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Man in the Moone.

Use of Dice Play.

Loyal Garland.

Poems and Songs on the Assassi-
nation of the Duke of Buck-

2618. PHILLIPS] K[atherine].
2619. [PINKERTON (John)].

2620. [PINKERTON (John)].

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Interlude of John Bon and Mast.

Poems. small octavo. London, 1664.
Collection of Scottish Tragic Ballads.
small octavo. London, 1781.
Select Scotish Ballads. 2 vols. in one.

[The first volume being a new edition of the preceding
small octavo. London, 1793.

2621. PLUMPTRE (Rev. James). A Collection of Songs, selected and
revised by. 3 vols.
duodecimo. London, 1806.
2622. PLUMPTRE (Rev. James). Letter to John Aikin, M.D., on his
volume of Vocal Poetry, &c. To which are added a Col-
lection of Songs revised and altered by the Editor, with
some original Songs. duodecimo. Cambridge, 1811.
Ancient Danish Ballads, trans-
3 vols. octavo. London, 1860.

2623. PRIOR (R. Alexander), M.D.
lated from the originals by.
2624. RIGACCI (Giuseppe). Raccolta di varie Canzoni sopra diversi
leggiadri soggetti. [The music of some of the songs (by
various composers) is given.] duodecimo. Florence, 1739.
2625. RIMBAULT (Edward Francis), LL.D. A Little Book of Christ-
mas Carols, with the ancient melodies to which they are
sung. Collected and edited by. quarto. London, n.d.
2626. RIMBAULT (Edward Francis), LL.D. A Little Book of Songs
and Ballads, gathered from ancient music books, MS. and
duodecimo. London, 1851.

2627. RITSON (Joseph). A collection of the several poetical and
other works edited and published by. 19 vols. octavo, viz.:—
A Select Collection of English Songs. In three vols., the
first and second containing the poetry,
melodies. Vignettes.

and the third, the

London, 1783.

The same. Second edition, with additional songs and occasional notes, by Thomas Park.

London, 1813.

Ancient Songs, from the time of King Henry the Third to the Revolution. Vignette etchings by Stothard.

The same. Edited by Joseph Frank.

London, 1790.

2 vols.

London, 1829. Robin Hood. A collection of the ancient poems, songs, and ballads now extant relative to this celebrated outlaw.


To which are prefixed historical anecdotes of his life. Edited by Joseph Frank. Woodcuts by Bewick. 2 vols.

London, 1832.

Northern Garlands: the Bishopric Garland, or Durham Minstrel; the Yorkshire Garland; the Northumberland Garland, or Newcastle Nightingale; the North Country Chorister. London, 1810. Gammer Gurton's Garland; or, the Nursery Parnassus. A choice collection of Pretty Songs and Verses for the amusement of all little good children who can neither read London, 1810.

nor run.

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Haslewood's Life of Ritson is bound in this volume.
The English Anthology. 3 vols. Vignettes.

London, 1793.

The Caledonian Muse; a chronological selection of Scotish poetry from the earliest times. Portrait of Ritson. London, printed 1785, Published 1821.

Pieces of Ancient popular poetry, from authentic and old printed copies. Edited by Joseph Frank. London, 1833. Poems written anno MCCCLII., by Laurence Minot; with introductory Dissertations on the Scottish wars of Edward III.; on his claim to the throne of France; and Notes and Glossary. Edited by Joseph Frank. London, 1825.

Bibliographia Poetica: a catalogue of English poets of the twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centurys, with a short account of their works. London, 1782. The Life of King Arthur, from ancient historians and authentic documents. London, 1825.

Fairy Tales, now first collected. To which are prefixed two dissertations, I, on Pygmies; II, on Fairies.

2628. RODD (Thomas).

London, 1831.

History of Charles the Great and Orlando, ascribed to Archbishop Turpin, together with the most celebrated ancient Spanish Ballads relating to the Twelve Peers of France, with English metrical versions by. 2 vols. octavo. London, 1812. octavo. London, 1753.

2629. SACRED HARMONY (An Essay on).

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2630. SAN CLEMENTE, Papa e Martire; Oratorio per Musica.

quarto. Rome, 1704.

2631. SANDYS (William). Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern;

including the most popular in the West of England, with the

airs to which they are sung. Also specimens of French Provincial Carols. With an Introduction and Notes. octavo. London, 1833. 2632. SANDYS (William). Christmastide; its history, festivities and carols. [Twelve carol tunes are appended.]

octavo. London, n. d. [1852?]. 2633. SCHUBACK (Jacob). The Disciples at Emaus. The Libretto of Schuback's oratorio, "Die Junger zu Emaus" [See No. 647], translated into English. quarto. Hamburgh, 1779. 2634. SCOTT (Sir Walter). Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, consisting of Historical and Romantic Ballads, collected in the Southern Counties of Scotland, with a few of later date, founded on local tradition. Second edition. 3 vols.

octavo. Edinburgh, 1803.

2635. SHERIDAN (Richard Brinsley). Verses to the Memory of Garrick, spoken as a Monody at the Theatre Royal in Drury

Lane. Frontispiece.

Modern Manners: a Poem. By Horace Juvenal.

quarto. London, 1779.

quarto. London, 1793.

Bound in a volume with Call's Magdalen Hymns and several Word Books of oratorios, &c.

