A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ginn and Heath, 1879 - 66 páginas
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Página 9 - night, That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth, And ere a man hath power to say, Behold! The jaws of darkness do devour it up: So quick bright things come to confusion. Her. If, then, true lovers have been ever cross'd, It stands as an edict in destiny : Then let us teach our trial patience,
Página 63 - Every one lets forth his sprite, And we fairies, that do run By the triple Hecate's team From the presence of the Sun, Following darkness like a dream, Now are frolic : not a mouse Shall disturb this hallow'd house: I am sent, with broom, before, To sweep the dust behind the door.
Página 24 - Chorus. Philomel, with melody Sing in our sweet lullaby ; Lulla, lulla, lullaby ; lulla, lulla, lullaby : Never harm, nor spell nor charm, Come our lovely lady nigh ; So, good night, with lullaby. 2 Fai. Weaving spiders, come not here ; Hence, you long-legged spinners, hence ! Beetles black, approach not near ; Worm nor snail, do no offence. Chorus. Philomel, with melody,
Página 15 - upon the green. The cowslips tall her pensioners be ; * In their gold coats spots you see: These be rubies, fairy favours, In those freckles live their savours: I must go seek some dewdrops here, And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear. 7
Página 17 - Puck. Fairy, thou speak'st aright; I am that merry wanderer of the night. I jest to Oberon, and make him smile, When Ia fat and bean-fed horse beguile, Neighing in likeness of a filly foal: And sometime lurk I in a gossip's bowl, In very likeness of a roasted crab
Página 19 - Therefore the Moon, the governess of floods, Pale in her anger, washes all the air, That rheumatic diseases do abound: And thorough this distemperature we see The seasons alter: hoary-headed frosts Fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose ; And on old Hyenas' thin and icy crown 19 An odorous chaplet of sweet summer buds Is, as in
Página 31 - And I do love thee : therefore go with me ; I'll give thee fairies to attend on thee ; And they shall fetch thee jewels from the deep, And sing, while thou on pressed flowers dost sleep: And I will purge thy mortal grossness so, That thou shalt like an airy spirit go. — Peas-blossom ! Cobweb ! Moth ! and Mustard-seed!
Página 23 - thyme blows, Where ox-lips and the nodding violet grows; Quite over-canopied with lush woodbine, With sweet musk-roses, and with eglantine : And there the snake throws her enamell'd skin, Weed wide enough to wrap a fairy in. There sleeps Titania sometime of the night, Lull'd in
Página 16 - wild; But she perforce withholds the loved boy, Crowns him with flowers, and makes him all her joy: And now they never meet in grove or green, By fountain clear or spangled starlight sheen, But they do square; 6 that all their elves, for fear, Creep into acorn-cups, and hide them there.
Página 17 - Misleads night-wanderers, laughing at their harm ? Those that Hobgoblin call you, and sweet Puck, You do their work, and they shall have good luck: Are not you he ? 9 Puck. Fairy, thou speak'st aright; I am that merry wanderer of the night. I jest to Oberon, and make him smile, When Ia fat and bean-fed horse beguile,

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