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splendid work, containing fac-similes of The Letters and Points with the Prothe hand-writing of 1000 of the most nunciation : and will be found of great eminent characters in England from an utility, not only to parents who superearly period, with short biographical intend the education of their own chil. notices, and some original portrails.

dren, but also to the tutor and young John Miller, e q. of Lincolu’s-inn, has student, to whom it opens at one view in the press, a Treatise on the Statute a concise but comprehensive and sysand Criminal Law of England.

tematic introduction to the Flebrew Lan. In the press, Account of a Journey, guage; and even the man of letters, unundertaken in the Year 1820, at the acquainted with the Hebrew character Suguestion and Expense of William John and its reading, will not fail duly lo apBaokes, esq. into the Oasis of Swah. preciate it as a very useful table or reWith Maps, Plans, and Views of all the ference. Tables in the Syriac and Aramost interesting Objects that are found bic Languages, on the same principle io that District (none of which have as the Hebrew, are also preparing for the been before represented, and few of them press. They will be the pro luction of visited by any European) principally an experienced teacher of Oriental Lanwith a view to ascertaining the Site of guages, and editor and translator of se. the Temple of Ammon. By A. Linant. veral valuable Hebrew Works. To this will be added many views and *** As only a limited number of the curious particulars collected in the De. two latter Tables will be printed, tutors, sert of Mount Swai; including espe- students, and others, who have a desire cially ihe details of some very consider- to possess them, ale requested to forward able Egyptian Remains found there, and their orders as early as possible, (Post many Hieroglyphical Inscriptions now Paid) to the Proprietor, 21, Great Newbrought thence for the first time, being strett, Fetter-lane. the result of a Journey made through Joho Gage, esq. is preparing the His. that Country, by the saine Traveller, tory and Antiquities of Hengrave, in for Mr. Bankes, by whom the present Suffolk, ir, a royal quarto volume, with work is edited.

portraits and other engravings. In the press, Progressive Geography Win. Word:worth, esq. has two poefor Children. By the Author of Stories tical works in the press; the Memorials from the History of England. Part I., of a Tour on the Continent, and Eccle. 12mo.

siastical Sketches. Mr. John Wainwright, of Sheffield, is

Mr. W. T. Ward has in the press, preparing for publication, in two quarto Practical Observations ou Paralytic Alvoluines, an Historical and 'Topogra. fections, Vitus's Dance, Deformities of phical View of the Wapentake of Siraf- the Chest and Limbs, illustrative of the ford and Tickhill, in the county of effects of muscular action. York.

Mr. J. P. Thomas is printing, a ComMr. J. Bird, Author of the Vale of pendium of the Laws of Nature and of Slaughden, has in the press, Cosmo, Nations, Duke of Tuscany, a Tragedy.

The Rev. I. Taylor will soon publish, in lu the press, The Scriptore Character a duodecimo roluine, Scenes in England, of God; or, Discourses on the Divine illustrated by 84 engravings. Attributes. By H. P. Burder, M. A. The Author of Waverley, &c. bas in

Io the press, Sarred Lyrics. By James forwardness, the Portunes of Nigel, of Edmeston. Vol. 3.

which the founder of Heriot hospital, Mr. Borrenstein has just publisbed, Edinburgh, will be the hero. on a sheet of drawing paper, an Easy The Works of Dr. James Arminius, Method of acquiring the Reading of formerly professor of divinity at LeyHebrew with the Vowel Points, according den, translated from the Latiu), are in to the ancient practice. (Price 1s. 6d.) This Table iocludes three Lessons; cog. Sermons and Miscellaneous Pieces, taining, 1. The different Alphabets in by the Rev. Robert Wynell Mayow, use among Jews : 2. The Vowel-Points with a Memoir of bis Life, will soon apand the Rules respecting them : 3.


literal Translation, and Notes, which Æschyli Prometheus Vinctus. To contain the Derivations of the more abwhich is subjoined, a Greek Dido, a truse Greek Words, and Explan ations

the press.

of the Difficulties of Metres, Grammar, teen highly-finished Portraits. By Mr. &c. Opposite each Verse of the Chorus R. Cooper. 8vo. 16s, royal 8vo. with is placed the Names of the System to proof impressions on India paper, 11. 8s. which it belongs; and the Eilipses of An Accouut of the Abipones, an Equesthe Greek Text are supplied in the trian people in the interior of South Ordo. 810. 6s. 6d.

America, Translated from the Original Selections from Lucian, with English Latio of Martin Dobrizhoffer, one of the Notes, a mythological Index, and a Ex-Jesuits, twenty-two years a AlissionLexicon adapted to the Work. A new ary in Paraguay, S Vols. 8vo. 1!. 16s. and improved velition, in which the France for the last Seven Years; or, quantily of doubtful Words is now the Bourbons. By W. H. Ireland, Memmarked. By John Walker, formerly ber of the Athenæum of Science aud Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin, and Arts, at Paris. 8vo. 12s. M. R. I. a. 12mo. 88. od.

