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The Training Class reported for school work on September 27th, with twelve students. Two others were accepted, but returned to college after finishing the two preliminary weeks of required practice work.

In addition to the usual fall schedule of lectures, the students have attended the monthly book-review meeting of the staff. They have also had an extra course in typewriting, two hours a week, under the supervision of a trained stenographer. This will be followed by practice in copying the soiled cards from the public card catalog.

The students are sent to various departments at the Main Library and in the Branches for ten hours' practice work each week throughout the school year, the assignments being changed every month. This not only gives a chance for practical training, but gives each one an opportunity to observe library conditions and variations in the different sections of the City.

On November 4th, the Class assisted the staff of the Divoll Branch at a reception given to the teachers of that neighborhood.

Mr. Samuel H. Ranck, Librarian of the Grand Rapids Public Library, addressed the Class and members of the staff in October, on the extension work of that library, and Miss Elizabeth B. Wales, Secretary of the Missouri Library Commission, recently lectured on the work of the Commission.


Donations of perforated music-rolls, for use in mechanical piano-players, have been received from the persons named below. These rolls are being classified and catalogued like the printed music and will be shelved with it. They will be circulated precisely like books and under the same conditions. The type of piano-player for which each each roll is adapted will be noted on the catalogue card, and the rolls of each type will be shelved separately. Following are the names of the donors:

Mrs. G. Goodrich, 2310 Wash St..

Mr. Frank P. Kaufmann, 3601 Clay Ave..
Mr. J. J. Kellogg, 3757 Gravois Ave..

Mr. A. Kenngott, 1812 South Compton Ave..
Mr. H. G. Lidstone, 2194 Clifton Ave..

Mrs. Charles A. Rehm, 1403 East Grand Ave..
Mr. John Sertl, 708 Allen Ave...

Mr. William H. Stevens, 2730 St. Vincent Ave..
Miss R. Turner, 1442 Clara Ave...

Mr. A. Winkelmann, 2442 East Arlington Ave..


8 .160 ..20





Recent gifts of works of art to the St. Louis Public Library include a replica in marble of Sir Francis Chantrey's bust of Sir Walter Scott, from Mrs. William Barr; four paintings by Rosa da Tivoli, from Mrs. J. L. D. Morrison; a statuette by Miss Nancy Coonsman, from the sculptor; and a heroic bust of Mark Twain by Bringhurst, from the Art League.

The original of the Chantry bust stands in Scott's library in his mansion of Abbotsford, Scotland, still owned and occupied by the family. There is another replica in the Boston Public Library.

The paintings by Rosa da Tivoli are over two centuries old and critics pronounce_them to be of historical interest. They came originally from the gallery of Prince Torlognia in Rome. Rosa da Tivoli is the pseudonym of Philipp Peter Roos, a German painter who lived in Tivoli, Italy, and kept there a large private menagerie which he used as models He was esteemed as an animal painter, but his groupings seem nowadays somewhat odd and artificial. The four paintings include two animal groups and two conventional landscapes. Roos died in 1705, and it is probable that these specimens were all painted about 250 years ago.

The Coonsman statuette is one of a number recently exhibited at the Library. The name "Wistful Baby" has been given to it by the sculptor, and it represents the head of a child. The work itself is about six inches high and it stands on a base of about the same height.

The bust of Mark Twain by Bringhurst is a replica of that made for the monument at Mark Twain's birthplace, Florida, Mo. The material is bronzed plaster, but it is the intention of the Art League, its donor, to have the bust ultimately cast in bronze.

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Books marked Ref. are for use in the Library only. For those marked S. S. a deposit covering the price of the book may be required.

All of the books here listed are in the Central Library except where otherwise noted. Some of them are also in one or more of the Branch Libraries. A list of current additions to each Branch may be consulted at the Branch. Any circulating book at the Central Library may be obtained at a Branch by making application at the desk.

Annotations signed with initials are contributed by members of the staff and by experts who have given their critical service to the Library.


Albin, P. D'Agadir a Sarajevo, 1911-1914, 1915. 940.91

Le but de l'auteur est de rechercher les véritables responsabilités de la guerre, et ce but a été atteint.-Revue des deux mondes.

Aldrich, M. A hilltop on the Marne, letters 940.91

written June 3-Sept., 1914. 1915.

