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2270. SEIDEL (J. J.) The Organ and its construction. Translated octavo. London, 1852.

from the German of.

Presented to the Society by Mr. William Henry Husk.

2271. SELVAGGI (Gaspare). Trattato di Armonia.

octavo. Naples, 1823.

Bound with Venini's Principi dell' Armonia.
Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2272. SHIELD (William). An Introduction to Harmony.

quarto. London. 2273. SICCAMA (Abel). Observations on correctness of tune applied to the Flute, with a description of the newly invented chromatic and diatonic flutes. octavo. London, 1846. 2274. SIMPSON (Christopher). The Division Violist: or, An Introduction to the Playing upon a Ground. Divided into two Parts. The First, Directing the Hand, with other Preparative Instructions. The Second, Laying open the Manner and Method of Playing Ex-tempore, or Composing Division to a Ground. To which is added some Divisions made upon Grounds for the Practice of Learners.

small folio. London, 1659.

Numerous "Divisions" by Butler, D. Norcome, Chr. Simpson, John Cutts of Lincoln, and others, and a few songs, all in MS. are bound at the end of the volume.

2275. SIMPSON (Christopher).

Chelys, minuritionum artificis exornata; sive, Minuritiones ad Basin, etiam extempore modulandi ratio. The Division Viol, or the Art of playing extempore upon a ground. Editio Tertia. Portrait of the author. small folio. London, 1712.

2276. SIMPSON (Christopher). A Compendium of Practical Musick, in Five Parts: Teaching, by a New and Easie Method, 1. The Rudiments of Song; 2. The Principles of Composition; 3. The Use of Discords; 4. The Form of Figurate Descant; 5. The Contrivance of Canon. [Second Edition.] Portrait.

The Same. Third Edition.

The Same. Fourth edition.

small octavo. Portrait. small octavo. Portrait. small octavo. Portrait. small octavo. Portrait. small octavo.

The Same. Seventh edition.

The Same. Eighth edition.

London, 1667.

London, 1678.

London, 1706.

London, 1727.

London, 1732.

Presented to the Society by Mr. William Henry Husk.

The Same. Ninth edition. Portrait.

oblong octavo. London, n. d.

This work first appeared in 1665 under the title of "The Principles of Practical Music." The fifth edition was published in 1714, and the sixth in 1720. No edition appeared subsequently to the ninth.

2277. SMITH (Robert), D. D.

Musical Sounds.

to his Son.

Harmonics, or, the Philosophy of octavo. Cambridge, 1749.

2278. SMYTH (Rev. C. J.) Six Letters on Singing, from a Father octavo. Norwich, 1817. Bound with Hawkins's Thorough Bass, &c.

2279. SREEVE (John). The Oxford Harmony, being an Introduction to the Art of Music. Printed from plates, on one side of the leaf only. oblong octavo. London, 1741. 2280. STEELE (Joshua). An Essay towards establishing the melody and measure of Speech, to be expressed and perpetuated by peculiar symbols. quarto. London, 17752281. [STILLINGFLEET (Benjamin)]. Principles and Power of Harmony. [An attempt to elucidate the doctrines of Tartini's treatise. See No. 2286.]

quarto. London, 1771. 2282. TABLITURE. "A new Booke of Tabliture, containing sundrie easie and familiar Instructions, shewing howe to attaine to the knowledge to guide and dispose thy hand to play on sundry Instruments, as the Lute, Orpharion, and Bandora: Together with divers new Lessons to each of these Instruments. Whereunto is added an Introduction to Pricke song, and certain familliar rules of Descant, with other necessarie Tables plainely shewing the true vse of the Scale or Gamut, and also how to set any Lesson higher or lower at your pleasure. Collected together out of the best Authors professing the practise of these Instruments."

oblong quarto. London, 1596. 2283. TANS'UR (William), sen. The Elements of Musick displayed; or, its Grammar or Ground-work made easy. Portrait.

octavo. London, 1772.

2284. TANS'UR (William). A New Musical Grammar; or the Harmonical Spectator; containing all the useful Theoretical, Practical, and technical parts of Musick.

duodecimo. London, 1746.

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.

2285. TANS'UR (William). A Musical Grammar and Dictionary, or a General Introduction to the whole Art of Music. Seventh

edition. Portrait.

octavo. London, 1829.

2286. [TARTINI (Giuseppe).] Trattato di Musica secondo la vera Scienza dell' Armonia. Padua, 1754.

See also Stillingfleet's Principles and Power of Harmony, No. 2281. 2287. TARTINI (Giuseppe). Lettera del defonto Signor Giuseppe Tartini alla Signora Maddalena Lombardini, inserviente ad una importante lezione per i suonatori di violino. [A Letter from the late Signor Tartini to Signora Maddalena Lombardini (now Signora Sirmen) published as an important lesson to performers on the violin. Translated by Dr. Burney.] Italian and English text on opposite pages. octavo. London, 1771. 2288. TAYLOR (Edward), Gresham Professor of Music. Three Inaugural Lectures, delivered in 1838.

octavo. London, 1838.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Thomas Brewer.

2289. TESSARINI (Carlo). Nouvelle Methode pour apprendre par theorie dans un mois des temps a jouer du Violon.

folio. Liege, n. d.

Presented to the Society by Messrs. Keith, Prowse, and Co.

