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2738. [PEACE (John).] An Apology for Cathedral Service. octavo. London, 1839.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Thomas Brewer.

2739. PEARCE (Rev. Thomas), D.D. A Collection of [the Words of] Anthems used in His Majesty's Chapels Royal and most

Cathedral Churches in England and Ireland.

octavo. London, 1795

Presented to the Society by Mr. William Henry Husk.

2740. PEARCE (Rev. Thomas), D.D. The same. A new edition with additions [by Thomas Greatorex]. octavo. London, 1826. 2741. PEARCE (Rev. Thomas), D.D. The same. A new edition with additions [by the Rev. Charles Wesley, D.D.].

octavo. London, 1856. 2742. [PORDAGE (Rev. E.).] A Collection of [the Words of] Anthems, as the same are now performed in His Majesty's Chapels Royal, &c. octavo. London, 1749. 2743. PRING (Joseph), Mus. Doc. Papers, Documents, Law Proceedings, &c., &c., respecting the maintenance of the Choir of the Cathedral Church of Bangor, as provided for by an Act of Parliament passed in the reign of King James the Second, A.D. 1685. Collected and arranged by. Autograph of Dr. Pring within the cover. octavo. London, 1819. Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2744. PULLEN (Rev. H. W.) Our Choral Services. A few Words on the present state of Church Music in England.

2745. PULLEN (Rev. H. W.) why it is not done.

octavo. London, 1865. The Real Work of a Cathedral, and A few Words on Deans and Chapters. octavo. London, 1869.

2746. READING (Rev. John), D.D. A Sermon lately delivered in the Cathedral Church of Canterbury concerning Church Musick. quarto. London, 1663. 2747. SHERLOCK (Rev. William), D.D. A Sermon preach'd at St. Paul's Cathedral, November 22, 1699, being the Anniversary Meeting of the Lovers of Musick. quarto. London, 1699. Bound in a volume with 25 contemporary Sermons on special occasions. 2748. SPARK (William). Lecture on Church Music, more particularly the Choral Service of the Church of England as applied to Parochial Worship. octavo. Leeds, 1851.

2749. SPARK (William). Choirs and Organs; their proper position octavo. London, 1852.

in Churches.

2750. TAYLOR (Daniel). See No. 2689.

2751. [TAYLOR (Edward), Gresham Professor of Music.] The English Cathedral Service, its glory, its decline, and its designed octavo. London, 1845.


Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

2752. TOWERSON (Rev. Gabriel), D.D. A Sermon concerning Vocal and Instrumental Musick in the Church. As it was delivered in the Parish Church of St. Andrew Undershaft upon the 31st of May, 1696, being Whit-Sunday and the Day wherein the Organ there erected was first made use of.

quarto. London, 1696. 2753. WATSON (Richard), D.D. The Right Reverend Doctor John Cosin, Late Lord Bishop of Durham, His Opinion (when Dean of Peterborough and in exile) for communicating rather with Geneva than Rome. Also, what slender authority, if any, the English Psalms in Rhime and Metre, have ever had for the Publick use they have obtained in our Churches: Freely rendred in two Letters, with Annotations on the said Letters. And a short Historical Deduction inserted, of the original Design and Sacrilegious progress of Metrical Psalms in Vulgar Languages, through many parts of France, Flanders, &c. small octavo. London, 1684.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2754. WESLEY (Samuel Sebastian), Mus. Doc. A few Words on Cathedral Music and the Musical System of the Church,

with a Plan of Reform.

octavo. London, 1849.

2755. WESLEY (Samuel Sebastian), Mus. Doc. Reply to the Inquiries of the Cathedral Commissioners relative to Improvement in the Music of Divine Worship in Cathedrals.

octavo. London, [1854].

2756. WHISTON (Rev. Robert), M.A. Cathedral Trusts and their Fulfilment. Second edition. octavo. London, 1849.

Bound with Miss Hackett's account of Cathedral Schools.




AKER (David Erskine).] The Companion to the Play House; or, an Historical Account of all the Dramatic Writers (and their works) that have appeared in Great Britain and Ireland from the commencement of our theatrical exhibitions down to the present year, 1764. 2 vols. duodecimo. London, 1764. 2758. [BAKER (David Erskine), and Isaac REED.] A New Theatrical Dictionary, containing an Account of all the Dramatic Pieces that have appeared from the commencement of theatrical exhibitions to the present time; to which is added, an Alphabetical Catalogue of Dramatic Writers, with the titles of all the pieces they have written annexed to each name; and also a Short Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the English Stage. duodecimo. London, 1792. 2759. BAKER (David Erskine), Isaac REED, and Stephen JONES. Biographia Dramatica; or, a Companion to the Play House: containing memoirs and anecdotes of British and Irish dramatic writers from the commencement of our theatrical exhibitions: also, an alphabetical account and chronological lists of their works, together with an introductory view of the rise and progress of the British Stage. 3 vols. bound in 4. Portrait of D. E. Baker inserted.

octavo. London, 1812. 2760. BAKER (Sir Richard). Theatrum Triumphans, or, a Discourse of Plays. [In answer to Prynne's Histrio-Mastix.]

small octavo. London, 1670.