A View of the History and actual

State of the Military Force of Great EDUCATION

Britain. By Charles Dupin, Member A Latin Grammar, which, from its pe

of the Royal Institute of France ; Field culiar adaptation to the faculties chiefly

Officer in the Corps of Marine Engi. employed in the acquisition of language,

neers; Meinber of the Legion of Hois rendered more simple and concise

nour, &c. &c. &c. Translated, with than any Latin Grammar hitherto pub

Notes, by an Officer. 2 Vol. 8vo, 11. 1s. lished. By an Experienced Teacher,

The Ninth and concluding Volume of 2s 60.

the History of France, Civil aod MiliThe Conrersational Preceptor, in

Lary, Ecclesiastical, Political, Literary, French and English, consisting of useful

Commercial, &c. &c. from the time of Phrases arranged under distinct Heads;

ils Conquest by Clovis, A. D. 486, tu the on a new and inore simple plan than

Death of Louis XVI A.D. 1793. By the ang hitherto attempted. By J. L. Ma

Rev. Alexander Ranken, D. D. one of bire, of Paris, Professor of Languages.

the Ministers of Glasgow. 8vo. 9s. To which are added, Amusing Dialogues

*** The Eight preceding Volumes on various Subjecis of general Interest.

may be had, price 31. os. boards. By M. Leblanc. 18mo. Os. 6d. half

The Elements of General History, boual.

Ancient and Modern. Vol. III, being a The British Pupil's Explanatory Continuation of Professor Tytler's Work, French Pronouncing Dictionary;. con.

from the Death of Queen Anne and veyingiu a simple and perspicuous.

Louis XIV, to the Deaub of his late manner, as nearly as English sounds.

Majesty King George III, 1820. By will convey, the true Pronunciation of

E. Nares, D. D. Regius Professor of Mo. that universal Language. By Pierre

dern History in the University of Ox. Dacier. square 12m0. 5s, bounii.

ford, 8vo. 10s. 6d. An Abridgement of the Youth's Spela

The History of the Grecian War. Jing and Prouiomucing Theolog cal Dic

Written by Thucydides. Translated by tionary of the New Testament; in which

Thomas Hobbes, of Malmsbury. A de all the words of the four leadiog parts edition. To which is added, a Survey of speech in the N. T. are arranged

of the History. 8vo. 12s. under their respective heads. Designed

The History and Chronicles of Scot. for the use of the National and other

land, written in Latin by Hector Boece, Schools. By C. Dowson, 18mu. 3s.

and translated into the Scotish Lanbuuud.

guage by John Bellenden, in the Year GEOGRAPHY.

1533. 2 vol. 410, with Cuts, 51. 5s. An Atlas of Ancient Geography. By Only 200 printed. Samuel Butler, D.D. Comprising twenty Meinoirs of His Owo Times. (The coloured Maps. 12s, half.buund,

present portion is the last ten years of the Reign of George II.) By Horace

Walpole, Earl of Orford. From the Monarchy Revived; being the Per

Original MSS. found in the chest left by sonal History of Charles the Second, his Lordship's Will to be opened by the from his earliest Years to bis Restora- first Earl of Waldegrave who should tion to the Throne. Reprinted from the attain the age of 21 after the year 1800. edition of 1661. Embellished with fous. With 11 portraits. 2 vols. royal 4to, 51.55




The French Protestant, a Tale. By

the Author of the Italian Convert, 1200. Cottu on the Criminal Jurisprudence 3s. of England, and the Spirit of the Eng- Fruits of Enterprise, exhibited in the lish Government, translated from the Travels of Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia : French, with additional Nutes. ovo. 9s. interspersed with the Observations of

a Mother to her Children. With 24 en

gravings. 6s. plain; 7s.6d. coloured, half A System of Mechanical Philosophy, bound. by the late John Robinson, LL.D. Pio- Polar Scenes and Lapland Custoins, fessor of Natural Philosophy in the Uni- exhibited in the Voyages of Keemskirk versity, and Secretary to the Royal So- and Barenz to the Norihern Regions, ciety, of Edinburgh. With fifty plates. and in the Adventures of Four Russian Edited by D. Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S.E. Sailors at the Island of Spitzbergen. 4 vols. Svo. 41.

