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Tyron, R. M. Materials, methods, and administration of history study in the elementary schools of the U. S. [1912.] (Indiana Univ. studies. no. 17.)

Colleges and universities.

Taylor, J. M., and Haight, E. H. Vassar. 1915. (American col. and univ. ser.) 376

Cruchet, R. Les universités allemandes au XXe siecle; préf. de C. Jullian. 1914. 378 Gauss, C. Through college on nothing a year; literally recorded fr. a student's story. 1915.


Potter, A. C. Harvard University during the last 25 years, 1889-1914. [1914.] Ref. 378 Reprinted from the 25th anniversary report of the class of 1889.

Rice, R., ed. College and the future; essays for the undergraduate on problems of character and intellect. [c1915.] 378

List of reference books, p. 371-374. Riddle, C. B., ed. College men without money. [1914.] 378

Personal experiences written by graduates and students of colleges and universities in all parts of the country. -Bk. Rev. Dig.

Yale University. Catalogue of the officers and graduates, 1701-1910. Ref. 378



New York (State) Public Serv. Comm. 1st district.
Proceedings. v. 9. 1914.
Ref. 380

Foreign trade.

Kelly's directory of merchants, manufacturers and shippers of the world. 29. 1915. Ref. 382 National Foreign Trade Convention. 1st. Wash., D. C., 1914. Official report; May 27-28, 1914. [c1914.] Ref. 382 National Foreign Trade Convention. 2d, St. Louis, 1915. Official report, Jan. 21-22, 1915. [1915.] Ref. 382 Export American industries; official international organ of the National Association of Manufacturers. v. 10-13. 1913-1914. [1913-1914.] Ref. 382.05

Railroad and express.
Class 385

Coverdale, W. H. Address on the existing steam railroad situation; delivered at the 3d ann. convention of the Investment Bankers Assoc. of Amer., Phil., Nov. 13, 1914. Ref.

Graves, A. G. Before the Interstate Commerce Commission; memorial, asking for one national interchangeable railroad mileage ticket. [c1912.] Ref. Holmes, F. L. Regulation of railroads and public utilities in Wisconsin. 1915. (Appleton's railway ser.)

Dalen, C. v., and others. Brieflicher Sprach-u. Sprech-Unterricht; Englisch. 120. Aufl. n. d. 428.2 Jimperieff, M. Progressive lessons in English

for foreigners. 1st year. [c1915.] 428.2

The outcome of author's continuous personal interest in the work of the Wisconsin Railroad Commission since its organization in 1905.-Pub. Wk.

Minnis, J. L. Argument delivered before the Interstate Com. Com'n., Oct. 29, 1914, on rehearing the Five per cent case. n. d. Ref. Missouri. Railroad and Warehouse Com'rs Annual rept. 36. Jul., 1910-June, 1911. Ref.

New Hampshire. Public Service Com. Reports and orders. v. 4. 1913/14. Ref.

Pennsylvania Railroad System. Information for employes and the public. 1914. Ref. Railway Business Assoc. Shippers and the advance in freight rates. 1913. (Its Bull. 13.) Ref.


Boehn, M. v. Die Mode; Menschen u. Moden im xvii. Jahrh. 1913. Ref. 391

Jackson, H. E. Legend of the Christmas rose; five Christmas paintings and their interpretations. [c1914.] 394 Anthony, K. Feminism in Germany and

Scandinavia. 1915.


The first historical and explanatory account. It emphasizes such features as the "Mutterschutz," state maternity insurance, recognition of the illigitimate child, and the Valkyrie vote.

The last chapter on the philosophy of the movement is unusually good.-A. D.

Tarbell, I. M. The ways of woman. 1915. 396

Seven timely essays, which lead the reader back to the great, unchanging currents of woman's life. Often conservative to the radical and radical to the conservative. The author sustains throughout a well balanced and temperate judgment.-A. D.