This work originally appeared under the title of "Theatrum Redivi


in 1662.

2761. BALE (John), Bishop of Ossory. A brefe Comedy or Enterlude of Johan Baptistes preachynge in the Wyldernesse. [From the Harleian Miscellany.]

quarto. London.

Bound with Lucas's Colina, &c.

Kyng Johan. See "Camden Society's Publications," No.


2762. BRAYLEY (Edward Wedlake). Historical and Descriptive Accounts of the Theatres of London. With a coloured view of each theatre, by David Havell. quarto. London, 1826. 2763. BUNN (Alfred). Report of the Trial of the Cause of Bunn v. Lind, with Notes, &c. London, 1848.


2764. CAREY (Henry). The Dramatick Works of.

quarto. London, 1743.

Presented to the Society by Mr. James Peck.

2765. CHATTERTON (Thomas). The Revenge, a burletta, acted at Marylebone Gardens, MDCCLXX. With additional Songs.

octavo. London, 1795.

2766. CHETWOOD (William Rufus). A General History of the Stage, from its origin in Greece down to the present time; with Memoirs of most of the principal Performers that have appeared on the English and Irish Stage for these last fifty duodecimo. London, 1749. 2767. [CHETWOOD (William Rufus).] The British Theatre, containing the Lives of the English Dramatic Poets, with an Account of all their Plays, &c. octavo. London, 1752. 2768. CIBBER (Theophilus). Epistle to David Garrick: with Disser


tations on Theatrical subjects. octavo. London, 1759. 2769. CLARKE (Mary Cowden). The Complete Concordance to Shakspere, being a Verbal Index to all the passages in the Dramatic Works of the Poet.

octavo. London, n. d.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Matthew Mason.

2770. COLLIER (Rev. Jeremy). A Short View of the profaneness and immorality of the English Stage, &c.

octavo. London, 1698. 2771. COLLIER (John Payne). The History of English Dramatic Poetry to the time of Shakspeare, and Annals of the Stage

to the Restoration.

3 vols.

octavo. London, 1831. 2772. COVENT GARDEN THEATRE. A Narrative of the rise and progress of the disputes subsisting between the Patentees of. [By Thomas Harris and John Rutherford.]

quarto. London, 1768. A True State of the differences subsisting between the Proprietors of Covent Garden Theatre. [By George Colman.] quarto. London, 1768.

Bound in one volume.

2773. [CURLL (Edmund).] The History of the English Stage from the Restauration to the present time. With Instructions for

Public Speaking by Mr. Thomas Betterton.

And Memoirs of Mrs. Ann Oldfield. Portraits. octavo. London, 1741.

This is also attributed to William Oldys.

2774. DAVENANT (Sir William). The First Day's Entertainment at Rutland House, by Declamations and Musick: after the small octavo. London, 1657.

manner of the Ancients.

2775. DAVENANT (Sir William). The Siege of Rhodes. [A Play.]
First and Second Parts.
quarto. London, 1663.
2776. DAVIES (Thomas). Dramatic Miscellanies; consisting of Cri-
tical Observations on several plays of Shakspere, &c., with

Anecdotes of Dramatic Poets, Actors, &c.
terton. 3 vols.

Portrait of Betoctavo. London, 1784.

2777. DIBDIN (Charles). A complete History of the English Stage. 5 vols. octavo. London, [1800.] 2778. [DOWNES (John).] Roscius Anglicanus; or, an Historical Review of the Stage from 1660 to 1706. With additions by Thomas Davies. Edited by F. G. Waldron.

octavo. London, 1789.

2779. DRYDEN (John). Albion and Albanius, an Opera.

octavo. London, 1735.

Presented to the Society by Mr. John Stewart.

See a score of the music composed for this opera by Lewis Grabu, No. 828.

2780. DUNLAP (William). The History of the American Theatre, and Anecdotes of the principal Actors. Two vols. in one. octavo. London, n. d.

2781. EGERTON'S THEATRICAL REMEMBRANCER, containing a complete List of all the Dramatic Performances in the English Language, their several editions, dates, &c. &c. London, 1788.

2782. FAIRY QUEEN (The), an opera.


London, 1692.

2783. FILMER (Edward), D.C.L. A Defence of Plays; or, the Stage vindicated from several Passages in Mr. View, &c.

Collier's Short octavo. London, 1707.

2784. FRENCH THEATRES. Etat Actuel de la Musique du Roi et des

Trois Spectacles de Paris. Plates.

duodecimo. Paris, 1772.

2785. GASCOIGNE (George). "Princely Pleasures," with the Masque intended to have been presented before Queen Elizabeth, at Kenilworth Castle, in 1575; with an Introductory Memoir and Notes.

Portrait of the Author.


octavo. London, 1821.

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