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Boundaries of States-Boundaries of The Cottager's Agricultural Compa

Provinces also signs of Quarries and nion, comprising a complete System of

Mines of Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Cottage Agriculture, intended to instruet Lead, Tin, Quicksilver, and Red lead; the Poor of Great Britain in the best

Foundries and Forges, Alom and AntiArts of Co'tage Husbandry. By Wil

mony, Sulphur, Mineral Salt and Miliam Salisbury, Author of the Botanist's neral Springs, Marble, Coal, Hot Companion. 12mo. 2s.

Springs, Cold Springs, &c. The Map

includes the Lake of Genera on tbe ASTRONOMY.

North, and Marseilles and Avignon on the A Celestial Atlas, comprising a Sysa West ; forming the most compreheosive teinatic Display of the Heavens, in a se- Map of Italy that has ever appeared. ries of thirty maps (beautifully engraved Dedicated to the Einperor of Austria. by Neele and Son) illustrated by scien- By J. A. Orgiazzi, 155. Canras and tific descriptions of their contents, and Case. accompanied by Catalogues of the Stars

HISTORY. and Astronomical Exercises. By Alexander Jamieson, A.M. Author of a

Illustrations, Historical and Critical, Grammar of Logic and Intellectual Phi.

of the Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called losophy. royal 410. half-bound, li. 5s.

the Magoificent, with an Appendix of plain. 11. Ils. 6d. coloureil.

original and other documents. With

portrait, &c. By William Roscoe. Sro, CHEMISTRY

14s. 4to. 11. 11 s. 6d. The Use of the Blowpipe, in Chemical Recollections and Reflections, PerAnalyses, and in the Examination of sonal and Political, as connected with Minerals. By J. J. Berzelius, Member Public Affairs, during the Reign of of the Academy of Stockholm. Trans- George the Third. By John Nicholls, lated from the French of M. Fresnel : by Esq. Member of the House of Commons J. G. Children, FiR.S.L & E.F. L. S. &c. in the Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and EighWith a Sketch of Berzelius's System of teenth Parliaments of Great Britain. Mineralogy; a Synoptic Table of the 2 vols. 8vo. 19s. The second rolame, principal Characters of the Pure Earths, which is entirely new, may be had se. and Metallic Oxides, before the Blow- parately, 7s. pipe; and numerons Notes and Additions The History of Stamford, in the by the Translator. With 3 plates. 8vo. county of Lincoln; with St. Martin's, 1 s.

Stamford Baron, and Great and Little EDUCATION.

Wothorpe, in the county of Northamp

ton: embellished with 10 fine engrarings. Elements of Thought; adapted to the demy 8vo. 1l. 58. demy 4to. with proot Use of Schools, and especially designed impressions, 21. 12s. 6d. to aid the Studies of young Persons who wish to supply the Defects of a common

MATHEMATICS. Education. By Isaac Taylor, junior. Euler's Algebra, translated from the 12mo. 4s. 6d.

French, with the Notes of Bernoulli, &c.

and the Additions of M. de la Grange. GEOMETRY

By the Rev. Joho Hewlett, B.D.P.S.A. A Statistical, Political, Mineralogical, &c. To wbich is prefixed, a Memoir of and Modern Map of Italy, (46 inches by the Life and Character of Euler, by tbe 27). With the New Boundaries accord

late Francis Horner, Esq. M.P. Sro. ing to the latest Treaties; together with

15s. signs to indicate Capitals of States Cities-Fortified Places-Forts–Market

MISCELLANEOUS, Towns-Villages and Hamlets-- Ruins The Broad Stone of Honour; or, -Archbishopricks-- Bishopricks-Capi- Rules for the Gentlemen of England. tals of Provinces-Post Stations Post 12mo, 7s. 60. fine paper, 9s. Roads regolarly supplied with Horses The Inquirer; a Collection of Essays, Post Roads not regularly supplied Reviews, and intelligence, on Subjects Roads passable for Artillery-Foot paths connected with the Improvement ox Soor Bye-roads. Distances of Posts ciety, and the Interests of Mankind,

No L. (To be continued Quarterly). 8vo. Congregations and Families. By A. L.

