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Illustrations of the Fairy Mythology of Shakspere.

Shakspere's Henry IV, Part I. and portion of Part II., from a MS.
Philip Henslowe's Diary.

Marriage of Wit and Wisdom.

Collier's Memoirs of the principal actors in Shakspere's plays.

Rich's Farewell to the Military profession.

Udall's Ralph Roister Doyster, and Sackville and Norton's Gorboduc.
The Moral Play of Wit and Science.

Extracts from the Registers of the Stationers' Company, 1557 to 1587.

2 vols.

Cunningham's Life of Inigo Jones;
Heywood's Fair Maid of the West.
Heywood's Apology for Actors.

Court Masques, by Jonson, &c.
Parts and II.

Heywood's Fair Maid of the Exchange; and Heywood and Rowley's

Fortune by Land and Sea.

Heywood's Edward IV.

Heywood's Royal King and Loyal Subject; and Woman killed with


Heywood's Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Heywood's Golden Age and Silver Age.

Simrock's Remarks on the Plots of Shakspere's Plays.

John a Kent and John a Cumber, and Tracts by Anthony Munday.
Lodge's Defence of Music, Stage Plays, &c.

2826. SHARP (Thomas). A Dissertation on the Pageants or Dramatic Mysteries anciently performed at Coventry by the Trading Companies of that city. Plates. quarto. Coventry, 1825. 2827. TATE (Nahum). [Dido and Æneas,] an Opera performed at Mr. Josias Priest's Boarding School at Chelsey by young Gentlewomen. [Contains a Prologue for music, in addition to the piece as set by Purcell.] small folio.

Bound up with Lucas's "Cœlina," &c.

London, n. d.

2828. THEATRE (A Companion to the), or, a View of our most celebrated Dramatic pieces; in which the plans, characters and incidents of each are particularly explained, &c. 2 vols. small octavo. London, 1747.

Sophocles by.

Aristophanes by.

2829. THEOBALD (Lewis). Electra, a Tragedy, translated from octavo. London, 1714. 2830. THEOBALD (Lewis). The Clouds, a Comedy, translated from octavo. London, 1715. 2831. TROLLOPE (Rev. W.) The Death of Athaliah, a Scriptural Drama, founded on the Athalie of Racine: to which are added a few fugitive pieces of Sacred Poetry.

octavo. London, 1841.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Henry Bridge.

2832. VICTOR (Benjamin). The History of the Theatres of London and Dublin, from the year 1730 to the present time. To which is added, an Annual Register of all the Plays, &c.,

performed at the Theatres Royal in London from the year octavo. London, 1761-71.

1712. 3 vols.

See Oulton's continuation of this work to 1817, No. 2813.

2833. WALKER (Joseph Cooper).

Tragedy. Plates.

Historical Memoir of Italian

quarto. London, 1799.

2834. WEWITZER (Ralph). A brief Dramatic Chronology of Actors, &c., on the London Stage, from the introduction of Theatrical Entertainments into England to the present time: with a Miscellaneous Appendix.

2835. WILKES (Thomas). A General View of the Stage.

duodecimo. London, 1817.

octavo. London, 1759.

2836. WILKINSON (Tate). The Wandering Patentee; or, a History of the Yorkshire Theatres, from 1770 to the present time. duodecimo. York, 1795.

4 vols.




THENÆUM (The), Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts, 58 vols.

quarto. London, 1828-71.

2838. BIRMINGHAM MUSICAL EXAMINER (The). Nos. 1 to 19. octavo. Birmingham, 1845-46.


octavo. London, 1842-51.

2840. GENTLEMAN'S JOURNAL (The), or, The Monthly Miscellany, consisting of News, History, Philosophy, Poetry, Musick, Translations, &c. January, 1692, to November, 1694. quarto. London, 1692-94.

3 vols. bound in 2.

At the end of the third volume are bound up the numbers from January to April, 1694, of a literary magazine entitled "The Compleat Library."

2841. HARMONICON (The), a Monthly Journal of Music.

22 vols.

Plates, with the wrappers in which the numbers were issued, containing Advertisements relative to concerts and other musical matters, bound into a vol. Together 23 vols.

[blocks in formation]

Vol. I.


Presented to the Society by the Publisher.

2843. MUSICAL EXAMINER (The), a Record of Music and Musical Events. 2 vols. octavo. London, 1842-44. 2844. MUSICAL JOURNAL (The). 2 vols. octavo. London, 1840. 2845. MUSICAL LIBRARY (The Monthly Supplement to the), comprising biographical sketches of the composers whose works are published in the "Musical Library," with remarks on those works; musical news, reviews, criticisms, &c., &c. 3 vols. folio. London, 1834-36. 2846. MUSICAL WORLD (The), a Weekly Record of Musical Science, Literature, and Intelligence. 49 vols.

small octavo, octavo, and quarto.

London. 1836-71.