The author of this book is a Boston woman well known some years ago as a journalist. She has lived in Paris for the past fifteen years and last June she bought a house some twenty miles from Paris, in the Marne valley. She fixed the house up, moved in her books and pictures, planted a rose garden, engaged a French servant, and prepared to enjoy herself. On the first of August things began to happen. Miss Aldrich refused to move out of her house when she was warned to do so. Before long her hilltop became the very centre of the important military operations that included the retreat from Mons, the turning east of Von Kluck, and the battle of the Marne. The final British artillery stand was made on the hill just behind her house, and it was at her very gates that the advance of the Uhlan outposts of the German army was definitely turned back.

This book is made up of letters written during this period to friends in this country.-Pub. note.

Alexinsky, G. La Russie et la guerre. 1915. 940.91 Angell, N., pseud. The world's highway; some notes on America's relation to sea power and non-military sanctions for the law of nations. [c1915.] 327

Mr. Angell believes that if the United States were to enter the peace conference at the end of the present war, standing as the central figure in a combination of neutral powers, we could have a controlling hand in the situation, and place international law on a new and sane basis. He has not sufficiently considered America's objection to entangling alliances, or England's scorn of any proposition to part with the control of her navy, but he discusses other difficulties very reasonably.-N. Y. Times Bk. Rev. Aspern, K. Illustrierte Geschichte des europäischen Krieges. 1914/[15.] [c1914-c1915.]

940.91 Austin, L. J. My experiences as a German prisoner. 2d ed. [1915.] 940.91 Baillod, C. Pourquoi l'allemagne devait faire 940.91 la guerre. 1915. Beck, J. M. An American on the war; the case of the Double Alliance v. the Triple Entente. [1915.] 940.91 940.91

Bell, C. Peace at once. [1915.]

Belloc, H. Two maps of Europe and some other aspects of the great war. 1915. 940.91 Belgium. Commission d'enquête sur la violation des règles du droit des gens des lois et des coutumes de la guerre. Rapports sur la violation du droit des gens en Belgique. 1915. 940.91

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Dickinson, G. L. After the war. 1915. 940.91 Elliott, H. B. Lest we forget; a war anthology. [1915.] 821.08 Fawside, J., ed. Flag of England, ballads of the brave and poems of patriotism. 1914. 821.08 Finot, J. Civilisés contre allemands. 1915. 940.91 Fitzgerald, D. The war of 1914; fr. an Amer. point of view; an address delivered before the First Unitarian Soc., Milton, Mass., Nov. 17, 1914. 1914. 940.91 Flandin, E. L'Allemagne en 1914; institutions, gouvernement, armée. 1915. 354

On trouvera dans ce livre, avec la description exacte des institutions de l'Empire allemand, le secret de son organisation et de sa puissance. Le chapitre final est consacré à l'Alsace-Lorraine.-Revue des deux mondes. France. Laws, statutes, etc., 1913-(Poincaré) Guerre de 1914; documents officiels, textes législatifs et réglementaires. Jul. 31, 1914Mar. 15, 1915. 3 v. and sup. Ref. 940.91 -Ministère des Affaires Étrangères. Germany's violations of the laws of war; tr. by J. O. P. Bland. 1915. 940.91 Friends, Soc. of. Friends and the war; addresses del. at a conference at Llandudno, Sept. 25-30, 1914. 289.6 Fuehr, A. The neutrality of Belgium; a study

of the Belgian case under its aspects in political history and international law. 1915. 341.3 Cites treaties, documents, legal authorities, press articles and affidavits in defense of the claim that Germany's invasion of Belgium was justifiable.-Pub. Wk.

Gandolphe, M. La marche à la victoire; tableaux du front, 1914-1915. 940.91 Gardiner, A. G. War lords. [1915?] (Wayfarer's library.) 923.2

In spite of its air of suggesting that the war has been sent upon Europe to illustrate the truth of radical dogmas, the book is well worth reading.-Times (Lond.) Lit. Sup. Geerke, H. P., and Brands, G. A. De oorlog; geillustreerde geschiedenis van den wereldoorlog. v. 1. [1914.] 940.91

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Includes the following reports: Prevention and relief of distress and work of the Poor Law Division, by A. V. Symonds; War refugees, by E. H. Rhodes, w. app., Public health work of the Local Government Bd. in relation to the war, by A. Newsholme and F. J. Willis; Colonial gifts and supply of coal in Lond., and the Christmas ship "Jason", by N. T. Kershaw; also a list of the members of the staff of the Local Gov't Bd. on naval and military service.