Presented to the Society by Mr. E. R. Wallis.

2636. SYLVESTER (Joshua). [John Camden Hotten.] A Garland of Christmas Carols, ancient and modern, including some not before given in any collection. Edited with Notes by.

octavo. London, 1861 [November, 1860]. 2637. TATE (Nahum). Miscellanea Sacra; or, Poems on Divine and Moral Subjects. Collected by. The second edition, with additions of several Poems and Meditations in prose.

small octavo. London, 1698.

2638. [TATE (Nahum), &c.] The Oration, Anthems and Poems spoken and sung at the performance of Divine Musick for the Entertainment of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and the Honourable House of Commons, at Stationers' Hall, January the 31st, 1701. Undertaken by Cavendish Weedon, Esq. quarto. London, 1702. 2639. TAYLOR (Tom). Ballads and Songs of Brittany, translated from the Barsaz Breiz of Vicomte Hersart de la Villemarqué, with some of the original melodies harmonized by Mrs. Tom Taylor. Woodcuts. quarto. London and Cambridge, 1865. 2640. [THORNTON (Bonnell)]. An Ode on Saint Cæcilia's Day, adapted to the Ancient British Music.

quarto. London, 1749.

2641. TYNESIDE SONGSTER (The). A collection of Songs chiefly in the Newcastle dialect. small octavo. Alnwick, n. d. 2642. WARTON (Rev. Thomas). Ode for Music, as performed at the Theatre in Oxford on the second of July, 1751, being the anniversary appointed by the late Lord Crew, Bishop of Durham, for the Commemoration of Benefactors to the University. Set to music by Dr. Hayes, Professor of Music.


Oxford, n. d.
Oxford, n. d.

The same. The second edition. quarto. 2643. WILD (Rev. R.), D.D. Iter Boreale; with large additions of several other Poems, being an exact collection of all hitherto


Never before published together.

small octavo. London, 1668.

2644. WILSON (G.). The Scottish Laverock: original Songs and octavo. Edinburgh, 1829.


2645. WINSTANLEY (John). Poems written occasionally by; interspersed with many others, by several ingenious hands.

octavo. London, 1742.

2646. WITHER (George). Hymns and Songs of the Church. With an Introduction by Edward Farr. [The tunes by Orlando Gibbons are printed at the end of the volume.] Portrait. octavo. London, 1856.

2647. WORD BOOKS. The Books of Words of the performances at the Academy of Ancient Music for the season 1786-7. Bound in a volume. octavo. London, 1786-7.

2648. WORD BOOKS. The Books of Words of the performances at the Concerts of Ancient Music from 1785 to 1848 (when the concerts were discontinued).

64 vols.

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The volume for 1847 contains a Sketch of the origin and progress of these Concerts, by the late John Parry.

Portions of this collection were presented to the Society by Mr. Oliver Carmichael, Mr. G. A. Cooper, Mr. R. W. Haynes, and Mr. W. H. Husk.

2649. WORD BOOK. Messiah, an oratorio [compiled by Charles Jennens] composed by Mr. Handel. octavo. Dublin, 1745.

This, the earliest dated book of words of Messiah yet discovered, is bound with several tracts (including two by John Wesley), on religious subjects.


2650. WORD Books. The Words of the Oratorios and other compositions set to Music to English words, by G. F. Handel. vols. Plates. small octavo. London, 1799.


2651. WORD BOOKS. A collection of the Books of Words of Oratorios and other pieces set to music by Handel, issued for performances given by himself and others during his life or shortly after his death. Bound in 3 vols.

quarto. London, &c., v. y.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Thomas Brewer and Mr. William Henry Husk.

2652. WORD Books. The Books of Words of the performances at the Commemoration of Handel in 1784; and the Musical Festivals in Westminster Abbey in 1785, 1786 and 1787, and at the Pantheon in 1788. Bound in a volume.

quarto. London, 1784-1788.

2653. WORD BOOKS. The Books of Words of the performances at the Great Handel Festivals and other Concerts given at the Crystal Palace by the Crystal Palace Company and the Sacred Harmonic Society in conjunction from 1857 to 1871. quarto. London, 1857-1871. 2654. WORD BOOKS. A collection of Books of Words of Oratorios, &c. (Bound in a volume with Sheridan's Monody on Garrick

3 vols.

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n. d.

the Thunder Ode, 1773.

Joseph and his Brethren do. 1768.

Presented to the Society by Mr. E. R. Wallis.

2655. WORD BOOKS. A Collection of Books of Words of Oratorios,

&c. Bound in one volume.

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quarto. London, v. y.

Concerto Spiri

tuale, Galuppi and others [1772]. Arnold, 1773.

do. 1774.

Prodigal Son.

Giardini, 1763.

Arne, 1769.

do. n. d.

Piccinni, n. d.

Do. (new edition)
Fall of Egypt

do. 1773.

Stanley, 1774.
Fischer, 1777.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Thomas Brewer.

2656. WORD Books. A Collection of the Books of the Words of the

performances at various Musical Festivals and Concerts.

quarto and octavo. v. 1. et a. Philharmonic Society's Concerts, 1820 to 1840 (1821, 1822, and 1830 slightly imperfect). 2 vols. Concert of Ancient Music, 1840.

I vol. quarto.

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