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Pocket size, 6×4 inches. Large type, on thin
Obtainable either in superfine art

opaque paper.

cloth or sultan-red leather.


The figures in parentheses denote the number of the book in the series

Aeschylus. The Seven Plays. Translated by LEWIS CAMPBELL. (117)
Ainsworth (W. Harrison). The Tower of London. (162)
A Kempis (Thomas). Of the Imitation of Christ (49)
Aksakoff (Serge). A Russian Gentleman. Trans. J. D. DUFF. (241)
Years of Childhood. Trans. J. D. DUFF. (242)

Aristophanes. Frere's translation of the Acharnians. Knights, Birds, and Frogs. Introduction by W. W. MERRY. (134)

Arnold (Matthew). Poems. Intro. by Sir A. T. QUILLER-COUCH. (85)
Aurelius (Marcus). Thoughts. Trans. J. JACKSON. (60)
Austen (Jane). Emma. Introduction by E. V. LUCAS. (129)

Bacon. The Advancement of Learning, and the New Atlantis. Introduction by Professor CASE. (93) Essays. (24)

Barham. The Ingoldsby Legends. (9)

Barrow (Sir John). The Mutiny of the Bounty. Introduction by Admiral Sir CYPRIAN BRIDGE. (195)

Betham-Edwards (M.). The Lord of the Harvest. Introduction by


Blackmore (R. D.). Lorna Doone. Intro. by Sir H. WARREN. (171)
Borrow. The Bible in Spain.
Lavengro. (66)
Wild Wales. (224)


The Romany Rye. (73)

Brontë Sisters.

Charlotte Brontë. Jane Eyre. (1) Shirley. (14) Villette. (47) The Professor, and the Poems of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë. Introduction by THeodore WatTS-DUNTON. (78) Life of Charlotte Brontë, by E. C. GASKELL. (214)

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Emily Brontë. Wuthering Heights. (10)
Anne Brontë. Agnes Grey. (141)

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. (67)

Brown (Dr. John). Horae Subsecivae. Intro. by AUSTIN DOBSON. (118) Browning (Elizabeth Barrett). Poems: A Selection. (176) Browning (Robert). Poems and Plays, 1833-1842. (58)

Poems, 1842-1864. (137)

Buckle. The History of Civilization in England. 3 vols. (41, 48, 53) Bunyan. The Pilgrim's Progress. (12)

Burke. 6 vols. Vol. I. General Introduction by Judge WILLIS and Preface by F. W. RAFFETY. (71)

Vols. II, IV, V, VI. Prefaces by F. W. RAFFETY. (81, 112-114)

Vol. III. Preface by F. H. WILLIS. (1)

Letters. Selected, with Introduction, by H. J. LASKI. (237)
Burns. Poems. (34)

Butler. The Analogy of Religion. Ed. W. E. GLADSTONE. (136)
Byron. Poems: A Selection. (180)

Carlyle. On Heroes and Hero-Worship. (62)

Past and Present. Introduction by G. K. CHESTERTON. (153)
Sartor Resartus.


The French Revolution. Intro. C. R. L. FLETCHER. 2 vols. (125, 126) The Life of John Sterling. Introduction by W. HALE White. (144) Cervantes. Don Quixote. Translated by C. JERVAS. Intro. and Notes by J. FITZMAURICE-KELLY. 2 vols. With a frontispiece. (130, 131) Chaucer. The Canterbury Tales. (76)

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Chaucer. The Works of. From the text of Professor SKEAT. 3 vols.
Vol. I (42); Vol. II (56); Vol. III, containing the whole of the
Canterbury Tales (76)

Cobbold. Margaret Catchpole. Intro. by CLement Shorter. (119)
Coleridge. Poems. Introduction by Sir A. T. QUILLER-COUCH. (99)
Collins (Wilkie). The Woman in White. (226)

Cooper (T. Fenimore). The Last of the Mohicans. (163)
Cowper. Letters. Selected, with Introduction, by E. V. LUCAS. (138)
Darwin. The Origin of Species. With a Note by GRANT ALLEN. (11)
Defoe. Captain Singleton. Intro. by THEODORE Watts-Dunton. (82)
Robinson Crusoe. (17)

De Quincey. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. (23)
Dickens. Great Expectations. With 6 Illustrations. (128)

Oliver Twist. With 24 Illustrations by GEO. CRUIKSHANK. (8)
Pickwick Papers. With 43 Illustrations by SEYMOUR and 'PHIZ'.