12mo. 45. Xenophoo's Anabasis, newly trans- Practical and Familiar Sermous, delated into English, from the Greek Text signed for Parochial and Domestio "lo. of Schneider. By a Member of the struction. Vol. VI. By the Rev. EdUniversity of Oxford. 8vo. 8s.

ward Cooper, Rector of Hanstall-Rid. Julia Severa ; or, the Year Four Hun- ware, and of Yuxall, in the County of dred and Ninety-two; translated from Statford. 12mo. 6s. the French of J.C. L. Simonde de Sis. Lectures on the Gospel according to mondi, Author of the History of France St. John, Part the Second. Delivered the Italian Republics of the Middle at the Parish Church, and at St. MargaAge, &c. 2 vols, 12mo, 12s.

ret's Chapel, in the Parish of Walcot, The Parish Poors' Rate Book, for Bath, on the Wednesdays and Fridays Overseers of the Poor; being an ap- during Lent, in the year 1822. With prored and convenient Plan for the As. Notes. By Charles Abel Moysey. D. D. sessment for the Relief of the Poor ; and Archdeacon of Bath, and Rector of Walcontaining proper Directions for com- cot. 8vo. 6s. pleting the Assessment, the adjusting Oriental Literatare, applied to the Ilof Disputes, and the Manner of proceed- lustration of the Sacred Scriptures; esing to recover the Amount of the Rate by pecially with reference to Antiquities, Distress, &c. By J. Ashdowne, Mem- Traditions, and Manners; collected ber of the Honourable Society of Lin- from the most celebrated Writers and coln's Inn, Author of the Church wardens Travellers, ancient and modern. Deand Overseer's Guide, &c. post 4to. 38. signed as a Sequel to Oriental Custoins. in red sheep.

By the Rev. Samuel Burder, A. M. Late Tales and Dialogues, in Prose and of Clare Hall, Cambridge ; Lecturer of Verse. By Jeffreys Taylor, Author of the United Parislies of Christ Church, Esop in Rhyme, &c. With 6 Engravings. Newgate Street, and St. Leonard, Pus12mo. 3s.

ter laue. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 10s. Scenes in England, for the Amuseinent The Protestant Beadsman; or, á Seand Instruction of Little Tarry-at-home ries of Biographical Notices and Hymns, Travellers. By the Rev. 1, Taylor. commemorating the Saints and Martyrs, With 8+ Engravings. 12mo.5s, half- whose Holidays are kept by the Church bound, 7s. coloured.

of England: to which is appended, a Le Musée des Variétes Littéraires. brief Review of the Scriptural and TraNo 1. 1s, 6d. (To be continued ditionary Accounts of the Holy Angels. Monthly.)

12no. 6s.

Sermons on the Public Means of

With · with the Muses.

Grace; the Fasts and Festivals of the

Church ; on Scripture Characters; and Vignettes. By Robert Bloomfield. fcap.

various Practical Subjects. By the late Svo. 4s.

Rt. Rev. Theodore Dehon, D.D. Rector Dramas of the Ancient World, viz. The Deluge–The Plague of Darkness

of St. Michael's Church, Charleston, and

Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal The Last Plague-Rizpah-Sardana

Church in the Diocese of South Carolina. palus- The Destiny of Cain-The Death of Cain-The Nereid's Love. By David

Together with some account of the Au

thor, and a Sermon preached on OccaLyndsay. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

sion of his Death. 2 vols, 8vo. 11. 18. POLITICAL.

A Necessary Doctrine and Erudition Europe and America in 1821 ; with an for any Christian Youth; set forth in a Examination of the Plan laid before the Series of Sunday School Lectures, with Spanish Cortes, for the Recognition of a Catechism, or Preaching Conference, South Aunerican Iudependence. Trans

on the Doctrines and Principles of the Jated from the French of the Abbé de Church of Christ, adapted to each Lec. Pradt, by J. D. Williams. 2 vols. 8vo. ture; to which is prefixed, à View of 18s.

Popular Education from the Reformia

tion to the present Time. By the Rev. THEOLOGY.

J. Trist, A.M. Vicar of Veryad, Corni. The Village Lecturer: a Series of wall. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 4s. original discourses adapted for Village An Essay on the Scripture Doctrines


of Adultery and Divorce ; and on the Richardson, M.D. Illustrated by Plans Criminal Character and Punishment of and other Engravings. 2 vols. 8vo. Adultery by the Ancient laws of England 11. 4s. and other Countries : being a Subject The Narrative of an Expedition from proposed for Investigation by the So- Tripoli, in Barbary, to the Western ciety for Promoting Christian Knowledge Frontier of Egypt, in 1817, by the Bey in ihe Diocese of St. David, and to of Tripoli ; in Letters to Dr. Viviani, of which that Society awarded its Premium


By Paolo Della Cella, M. D. (by benesaction) of fifty Pounds, in De- Physician Attendant on the Bey. With cember 1821. By H. V. Tebbs, Proctor an Appendix, containing Instructions for in Doctors' Commons. 8vo. 7s.

navigating the Great Syrtis. Translated Protestantism: an Address particu- from the Italian by Anthony Autrere. larly to the Labouring Classes, in Desence Esq. Svo. 10s. 6d. of the Protestant Principle. Occasioned An Itinerary of Provence and the by the late controversial attacks of the Rbone, made during the Year 1819. By Rev. J. Curr. By W. Roby. 8vo.

