Biology of Lung Cancer

Madelein Kane
Taylor & Francis, 27 ago. 1998 - 632 páginas
These questions and more, are answered by a distinguished team of nearly 40 specialists in the field who present the latest epidemiological, genetic, molecular, cellular, and diagnostic research findings in lung cancer research and their applications in patient management.
Biology of Lung Cancer
  • discusses available in vivo and in vitro models and their appropriate uses in specific studies
  • highlights recent research on mechanisms of lung cancer in addition to potential future patient management targets
  • explores mechanisms of resistance to treatment and reveals current and developing strategies in chemotherapy and gene therapy
  • shows how novel data on the progression of premalignant molecular and cellular properties can be applied towards early definitive diagnosis
  • considers the inheritance of genes that play pivotal roles in carcinogen activation and deactivation
  • and more!
    Complemented with nearly 2500 bibliographic citations, drawings, photographs, and x-rays, this landmark reference is fundamental reading for pulmonologists, oncologists, physiologists, pathologists, cancer researchers, cardiothoracic surgeons, pharmacologists, biochemists, biophysicists, geneticists, epidemiologists, radiation oncologists, neurobiologists, and graduate and medical school students in these disciplines.
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