The second edition, illustrated by 36 neat

Engravings. 5s. plain; 6s. 6d. coloured, MEDICINE.

half bound. Remarks on Cutaneous Diseases. By Moral Discipline, or Elements of Self. J. H. Wilkinson. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

improvenient:comprising a fanziliar View Practica! Rules for the Restoration of the intellectual powers and moral and Preservation of Health, and the characteristics of human nature. Priobest means for invigorating and prolong- cipally adapted to young persons ening Life. By the late celebrated George tering into active life. By the Rev. Thos, Cheyne, M.D. F.R.S. To which is add. Finch of Harlow, 12mo. 6s. ed, the symptoms and best mode of Miscellaneous Notices relating to treating some of the most prevalent dis- China, and our Commercial Intercourse orders. 48.

with that Country, including a few

Translations from the Chinese Language. MISCELLANEOUS..

By Sir George Thomas Staunton, bart. The Works of the Right Hon. Edmund LL.D. F.R.S. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Burke: Volumes XIX and XIV. containing Speeches in Westminster-hall, on tbe Impeachment of Warren Hastings, Napoleon, and other Poems. By Ber. esq. together with the Report from the nard Barton. 8vo. 12s. Committee to inspect the Lords' Jour- The Weird Wanderer of Jutland, nals, and au Appendix. To which is Tragedy. Julia Montalban, a Tale. By prefixed, an Introduction, addressed to the Hon. aud Rev. William Herbert. Lord Viscount Milton, by the Bishop of Svo. 8s. Od. Rochester. 8vo. II. Is.

The Comedies of Aristophanes. The The Spy; a Tale of the Nentral second volume, translated from the Ground : referring to some particular Greek, with numerous illustrative notes. Occurrences during the American War; By Thomas Mitchell, A. M. late Fellow also pourtraying American Scenery and of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Manners. By the Author of Precaution. 8vo. 10s. od. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 1s.

The Poems of Captain Alexander Spare Minutes, or Resolved Medita- Montgomery, an old Scotish Port ; now tions and Meditated Resolutions. By first published from several ancient MSS. Artbur Warwick. The 10th edition, with his life, by Dr. Irving, 8vo. with with Fac-similes of the curious emble- cuts. 18s. matical Frontispieces, and the explana- The Carnival of Death, a Poem in tory Poems of Prancis Quarles and Geo. two cantos. By Thomas Bailey, author Withers. royal 16mo. 6s.

of “ What is Life," and other Poems. Quarles' Enchiridion; or, Iostitutions f.cap 8vo. 45. Divine and Moral. Embellished with a bighly-finished Portrait of the Author,

POLITICAL engraved by R. Cooper. 83.

Europe; or, a General Survey of the A Letter to the Right Rev. Johu, Lord present Situation of the Principal Powers, Bishop of Bristol, respecting an Addi- with coujectures on their future prosLional Examination of Students in the pects. By a Citizen of the United University of Cambridge, and the dif. States. 8vo. 12s. ferent Plans proposed for that purpose.

Illustrations and Proofs of the PriaByo, 28. 6d.

ciples of Population, including an ex


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amination of the proposed remedies of four, Dickson, &c. 18ino. with frontisMr. Malihns, and a reply to the objec. piece. Is. 60. tions of Mr. Go:lwin and ulhers. By !? Lectures on the Reciprocat OhligaFrancis Place. 8vo. 8s.

tions of L fe, or a practical exposition Dr. Chalmers's Christian and Civic of dumestic, ecclesiastical, patrintic, Economy of Large Towns, No. X. On and mercantile duties. By John Morithe Bearing which & right Christian son, Minister of Trevor Chapel, BrumpEcoulonny has on Pauperist. Is.

ton, 12mo. 75." This number is the commencement of a series of Essays on the Causes

TRAVELS AND TOPOGRAPHY. and Cure of Pauperisin, and is designed A Geographical, Historical, and To. to expose the evils of Pauperism in Eng. pographical Description of Van Dieland, and in those places in Scotland, men's Land, with important bints to where assessinents have been introduced, emigrants, and directions how to apply for the maintenance of the Poor.

for grants of land previous to leaving

Eugland ; together with information as THEOLOGY.

to the most useful articles for persons to Sketches of Sermons. Furnished by take oat. To which is adder, an 'abstheir Respective Contributors. Vol. I11. tract from the general Muster- books for Part 1. 12mo. 2s.

the years 1819 and 1820, and a List of Sermons. By Sir Henry Moncrieff the Civil Establishment. By G. W. Wellwool, Bart. D.D. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Evans, Sørveyor General of the Colony.

A Key to the Critical Reading of the : 8vo, 74. 6d. four Gospels, consisting chiefly of Glean- Also, a Large Chart of the Island, ings for the use of Students in Divinity. 30'inches by 94, drawn by the same, 8vo. 4s.

with the soundings of the harbour's and A Guide to Christian Communicants, rivers, and in which the various grants in the Exercise of Self-Examination. of land are accurately laid down. 55. By the Rev. William Trail; with a Life, plain ; 78. 68. coloured, and on can. by the Rev. Robert Burns, Paisley.

vas, 103 18ino. 9d.