2 vols. (120, 121)

Tale of Two Cities. With 16 Illustrations by 'PHIZ'. (38)
Dobson (Austin). Eighteenth-Century Vignettes. Three Series. (245-7)
Four Frenchwomen. (248)

Selected Poems. (249)

Dufferin (Lord). Letters from High Latitudes. Illustrated. With
Introduction by R. W. MACAN. (158)

Eliot (George). Adam Bede. (63)

Felix Holt. Introduction by VIOLA MEYNELL. (179)

Romola. Introduction by VIOLA MEYNELL. (178)

Scenes of Clerical Life. Introduction by ANNIE MATHESON. (155)
Silas Marner, The Lifted Veil, and Brother Jacob. Introduction by

The Mill on the Floss. (31)

Emerson. English Traits, and Representative Men. (30)

Essays. First and Second Series. (6)

Nature; and Miscellanies. (236)

English Critical Essays. Selected and edited by EDMUND D. JONES. (Nineteenth Century.) (206)

(Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries.) (240)

English Essays. Chosen and arranged by W. PEACOCK. (32) English Essays, 1600-1900 (Book of). Chosen by S. V. MAKOWER and B. H. BLACKWELL. (172)

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English Letters. (Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries.) Selected and edited by M. DUCKITT and H. WRAGG. (192)

English Prose. Chosen and arranged by W. PEACOCK.

Wycliffe to Clarendon. (219)
Walpole to Lamb. (221)

Mandeville to Ruskin. (45)
Milton to Gray. (220)
Landor to Holmes. (222) Mrs. Gaskell to Henry James. (223)
English Prose: Narrative, Descriptive, and Dramatic. Selected
by H. A. TREBLE. (204)

Introduction by

English Short Stories. (Nineteenth Century.)
Prof. HUGH WALKER. (193)

Second Series. (Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.) (228) English Songs and Ballads. Compiled by T. W. H. CROSLAND. (13) English Speeches, from Burke to Gladstone. Selected by EDGAR R. JONES, M.P. (191)

Fielding. Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon, &c. Intro. A. DOBSON. (142) Franklin (Benjamin). Autobiography. (250)

Galt (John). The Entail. Introduction by JOHN AYSCOUGH. (177) Gaskell (Mrs). Introductions by CLEMENT Shorter.

Cousin Phillis, and Other Tales, &c. (168)

Cranford, The Cage at Cranford, and The Moorland Cottage. (110)
Lizzie Leigh, The Grey Woman, and Other Tales, &c. (175)
North and South. (154)

Mary Barton. (86)

Right at Last, and Other Tales, &c. (203)

Round the Sofa.

Ruth. (88)

(190) Sylvia's Lovers. (156)


Wives and Daughters. (157) Life of Charlotte Brontë. (214) Gibbon. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. With Maps. 7 vols. (35, 44, 51, 55, 64, 69, 74)

Autobiography. Introduction by J. B. BURY. (139)

Goethe. Faust, Part I (with Marlowe's I`r. Faustus). Translated by JOHN ANSTER. Introduction by Sir A. W. WARD. (135) Goldsmith. Poems. Introduction and Notes by AUSTIN DOBSON. (123)

The Vicar of Wakefield. (4)

Grant (James). The Captain of the Guard. (159)

Hawthorne. The Scarlet Letter. (26)

Hazlitt. Characters of Shakespeare's Plays.


Introduction by Sir A.

Lectures on the English Comic Writers. Introduction by R. BRIMLEY JOHNSON. (124) Lectures on the English Poets. (255) Sketches and Essays. (15) Spirit of the Age. (57)

Table-Talk. (5)

Winterslow. (25)

Herbert (George). Poems. Introduction by ARTHUR WAUGH. (109) Herrick. Poems. (16)

Holmes (Oliver Wendell). The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table. (61) The Poet at the Breakfast-Table. Intro. Sir W. R. NICOLL. (95) The Professor at the Breakfast-Table. Intro. Sir W. R. NICOLL. (89)

Homer. Iliad. Translated by Pope. (18)

Odyssey. Translated by Pope. (36)

Hood. Poems, Introduction by WALTER JERROLD. (87)

Horne (R. H.). A New Spirit of the Age. Intro. W. JERROLD. (127) Hume. Essays. (33)

Hunt (Leigh). Essays and Sketches. Intro. R. B. JOHNSON. (115) The Town. Introduction and Notes by AUSTIN DOBSON. (132) Irving (Washington). The Conquest of Granada. (150)

Jerrold (Douglas).