2847. NOTES AND QUERIES: a Medium of Communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, &c. Three Series, 12 vols. each; General Index to each Series. 3 vols. Fourth Series, Vols. I. to VIII. Together, 47 vols.

quarto. London, 1849-1871.

2848. PARISH CHOIR (The); or, Church Music Book. Published by the Society for promoting Church Music. 2 vols.

octavo. London, 1846-49.

2849. QUARTERLY MUSICAL MAGAZINE AND REVIEW (The). 10 vols.; with the Advertisements issued with the several numbers, bound into a volume. Together, 11 vols.

octavo. London, 1818-28.

folio. Berlin, 1782.

2850. REICHARDT (Johann Friedrich). Musikalisches Kunstmagazin. Erster Band I-IIII. Stück.



LLIBONE (S. Austin). A Critical Dictionary of English Literature and English and American authors. 3 vols.

octavo. Philadelphia and London, 1859-1871. Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

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2853. BRITISH MUSEUM. Catalogue of the Manuscript Music in the. [By Thomas Oliphant.] octavo. London, 1842. 2854. BRITISH MUSICIANS (Society of). Catalogue of the Library of the. octavo. London, 1849.

This Library was dispersed by auction in December, 1865. 2855. CAMBRIDGE (St. Peter's College). Catalogue of Ancient Choir books at. By the Rev. John Jebb, D.D. octavo. s.l. v. a. Presented to the Society by the Rev. Dr. Jebb.

2856. ELY CAathedral.

Catalogue of Ancient Choral Services and

Anthems preserved among the manuscript scores and part books in. Edited by the Rev. W. E. Dickson.

octavo. Cambridge, 1861.

Presented to the Society by the Dean and Chapter of Ely.

2857. HUNTER (Rev. Joseph). English Monastic Libraries. I. A Catalogue of the Library of the Priory of Bretton in Yorkshire. II. Notices of the Libraries belonging to other Religious Houses. quarto. London, 1831. Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.

2858. JAHNS (Friedrich Wilhelm). Carl Maria von Weber in seinem Werken. Chronologisch-thematisches Verseichniss seiner sämmtlichen compositionen. octavo. Berlin, 1871.

2859. LONDON (Corporation of) Catalogue of the Library of the. With Nine Supplements. octavo. London, 1859-1869. Presented to the Society by the Corporation.

2860. LONDON (Corporation of). Catalogue of Sculpture, Paintings, Engravings and other Works of Art belonging to the Corporation, together with Books not included in the Catalogue of the Guildhall Library. 2 vols. octavo. London, 1867-68. Presented to the Society by the Corporation.

2861. LONDON (City of). Analytical Indexes [by W. H. and H. C. Overall] to Volumes II. and VIII. of the series of Records known as the Remembrancia.

octavo. London, 1870.

Presented to the Society by the Corporation.

2862. LOWNDES (William Thomas). The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature, containing an Account of books published in or relating to Great Britain and Ireland. A new edition by H. G. Bohn, with an Appendix.

6 vols. octavo. London, 1857-64.

2863. MOZART (W. A.) Catalogue Thématique de toutes les Compositions de; depuis le 9 Fevrier, 1784, jusqu'au 15 Nooctavo. Offenbach.

vembre, 1791.

2864. MOZART (W. A.) Thematisches Verzeichniss derjenigen, original handschriften. octavo. Offenbach, 1841. 2865. MUELLER (Jos.) Die Musikalischen Schaetze der Koeniglichen und Universitaets-Bibliothek zu Koenigsberg in Pr. aus dem Nachlasse Friedrich August Gotthold's. Parts I. and II. octavo. Bonn, 1870.

2866. MUSICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON. Report &c., and Catalogue of the Library. octavo. London, 1863.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Charles Salaman.

This Library was dispersed by auction in 1868.

2867. NICHOLS (John Gough). A descriptive Catalogue of the Works of the Camden Society [the first 80 volumes]. Printed uniformly with, but forming no part of, the Society's Publications. quarto. Westminster, 1862. The Same. Second edition, including the whole of the works in the First Series of the Society's Publications.

quarto. Westminster, 1872.

2868. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. Catalogue [Thematic] of the Library [by Joseph Calkin]. Engraved. octavo. London, [1824?] Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

2869. RIMBAULT (Edward Francis), LL.D. Bibliotheca Madrigaliana. A Bibliographical Account of the Musical and Poetical works published in England during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, under the titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, &c. &c. octavo. London, 1847.

2870. ST. MARTIN'S HALL. Catalogue of Music and Musical Literature contained in the Library of. octavo. London, 1850.

This Library was dispersed by auction in December, 1860.

2871. STASSOFF (Wladimir).

cale à Rome.

L'Abbé Santini, et sa Collection Musioctavo. Florence, 1854.

Presented to the Society by the Author.

2872. WHISTLING (C. F.) Handbuch der Musikalischen Literatur verzeichniss der in Deutschland. octavo. Leipsic, 1845.

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