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fast, to Jean, daughter of Mr David Murray, Cal Oct. 5. At Florence, the Dowager Countess of ton-hill.

Shaftesbury. 10. At Broich, John M‘Farlan, Esq. younger of - At Perth, Alexander Moncrieff, Esq. Captain Ballincleroch, to Miss Janet Buchanan Ewing, in the Royal Ayr Militia. daughter of the late Robert Ewing, Esq. manu- 7. At his house, near Cupar in Fife, Dr John facturer in Glasgow.

Govan, physician in Cupar. 11. At Greenburn, Berwickshire, Mr Joseph 14. At Bernice, Argyllshire, Donald Fletcher, Liddle, solicitor Supreme Courts, to Mary Anne, Esq. of Bernice. youngest daughter of the late William Bogue, At Pictou, Nova Scotia, Edward Mortimer, Esq. of Greenburn.

Esq. merchant. He was a native of Scotland, and 13. At St Pancras church, Charles Phillips, Esq. having gone thither in early life, soon rose to high of the Irish bar, to Miss Whalley of Camden Town. consideration by his character and talents.

15. At Makerstown, Major-General Sir Thomas 15. At London, Captain Andrew Anderson, of Brisbane, K.C.B. to Anna Maria, eldest daughter the Honourable East India Company's service, of Sir Henry Hay Makdougall, Bart. of Makers Bombay. town.

17. At Anderston, Glasgow, John M'Ilwham, 16. At Wellhall, by the Rev. Mr Story of Rose- Esq. of Carnbroe. neath, Captain Archibald Stewart, of the rifle. 19. At London, William Spence, Felton, son of brigade, to Eliza Robina, only child of the late Mr William Spence, Felton-green, Musselburgh. Robert Cross of Barrachnie, Esq.

At Innerleithen, Mrs Agnes Greig, James's 18. At Irvine, Mr Henry David Dickie, Secre- Court, Edinburgh. tary to the Caledonian Insurance Company of - At Edinburgh, Mr David Dow, of the British Edinburgh, to Margaret Ann, youngest daughter Linen Company's Bank. of the late Hector Allen, Esq. merchant, Glasgow. 20. At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Macmillan of

- At Greenock, Major Allan Macdonald, of the Stirling, in the 68th year of his age, and 42d of 55th regiment, to Miss Flora Nicolson, eldest his ministry. daughter of Patrick Nicolson, Esq. of Ardmore. 20. At Juniperbank, Alison, aged 15; and on

19. Mr John Livingston, merchant, to Ann, the 23d, Jane, aged 17, daughters of Mr John eldest daughter of Mr Alexander Mutter, Melville. Thorburn.

23. At Catharine Bank, Mr John Hunter, mer- At Lisbon, Mary, sixth daughter of the late chant, Edinburgh, to Miss Margaret Sawers, George Ramsay, Esq. of Barnton. daughter of the late Mr Alexander Sawers, ac- 21. At Exeter, James Connell, Esq. merchant in countant in Glasgow.

Glasgow. - At Paisley, Mr John Hart, writer, Paisley, At London, the Hon. Frederick Sylvester to Margaret, daughter of Mr John Gibb of Linside. North Douglas, only son of Lord Glenbervie, and

At Hillside, near Glasgow, Mr John New- member of parliament for the burgh of Banbury.. lands, at Lachone Mill, to Miss Rae, only daughter Mrs Hutchison, relict of Mr 'l'homas Hutchi. of the deceased Mr John Rae, merchant, Grass- son, baker in Edinburgh. market, Edinburgh.

