Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics: A Handbook for Teachers, Parents, Students, and Other Interested People

Australian Primary Schools Mathematical Olympiads Incorporated, 2006 - 281 páginas
Creative Problem Solving in School Mathematics is a problem solving handbook for teachers of mathematics, parents, students, and other interested people. Although it was written primarily for primary and middle schools, part of the material in the book is also appropriate at the secondary level. The basic text consists of three parts. Part A is a brief discussion of teaching techniques that have been found to be especially effective in the introduction of problem solving strategies. Part B highlights some strategies that are commonly used in school mathematics and provides some practice problems for each strategy. In Part C, problem solving is examined in relation to many standard topics of the school mathematics curriculum, and the discussion of each topic is followed by a comprehensive set of related practice problems. At the end of the book, six appendices provide additional material that supplement the topics in Part C. An index is also included. This particular edition is a revised and expanded version of the original text with modifications specific to Australian education.

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