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B. C. Dario Musico. [Critical Remarks on the principal musicians resident in England.]

octavo. Bath, 1780.

2874. B. (J.) [James Boaden?] Two New Dialogues of the Dead, The First between Handel and Bra

ham, The Second between Johnson and Boswell.

octavo. London, 1804. 2875. BARNETT (John). Systems and Singing Masters; an analytical comment upon the Wilhem System as taught in England. octavo. London, 1842. 2876. BECKER (Carl Ferdinand). Systematische - chronologische Darstellung der Musikalischen Lieratur.

quarto. Leipsic, 1836.

duodecimo. Paris, 1853.

2877. BERLIOZ (Hector). Les Soirées de l'Orchestre.

2877* BIBLE. "The Holy Byble conteining the Olde Testament and the Newe. Authorized and appointed to be read in Churches." Black letter. Woodcuts.

folio. London, Printed by Christopher Barker, 1585.

One of the editions of the translation of the Bible known as Parker's or the Bishops'. There are, besides the general title, separate title-pages to the Psalms and the Prophets, &c., the Apocrypha and the New TestaThis copy wants folio 130 of the Old Testament (containing a portion of the Book of Judges) and two or three leaves at the end containing the conclusion of the Revelation after chap. xvii. verse 14. It is bound in oaken boards.


2878. BLAZE DE BURY (Henri). Musiciens Contemporains.

duodecimo. Paris, 1856.

2879. BLAZE DE BURY (Henri). Meyerbeer et son Temps.

duodecimo. Paris, 1865.

Presented to the Society by Mr. William Henry Husk.

2880. BOWLES (Rev. William Lisle).


2881. BROWN (Thomas), and others. Living, &c.

A Word on Cathedral Oraoctavo. London, 1830. Letters from the Dead to the

octavo. London, 1708. Concert Room and Orchestra Musicians, ancient and modern. small octavo. London, 1825. Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2882. BUSBY (Thomas), Mus. Doc. Anecdotes of Music and Plates. 3 vols.

2883. BUTLER (Charles).

The Feminin Monarchie, or, The History

of Bees. [Containing some curious observations on the music of bees, and a song set to music in four parts.]

quarto. Oxford, 1634. 2884. CLARK (Richard). "On the Sacred Oratorio of the Messiah," previous to the death of G. F. Handel, 1759.

octavo. London, 1852.

Presented to the Society by the Author.

2885. COLLIER (Joel). Musical Travels through England; by Joel Collier, Licentiate in Music. The second edition, with additions. octavo. London, 1775.

This pamphlet, intended as a satire on the Musical Travels of Dr. Burney, is said to have been written by George Veal, a tenor player in the Opera orchestra. It is sometimes, however, attributed to a Mr. Bicknell.

2886. COLLIER (Joel). The same; a new edition [with additional notes and an appendix.] octavo. London, 1785. 2887. CONCERT PROGRAMMES. A collection of the announcement Bills and Programmes of the Concerts given during Lent at Covent Garden and Drury Lane Theatres from 1817 to 1820, and from 1827 to 1832, with a few of 1836. Bound in 2 volumes. folio. London, 1817-36. 2888. CONCERT PROGRAMMES. A collection of the Programmes of Benefit Concerts given in London from 1814 to 1836. Bound in 3 volumes. octavo. London, 1814-36. 2889. COPINGER (Walter Arthur). The Law of Copyright in Works of Literature and Art; including that of the Drama, Music, &c. octavo. London, 1870.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2890. DEKKER (Thomas). The Gull's Hornbook. Originally published in 1609; reprinted with notes and illustrations by J. N[ott.] Portrait of the Author. quarto. Bristol, 1812. 2891. EDWARDS (Edward). Memoirs of Libraries: including a Handbook of Library Economy. 2 vols. octavo. London, 1859. Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2892. EXHIBITION OF THE WORKS OF INDUSTRY of all Nations, 1851. Reports of the Juries on the subjects in the thirty classes. into which the Exhibition was divided.

octavo. London, 1852

Presented to the Society as Exhibitors.

2893. EXHIBITION (International) of 1862. Catalogues of the, viz. : Illustrated Catalogue of the Industrial Department. 4 large octavo. London, 1862.

Official Catalogue of the Industrial Department.

octavo. London, 1862.

Official Catalogue of the Fine Arts Department.

octavo. London, 1862.

Presented to the Society as Guarantors.

Report of the Commissioners to the Secretary of State. octavo. London, 1863. 2894. EXHIBITION (International) of 1871. Ceremonial to be observed at the State Opening on Monday, 1st May, 1871.

octavo. London, 1871.

2895. FAYERMAN (E. R.) Description of the Music Time Keeper, patented by. octavo. London, 1853. Presented to the Society by Mr. W. O. Mitchell.

2896. FICCORONI (Francesco de). I Tali

degli Antichi Romani descritti da.

ed altri Strumenti Lusori Plates.

quarto. Rome, 1734.

2897. FICCORONI (Francesco de). Le Maschere Sceniche e le Figure Comiche d'Antichi Romani descritte brevemente da. Plates, some representing ancient musical instruments.

quarto. Rome, 1736.

Bound with the preceding number.

