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Testimony, remarks on, 323.

Hebrew words, ib. note; the Jews in-
Theology, danger attending the study of, sulted by being considered as trinila-

195; hints towards a scientific system rians, 340; character of Aspland's
of, 201.

writings, ib.; reasonings of unitari.
Thoughts on secret prayer &c, 181; re- ans reducible to three heads, 341 ;
marks on religious fasting, ib.

1, those founded on exceptionable
Time's Telescope for 1822, 177.

statements, ib.; 2. truths held in
Tithes, remarks on, 168.

common, 342; Mr. Fripp's propositions,
Titsingh's illustrations of Japan, 324 et 344; 3. bold mis-statements, 345 ;

seq. ; jealous policy of the Japanese St. Joho a beretic and innovator, ib. ;
attributable to the Papal missionaries, freeness of redemption not invalidated
324 ; not irrational, 325; account of by its being purchased, 346 ; proper
the present work, 326; double govern- application of the term purchase, ib. ;
ment of Japan under the daïri and importance of the controversy, 347.
the djogoun, ib. ; fortilude of Tchouya
and other conspirators, 327; dexterity of Valley of the shadow of death, 13; of
the public ereculioner, 328 ; tragic affray,
ib.; assassination of a djogoun by his

Jebosaphat, 25.

Vinci, Leonardo da, memoir of, 226.
wife, 329; Japanese poels, ib. ; volca-
pic eruptions, 330; privileges enjoyed
by certain classes of being their own exe-

Walpole'stravels in the east, &c. 138 et
cutioner, ib.; Japanese festivals, 331 ;

seq.; obstacles encountered by travel-
singular mode of interment, 332.

lers in Turkey, 138; stationary con-
Tomline's (bp.) refutation of calvinism,

dition of the arts, &c. under the Otto-
character of, 212, 390, 392; opinion

man government, ib.; plan and con-
on free-will, &c. 410.

tents of the work, 139; origin of the
Tragedy, Millon's remarks on, 232.

Mainotes, ib.; topography and govern-
Transportation, evils of the present sys-

ment of the Maina, 140; religion and
tem of, 349; see Reid.

domestic character of the people, ib. ;
Trinitarian controversy, review of, 87,

Athenian currency, 141 ; remarks on
209; importance of, 347; see unitarian.

the rudeness of the Allic silver coin, ib. ;
Tucker on the incongruity of the doc-

description of the tar-springs of Zante,
trines of free will and predestination,

142; analysis of, 143; present state
411; on the equivocal language of the

of Lemnos, ib. ; ruins of Nicopolis,
Church catechism, 469.

144 ; bolanizing on ruins, ib. ; former
Turkey, present state of, 138; see Wal. state of Zante, ib.; memoir of W. G.

Browne, the traveller, 145; description
Turkmans, description of the, 150.

of the Turkmans, 150; rencounter be-

tween a pseudo-mussulman and a der.
Unitarian sermons by Fripp and others,

wish, 152; merits of Col. Leake's
333 et seq. ; unitarianism not on the communications, 154 ; imperfect state
increase, 333; vituperation depre-

of our knowledge of Asia Minor, ib.;
cated, ib. ; circumstauces of Mr. summary of our present information re-
Pripp's change of sentiment, 334 ; specting its geography, 154 ; on the camel
remarks on the statement, 335; Brie

and dromedary, 156; remarks on the
tish reviewer's misrepresentation of uni-

Elgin marbles, 157, R. P. Knight's
tarian tenels, 336; impolicy of such a

scepticism as to their being the work
mode of atlack, ib.; orthodox Christi. of Pnidias, unreasonable, ib. ; merits
anity under obligations to Belsham,

of Mr. Wilkins's dissertation, 158.
the plenary inspiration of the Scrip-

Washbourn's hymns adapted to family
tures (according to Belsham) un- worship, 256 et seq. ; specimens, 256-8.
lenable, ib.; Belsham, Bellamy, Car-
lile, ib. ; Moses claimed as a unilarian, Zante, former state of, 144; tar-springs
339; on the plural form of certain of, 142,

338 ;

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