Green, H. The log of a noncombatant. 1915. 940.91 Grondys, L. H. The Germans in Belgium; experiences of a neutral. [1915.] 940.91 Translation of Een Nederlander in geteisterd België. Guezouni, C. Causes of the international European war. [Pref. 1914.] 940.91 Harrison, F. The German peril. [1915.] 940.9

Mr. Harrison is too wise to believe that this will be the last war; but he trusts, as we all do, that the peoples of Europe will set themselves far more earnestly to avoid the causes of war, and to consolidate a Law of Nations.Times (Lond.) Lit. Sup.

Hau, G. W. War echoes; or, Germany and Austria in the crisis. [c1915.] 940.91 Haydon, W. Canada and the war. 1915. 940.91 Herdman, T. Some geographical factors in the great war. [1915?] 940.91

Hibben, J. G. The higher patriotism. 1915. 172 Author is President of Princeton University.

Hirst, F. W. Political economy of war. 1915.


Points out the dangers to which Germany is exposing herself by relying chiefly on an inflation of the currency accompanied by a series of huge mortgage operations, the end of which must be a collapse of the state credit and also, to a large extent, of individual credit.-Times (Lond.) Lit. Sup.

Italy. Ministero degli Affari Esteri. Il libro verde; documenti diplomatici. 1915. 327 Johannet, R. La conversion d'un catholique germanophile. [c1915.] 940.91 Johnson, F. King's call; why Britain went to war. [1914?] 940.91 Jones, C. S. The story of the Hohenzollern. 1915.


Jones, J. The fall of Tsingtau; w. a study of Japan's ambitions in China. 1915. 940.91 Describes the reduction of the great German stronghold. The author was the only American eyewitness present.N. Y. Times Bk. Rev.

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Langlois, G. Le clergé, les catholiques & la guerre. [Préf. 1915.] 940.91 Leitzen, H. Der grosse Krieg 1914/15 in Feldpostbriefen. 1915. 2 v. 940.91 Lenz, F. Ist Deutschlands Krieg ein Wirtschaftskrieg? 1915. 940.91 Levin, Sh. In Milchomah-Zeiten; Bleter vun a Tage-Buch. 1915. Crunden Branch 296 Low, S., ed. Spirit of the allied nations. 1915. (King's college lectures in imperial studies.) 901.5 M., D. S. Another neutral. 1915. 821 Maccas, L. Les cruautés allemandes; réquisitoire d'un neutre. 1915. (La guerre de 1914.) 940.91 Machen, A. The angels of Mons: the bowmen; and other legends of the war. 69b

Martineau, J. Right of war; a sermon.

1914. 172.4

Reprinted from National duties and other sermons and addresses.

Massachusetts. Com'n on the High cost of Living. The waste of militarism. 1912. (World Peace Foundation. Pam. ser. pt. 5.)

no. 7, 330 Masson, A. L'invasion des barbares en 1914. 940.91 Mazzinghi, R. Gli avvenimenti navali nel conflitto europeo. Dall' inizio al 15 gennais, 1915. 4 v. in 1. 940.91 Meisel, F., and Spiethoff, A. Oesterreichs Finanzen und der Krieg. 2. unveränderte Aufl. 1915. 940.91 Muehsam, K. Unsere Flieger über Feindesland; Dokumente aus dem Weltkrieg. 1914. 940.91 Munson, E. L. The soldier's foot and the military shoe. 1912. 355.8 The author is president of the U. S. Army Shoe Board. 178 Murray, M. Drink and the war. 1915. Ohnet, G. Journal d'un bourgeois de Paris pendant la guerre de 1914. v. 5. c1914. 940.91 Pail, G. Les prédictions du brahmane indou Raya Andra sur la fin de la guerre. [1915?] 940.91

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Contains an app: The European war.

This book follows "Memories of my youth," published in 1914. The two together constitute Mr. Putnam's autobiography. If the "Memoir of George Palmer Putnam," published in 1912, be added, the three books will constitute a history of the publishing house of Putnam to date.-Bk. rev. dig.

Reventlow, E., Graf. Der Vampir des Festlandes; eine Darstellung der englischen Politik. 1915.


Ritter, W. E. War, science and civilization. 1915. 901.5

Views subject of war from the evolutionary, biological shide; shows how it settles the difficulty of population and resources, though this is very costly; and suggests mutual concessions as the future settlement between nations. Pub. Wk.

Roberts, A. A. Poison war. [1915.]
Rolland, R. Above the battlefield. 1914. 940.91
Sarolea, C. Le problème anglo-allemand; tr.
de l'anglais par. C. Grolleau. 1915. 327
Translation of Anglo-German problem.
Seton-Watson, R. W. Roumania and the great

war. 1915.