Dittmer, W. Te tohunga; the ancient legends and traditions of the Maoris. 1907. Ref. 398.2 Russell, N. N. Gleanings from Chinese folklore; comp. by M. H. Porter. [c1915.] 398.2

Incidents from Chinese life and history-together with a few animal and folk stories, collected by an American Contains missionary during twenty years in Peking. brief biography and several appreciations of Miss Russell. -L. L. G.


Allen, P. S., ed. German life; a cultural reader for the first year. [c1914.] 438.8 Bernard, V. F. Le français idiomatique; Fr. idioms and proverbs, w. Fr. and Eng. exercises. [c1895.] 443

Ghiotti, C. Vocabolario scolastico italianofrancese e francese-italiano; compendio del nuovo vocabolario comparativo delle lingue ital. e fr. 32. ed., con nuovi miglioramenti ed aggiunte. [19--?] 443 Rigutini, G. Vocabolario della lingua italiana per uso specialmente delle scuole. 2a ed. stereotipa. 1879. 453 Petròcchi, P. Grammatica della lingua italiana. [1909.] 455

Álvarez Quintero, S. and J. Doña Clarines; y, Mañana de sol; ed. w. introd., notes and vocabulary by S. G. Morley. [c1915.] 468.8 García Gutiérrez, A. El trovador; ed. w. notes and vocab. by H. H. Vaughan. [c1908.] (Heath's mod. language ser.)

Cabanne Branch 468.8 Kaltschmidt, J. H. A school dictionary of the Latin language. 1860. (Classical ser.) 473 Contents:-pt. 1. Latin-English.-pt. 2. English-Latin.

Smithsonian Institution. Board of Regents.
Annual rept. 1914.
Ref. 35a
Caldwell, O. W., and Eikenberry, W. L. Ele-
ments of general science. [c1914.] 502

The subject-matter is well selected, and the aim of the authors to unify such heterogeneous material as is offered by the various sciences and to establish coherence and progression in the various parts is successfully carried out.-A. H. Bernhard in School R.

Bouant, E. Dictionnaire-manuel-illustré des sciences usuelles. 9. éd. 1913. Ref. 503 Kosmos, Handweiser für Naturfreunde. 9. 1912. 505



Moritz, R. E. Memorabilia mathematica; or, The philomath's quotation-book. 1914. 510 The author is professor of mathematics in the University of Washington. Bartlett, D. P. General principles of the method of least squares, w. applications. 3d ed. 1915. 519

Bibliography: p. v-vi.

The author is professor of mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boston.


Furness, C. E. An introduction to the study of variable stars. 1915. (Vassar semi-centennial ser.) 523 Stanley, W. F. Surveying and levelling instruments, theoretically and practically described, for construction, qualities, selection, preservation, adjustments, and uses. 4th ed., rev. by H. T. Talleck. 1914. 526.91 Murray, M. P. Days and dates calculator for the Christian era. c1914. Ref. 529

Anastassiou, N. Greek self-taught, modern; w. phonetic pronunciation, Thimm's system. 2d ed. (Pref., 1904.] (Marlborough's selftaught ser.) 489 Thimm, C. A., and Marshall, J. Russian selftaught; w. phonetic pronunciation. 4th ed., rev. [Pref. 1901.] (Marlborough's selftaught ser.) 491.7

Foot, E. C., comp. A Galla-English English-
Galla dictionary. 1913.
Ref. 496

Sir John Harrington, for twelve years British Minister in Abyssinia, declares that "a book of this nature has been a long-felt want in the interest of travellers and others to facilitate direct dealings with the Gallas.

It should be of service not only in Abyssinia_but also on her frontiers with the Sudan, Uganda and East Africa."-Pub. note.

Toomey, N. Grammatical and lexical notes on the Keres language, Acoma-Laguna dialect, of the Keresan stock. 1914. (Hervas Laboratories of American Linguistics. Bull. 5.)

Ref. 497


Franklin, W. S., and Macnutt, B. Mechanics and heat. 1910. 531

Randall, J. A. Heat; a manual for technical and industrial students. 1st ed. 1914. (Wiley tech. ser. for vocational and industrial schools.) Ref. 536 Based on the author's work in Pratt Institute, where he is head of the Department of Physics.


