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490. STÖRL (Johann Georg Christian). Neu-bezogenes Davidisches Harpfen und Psalter Spiel, oder; Neu-aufgesetztes vollstandiges nach der genauesten und reinesten Sing-und SchlagKunst Eingerichtetes Schlag-Gesang und Noten Buch. oblong quarto. Stuttgart, 1744.

Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

491. STREET (Josiah). Anthems, in 2, 3, 4, and 6 parts, with a Hymn for Christmas Day, and the Chants at large; likewise a set of Psalm Tunes, in four parts.

In score.

octavo. London, 1746.

492. TAILOUR (Robert). Sacred Hymns, consisting of Fifti select Psalms of David and others, Paraphrastically turned into English Verse [by Sir Edwin Sandys]. And by Robert Tailour set to be sung in Five parts, as also to the Viol, and Lute or Orpharion. Published for the use of such as delight in the exercise of Music in hir original honour.

quarto. London, 1615. 493. TALLIS (Thomas). The full Cathedral Service, as used on the Festivals and Saints' Days of the Church of England. Newly arranged by Thomas Oliphant. In score. folio. London. In this arrangement music is adapted to the responses, &c. in the latter part of the Litany.

494. TALLIS (Thomas) and William Byrd. Cantiones, quæ ab argumento Sacræ vocantur, quinque et sex partium. In separate parts, in a case. oblong quarto. London, 1575Symphonia Angelica; or, a Collection of Anthems composed by Bird, Tallis, Bull, Mundy, Greene, Travers, and Kent. In score. folio. London.

495. THOMSON (George).

496. TOMKINS (Thomas).

Musica Deo Sacra & Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ ; or Musick dedicated to the Honor and Service of God, and to the Use of Cathedral and other Churches of England, especially of the Chappel Royal of King Charles the First. In separate parts, viz., Medius, Contratenor, Tenor, Bassus, and Pars Organica. Five vols. small folio. London, 1668. The Tenor part is deficient the last leaf or two.

497. TRAVERS (John). The Whole Book of Psalms, for one, two, three, four, and five voices, with a thorough-bass for the harpsichord. In score. Two volumes. folio. London.

The autograph of William Linley is on the title-pages.

498. TRAVERS (T. F.). A Selection of Anthems, Chants, Doxologies, &c., in four parts, with an arrangement for the organ or

pianoforte, for the use of the Churches in London in connection with the Established Church of Scotland.

[blocks in formation]

With the exception of three short Hymns, the whole of the pieces in this collection were written for the choral service of the Church of England.

499. TURLE (James). Single and Double Chants, composed for the use of the Choral Service of Westminster Abbey. In score. octavo. London. 500. TURLE (James). The Psalter and Canticles, with appropriate Chants, ancient and modern. The Chants revised and edited


small quarto. London, 1865.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. H. Creswell.

501. URIO (Francesco Antonio). Te Deum.

In full score. Edited

by Dr. Friedrich Chrysander. large octavo. Hamburg, 1871.

Presented to the Society by the Editor.

(See a MS. score, No. 1,801.)

502. VAN BREE (J. B.). Four Masses, for three voices, with an accompaniment for the organ.

In score.

folio. Amsterdam 3 London, 1837.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

503. VERDELOT (Phillipo). Elletione de Motetti non piu stampata a quattro voci, di Verdelotto et de altri diversi eccelentissimi. autori. Libro primo. In separate parts, bound in one oblong quarto. Venice, 1549. 504. VERHULST (J. J. H.) Hymnus," Clemens est Dominus," duplicis chori contentu orchestra comitante, redditus ab. Op. 12. In full score. folio. Mayence.


Presented to the Society by Mr. F. Deffell.

505. VITO (Padre). Stabat Mater. In full score.


London [1783.]

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

Missa de Quadragesima, per soprano, alto, tenore, e basso,

506. VOGLER (Abate).

[blocks in formation]

Te Deum, fur vier Singstimmen. In full score.


Laudate, fur sopran, mit chor. In full score.


Salve Regina, fur sopran, alt, tenor, und bass. In vocal score.


Serenissimæ Puerperæ Sacrum, Postquam impleti sunt. In

full score.

Graduale, Veni Sancte Spiritus. In full score.

Bound in one volume. oblong folio.



507. WALMISLEY (Thomas Attwood), M.A., Mus. Doc. A Collection of Services and Anthems composed by. In score.

folio. London [1857].

508. WALTERS (James). Eight Chants. In score. folio. London. 509. WARREN (Joseph). A Selection of Cathedral Chants by the old English Masters, arranged by. folio. London, 1840.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

510. WEBBE (Samuel). Eight Anthems, in score, for the use of cathedrals and country choirs; and

Twelve Anthems, particularly adapted for families and small choral societies. In score.

In one volume.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

511. WEBBE (Samuel). A Collection of Motetts, or Antiphons. In quarto. London [1792].


512. WEBBE (Samuel). A Collection of Masses (for the use of small choirs), composed by; with others by Ricci and Paxton. In

vocal score.

