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Página 143 - LIFE IN LONDON : or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and his Elegant Friend, Corinthian Tom.
Página 158 - Description des Festes données par la Ville de Paris, à l'occasion du mariage de Madame Louise-Elisabeth de France, et de Dom Philippe, Infant et Grand Amiral d'Espagne, les vingt-neuvième & trentième août mil sept cent trente neuf.
Página 60 - BRYANT, JACOB. A new system ; or, An analysis of ancient mythology: wherein an attempt is made to divest tradition of fable ; and to reduce the truth to its original purity.
Página 130 - SHAKSPEARE and his TIMES : including the Biography of the Poet ; Criticisms on his Genius and Writings ; a New Chronology of his Plays ; a Disquisition on the Object of his Sonnets ; and a History of the Manners, Customs, and Amusements, Superstitions, Poetry, and Elegant Literature of his Age. By NATHAN DRAKE, MD Author of Literary Hours, and of Essays on Periodical Literature.
Página 387 - The Idol of the Clownes, or Insurrection of Wat the Tyler ; with his fellow Kings of the Commons, against the English Church, the King, the Lawes, Nobility and Gentry, in the fourth Yeare of King Richard the Second, Anno 1381.
Página 41 - THE GRAVE : A Poem. By Robert Blair. Illustrated by 12 Etchings executed by Louis Schiavonetti from the original Inventions of William Blake. With an Engraved Title Page and a Portrait of Blake by T. Phillips, RA The illustrations are reproduced in photogravure. ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE BOOK OF JOB.
Página 93 - ENGLISH (the) connoisseur : containing an account of whatever is curious in painting, sculpture, &c. in the palaces and seats of the nobility and principal gentry of England, both in town and country.
Página 233 - Description de Paris et de ses édifices, avec un précis historique et des observations sur le caractère de leur architecture, et sur les principaux objets d'art et de curiosité qu'ils renferment...
Página 358 - View | of the | Manners, Customs, Arms, Habits, &c. | of the | Inhabitants of England, | from the arrival of the Saxons, | till the Reign of Henry the Eighth.
Página 279 - An inquiry into the origin and early history of engraving upon copper and in wood, with an account of engravers and their works, from the invention of chalcography by Maso Finiguerra, to the time of Marc

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