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2525. STENDHAL (M. de) [Henri Beyle].


Memoirs of Rossini. octavo. London, 1824.

2526. STRAETEN (Edmond Van der). La Musique aux Pays-Bas avant le XIXe siècle. Volume I. (all yet published.)

octavo. Brussels, 1867. 2527. SUTTON (A. J.?). A short Account of Organs built in England from the reign of King Charles the Second to the present time. duodecimo. London, 1847.

Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

2528. THAYER (Alexander Wheelock). Ludwig van Beethoven's 2 volumes (all yet published).


octavo. Berlin, 1866-72.

2529. TOWNSEND (Horatio). An Account of the visit of Handel to Dublin, with Notices of his life and character. 24mo.

Dublin, 1852.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Thomas Brewer.

2530. TOWNSEND (Horatio). The same; another copy, bound up with a book of words of Handel's Messiah, as performed in Dublin in 1780, for the benefit of Mercer's Hospital.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Townsend.

2531. WACKERBARTH (Francis Diederich). Music and the AngloSaxons; being some account of the Anglo-Saxon orchestra. With Remarks on the Church music of the nineteenth century. octavo. London, 1837.

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.

2532. WALKER (Joseph Cooper). Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards, interspersed with Anecdotes of and occasional observations on the music of Ireland. Also an historical and descriptive account of the musical instruments of the ancient Irish. With an appendix. Plates. quarto. Dublin, 1786. Musicalisches Lexicon, oder,

2533. WALTHER (Johann Gottfried).

Musicalische Bibliothec.

2534. WARTON (Rev. Thomas), D.D.

Poetry, from the close of the

octavo. Leipsic, 1732. The History of English eleventh to the commence

ment of the eighteenth century. Portrait. 4 vols.

octavo. London, 1824.

2535. WEBER (Carl Maria von). See Simpson, No. 2519.

2536. WELCKER VON GONTERHAUSEN (H.). Der Clavierbau in seiner

Theorie, Technik und Geschichte, unter Hinweisung seiner
Beziehungen zu den Gesetzen der Musik . . .

octavo. Frankfort-on-the-Maine, 1870.

Ueber den Bau der Saiteninstrumente und deren Akustik.

Ein Anhang zum Clavierbau, &c.

octavo. Frankfort on the Maine, 1870. 2537. WILKINSON (Tate). Memoirs of his own Life, by. 4 volumes. duodecimo. York, 1790.

2538. WILSON (Charles). Memoirs of the Life, &c., of William Congreve. Portrait. octavo. London, 1730. 2539. WOOD (Anthony). Athenæ Oxonienses; an exact History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their education in the University of Oxford: to which are added the Fasti or Annals of the said University. A new edition, with additions, and a continuation by Philip Bliss.

5 vols.

large quarto. London, 1813-1820. 2540. WURZBACH (Dr. Constant von). Joseph Haydn und sein Bruder Michael. Zwei bio-bibliographische künstler-skizzen. octavo. Vienna, 1861.

2541. YORK MUSICAL FESTIVAL. A description of the Grand Musical Festival held in the city of York, September 1823, with the words of the performances. Compiled by the Editor of the York Courant. octavo. York, 1823. Presented to the Society by Mr. James Peck.

Wood cuts.

2542. YOUNG (M. J.) Memoirs of Mrs. Crouch, including a retrospect of the stage during the years she performed. Portrait.

2 vols.



London, 1806.


CADEMY of Ancient Music. The Words of such pieces as are most usually performed by the. Second edition. octavo. London, 1768.

2544. ACADEMY of Ancient Music. See also Nos. 2596,

2647 and 2659.

2545. AIKIN (John) M.D. Vocal Poetry, or a select collection of

English Songs; to which is prefixed an Essay on Song


octavo. London, 1810.

2546. ANDERSON (Robert). Ballads in the Cumberland dialect. small octavo. Alnwick, n. d. 2547. ANONYMOUS authors. Musapædia; or, Miscellany Poems, never before printed. By several Members of the Oxford Poetical

Club, late of Eton and Westminster.

Four Hudibrastic Cantos.

Second edition.

octavo. London, 1719.

octavo. London, 1715.

A Match at Football; or, the Irish Champions: a Mock Heroick Poem. [By Matthew Concanen].

octavo. London, 1721.

A Poem on the Drawing Room, together with Three Epilogues. By T. B. Gent. octavo. London, 1716.

Bound together.

2548. ARMIGER (Charles). The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet, comprising a collection of Songs and Ballads relative to field sports. duodecimo. London, 1830. 2549. AYTOUN (William Edmondstone), D.C.L. The Ballads of Scotland. Edited by. Second edition. 2 vols.

small octavo. Edinburgh, 1859.

2550. BALLAD Society (The Publications of the), from its establishment in 1868 to 1871.

octavo. London, 1868-71.

Ballads from Manuscripts, Vol. I. Part 1; Vol. II. Part 1.

The Roxburghe Ballads, Vol. I. (in 3 parts).

Capt. Cox, his Ballads and Books, or, Laneham's Letter.