513. WEBER (Carl Maria von).

oblong octavo. London [1792]. Mass in G. In vocal score, with an

arrangement for the organ by W. H. Weiss. folio. London.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

514. WEBER (Carl Maria von). Mass in E flat. In vocal score, with an accompaniment for the organ arranged by Vincent Novello. folio. London [1853].

515. WELDON (John). Divine Harmony. Six select Anthems for a
voice alone with a Thorow-Bass for the Organ, Harpsicord or
Arch-Lute. In score. Frontispiece representing the per-
formance of Divine Service in the old chapel of Whitehall
folio. London.

Divine Harmony. The 2d Collection, being select
Anthems for a voice alone, as also some for 3 and 4 voices
with a Thorough Bass for the Organ, Harpsicord or Arch-
Lute, compos'd by several eminent authors [viz.: Dr. Blow,
Jeremiah Clark, Dr. P, (Pepusch?), William Norris and
John Goldwin]. In score,
small folio. London.
For other copies of this work see Nos. 54, 398, 451, and 452.

516. WELLINGTON (Field-Marshal the Duke of). The Music performed at the Public Funeral of, in St. Paul's Cathedral [18 Nov., 1852]. Edited, and in part composed, by [Sir] John Goss. In score. folio. London, 1852.

The several Compositions are by Dr. Croft, Purcell, Handel, the Earl of Mornington, Mendelssohn, and Goss.

Presented to the Society by Sir John Goss.

517. WESLEY (Samuel Sebastian), Mus. Doc. Anthems. In score. folio. London, 1853. 518. WESLEY (Samuel Sebastian), Mus. Doc. A Morning and Evening Service in E. In score. folio. London [1863].

Presented to the Society by Mr. Martin Cawood.

519. WEST (Benjamin). Sacra Concerto; or, the Voice of Melody; containing an Introduction to the grounds of Music. Also, forty-one Psalm tunes and ten Anthems. In score.

octavo. London, 1760.

520. WESTMORELAND (John Fane, eleventh Earl of). A Cathedral Service, composed when Lord Burghersh.

In score.
folio. London.

Anthem, "On the third day, in the morning," composed when Lord Burghersh. In score.

521. WILLAERT (Adrian).

folio. London. I Sacri e Santi Salmi che si Cantano a Vespro e Compieta, con li suoi Hinni, Responsorii, et Benedicamus, composti a uno choro et a quatro voci. Novamente ristampato con la gionta di dui Magnificat. In separate parts bound in one volume. oblong quarto. Motetti.

522. WILLAERT (Adrian). Musica Nova.

Venice, 1565. See No. 1119.

523. WINTER (Peter). Stabat Mater. Die Erlösung des menschen, Kantate fur 4 singstimmen mit begleitung des orchesters mit unterlegtem Stabat Mater als dem original text. In full score. folio. Leipsic.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

524. WISE (S.) Three Anthems.

525. WORGAN (John) Mus. Doc.

British arms. In score.

See No. 207.

"We will rejoice," Anthem composed for a General Thanksgiving for the success of the folio. London, 1759.

Bound with Anthems by Buononcini, Battishill, &c.
Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

[blocks in formation]

For a complete score, see MS. music, No.


527. ARNOLD (George B.), Mus. Doc. Ahab, an oratorio, the words selected from the Holy Scriptures by the Rev. F. H. Arnold. In vocal score. folio. London [1864]. 528. BACH (Carl Philipp Emanuel). Die Israeliten in der Wüste ; ein oratorium. In full score. folio. Hamburg, 1775.

Die Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu, von Karl Wilhelm Rammler. In full score. folio. Leipsic, 1787.

529. BACH (John Christian). The favourite songs and the duett in the oratorio Gioas. In full score.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

530. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Grosse Passions Musick, nach dem Evangelium Johannis. In full score.


Portrait of the comfolio. Berlin, 1831.

Studio, osia Tre Sonate per il Violino Solo. folio. Bonn.
Twelve Chorals, arranged for four voices by George Kemp.
In vocal score, with organ accompaniment. folio. London.
Bound in one volume with Eybler's Dritte Messe (see No. 196).
Grosse Passions Musik, nach dem Evangelium
In vocal score.
oblong folio. Berlin.

531. BACH (J. S.) Johannis.

532. BACH (J. S.) Mattheus.

Grosse Passions Musik, nach dem Evangelium
In vocal score.
folio. Berlin.

For a full score, see Bach Society's Publications (No. 42). 533. BARNETT (John). The Omnipresence of the Deity, an oratorio, written [the words selected from a poem written] by Robert Montgomery. In vocal score. folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Bowley.

534. BARTHELEMON (F. H.) Masfa, composed in

Selections from the oratorio of Jefte in 1776. Some portions in full score, and

others in vocal score. A memoir of the composer is prefixed.

folio. London, 1827.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

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