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Walton, G. L. Peg along. [1915.] 131 Hill, J. A. Spiritualism and psychical research. [1913.] (People's books.) 134 Leadbeater, C. W. Hidden side of things. 1913. 2 v. 134 Sinnett, A. P. In the next world; actual narratives of personal experiences by some who have passed on. 1914. 134

By the vice-president of the Theosophical Society. Hallam, Mrs. J. C. Studies in child development; a manual for mothers and mothers' clubs. [c1913.] 136.7 Chance, Mrs. M. S. (B.) Self-training for mothers. [c1914.] 173

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international encyclopaedia. 2d ed. v. 13-16. 1915-1916. Ref. 030 Shelley, H. C. The British Museum: its history and treasures; a view of the origins of that great institution, sketches of its early benefactors and principal officers, and a survey of the priceless objects preserved within its walls. 1911. 062

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See also p. 3.

Newspaper and Ref. 071 Ref. 071

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Professional and business ethics.

Bok, E. W. Why I believe in poverty as the richest experience that can come to a boy. 1915. (Riverside uplift ser.) 174

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Farges, A. La philosophie de M. Bergson; exposé & critique. 2. éd., augm. d'une réponse aux critiques de la presse. [1914.] 194 L'auteur aborde de front l'oeuvre de M. Bergson pour en saisir les détails comme l'ensemble, et suivre l'évolution de sa pensée à travers tous les écrits qu'il a publiés depuis sa thése de 1889.-Le livre français.

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See also p. 4.

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Contents: Chaldæa and Egypt; China: duty and detachment; The Indian annihilation of individuality; Zarathushtra; The prophets of Israel; The heroic adjustment in Greek poetry; Greek philosophers; Intermediaries; Jesus; Paul; Augustine; The arrows are beyond thee.

Brooks, P., Bp. Purpose and use of comfort. [c1906.]


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A mine of information as to the history of Roman Catholicism in England.—Eng. His. Rev.

Distinctive doctrines and usages of the general bodies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the U. S. 4th ed., rev. and enl. [c1914.] 284.1

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(Gifts from the Brotherhood Lodge of the Theosophical Society.)

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212 212

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Sears, R., ed. Bible biography; or, The lives and characters of the principal personages recorded in the sacred writings; w. an app. cont. 30 dissertations on the evidences of divine revelation, fr. Timpson's key to the Bible; a complete summary of biblical knowledge, condensed and comp. fr. Scott, Doddridge, and other writers on the Scriptures. 1842. Ref. 220.9 Pinches, T. G. The Old Testament in the light of the historical records and legends of Assyria and Babylonia. 3d ed., rev., w. app. and notes. 1908. 221.6 Wild, L. H. Geographic influences in Old Testament masterpieces. [c1915.] 221.8

The author is professor of biblical history and literature in Lake Erie College, Painesville, Ohio.

Hus, J. De ecclesia; the church; tr., w. notes and introd. by D. S. Schaff. 1915. 230

Dr. Schaff is Professor of Church History in the Western Theological Seminary.


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The author was assisted by forty officials from the various departments of the Shaw Avenue Methodist Church St. Louis.


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Watkins, G. P. Welfare as an economic quan(Hart, Schaffner & Marx prize 330

tity. 1915. essays. 17.) Taussig, F. W. Inventors and money-makers; lectures on some rel. between economics and psychology del. at Brown Univ. 1915. 330.1 Untermyer, S. Reasons and remedies for our business troubles; and address delivered before the Commercial Club and the Pittsburgh Industrial Development Com'n at Pittsburgh, May 22d, 1914. [1914.] Ref. 330.4 Yoakum, B. F. The relations of the river and agricultural development to St. Louis; address delivered before the Business Men's League at St. Louis, Jan. 16, 1912. [1912.] Ref. 330.4 Bruneau, L. L'Allemagne en France, enquêtes économiques. 3. éd. v. 1. 1914. 330.9 Burrows, H. L. English industry and trade. 1915. 330.9 Burgage tenure in 1914. (Harvard hist. 333 A welcome contribution to the history of the mediaeval borough.-Ath.

Hemmeon, M. de W. mediaeval England. studies. 20.)

Howe, F. C. Socialized Germany. 1915. 335.6

The author, who is Commissioner of Immigration at the Port of New York, explains clearly the anomaly of Germany's being at once the most democratic and the most olegarchic and paternalistic country of modern, civilized nations; and he impartially reviews the effects of this dual social principle upon its social political, commercial, educational and cultural institutions.-A. D. Kelly's customs tariffs of the world. 1915. Ref. 30d Bullock, E. D., comp. Selected articles on single

tax. 1915. (Debaters' handbook ser.) 336.2 They [Debaters' handbooks] are models of concise information and as welcome to any searcher for data on public questions as to the formal debater.-Ind.

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Edwards, G. C. Legal laughs; a joke for every jury. [c1915.] 340.9 Schultze, E. Die politische Bildung in England. 1914. (Vorträge der Gehe-Stiftung zu Dresden. v. 6.) 342

Dr. Schultze is well known as a writer on public affairs in England. He has qualified himself by a thorough study of English writers in the field of history and of political criticism, and he has lived in this country; spending a portion of his time, with very fruitful results, as a resident in Toynbee Hall.-Times (Lond.) Lit. Sup."

Taylor, H. The origin and growth of the American constitution; an address delivered before the Union League Club of New York, Dec. 14, 1911. [1911.] Ref. 342 Irving, H. B., ed. Trial of Mrs. Maybrick. [1912.] (Notable English trials.) 343.1 Watson, E. R. Eugene Aram, his life and trial. 343.1 [1913.] (Notable Eng. trials.)

The author's object has been to tell the full and true story of Aram's life and crime and to establish the legal proof of his guilt thereby destroying the web of romance that Bulwer and Hood have spun around his name.S. R. B.

Werner, P. Voluntary tribunals; address

delivered before Mo. Bar Assoc. at meeting held in St. Louis, Sept. 22-24, 1914. Ref. 347.9

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