time of borrowing, as the last borrower must be held responsible.

ASSEMBLY AND CLUB ROOMS. Use of these rooms at branches is given free to responsible organizations on application.

There are also 66 delivery stations in all parts of the city where books from the Central Library may be ordered. At some of these there are deposits of books.

Books from branches or stations may be returned at the Main Library, and vice versa. HOURS: Central Library, 9 a. m. to 9 p. m., except the Reference Room (at left of Delivery Hall) and Reading Room (at right of Entrance Hall,) which remain open until 10 p. m. Sundays: Reference Room, 2 to 9 p. m.; Open Shelf Room, for reading only, 2 to 9 p. m.; Reading Room, 2 to 9 p. m.

No. 1

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CRUNDEN BRANCH, 14th Street and Cass Ave.
DIVOLL BRANCH, 11th and Farrar Streets.
SOULARD BRANCH, 7th and Soulard Streets.

Branch Libraries, 9 a. m. to 9 p. m.; Sundays (for reference and reading only) 2 to 6 p. m.
Municipal Reference Branch, 9 a. m. to 5 p. m., daily; 9 a. m. to 12 noon, Saturdays.


PRECAUTION AGAINST CONTAGION. The Library is in daily communication with the Health Department; and no book will be received from a household where there is a contagious disease until it has been fumigated. No books shall be drawn by anyone in whose household there is a contagious disease.

QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS. Questions are welcomed. They should be asked at the information desk or at the Librarian's office on the second floor.

GTE MY 2 17

Suggestions for making the Library more useful are invited, also recommendations of desirable books.

TRAVELING LIBRARIES. Deposits of books are sent to schools, clubs and institutions when desired.

The Library will be very glad to compile reading lists for clubs, reading circles, etc.

PAY DUPLICATES. Those who prefer to wait will generally be able, by so doing, to obtain from the free shelves any book contained in the Duplicate Collection. New copies of most books added to the pay collection are placed on the free shelves at the same time.

WRITING ROOM. There is a free writing room on the upper floor of the Central Library.

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