Christian and Economic Polity of a Nation: With Special Reference to Large Towns

Constable, 1856 - 728 páginas

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Página 132 - An Act for building and promoting the building of additional churches in populous parishes...
Página 204 - they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, ' know the Lord ;' for all shall know him, from the least to the greatest.
Página 632 - In years of plenty many thousands of them meet together in the mountains, where they feast and riot for many days; and at country weddings, markets, burials, and other the like public occasions, they are to be seen both men and women perpetually drunk, cursing, blaspheming, and fighting together.
Página 632 - These are not only no way advantageous, but a very grievous burden to so poor a country. And though the number of them be perhaps double to what it was formerly, by reason of this present great distress, yet in all times there have been about one hundred thousand of those vagabonds, who have lived without any regard or subjection either to the laws of the land or even those of God and nature.
Página 2 - ... that if we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness all other things shall be added...
Página 632 - Many murders have been discovered among them ; and they are not only a most unspeakable oppression to poor tenants, (who, if they give not bread, or some kind of provision to perhaps forty such villains in one day, are sure to be insulted by them), but they rob many poor people who live in houses distant from any neighbourhood.
Página 188 - Church the theological literature of our nation stands indebted for her best acquisitions ; and we hold it a refreshing spectacle, at any time that meagre Socinianism pours forth a new supply of flippancies and errors, when we behold, as we have often done, an armed champion come forth in full equipment from some high and lettered retreat of that noble hierarchy. Nor can we grudge her the wealth of all her endowments when we think how well, under her venerable auspices, the battles of orthodoxy have...
Página 150 - Sabbath, and to labour in holy things among the people, through the week; and elders, whose office it is to assist at the dispensation of sacraments, to be the bearers of religious advice and comfort among the families, and, in general, to act purely as ecclesiastical labourers for the good of human souls; and, lastly, deacons, to whom it belongs, not to preach the word, or administer the sacraments, but to take special care in administering to the necessities of the poor.* In the course of time,...
Página 601 - ... 4. A mother and daughter, the sole occupiers of a single apartment, were both afflicted with cancer, for which the one had to undergo an operation, while the other was so far gone as to be irrecoverable. A case so impressive as this, required only to be known that it might be met and provided for; and on the first warning of its necessity, a subscription could easily be raised, out of the unforced liberalities of those, who have been attracted from a distance, by the mere report of the circumstance...
Página 38 - ... poverty, is made to rest upon his name, should he refuse to let down the painful discipline of his mind, by frittering it all away amongst those lighter varieties of management, and of exertion, which, by the practice of our cities, are habitually laid upon him. Such a temptation must come, in time, to be irresistible; and just in proportion as it is yielded to, must there be a portion of talent withdrawn from the literature of theology. There must be the desertion of all that is fine, and exquisite,...

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