Sets forth lucidly the salient features of Rumanian history, and provides a brief estimate of Rumanian policy in relation to the war.

It is almost a satire upon British ignorance of some of the fundamental issues of European politics that a work like this should be so opportune.-Times (Lond.) Lit. Sup. -Spirit of the Serb. [1915.] 901.5 Shipley, A. E. The minor horrors of war. 1915. Mf8 [1915.] 940.91 Sprague, F. M. "Made in Germany." [c1915.] 940.91

Sixty American opinions on the war.

The author's chapter on The rights and duties of neutrality is a clear and earnest statement of one side of a debatable question.-N. Y. Times Bk. Rev.

Stilwell, A. E. To all the world, except Germany. [1915.] 172.4

Mr. Stilwell is an American capitalist, known to many as a railroad builder. He dedicates his book to King Albert of Belgium and Henry Ford of Detroit. Its curious title is typical of the individuality of its author's ideas.-N. Y. Times Bk. Rev.

Sugden, C. K., ed. War facts and figures; an encyclopaedia of useful information. 1914. Ref. 940.91

Moth, A. Technical terms used in bibliographies and by the book and printing trades; forming a sup. to F. K. Walter's abbreviations and technical terms used in book catalogues. 1915. (Useful ref. ser.) Ref. 010

Admirable. Not only will it be of service to the expert bibliographer and to those engaged in the printing trades, but it will likewise be a distinct aid to the collector of books.- Nation.

Things to know about the war. 1915. 355 Trigo, F. Crisis de la civilización; la guerra europea. 1915.

940.91 Vachon, M. Les villes martyres de France et de Belgique. [Introd. 1915.] 940.91

Van Houtte, P. Le crime de Guillaume II et la Belgique; récits d'un témoin oculaire. 1915. 940.91 Viator, F. Le nazioni belligeranti nel giudizio 940.91 dei popoli. [1915.] Warnod, A. La brocante et les petits marchés de Paris. [1914.] 914.436 Washburn, S. Field notes from the Russian 940.91 front. [Pref. 1915.]

The author is a special correspondent. Wesselitsky, G. de. Russia and democracy: the German canker in Russia. [1915?] 947 His peculiar facilities for obtaining "inside information" make his contributions to diplomatic history of great value. We may call special attention to the revelation of the part played by Bismarck in producing the Russo-Turkish war of 1876, and his subsequent betrayal of Russia at the Congress of Berlin.-Times (Lond.) Lit. Sup.


Cooke, G. W. A bibliography of James Russell
Lowell. 1906.
Ref. 012
Ives, G. B. A bibliography of Oliver Wendell
Holmes. 1907.
Ref. 012
Sampson, F. A., comp. Catalogue of publications
by Mo. authors and periodicals of Mo. of
1903 in World's fair exhibit. 1904. Ref. 013

Whitman, S. Krieg dem deutschen Handel; die englischen Massnahmen und Vorschläge zur Verdrängung von Deutschlands Handel und Industrie; hrsg. und mit einer Einführung versehen V. A. Kirchrath. 1915. 940.91 Translation of War on German trade.

Wile, F. W. German-American plot; the record of a great failure; campaign to capture the sympathy of the U. S. 1915. 940.91 Wir Schweizer, unsere Neutralität und der Krieg; eine nationale Kundgebung v. C. A. Bernouilli, Dr. Bohnenblust, [u. a.] 1915. 341.3 Workers' Educational Association. Child labour and education; during the war and after; w. a pref. by the Bp. of Oxf. 1915. 331.3 Wyzewa, T. de. La nouvelle Allemagne. 1915. 901.5

Benton, J. H. The Book of common prayer and books connected with its origin and growth; catalogue of the col. of J. H. Benton. 2d ed. prepared by W. M. Arnolt. 1914. Ref. 016.264 McMurtrie, D. C. Bibliography of writings on the care of crippled children, the prevention of blindness, [etc.] to Mar. 1, 1914. 1914. 016.3627 Pittsburgh. Carnegie Library. Air conditioning; references to books and magazine articles. 1914. Ref. 016.697 Reprinted fr. the Monthly bull., Nov., 1914. Drama League of Amer. Plays for children; arr. by K. Oglebay. 1915. 016.7931 Gross, C. Sources and lit. of Eng. history, fr. the earliest times to about 1485. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1915. Ref. 016.942

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