22. At Brodie's Buildings, Canongate, Mr John - George Johnston, M.D. Berwick-upon-Tweed, Reid, writer. to Catherine, daughter of the deceased Mr Cladius At Edinburgh, in her 82d year, Miss Anne Charles, surgeon, late of the staff, West Indies. Wishart, daughter of the late Dr William Wishart,

26. At Edinburgh, Mr Duncan Fisher, printer, principal of the college of Edinburgh. to Mary, second daughter of Mr John Baillie, High 23. Mr James Bauchop of Brucefield, Mid Cal. Street.

der, aged 72. Lately-At Edinburgh, Mr William Thomson, At Callander, Mrs M'Arthur, widow of the tobacconist, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr late Alexander M'Arthur, Esq. of Littlemill. Tho. Newlands, rope-manufacturer, Grassmarket. 25. At her house in Maitland-street, Miss Ram

say, daughter of the late Robert Ramsay, Esq.

merchant, Leith. DEATHS.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Rattray, relict

of David Robertson, Esq. late of Bleaton, aged 88. April 23. At Columbo, island of Ceylon, Lieut. At 5, North St David-street, Edinburgh, Johi Hogarth, of the Bengal infantry, third son of Robert Thom. James Hogarth, Esq. of Berwick.

26. At Annfield, Henry Miller of Pourin, M.D. Charles Eliott, Esq. of the Hon. East India Com. of the Hon. the East India Company's service. pany's service, sixth son of the late Sir William At Blair Drummond, George Home DrumEliott of Stobbs, Bart. He fell gallantly in the at- mond, Esq. of Blair Drummond. tack of the fort of Rupal Droog, in the East In- At Edinburgh, in the 84th year of her age, dies, on the 13th May last.

Mrs Barbara Lockhart, daughter of the late John At Trinchinopoly, in May last, Benjamin Horne, Lockhart, Esq. of Cleghori. Esq., of the East India Company's civil service, - At his house, near Cupar Fife, Mr Andrew third son of John Horne. Esq. of Stircoke.

Milne of South Baltilly. June 11. At the Cape of Good Hope, Captain 27. Mr William Young, writer in Stromness, Gregory Page, of the Bengal establishment.

Orkney. At the Isle of France, in July last, the Hon. Sir 28. At Edinburgh, William Govan, Esq. of HerAlexander Anstruther, recorder of Bombay.

miston. Aug. 23. In Tobago, Mr James Lapslie, second At Greenbank, Miss Jane Renny, eldest son of the Rev. Mr Lapslie, minister of Campsie. daughter of the late Mr Patrick Renny, writer in

28. At Stoney-hill, Jamaica, of the yellow fever, Falkirk. Lieut.-Colonel 'Blainey, of the 92d 'regiment of Mary Westwater, relict of Mr John Megget, foot. It would be impossible to do justice to the merchant, Edinburgh. memory of this very excellent officer, by enume- 29. At Coltbridge, Mrs Lindsay, relict of Mr rating his many amiable qualities; it is only those John Lindsay: who had the happiness of knowing him, that can - The Right Rev. Edmund Derby, D.D. Rojustly appreciate his untimely loss, which is so man Catholic bishop of Dromore. deeply felt by his disconsolate widow, his family, 20. At Florence, William Mackenzie, Esq. of and the regiment to which he belonged.

the island of St Vincent. 25. At Savannah, Georgia, North America, At Carfrae, in the 78th year of his age, Robt. aged 26 years, the lady of John Williamson Stirk, Hogarth, Esq. tenant there. Esq. daughter of the late Captain John Baugh, of At Easter Causeyend, Mr Thomas Graham, the 58th regiment of foot.

farmer. Sept. 15. At Roslin, in the State of South Caro- 31. Mrs Agnes Redfoord, wife of Mr Robert lina, Archibald Simpson Johnstone, Esq. eldest Lamb, wood-merchant, Leith Walk. son of Adam Johnstone, Esq. collector of his Ma- Nov. 1. At Swinton Manse, Mrs Harriet Hepjesty's customs, Greenock.

burn Mitchelson, wife of John Tait, younger of 23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Home Buchan. Pirn, W. S. She was the last of that family of Home, formerly At Kirkwall, Orkney, in the 23d year of her of Kello, in Berwickshire.

age, Agnes Scar, wife of James Spence, Esq. mer28. At Malden, in America, of the prevalent chant. fever, Colonel John Ogilvy. He was one of his At Dysart, James Davidson Fleming, M.D. Majesty's commissioners under the 6th and 7th

aged 23. artieles of the treaty of Ghent.

