Leipsic Edition of the Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay

Lemmermann & Company, 1876

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Página 262 - Council is of opinion that the great object of the British Government ought to be the promotion of European literature and science among the natives of India; and that all the funds appropriated for the purpose of education would be best employed on English education alone.
Página 120 - ... walked down to the Thames, took a boat and rowed to Billingsgate. Beauclerk and Johnson were so well pleased with their amusement, that they resolved to persevere in dissipation for the rest of the day : but Langton deserted them, being engaged to breakfast with some young Ladies. Johnson scolded him for " leaving his social friends, to go and sit with a set of wretched un-idea'd girls." Garrick being told of this ramble, said to him smartly, " I heard of your frolick t'other night. You'll be...
Página 98 - Whatsoever things are false, whatsoever things are dishonest, whatsoever things are unjust, whatsoever things are impure, whatsoever things are hateful, whatsoever things are of evil report, if there be any vice, and if there be any infamy, all these things, we knew, were blended in Barere.
Página 29 - May'st thou live to know and fear Him, Trust and love Him all thy days ; Then go dwell for ever near Him, See His face, and sing His praise...
Página 287 - During the last thirteen months I have read ^schylus twice ; Sophocles twice ; Euripides once; Pindar twice; Callimachus; Apollonius Rhodius ; Quintus Calaber ; Theocritus twice ; Herodotus ; Thucydides ; almost all Xenophon's works ; almost all Plato ; Aristotle's Politics, and a good deal of his Organon, besides dipping elsewhere in him ; the whole of Plutarch's Lives ; about half of Lucian ; two or three books of Athenaeus ; Plautus twice; Terence twice ; Lucretius twice ; Catullus; Tibullus;...
Página 245 - Clarissa with me : and, as soon as they began to read, the whole station was in a passion of excitement about Miss Harlowe and her misfortunes, and her scoundrelly Lovelace ! The governor's wife seized the book, and the secretary waited for it, and the chief justice could not read it for tears...
Página 115 - While industry is suspended, while the plough lies in the furrow, while the Exchange is silent, while no smoke ascends from the factory, a process is going on quite as important to the wealth of nations as any process which is performed on more busy days. Man, the machine of machines, the machine compared with which all the contrivances of the Watts and the Arkwrights are worthless, is repairing and winding up, so that he returns to his labours on the Monday with clearer intellect, with livelier...
Página 295 - It is my firm belief that, if our plans of education* are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years hence.
Página 301 - Indeed, it may safely be asserted that, in one corner or another of Macaulay's library, there is in existence his estimate of every famous or notorious English prelate from the beginning of the sixteenth to the end of the eighteenth century. The most concise of these sketches of episcopal character may be found in his copy of the letters from Warburton to Hurd, the first of which is headed in pencil with the words, 'Bully to Sneak.
Página 244 - But if it be a question of words and names, and of your law, look ye to it; for I will be no judge of such matters.

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