2551. BARRY (Rev. James). Elijah, or, the Baalim in Israel, a metrical libretto, in four parts.

small octavo. Oxford and London, 1869. 2552. BATH (Harmonic Society). A Selection of Favourite Catches, Glees, &c. as sung at the Harmonic Society, Bath, with the Rules of the Society, &c. octavo. Bath, 1797. 2553. BELLAMY (Thomas Ludford). Lyric Poetry of Glees, Madrigals, Catches, Rounds, Canons, and Duets. octavo. London, 1840. 2554. [BLISS (Rev. Dr. Philip)]. Bibliographical Miscellanies, being a selection of curious pieces in verse and prose. [Edited by]. quarto. Oxford, 1813. 2555. BUCHAN (Peter). Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of Scotland, with explanatory notes by. Portrait. 2 vols. octavo. Edinburgh, 1828. 2556. CASTELLETTI (Bastiano). La Trionfatrice, Cecilia, Vergine e Martire Romana. Con gli argomenti del P. F. Raffaello quarto. Florence, 1594.

delle Colombe.

2557. CLARK (Richard). The Works of the most favourite pieces

London, 1814.

performed at the Glee Club, the Catch Club, and other Public Societies. octavo. 2558. CLARK (Richard). "The First Volume of Poetry; revised, improved, and considerably enlarged, containing the most Favourite Pieces, as performed at the Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Catch Club, the Glee Club, &c. &c." octavo. London, 1824. Presented to the Society by Mr. W. H. Husk.

2559. COLLIER (John Payne). A Book of Roxburghe Ballads.

2560. COPPOLA (Abate Giovanni Carlo).

quarto. London, 1847. Le Nozze de gli Dei.

Favola reppresentata in musica in Firenze nella Reali Nozze de Sereniss. Gran Duchi di Toschana Ferdinando II. e Vittoria Principessa d'Urbino. Curious Plates of the Scenes.

quarto. Florence, 1637.

See No. 2457.

2561. Coucy (Raoul de). Chansons. 2561 COUSSEMAKER (E. de). Oeuvres complètes du Trouvère Adam de la Halle (Poésies et Musique), publiées par. Facsimile. octavo. Paris, 1872. 2562. [COWLEY (Abraham).] Davideis, a Sacred Poem on the troubles small folio. London, 1656. Presented to the Society by Mr. Henry Bridge.

of David.

2563. [DALRYMPLE (A.)] A Collection of English Songs, with an Appendix of Original Pieces. octavo. London, 1796. Bound with Aikin's Vocal Poetry.

2564. DIBDIN (Charles). The Harmonic Preceptor, a didactic poem.

2565. DIBDIN (Charles). Songs of. Dibdin, with a Memoir.

quarto. London, 1804. Collected and arranged by T. Plates by George Cruikshank. small octavo. London, 1841.

2566. DODD (Rev. James William). Ballads of Archery, Sonnets, &c. [The tunes of many are appended.]

octavo. London, 1818. 2567. DOWLAND (Robert). A Musical Banquet furnished with variety of delicious Ayres by. [A selection from the poetry.] octavo. Privately printed. Chiswick, 1817. 2568. D'URFEY (Thomas). Wit and Mirth: or Pills to purge Melancholy; being a collection of the best merry Ballads and Songs, old and new. [With the tunes.] 6 volumes.

duodecimo. London, 1719.

2569. ENGLAND'S HELICON : a collection of Pastoral and Lyric Poems, first published at the close of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The third edition. To which is added a biographical and critical Introduction. quarto. London, 1812.

2570. EVANS (Thomas). Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative, with some of modern date, collected from rare copies and MSS. A new edition, revised and enlarged, by R. H. Evans. 4 vols. octavo. London, 1810. 2571. [FANSHAWE (Sir Richard).] La Fida Pastora, Comoedia Pastoralis. [A translation of Fletcher's "Faithful Shepherdess."] small octavo. London, 1658.

2572. FANSHAWE (Sir Richard). Il Pastor Fido: The Faithful Shepheard. With an addition of divers other Poems, concluding with a short Discourse of the long Civil Warres of Rome. small octavo. London, 1664.

2573. FINLAY (John). Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads, chiefly ancient; with explanatory Notes and a Glossary. To which are prefixed some Remarks on the early state of Romantic Composition in Scotland, by. 2 volumes.

small octavo.

2574. FLATMAN (Thomas). Poems and Songs. with additions and amendments.

2575. FLATMAN (Thomas). The same.

many additions and amendments.


Edinburgh, 1808. The third edition, MS. notes.

octavo. London, 1682. The fourth edition, with octavo. London, 1686.

2576. FLETCHER (Thomas). Poems on several occasions; and Translations, wherein the first and second books of Virgil's Æneis are attempted, in English. small octavo. London, 1692. 2577. GILBERT (Davies). Some Ancient Christmas Carols, with the tunes to which they were formerly sung in the West of England. Collected by. octavo. London, 1822.

2578. GILBERT (Davies). The same. Second edition.

London, 1823. 2579. [GOODALL (Charles).] Poems and Translations, written upon several occasions and to several persons. By a late Scholar of Eaton. octavo. London, 1689. 2580. GUTCH (John Matthew). A Lytell Geste of Robin Hode, with other ancient and modern Ballads and Songs relating to this celebrated yeoman. Edited by. Woodcuts by Fairholt. 2 vols. octavo. London, 1847. 2581. HARLAND (John). Ballads and Songs of Lancashire, chiefly older than the 19th century. duodecimo. London, 1865. 2582. HAYES (Edward). The Ballads of Ireland, collected and edited by. 2 volumes. octavo. London, 1855.

2583. HAYLEY (William). The Triumph of Music; a Poem [on the story of Stradella]. quarto. Chichester, 1804.

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