2. At No 41, North Hanover-street, Edinburgh,

Mr Andrew Ewing, aged 70 years, father of Tho. 13. At Edinburgh, in the 16th year of her age, Ewing, teacher there.

Mary, wife of Mr Daniel Forrest, sen. merchant, - At her house in George-street, Miss Catherine High-street, Edinburgh. Her amiable disposition Morison Mackenzie, daughter of the late Sir Ro- and mildness of manners endeared her to all who derick Mackenzie of Scatwell, Bart.

knew her, and, as an affectionate and tender mo3. At Edinburgh, aged 88, Miss Margaret ther, her loss is irreparable. M‘Laurin, daughter of the deceased Mr Donald At Cambridge, in the 18th year of his age, M‘Laurin, some time surgeon in Edinburgh, and Walter Clarke Cliffe, only surviving son of Lieut.sister of the late Dr M Laurin, physician in Lon- Colonel Darby, of Grosvenor-place, Bath. don.

- At Glasgow, Mr John Steven, bookseller. - In the charity work-house of this city, John 14. At 45, Frederick-street, Edinburgh, Jane Barclay, aged upwards of 80 years. He resided in Stewart, the infant daughter of Peter Macdowall, this establishment for more than 73 years, during accountant. which time he never slept a night out of the house. At Balmuto, Mr James Young, 47 years When he was admitted, there were only twelve faithful gardener there, and who last year obtained inmates resident in the house.

the Caledonian Horticultural Society's inedal for - At Prescot, Lancashire, aged 87, John Hasle- the reward of long and honest services. den. He served in the siege of Quebec, in the At Wester Portsburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Car15th regiment, and was employed by the immortal michael, spouse of Mr John Lizars, boot and shoe Wolfe, as his valet, until the death of the hero, maker. when he entered the service of General Murray, At Glenmore, Argyllshire, Mrs Campbell, with whom he remained until his discharge, in

senior, of Glenmore. the year 1761.

15. At, in the 21st year of his age, 4. At her house in Castle-street, Mrs Dirom, Mr Andrew Home, youngest son of the late Mr widow of Alexander Dirom, Esq. of Muiresk, in

John Home, land-surveyor. the 85th year of her age.

At Orangefield, county of Down, Hugh - At Edinburgh, Miss Janet Campbell, daugh- Crawford, Esq. many years an eminent and rester of the deceased Neil Campbell, Esq. late col- pectable merchant and banker in Belfast. lector of the customs, Oban.

16. At No 20, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Patrick, 5. At Traquair Manse, Peebles-shire, the Rev.

infant son of Mr Wishart. James Nicoll, minister of the parish, in the 50th At Edinburgh, in the 86th year of her age, year of his age. Few men ever descended to the Betty Cameron, a native of Lochaber, who has regrave more universally beloved, and more deeply sided here for the last 60 years. This poor woman regretted.

was one of a small class of people, perhaps more At St Clair Town, Mrs Margaret Kinnear,

peculiar to Scotland than any other country, who aged 92.

never beg, yet never want, and who, without re. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Anderson, for- latives, fortune, or certain income, are provided merly baker in Potterrow,

for as if they had all these. Thomas James Steele, eldest son of Andrew 18. At Peebles, John Steel, son of Mr Walter Steele, Esq. writer to the signet.