International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa. Chemist's handbook. 1st ed. 540 Jahresbericht über die Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der reinen Chemie; bearb. im Verein mit mehreren Fachgenossen. 1. Jahrg. 1873. Ref. 540 Zeitschrift für analytische Chemie; hrsg. v. C. R. Fresenius. Jahrg. 4-9, 11, 19-20, 22-32, 34-35, 37-39. 1865-1870, 1872, 1880-1881, 1883-1893, 1895-1896, 1898-1900. 24 v.

Ref. 543

Bauer, O., and Deiss, E. Sampling and chemical analysis of iron and steel; authorized translation fr. the Ger. by W. T. Hall and R. S. Williams. 1st ed. 1915. 543.7

Covers a side of analyses that has been the cause of a great deal of trouble to chemists; that is, proper sampling. Should be of interest to every man who has anything at all to do with the sampling or analysis of iron or steel and is not of too technical a nature to be readily underanyone in that

Noyes, A. A. A detailed course of qualitative chemical analysis of inorganic substances; w. explanatory notes. 3d rev., enl. ed. 1899. 544

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Thumb, A. Modern Greek and his ancestry; a lecture delivered in the John Rylands Library on the 9th Oct., 1913. 1914. Ref. 572.9 Toomey, N. Relationships of the Chitimachan linguistic family. 1914. (Hervas Laboratories of American Linguistics. Bull. 4.) Ref. 572.97

Full of sane advice, written from the practical experience of a scientist who takes the modern view of the field of psychanalysis.-A. L. A. Bkl.


Coulter, J. M. Evolution of sex in plants. [1914.] (Chicago. Univ. Science ser.) 581 The series has been planned in the belief that there is need for "a medium of publication occupying a position between the technical journals with their short articles and the elaborate treatises which attempt to cover several or all aspects of a wide field." This volume by Professor Coulter meets_this_requirement on the subject of sex in plants.-Bk. Rev. Dig.


Baynes, E. H. Wild bird guests; how to entertain them; w. chapters on the destruction of birds, their economic and aesthetic values, suggestions for dealing w. their enemies, and on the organization and management of bird clubs. 1915. 598.2 The result of years of patient study.-Boston Transcript.

Richter, R. Value of Richter's silicate cement test. 1913. Ref. Mh Campbell, H. Y. Practical motherhood. 1910. Mp Sheffield, H. B. The backward baby; a treatise on idiocy and the allied mental deficiencies in infancy and early childhood. [c1915.] Mp Budzinska-Tylicka, J. Hygiena kobiety; i kwestje społeczne z nią związane. [Przed. 1909.] Crunden Branch Mq Cooper, I. S. Ways to perfect health. Rev. Amer. ed. 1912. (Manuals of occultism. no. 2.) Mq Pyle, W. L., ed. Manual of personal hygiene. 6th ed., rev. and enl. 1915. Mq American Medical Assoc. Committee on Model Health Ordinances for a City which is a Resort for Consumptives. Report; presented to the Section on Preventive Medicine and Public Health at the 62d ann. sess. of the Amer. Med. Assoc., June 26-30, 1911. Ref. Mr Young, G. B. The proposed enlarged national public health organization; a discussion of plans for its organization. c1910. Ref. Mr Reprinted fr. the Journal of the American Medical Assoc. Sept. 17, 1910, v. 55.

Westervelt, J. American pure food and drug

laws; comprising the statutes of the U. S. and of the several states; added, chapters on insecticides and fungicides, commercial feed1912. ing stuffs, etc. Ref. Mr, 5

Russell, F. F. Results of antityphoid vaccination in the army in 1911, and its suitability for use in civil communities. c1912. Mr9t Reprinted fr. the Journal of the Amer. Medical Assoc., May 4, 1912, v. LVIII, pp. 1331-1335.