The Sketch-Book. Introduction by T. BALSTON. (173) Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures, &c. Intro. WALTER JERROLD, and 90 Illustrations by KEENE, LEECH, and DOYLE. (122) Johnson. Lives of the English Poets. Intro. A. WAUGH, 2 vols. (83, 84)

Keats. Poems. (7)

Keble. The Christian Year. (181)

Lamb. Essays of Elia, and The Last Essays of Elia. ́(2)`


Imaginary Conversations.
Prof. E. DE SÉLINCOURT. (196)

Selected with Introduction-by

(Lesage. Gil Blas. Translated by T. SMOLLETT, with Introduction and
Notes by J. FITzmaurice-KellY. 2 vols. (151, 152)
Letters written in War Time. Selected by H. WRAGG. (202)
Longfellow. Evangeline, The Golden Legend, &c. (39)

Hiawatha, Miles Standish, Tales of a Wayside Inn, &c. (174) Lytton. Harold. With 6 Illustrations by CHARLES BURTON. (165) Macaulay. Lays of Ancient Rome; Ivry; The Armada. (27) Machiavelli. The Prince. Translated by LUIGI RICCI. (43) Marcus Aurelius. See Aurelius.

Marlowe. Dr. Faustus (with Goethe's Faust, Part I). Introduction by Sir A. W. WARD. (135)

Marryat. Mr. Midshipman Easy. (160)

The King's Own. With 6 Illustrations by WARWICK GOBLE. (164) Melville (Herman). Moby Dick. Intro. VIOLA MEYNELL. (225)

White Jacket. Intro. CARL VON DOREN. (253)

Mill (John Stuart). On Liberty, &c. Intro. Mrs. FAWCETT. (170) Milton. The English Poems. (182)

Montaigne. Essays. Translated by J. FLORIO. 3 vols. (65, 70, 77) Morier (J. J.). Hajji Baba of Ispahan. Ed. by C. W. STEWART. With a Map. (238)

Morris (W.). The Defence of Guenevere, Jason, &c. (183)
Motley. Rise of the Dutch Republic. 3 vols. (96, 97, 98)

Nekrassov. Who can be happy and free in Russia? A Poem. Trans. by JULIET SOSKICE. (213)

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Palgrave. The Golden Treasury. With additional Poems, including FITZGERALD'S translation of Omar Khayyám. (133)

Peacock (T. L.). Misfortunes of Elphin; and Crotchet Castle. Intro. by R. W. CHAPMAN. (244)

Peacock (W.). English Prose from Mandeville to Ruskin. (45)
English Prose. 5 vols. :-
Wycliffe to Clarendon. (219)
Milton to Gray. (220)

Walpole to Lamb. (221)
Landor to Holmes. (222)
Mrs. Gaskell to Henry James. (223)
Selected English Essays. (32)

Persian (From the). The Three Dervishes, and Other Stories. Translated by R. LEVY. (254)

Poe (Edgar Allan). Tales of Mystery and Imagination. (21)

Polish Tales. A Selection. Translated by ELSE C. M. BENECKE and MARIE BUSCH. (230)

Porter (Jane). The Scottish Chiefs. (161)

Prescott (W. H.). History of the Conquest of Mexico. Introduction by Mrs. ALEC-TWEEDIE. 2 vols. (197, 198)

Reid (Mayne). The Rifle Rangers. With 6 Illustrations.


The Scalp Hunters. With 6 Illustrations by A. H. COLLINS. (167) Reynolds (Sir Joshua). The Discourses, and the Letters to 'The Introduction by AUSTIN DOBSON. Rossetti (Christina). Goblin Market, The Prince's Progress, and Other Poems. (184)

Idler '.


Rossetti D. G.). Poems and Translations, 1850-1870. (185)

Ruskin. (Ruskin House Editions, by arrangement with Messrs. Allen

and Unwin, Ltd.)

'A Joy for Ever,' and The Two Paths. Illustrated. (147)
Sesame and Lilies, and The Ethics of the Dust. (145)
Time and Tide, and The Crown of Wild Olive. (146)
Unto this Last, and Munera Pulveris. (148)

Scott. Ivanhoe. (29)

Lives of the Novelists. Introduction by AUSTIN DOBSON. (94) Poems. A Selection. (186) Selected English Short Stories. (Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.)

Two Series. (193, 228)

Selected Speeches and Documents on Eritish Colonial Policy (1763-1917). Edited, with Intro., by Professor A. B. KEITH, D.C.L., D.Litt. 2 vols. (215, 216)

Selected Speeches and Documen's on Indian Policy (1756-1921). Edited, with Introduction, by Prof. A. B. KEITH. (231, 232) Selected Speeches on British Foreign Policy (1738-1914). Edited

by EDGAR R. JONES, M.P. (201)

Shakespeare. Plays and Poems. With a Preface by A. C. SWINBURNE and general Introductions to the several plays and poems by EDWARD DOWDEN, and a Note by T. WATTS-DUNTON on the special typographical features of this Edition. 9 vols. Comedies. 3 vols. (100, 101, 102) Histories and Poems. 3 vols. (103, 104, 105) Tragedies. 3 vols. (106, 107, 108)

Shakespeare's Contemporaries.


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