Steel. At Gray's Mill, Mr Belfrage, merchant, At No 10, Broughton-street, James, eldest South Bridge, Edinburgh.

son of Dr John Campbell. 6. At Fort William, Mr Joseph Young, of the 19. At Edinburgh, after a short illness, Robert, Customs, Edinburgh, and acting comptroller at

fourth son of the late Robert Kay of Harlaw, BerFort William.

wickshire, aged 19. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Scott, spouse of - At Rineten, Captain John Macdonald of GarRobert Gilmour.

densdale. 7. At Edinburgh, Ramsay, the infant daughter 30. At London, John, only son of Mr Robert of Archibald Douglas, Esq. advocate.

Keltie, of the island of Demerara, West Indies. - Mr Robert Schaw, copper-smith, Prince'sstreet, aged 37.

Lately-Within a few hours of each other, Mr At Portobello, Miss Isabella Clunie, sixth John Green, of Broomyard, in Herefordshire, and daughter of the late Rev. John Clunie, minister of Elizabeth, his wife. They had been married 59 Whitekirk.

years, and had 22 children in little more than 19 - At Edinburgh, Mrs Agnus M‘Pherson, much years. regretted by her numerous friends and acquaint- At Godalming, Nicholas Loftus, Esq. formerly ances.

Lieut.-Colonel of the 4th regiment dragoon guards, 8. At her house, Prince's-street, Mrs Gibson of in the 80th year of his age. Cliftonhall, aged 88.

In Downshire, at the seat of her brother, in con- At Eskbank, Theodora Walrond, the infant sequence of a locked jaw, which proceeded from daughter of Mr Wood.

having a tooth drawn the week before, Miss GorAt Doneraile House, in the county of Cork, don, sister to Charles Gordon, Esq. of Wiscombof water in the chest, the Right Hon. Hayes St

park Leger, Viscount Doneraile. His lordship enjoyed At Paris, Mrs B. Wallis, the wife of Lieutenantvery extensive estates, particularly in the counties General Bayley Wallis, and sister of Sir Robert of Cork and Waterford. He was in his 65th year. Wilson, M. P.

9. At his house, Coats Crescent, Edinburgh, At London, a few weeks after his return from Lieut.-Colonel H Erskine of Sheilfield.

India, Robert Steuart, Esq. of the Hon. East In- At Stirling, Mrs Helen Muirhead, relict of dia Company's medical service, third son of the Alexander Sutherland, Esq. late of Woodend. late Robert Steuart, Esq. of Ballechin.

10. At Campbelltown, Marion, infant daughter At Horseley, Gloucestershire, John Sheppard, of Captain H, Stevenson.

Esq. He has left £400 to the Gloucester Infirma11. At Leith, Mrs Margaret Brown, wife of Mr ry, and £1000 three per cent. consols to the Society James Thomson, late fariner, Dalhousie.

for Propagating Christian Knowledge. - At Edinburgh, William Speid, fourth son of At St Margaret Stone, near Dunfermline, after Robert Speid, Esq. writer to the signet.

a long illness, Mrs Isabella Saunders, relict of Mr 12. At his house, in New Burlington-street, Robert Saunders, there. London, in a fit of apoplexy, John Dawson, Esq. At the baths of Tivoli, near Paris, in his 29th an eminent solicitor.

year, Sir Arthur Grey Hazlerigg, Bart. of Nosely At Edinburgh, David Hay, Esq. of Belton. Hall, Leicestershire.

At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Græme, sister Suddenly at Paris, Captain John Doig, late of to Colonel Grame of Inchbraikie.

the 21st regiment.

Oliver & Boyd, Printers, Edinburgh.

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On the Progressive Change of Poetical A Lay of Fairy Land, (from a volume

-363 of Poems, by John Wilson, now in the Public Buildings of Edinburgh. 370 Pressum

432 On the Analogy between the growth of Verses on the Church of Krisuvik in Individual and National Genius....375

435 Emma.- A Tale 382 Sir Thomas Brown

ib. The Vision an

384 Living Toads found in stones are proReflections on a Brumal Scenemmmm ib. ductions of the former world, by the Notices of the Acted Drama in London.