2898. FORKEL (Johann Nicolaus). Musikalisch Kritische Bibliothek. 3 vols. octavo. Gotha, 1778-9. 2899. GOLLMICK (Carl). Kritische Terminologie für Musiker und Musikfreunde. duodecimo. Frankfort on the Maine, 1839. 2900. HANDEL COMMEMORATION FESTIVAL, 1859. A collection of Cuttings from Newspapers, &c., relative to the. Mounted and bound in a volume.

large octavo. 2901. H[OLMES] M[ary.] A few words about Music, containing Hints to Amateur Pianists: to which is added, a slight Historical Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Art of Music. London, 1851.


2902. LEMOINE (Henry). Typographical Antiquities. History, Origin, and Progress of the Art of Printing, from its first invention in Germany to the end of the seventeenth century, and from its introduction into England by Caxton to the present time, &c. &c. duodecimo. London, 1797.

Bound with the Playhouse Pocket Companion.

2903. LOREDANO (Gio. Francesco). The Ascents of the Soul, or David's Mount towards God's House. Being Paraphrases on the fifteen Psalms of degrees. Written in Italian, 1656. Render'd into English Anno Dom. 1665. [By Lord Coleraine]. Frontispiece by Faithorne.

small folio.

London, 1681. La Scala Santa, or A Scale of Devotions, Musical and Gradual; being Descants on the fifteen Psalms of degrees in metre; with contemplations and collects upon them in prose. 1670. Frontispiece. small folio. London, 1681. 2904. MUSICAL DIRECTORY (A) for the Year 1794, containing the Names and Addresses of most of the Professors of Music, with the parts they respectively perform, &c.; and an Historical Sketch of the Academy of Ancient Music.

small octavo.

London, 1794. Presented to the Society by Mr. James Milbourne.


are made use of in.

A short Explication of such foreign words as duodecimo. London, 1724. Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2906. NEWTON (Rev. John). Messiah. Fifty expository Discourses on the series of Scriptural passages which form the subject of the celebrated oratorio of Handel. 2 vols.

octavo. London, 1786. 2907. PAUER (Ernest). Programmes of Six Historical Performances of Pianoforte Music, with Comments and Critical Remarks, Biographies, &c. octavo. London [1863].

Presented to the Society by Mr. Pauer.

2908. PEACHAM (Henry). The Compleat Gentleman; fashioning him absolut, in the most necessary and commendable qualities concerning minde or body that may be required in a noble gentleman. Whereunto is annexed the Art of Drawing and Limning. quarto. London, 1634.

2909. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. Laws of the. quarto. London, 1830. Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

2910. POLE (William), Mus. Bac. Musical Instruments in the Great

Industrial Exhibition of 1851.

Privately Printed.

octavo. London, 1851.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Bowley.

2911. QUARTETT ASSOCIATION. Analytical Programmes, by G. A.

Macfarren, of the Performances of the, 1852.

octavo. London, 1852.

2912. [RALPH (James).] The Taste of the Town; or, a Guide to all Publick Diversions, viz., of Musick, Operas, and Plays, &c. octavo. London, 1731.

2913. REES (Abraham), D.D., and others. The Cyclopædia, or Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature. Plates and Maps. 46 vols. quarto. London, 1819-20.

2914. RITSON (Joseph). Letters from, to George Paton.

octavo. Edinburgh, 1829.. 2915. RITSON (Joseph). The Letters of, Edited chiefly from originals in the possession of his nephew [Joseph Frank]. To which is prefixed a Memoir of the author. By Sir Harris Nicolas. 2 vols. octavo. London, 1833. 2916. SACRED HARMONIC SOCIETY. The Programmes of the Performances of, and Season Prospectuses, Circulars and Notices issued by the Society, with cuttings from Newspapers, &c. containing Notices of its proceedings, from its establishment in 1832 to the present time. Mounted and bound in 15 vols. quarto.

2917. SIDNEY (Sir Philip).

The Defence of Poesy. And Observations on Poetry and Eloquence from the Discoveries of Ben Jonson. [Edited by Dr. Joseph Warton.]

octavo. London, 1787.

Bound with Phillips' "Theatrum Poetarum."

2918. UPHAM (J. Baxter), M.D. Inaugural Address at the Musical Festival of the Handel and Haydn Society on its Fiftieth Anniversary, May 23, 1865, at the Boston Music Hall.

octavo. Boston [U. S.] 1865.

Presented to the Society by Dr. Upham.

2919. UPHAM (J. Baxter), M.D.

Report to the Members of the

Handel and Haydn Society at their Fifty-second Annual
Meeting held in Bumstead Hall, May 27, 1867.

octavo. Boston [U. S.] 1867.

Presented to the Society by Dr. Upham.

2920. VAUCANSON (.) An Account of the mechanism of an Auto

maton, or image playing on the German flute, &c. &c. Translated by J. T. Desaguliers, LL.D. Frontispiece.

quarto. London, 1742.

2921. VAUXHALL GARDENS. A collection of Advertisements, news

Mounted and

paper cuttings, &c. relating to, from 1786 to 1827, and Sale
Catalogue of part of the fittings in 1840.
bound in a volume. quarto.

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