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wish to know in what this faith consists? Why, it is a firm belief in all that he has said, and that is written of him—That there is none other name under heaven, whereby we can be saved. It is an humble reliance on the efficacy of his merits, to restore the principle that was lost by man's original fall from innoeence; a deep sense of our own insufficiency for any thing that is essentially good; that, without partaking of the spirit of Christ, we can do nothing truly pleasing to God the Father; and that, through Christ helping us, we can do all things: that he died for all in this sense, because all had fallen short of true holiness; and that his grace must be alive in us, to destroy the works to which a corrupted will is prone, no less than to save us from the punishment of sin; or, in other words, that the birth of his Spirit must be revived in the soul, or we shall want the best assurance to plead his atonement; for, Depart from me ye cursed, is the sentence pronounced against all that do not the will of God. This then, my brethren, is the faith we must obtain in order to save our souls. But this faith, perhaps it may be said, is not in our own power; it is the gift of God. True: nor is any thing in our own power,

in one sense of the assertion, for all grace and goodness is the gift of God; but no pne will deny that the means are in our power, or why, in our excellent Liturgy, do we thank

God for the means of grace, which lead to the hope of glory? Even in worldly affairs we can do nothing without endeavouring, much less may we hope for spiritual improvement without labour. But what are the means ? Why, what you may all employ, if not your own faultprayer, perseverance, and the sincere use of such power as you find you have, however small, Doubtless


power to read God's holy word, to beg for light to understand it: honestly employ the power you have ; slight not the means of grace, and depend upon receiving MORE. What is the history of the life of Christ, but one grand means of faith? -what are his precepts but another?—what are the sacraments, and all holy ordinances, but still further means? Ask and ye shall have, &c. are clear encouragements to close with the means. Him who cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out, is a comfortable invitation to forsake all, and take

up Christ's yoke. If ye that are evil give ..good gifts unto your children, how much more

will my heavenly Father give the Spirit to them that ask it? is another blessed encouragement to expect it. Here then, my brethren, are the most positive injunctions to use the means, and precious promises in recompense of our obedience. And if we are sincere in this service, need we doubt of possessing saving faith in time? Nay, is not our Christian practice, in whatever degree it is manifested (if performed on the qualifying principle of grateful love to God, and a thorough sense of our own unworthiness, independent of his mercy and aid)-is not this a positive proof that we already possess a proportional degree of this saving principle ?

This, I believe (my dear friends), is the faith that must carry us through the arduous work. These are some of the obvious means to obtain that gift; and if we apply with sincerity and purity of heart to the Father of all good gifts, to obtain it, for the sake of our soul's health, and in defence of his glory, we may all hope finally to meet in that blessed kingdom, where are rewards suited to different talents, and the improvement of them, and where no humble endeavour will prove in vain, through the merits and mediation of Jesus CHRIST, our Lord and SAVIOUR. To whom, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, be ascribed, as is most due, all praise, might, majesty, and dominion, for ever and ever. Amen.




I believe in the Holy Ghost.

Have ye received the Holy Ghost since


believa ed ? And they said unto him, We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost.

As the first part of the Creed contained all that was needful for us to know concerning GOD THE FATHER; so the last Lecture (which related to the second article) concluded all that was necessary for us to believe concerning God the Son, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Through the first Person in the adorable and undivided Trinity, as Creator, we have our being -by the second, we are redeemed from sin and death, and shall be finally judged : and this eighth article of our Creed proposes to our faith what is necessary to be known and professed by us as Christians, concerning that di

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