Rector of Pabsdorf

.437 No VIII.

-386 Elements of a Plan for the Liquidation Letter from the Ettrick Shepherd, en- of the National Debt, &c. by Richard closing a Fragment of the Mad Banker 390 Heathfield

o..441 Annals of Peterhead, from its Foun- The Warder. No

448 dation to the present time; by P. Notices to Correspondents....

464 Buchan


Sonnet, by the Ettrick Shepherd.mmmm. ib. Horæ Germanicæ.- No III. The Twenty- LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC ninth of February. A Dramatic Sketch; INTELLIGENCE

465 by Adolphus Mü

397 WORKS PREPARING for PUBLICATION 466 Analytical Essays on the old English Monthly LIST OF NEW PUBLICADramatists.- No VIII.-The Witch

-468 of Edmonton.-Ford, Dekker, and

409 Commercial Report

mm 473 Sacontala ; or, the Fatal Ringwowcow.417 | Meteorological Report

-477 Upon the Relation of Music to the Appointments, Promotions, &c.num. 478 Drama.-Letter Ioannes

-430 Births, Marriages, and Deathsamwoman 479

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To whom Communications (post paid) may be addressed.

(OLIVER & Boyd, Printers, Edinburgh.}




Vol. VI.


Ut unus ab illis numeretur Annus, omnes annos suos conterent..


The progressive change of poetical exaggerate their defects. The Augustan style, as connected with the reputation age has been too exclusively talked of the poets of different ages, is a deli- about. We have been too bigotted cate theme. It involves the develope- adorers of the poetic spirit, the simment of some niceties; the examination plicity, and the subdued beauty of of some prejudices; and, what is worst, Virgil, Horace, and the other emi. the contradiction of some assertions. nent poets their contemporaries. It The importance of the subject may cannot, certainly, be denied, that the perhaps hardly appear commensurate poetry of their period, presents an agwith its minuteness of detail. It can- gregate of excellence which it may

be not however be unimportant to have difficult to parallel. For this, howsomething like clear ideas on a matter ever, it is more or less indebted to the which has affected, and will affect, the favourable circumstances under which polite literature of this, and every it was written ; nor does it by any other European country.

means follow that these poets were In commencing the present sketch, possessed of genius eminently suit would seem to be needless to go perior to those, either of their own or further back than the Augustan age, of other countries, who have succeedas including the earliest and the best ed them. The commencement of the of what we know of the Roman poetry. poetical literature of all nations, proThe progress of the Greek literature bably exhibits something like this. was early interrupted by political chan- That it has been the case with English ges. From the age of Æschylus to the poetry, is attempted to be shewn in battle of Chæronæa, is comprehended the course of these remarks. It is only the short interval of ninety-eight indeed natural to expect that the years. In about double that time after- earlier efforts of poetry should be upon wards, the Romans began those aggres- the whole the most happy; and for sions, which ended in the second subju- this plain reason, that in poetry as in gation of Greece. To Rome the bestfruit every thing else, originality is much of this conquest was the cultivation of easier when there has been no one to Greek literature, of which the Roman anticipate its sources. The earlier is indeed a sort of continuation. The poets, Terence, Lucretius, Virgil, and Latin authors condescended to imitate Horace, stood upon the most advanthose models which they could not hope tageous ground. The Latin language to surpass; and such was the begin- had just attained to a polished reguning of the Augustan age, thesplendour larity—the rude and comparatively of which has diminished that of all antiquated versification of Ennius, and after literature, and in a great measure of one or two others whose names are blinded posterity to the excellencies now scarcely known, was all with of succeeding authors; whilst, as sha, which they had to contend. The fields dows are strongest in an imperfect of poetry were open to them, and they light, it has at the same time led us to culled the flowers which grew at their VOL. VI.


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