Goebel, F. Pharmaceutische Waarenkunde mit illuminirten Kupfern, nach der Natur Gezeichnet v. E. Schenk; fortgesetzt v. G. Kunze. 1829-1834. 2 v. in 1 and pl. Ref. Mcl Jahresbericht über die Fortschritte der Pharmacognosie, Pharmacie und Toxicologie. Neue Folge. 1.-7. Jahrg. 1866-1872.

Ref. Mc3p

Continuation of Canstatt's Jahresbericht. Neues Jahrbuch für Pharmacie und verwandte Fächer. 35.-38. Bd. 1871-1872. Ref. Mc3p Pharmaceutische Rundschau und Zeitung für die wissenschaftlichen u. gewerblichen Interessen der Pharmacie u. verwandten Berufsu. Geschaeftszweige in den Vereinigten Staaten. 1-12. 1883-1894. Ref. Mc3p Lloyd, J. U. and C. G. Drugs and medicines of North America; a pub. devoted to the hist. and scientific discussion of the botany, pharmacy, chemistry and therapeutics of the medicinal plants of N. America. v. 1-2. 1885. 2 v.

Ref. Mc1 Long, E. H. Tables for doctor and druggist. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 1894. Ref. Mc6 National Institute of Pharmacy. Lectures semimonthly; term in pharmacy. n. d. Ref. Mc6 Vierteljahresschrift für praktische Pharmacie; hrsg. v. G. C. Wittstein. Bd. 6-19, 21-22. 1857-1873. 16 v. Ref. Mc6 Nueva Farmacopea Mexicana de la Soc. Farmacéutica de México. 3. ed., corr. aum. y arreglada par A. Herrara [y otros.] 1896. Ref. Mc6b


International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa. Civil engineer's handbook. 1st ed. [c1913.] 620 Peirce, C. A., comp. Handbook of tables and formulas for engineers. 1914. Ref. 620 The author is instructor in power engineering in Sibley College, Cornell University.

American Society for Testing Materials. Proceedings. 18. 1915, pt. 1-2. Ref. 620.1 Engineers' Soc. of Western Penn. Proceedings. v. 11-13, 15-20. 1895-97, 1899-1904. Ref. 620.6 Imperial year book for Dominion of Canada. 1915-16. Ref. 620.6 Streeter, R. L. Internal combustion engines; theory and design. 1st ed. 1915. Ref. 621.4 Thorkelson, H. J. Air compression and transmission. 1913. 621.5

U. S. Engineer Dept. Ohio River, Ohio and West Virginia; letter from the secretary of war, transmitting, w. a letter fr. the acting chief of engineers, rept. on survey of Ohio River, Ohio and West Virginia, with a view to the selection of sites for the additional locks and dams between lock No. 8 and lock No. 29, incl. the last-named lock, and for the preparation of plans and estimates. [1913.] Ref. 627 Etcheverry, B. A. Irrigation practice and engineering. 1915.

Ref. 627.5

Contents: v. 1. Use of irrigation water and irrigation practice. v. 2. Conveyance of water.

Mechanical engineering.

Goodman, J. Mechanics applied to engineering. 8th ed. 1914. Ref. 621 Popular mechanics shop notes for 1915. v. 11. 621

Smallwood, J. C. Mechanical laboratory methods. 1914. Ref. 621 Hubbard, C. L. Power, heating and ventilation; a treatise for designing and constructing engineers, architects and students. 19141915. 3 v. Ref. 621.19

Electric engineering.

Carter, E. T. Motive power and gearing for electrical machinery. 2d ed., rev. in part by G. T.-Davies. [Pref. 1896.] Ref. 621.3 Langsdorf, A. S. Principles of direct current machines. 1st ed. 1915. (Electrical engineering texts.) Ref. 621.3 Goldschmidt, R. The alternating current commutator motor, and the leakage of induction motors. 1909. Ref. 621.3 Kirkman, M. M. Electricity applied to railways. Ed. 1915. 621.3 Steinmetz, C. P. Theoretical elements of electrical engineering. 4th ed., rev. and reset. 1915. Ref. 621.3 Jackson, W., comp. Electric car maintenance. 1914. 621.33 Gerhardi, C. H. W. Electricity meters: their construction and management. [1906.] (Electrician series.) Ref. 621.37

Wireless telegraphy.