The Statistical Account, or Parochial Contemplations on the Last Discour. Surrey of Ireland : drawn up from the ses of our Blessed Saviour with His communications of the clergy, and illus Disciples, as recorded in the Gospel of trated by a pumber of maps and platese Si. John. By the Rev. John Brewster, By William Shaw Mason, Esq. M.R.I.A. M. A. Rector of Egglescliffe, Durbam. Remembrancer and Receiver of First Bro, 10si 6:1.

Fruits, and Secretary to the Board of Lectures on Parables, selected from the Poblic Records. . Vol. II l Sro Abay New Testament. By the Author of Travels in the. Intecior of Soutben Geraldine. crown Svo. 85.

Africa. By Williain J. Burchell, Esq. Vindiciæ Analogicæ: a Lefter to the With an entirely new large map, pante Rev. Edward Copleston, D.D. Provost

coloured engravings, And: 30 of Oriel College, Oxford, &c. &c. on vignettes, from the author's original his “ Inquiry into the Doctrives of Ne- drawings. Vol. I. 410. 41. 14s. 64. cessity and Predestination." by the A Journey from Merut in lodia, to Rev. E. W. Grinfield, M. A. Minister of London, through Arabia, Persia; .Ar Laura Chapel, Bath. 25. 60.

memia, Georgia, Russia, Austria, Swit. Selections from the Works of Arch- zerland, and France, during the years bishop Lrighton. 18mo. Ss. 6d.

1819 and 1820. With a map and itine A Series of Sermons on the Nature rary of the route. By tient. Thonans and Elects of Repentance and Paith. Lumsden, of the Bengal Horse Artillery, By the Rer. James Carlile, Minister of 8vo. 10s. 6d. the Scot's Clrurch, Mary's Abbey, Dub- A Narrative of the Rise and Progress lin. 8vo. 9s.

of Emigration, from the Coantjes of A Sermon preached at the Consecra- Lanark and Renfrew, to the New Settko tion of the King's Chapel, annexed lo ments in Upper Canada, with a map ut his Majesty's Pavilion at Brigliton, Jan. the townships, designs for cottages, and 1,11822. By the Rev. Hugh Pearson, interesting letters from the settlements D.D., of St. John's College, Oxon, By Robert Lamond, Secretary, and Chaplain to his Majesty and the House- Agent. 8vo. 3s. 6d. hold at Brighton. Is. 60.

A Description of the Antiqulties and Córátort for the Mourner, or Faith's other Curiosities of Rome. (By the View of Amictions, exhibited in various Rev. Edward Burton, M. A. Student of Letters, chiefly consolatory, written by Christ Church, 8ro. 155, Herwey, Newton, Cowper, Cadogan, Bal.

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FOR MAY, 1822.

Art. 1. An Enquiry into the Doctrines of Necessity and Predesti

nation. In four Discourses preached before the University of Oxford: With Notes and an Appendix on the Seventeenth Article of the Church of England. By Edward Copleston, D.D. Pro, vost of Oriel College, and Prebendary of Rochester. Second

Edition. 8vo. pp xvi, 220. Price 75. 6d. London, 1821.. WE opened this volume with expectations more highly

raised than, considering the nature of the subject to which it relates, were perhaps reasonable. The talents and acquirements of the Author prepared us to expect, if not any arguments or illustrations absolutely

new on a subject that has for ages employed the utmost efforts of the human mind, at least a correct exposition of the present state of the controversy, and a competent display of logical and theological skill.' Dr. Copleston has the credit of being one of the most accomplished scholars, and he is certainly one of the most elegant writers of the age. This high character he fully sustains in the present volume. In some parts of it, especially in the fourth discourse, he writes like a man of enlightened and sincere piety, and as such we unfeignedly honour him. But we must confess that we have been much disappointed in him as a divine. He is. neither so formidable an antagonist to the doctrines he impugns, nor so fair a controvertist, nor so consistent a reasoner, nor so learned a polemic, as we hoped or feared to meet. His volume does not cast an additional ray of light on the controversy. On the contrary, it throws us back a century or two, and involves ús ha a wordy combat with obsolete and extinct errors, or imaginary opponents. So little justice has Dr. Copleston done either to himself or his subject, that he gravely cites Heylin as an historical authority, and Bishop Tomline as a theologian. All that is of much importance, is taken from Archbishop King and Dr. Laurence, in whose steps he closely follows, as a disciple of the one, and a coadjutor of the other. The forVOL. XVII. N. S.

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