2290. TESTORI (Carlo Giovanni). La Musica Ragionata, espressa famigliarmente in Dodici Passeggiate a Dialogo.

quarto. Vercelli, 1767.

Primi Rudimenti della Musica e Supplemento alla Musica

Ragionata. Libro Secondo.

Supplemento alla Musica Ragionata. Libro Terzo.

quarto. Vercelli, 1771.

quarto. Vercelli, 1773.

L'Arte di Scrivere a Otto reali e Supplemento alla Musica Ragionata. Libro Quarto.

quarto. Vercelli, 1782.

Bound in three volumes.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2291. TEVO (Zaccaria). Il Musico Testore. Portrait.

small quarto. Venice, 1706. 2292. Tos (Pier Francesco). Opinioni de Cantori Antichi e Moderni, o sieno Osservazioni sopra il Canto Figurato.

small octavo. s. l. v. a. [Bologna, 1723.]

Bound up with Rules for Thorough Bass. See No. 2260.

2293. Tosi (Pier Francesco). Observations on the Florid Song, or Sentiments on the Ancient and Modern Singers. in Italian; translated into English by Mr. Galliard.


duodecimo. London, 1742.

2294. TRANSPOSITION OF MUSIC (A Treatise on the).

duodecimo. London, n. d.

Bound with other pamphlets.

2295. TRYDELL (Rev. John). Two Essays on the Theory and Practice of Music. octavo. Dublin, 1766. Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

2296. TURK (Daniel Gottlob). Treatise on the Art of Teaching and Practising the Pianoforte. Translated from the German, and abridged, by C. G. Naumburger.

Bound with Antoniotti's Arte Armonica.


See No. 2044.

2297. TURK (Daniel Gottlob). Anweisungzum Generalbass spielen. octavo. Halle und Leipsic, 1800.

2298. TURNER (John). A Manual of Instruction in Vocal Music. small octavo. London, 1833.

Presented to the Society by Mr. W. J. Brown.

2299. TURNER (William). Sound Anatomiz'd, in a Philosophical Essay on Musick; to which is added a Discourse concerning the Abuse of Musick. 2300. VENINI (Francesco). De i Principi dell' Armonia Musicale, e Poetica, e sulla loro applicazione alla teoria e alla pratica

della Versificazione Italiana.

quarto. London, 1724.

octavo. Paris, 1798.

Bound with Selvaggi's Trattato d'Armonia.
Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2301. VICENTINO (Nicola). L'Antica Musica ridotto alla Moderna
Pratico, con la Dichiaratione et con gli Esempi di i tre
generi, con le loro spetie, et con l'inventione di vno nvovo
stromento, nel grale si contiene tvtto la perfetta mvsica, con
molti segreti mvsicali. Woodcut portrait on back of title
and folding plate at end.
folio. Rome, 1555.

2302. VILLOTEAU (G. A.) Recherches sur l'Analogie de la Musique avec les Arts qui ont pour objet l'imitation du langage. 2 volumes. octavo. Paris, 1807. 2303. WALLER (Richard). Essayes of Natural Experiments made in the Academie del Cimento. Written in Italian by the Secretary of that Academy. Englished by.



London, 1684. Bound with Salmon's Proposal, &c. See No. 2267.

2304. WARREN (Joseph). A Few Hints to Young Organists.

duodecimo. London, 1844.

duodecimo. London, 1846.

2305. WARREN (Joseph). A Few Hints to Young Composers.

2306. WESTPHAL (Rudolf). Elemente des Musikalischen Rhythmus mit besonderer Rücksicht auf unsere Opern Musik. Erster Theil. octavo. Jena, 1872. 2307. WINTER (Peter). Vollstaendige Singschule, in vier Abtheilungen, mit Teutschen, Italienischen, und Französischen Verbemurkungen. oblong folio. Mainz. 2308. ZACCONI (Ludovico). Prattica di Musica utile et necessaria, si al Compositore per Comporre i Canti suoi regolatamente,

si anco al Cantore per assicurarsi in tutte le cose cantabili.

small folio.

2309. ZARLINO (Gioseffo). Le Istitutioni Harmoniche.

small folio.

Venice, 1592.

Venice, 1562.

2310. ZARLINO (Gioseffo). Tutte l'Opere del: contenente L'Istitutioni e Le Dimostrationi Harmoniche, I Sopplimenti Musicali e

Diversi Trattati.

Four volumes in one.

folio. Venice, 1588-89.



CCOUNT of the Origin and progressive improvements of the Diatonic Scale or System of Music, and how the present modern system of temperature came to be adopted. Also the Elements of

Tuning the Harpsichord, Organ and Piano-forte, with a octavo. London, n. d.

new scale.

Bound with other pamphlets.

2312. ADOLPHUS (John). Memoirs of John Bannister, Comedian. Portraits. Two volumes in one. octavo. London, n. d. 2313. ANGLORUM SPECULUM; or, the Worthies of England in Church and State. Wherein are illustrated the Lives and Characters of the most Eminent Persons since the Conquest to this present age. Also an Account of the Commodities and Trade of each respective County, and the most flourishing Towns and Cities therein. (The Preface is signed G. S.) octavo. London, 1684. 2314. [ARBUTHNOT (John), M. D.] Harmony in an Uproar: A Letter to F-d-k H-d-l Esq: M―r of the O—a H—e in the Haymarket, from Hurlothrumbo Johnson Esq: Com

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