John Hughes, A.M. of Oriel College, OxThe Rer. Thomas Scott's Commentary

furd. 8vo. 14s. on the Bible. A new and stereotyped A Guide to the Lakes of Killarney ; ilEdition, with the Author's last correc- lustrated by Engravings after the designs tious and Additions, 6 vols. 4to. 81. 8s. of George Petrie, Esq. By the Rev. G. TRAVELS AND TOPOGRAPHY.

N. Wright, A.M, royal 18mo. 6s.

An Historical Guide to Ancient and Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia,

Modern Dublin ; illustrated by SevenAncient Babylonia, &c. &c. During the

teen Engravings of the principal Views Years 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820. By Sir

and Buildings, after drawings made ex. Robert Ker Porter, &c. &c. With nu

pressly for the Work, by George Petrie, merous Engravings of Portraits, Cos

Esq. and with a new and accurate Plan tumes, Antiquities, &c. Vol. II. 4to.

of the City. royal 18mo. 6s. 8vo. 41. 14s. 6d.

11. 10s. A Geographical and Commercial

A Picturesque Promenade round DorkView of Northern Central Africa ; con

ing in Surrey. By John Timbs. 12mo. taining a particular Account of the

78. 6d. Course and Termination of the Great

Voyage en Suisse, fait dans les années River Niger, in the Atlantic Ocean. By

1817, 1818, et 1819; suivi d'un Essai James M'Queen. With a Map and Two

Historique sur les meurs et cogtumes de Charts. 8vo. 103. 6d.

l'Helvetie, ancienne et moderne, dans leTravels along the Mediterranean and

quel se retrouvent retracés les evènemens Parts adjacent, in company with the

de nos jours, avec les causes qui les ont Earl of Belmore, during the Years 1816, amenés. Par. L. Simond, Auteur da 1817, 1518, extending as far as the Se

Voyage d'un Français en Angleterre. ? cond Cataract of the Nile, Jerusalem,

vols. 8vo. 14. 1s. Damascus, Ballec, &c. By Robert



Angelo, Michael, memoir of, 230.
Annual obituary for 1821, 2,186, el seq. i

royal details, 187; unfair memoir of
the queen, ib, ; hibernicisms of
author's style, ib.; excessive panegy-
ric on Hayley, 188 ; memoir of John

Courtois, 189.
Ants, winged, description of, 360.
Aquinas, Thomas, memoir of, 305.
Arminianism, historical origin of in

England, 395; remarks on, 412.
Ashantee, population, &c. of, 252.
Asia Minor, geography of, 154.
Aspland's character of Christ, &c. 333;

character as a writer, 340.
Athenian currency, remarks on, 141.
Atkinson's key to the Latin language,

Augustine, character of as a theologian,


Aberoethy's reflections on Gall and
- Spurzheim, 551, et seq. Spurzheim

vindicated from the imputation of
sinister intention, 552; a liability to
abuse no argument against the sys.
tem, ib. ; existence of instinctive pro-
peosities in man undeniable, 558;
organization a collateral cause of
predisposition, ib.; yet not the sole
cause of animal instinct, ib. ; brutes
: capable of acquired habits, 554 ; a
difference of adaptation in the organ
a predisposing cause, ib. ; organiza-
tion a limiting, not necessitating
cause, ib.; predisposition easily con-
querable by education and association,
555; reasons for believing that the per-
cipient principle is modified by the brain,
556; argument fatal lo malerialism de-
rived from the necessary unily of that
which is perceptire, ib. ; analysis of men,
557; craniology examined as a phy-
siognomical system, ib. ; objection
to it as connecting moral predispo.
sitions with the structure of the brain,
558 ; opposite opinions of Abernethy
and Bichat as to the seat of moral dig.
positions, ib. ; the passions connected
with the organic life, and health, ib.;
the head possibly an index to the whole
organization, 559; general view of

the craniological system, 560.
Abipones, character of the, 458, el seq.
Accum on brewing, 377; merits of the

treatise, ib.; antiquity of the arl. ib.
Accum on wine-making, 377.
Address to separatists from the establish-

ed church, 561, 572.
Africa, reinarks on the exploration of,

249, 254, 434, 447; see Burchell,
Campbell, Copland, Hutton, Ja-

Barrow, misstatements of respecling Africa,

Bateman, Dr., brief memoir of, 560 ;

his obligations lo Scoll's Essays, ib. ; his

amiable character, ib.
Beej-lea, receipe for making, 95.
Delsham's discourse on the Greation,

333, el seq.; obligations of orthodoxy
to bis writings, 337; concedes the un.
tenableness of the plenary inspiration of
the scriplures, 338; claims Moses as a
uniturian, 339; bis criticism on Elo-
him, ib. nole; terms Trinitarianism
'apostacy,' 340; Mr. B. infallible,