Collins, A. F. The book of wireless; being a clear description of wireless telegraph sets and how to make and operate them. 1915. 621.38

Mining engineering.

International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa. Coal miner's handbook. 1st ed. [c1913.] 622

Skinner, E. N., and Plate, H. R. Mining costs
of the world; a compilation of cost and other
important data on the world's principal mines.
1st ed. 1915.
Ref. 622
Wiard, E. S. Thecry and practice of ore dress-
ing. 1915.
Ref. 622.7

Naval construction.

Ferguson, W. B. Estimating the cost of work.
1915. (Works management library.)
Ref. 623.8
The author is a constructor in the U. S. navy.

Railroad and road engineering.

Molitor, F. A., and Beard, E. J. Manual for
resident engineers; cont. general information
on railroad construction. 1st ed. 1912. 625
American Road Congress. 3d, Detroit, 1913.
Proceedings; Sept. 29-Oct. 4, 1913. Ref. 625.7
Baker, I. O. Treatise on roads and pavements.
2d ed., enl. 1914.
Ref. 625.7

Hays, J. W. Combustion and smokeless furnaces.
2d ed., rev. 1915.
Ref. 628.5
Gerhard, W. P. Recent practice in the sanitary
drainage of buildings. 2d ed., rev. and enl.
Gaster, L. and Dow, J. S. Modern illuminants
and illuminating engineering. 1915. 628.9

Carry inquiries to the earliest days, back to the pottery lamps of ancient Egypt. They cover indoor and outdoor lighting; gas, electricity, oil, acetylene; light measurement; globes, shades, reflectors, etc. But one of the most important subjects the authors deal with is colour and light, and the eye.-Librarian.

Automobiles and airships.

Eckener, Dr. Vortrag von der Deutschen Luftschiffahrt-Aktien - Gesellschaft. [1913.] Ref. 629.1 International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa. Automobile handbook. 1st ed. [c1913.]


International Correspondence Schools, Scran-
ton, Pa. Farmer's handbook. 1st ed. [c1912.]
Ref. 630

Chandler, W. H. The killing of plant tissue by
low temperature. 1914.
Ref. 634
Jackson, A. V. The secrets of mushroom grow-
ing simply explained; a hand book of the whole
science fr. the preparation of materials to the
marketing of the crop. 5th ed. c1913. 635.8

Sanitary engineering and waterworks. McGraw waterworks directory, 1915. Ref. 628.1 Rideal, S. and E. K. Water supplies: their purification, filtration and sterilisation; a handbook for the use of local and municipal authorities. 1915. Ref. 628.1 Matthews, E. R. Refuse disposal. 1915. 1911. Municipal Branch Ref. 628.4 Pinchot, G. Primer of forestry. 1. The forest. 1900.


Pennsylvania. Forestry Dept.

Piper, C. V. Forage plants and their culture. 1914. (Rural text-book ser.) 633

A clear, scholarly, technical treatment, accurate for general conditions, one of the best books on the subject. -A. L. A. Bkl.

Ernst, W. Text book of milk hygiene; authorized translation w. annotations and revisions, by J. R. Mohler and A. Eichhorn. 1914. 637

Farmstead. Soil.

Powers, W. L. Irrigation practice, w. special ref. to fruit growing in the northwest. [c1912.] (Pacific Horticultural Corresp. School, Portland, Ore.)


Stewart, R., and Peterson, W. Nitric nitrogen content in the country rock. 1914. (Utah. Agric. Coll. Exper. Sia. Bull. 134.) Ref. 631 Clarkson, R. P. Practical talks on farm engineering; a simple explanation of many everday problems in farm engineering and farm mechanics, written in a readable style for the practical farmer. 1915. 631.9

The author is consulting expert on engineering matters of the Rural New-Yorker.-Pub. Wk.

Report. 1910-
Ref. 634.9

2d. ed. Pt. Ref. 634.9

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