Original Letters: Principally from Lord Charlemont, the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and Many Other Distinguished Noblemen and Gentlemen, to the Right Hon. Henry Flood

T. Rodd, 1820 - 198 páginas

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Página 189 - That the influence of the Crown had increased, was increasing, and ought to be diminished:
Página 4 - ... service of his country upon any plan of politics he may choose to dictate, with great and honourable terms to himself and to every friend he has in the world, and with such a strength of power as will be equal to every thing, but absolute despotism over the King and kingdom. A few days will show whether he will take this part, or that of continuing on his back at Hayes talking fustian, excluded from all ministerial and incapable of all parliamentary service. For his gout is worse than ever, but...
Página 2 - ... to get rid of him completely, and not to carry a memorial of such a person about me, I offered to transmit it to his attorney in trust for him. This offer he thought proper to accept. I beg pardon, my dear Flood, for troubling you so long on a subject which ought not to employ a moment of your thoughts, and never shall again employ a moment of mine.
Página 3 - Nothing but an intractable temper in your friend Pitt can prevent a most admirable and lasting system from being put together, and this crisis will...
Página 1 - It is very true that there is an eternal rupture between me and Hamilton, which was on my side neither sought nor provoked ; for though his conduct in public affairs has been for a long time directly contrary to my opinions, very reproachful to himself, and extremely disgustful to me; and though in private he has not justly fulfilled one of his engagements to me, yet I was so uneasy and awkward at coming to a breach, where I had once a close and intimate friendship, that I continued with a kind of...
Página 2 - He grounded these monstrous claims (such as never were before heard of in this country) on that pension which he had procured for me through Colonel Cunninghame, the late Primate, and Lord Halifax, for through all that series of persons this paltry business was contrived to pass. Now, though I was sensible that I owed this pension to the...
Página 4 - ... he has it now in his power to come into the service of his country, upon any plan of politics he may choose to dictate, with great and honourable terms to himself and to every friend he has in the world; and with such a stretch of power, as will be equal to...
Página 2 - The occasion of our difference was not any act whatsoever on my part ; it was entirely on his, by a voluntary but most insolent and intolerable demand, amounting to no less than a claim of servitude during the whole course of my life, without leaving me at any time a power either of getting forward with honour, or of retiring with tranquillity.
Página 22 - He described his feelings in his new situation, and from the place in which he now spoke — an unaccustomed place — before the most knowing in the laws, in the presence of the hereditary legislators of the realm, whilst he could not look upon the throne without remembering that it had just been filled by majesty, and by all the tender virtues which accompanied it. But, this done and said, he took a tone more natural to him. He allowed that it was physically possible to have called parliament two...
Página 59 - We have not hitherto considered such residence as an act of delinquency to be punished, or as a political evil to be corrected by the penal operation of a partial tax.

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