Bennett on the support of the ministry,

366, et seq. ; outline of the sermon,
566; appeal on behalf of ministers,
367 ; protest against seal-rents, 368 ;
responsibility of deacons, 369; remarks
un inc choice of, 370 ; the dissenting

ministry, an eligible, mode of sup. 21 ; the real Mount Zion first anggest.
- port, 371; trading ministers, ib. ; in- ed by Dr. Clarke, 22; argument)
stances of noble disinterestedness in from the measurement of the city,

ministers, 372 ; on funds for the re- 24; valley of Jekoshaphet, 25; proba-
u lief of ministers, 373 ; inadequate ble situation of Calvary, 25; sceue of

sense of the claims of the ministry, the parable of tbe good Samaritan,
ib. ; system of voluntary contribu- 26; richness of the trans-jordanic plins,
tion the most legitimate and efficient, ib.; Gilead and Bashan, 27; ancient

tombs, 28; volcanic indications, ib.;
Bigland's history of Spain, merits of, Samaria, 29 ; Sichem (Napolose),

Bible society, Dr. Luscombe's charge Buonarotti, Michael Angelo, memoir of,
against, 463; see Owen's two letters.

Blaspbemy, on prosecutions for, 338, Burchell's travels in Southern Africa,
b 423, 427.

Vol. I. 505, et seq., earthquake at
Bloomfield's may-day with the muses, Cape-town, 506; author's journeying

548, et seq. ; estimate of author's po. arrangements, ib.; flippant reflections
retical talents, 548; argument of the on witnessing the evening worship of
poem, 549; ertracts, 550.

some Holtenlot Christians, 507; author's
Bonaparte, anecdote of, 61.

inconsistency exposed, 508 ; singular
Borrensteir's easy method of acquiring diversion of the natives, ib. ; author's er.
Hebrew, 463.

posure of Barron's mis-statements, 509 ;
Bosworth's Latin construing, 259; in- insidious imputations on the mission-
troduction to, ib.

aries, ib. ; antidote to serpent poison,
Bradley's select British divines, 64, 74. 511; description of the sea-coe, ib. ;
Brewing, treatises on the art of, 377; South African belle, 512; kraal of
: antiquity of, ib.

half-famished Busbmen, ib. ; au-
British reviewer's injudicious remarks on thor's disagreement with the mission-
unilarians, 336.

aries, 513.
Britton's antiquities of Lichfield, 446,7; Burder's mental discipline, 96, el sego;

merits of the author's series, 446 ; remarks on self education, 96 ; de-
Chantrey's monument, ib.; anecdole sign of the work, 97; recommenda-
of bishop Hacket, 447.

tions of, 98; importance of assiduily
Browne, W. G. memoir of, 145.

exemplified in ministers, ib.
Buckingham's travels in Palestine, 1, Bushmen, affecting description of some,

et seq. ; topography of Palestine very 362,512,
imperfect, 1 ; use of such investiga- Byron's, lord, Cain, 418, el seg, ; an-
tions, 3; present aspect of Jerusalem, thor's probable motives in the publi-
ib. ; reflections on it, 4; account of cation, 419; the puein not profane,
author's previous adventures, 5; fer ib. ; profaneness of Don Juan, 423;
male costume at Soor, 7; state of Acre, 8; author's ironical apology, ib. ; difficulty
Seppboruy, 9; Nazareth, ib; moun- of bringing home blasphemous in-
tain of the precipitation, ib. ; an- tention, ib. ; obscenity the worse of-
thor's flippant treatment of Dr. fence, 424 ; essential impiety of the
Clarke, ib.; Mount Tabor, 10; viero poem, 426; see Southey's vision.
from dilto, 11; Mount Carmel, 12;
valley of the Shadow of Death, 13; Caen, description of, 49.
Cæsarea, ib.; Joppa, ib.; character Calvary, objections to the supposed site
of the friars of the Latin convent at of, 17; true situation of, 25.
* Jerusalem, ib.; imbecile legends of Calvinism, T. F. Dibdin's sneers at, 46;
the sacred places, 14 ; demoralizing the most philosophical system, 213 : Bp.
influence of the local superstition, ib. ; Horsley's caution respecting, 392;

author's equivocal feelings al the sepul- inseparably connected with vital re-
chre, 15; disgraceful transactions there, Jigion, 396; its moral tendency illus-
36; objections to the supposed site of trated by historic testimony, 416;
Calvary, 17; reflections on the moral and by facts, 538; see Copleston, Hill,
tharacter of the topograpbical ép- Tomline.
thusiasm, 19; obscurity attaching to Calvinistic, meaning of the ward, 388,13
ibe southern boundary of the city, sense of the 39 articles, 390.

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