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both of the mathematical and practical part of Musick: of which Subject not any book is extant in our English tongue. Faithfully translated out of Latin by John Birchensha. (Wanting Frontispiece.)

small octavo. London, 1664. 2043. ANTONIOTTO (Giorgio). L'Arte Armonica; or, a Treatise on the Composition of Musick, with an Introduction on the History and Progress of Musick, from its beginning to this folio. London, 1760. 2044. ANTONIOTTO (Giorgio). The same, another copy. Bound up with Naumberger's translation of Turk's Treatise on the Pianoforte.

time. 2 vols.


2045. APRILI (Giuseppe). Trertasei Solfeggi per Soprano, col Basso oblong folio. Naples. 2046. APRILI (Giuseppe). The Modern Italian Method of Singing, with a variety of Progressive Examples and Thirty-six Solfeggi. oblong folio. London. 2047. ARISTOXENUS RHYTHMISCHE und Metrische Messungen im gegensatz gegen neuere auslegungen namentlich Westphal's und zur rechtfertigung der von Lehrs befolgten messungen von Bernard Brill. octavo. Leipsic, 1870.

2048. ARON (Piero). Toscanello in Musica. Nuovamente Stāpata con la gionta de lui fatta.

folio. Venice, 1539.

Portrait of the

2049. ASIOLI (Bonifazio). Trattato di Armonia.


folio. Milan.

2050. ASIOLI (Bonifazio). The same. Second edition. Portrait.

folio. Milan.

2051. ASIOLI (Bonifazio). Il Maestro di Composizione; ossia, Seguito del Trattato d'Armonia. Portrait of the author, and Facsimile of his handwriting. folio. Milan. 2052. ASIOLI (Bonifazio). Scala e Salti per il Solfeggio preparazione al Canto e Ariette di. Two copies. oblong folio. Milan. 2053. ASIOLI (Bonifazio). L'Allievo al Clavicembalo. Three parts, in one volume. oblong folio. Milan.

2054. ASIOLI (Bonifazio). Elementi per il Contrabasso, con nuova oblong folio. Milan.

maniere di digitare.

2055. AVISON (Charles). An Essay on Musical Expression, [with a letter concerning the Music of the Ancients by Rev. John Jortin.] Third edition. small octavo. London, 1775.

See Dr. W. Hayes's Remarks on this Essay, No. 2165.

2056. BARNETT (John). School for the Voice, or, The Principles of Singing; a Treatise on the culture and developement of the folio. London, n. d.

voice, &c. Portrait. 2057. BASLER (C.) A Pictorial Representation of the Science of Harmony, and the relationship of chords; designed by C. Basler, and translated by George French Flowers.

folio. London, 1850.

2058. BAYLEY (Rev. Anselm), LL.D. A Practical Treatise on Singing octavo. London, 1771.

and Playing.

2059. BAYLEY (Rev. Anselm), LL.D. The Alliance of Musick, Poetry, and Oratory. Vignette by Stothard.

octavo. London, 1789. 2060. BEDFORD (Rev. Arthur). The Temple Musick; or an Essay concerning the method of singing the Psalms of David in the Temple before the Babylonish Captivity. Musick of our Cathedrals is vindicate.


Wherein the

London, 1706.


2061. BEDFORD (Rev. Arthur). The Great Abuse of Musick. two parts, containing an account of the use and design of musick among the ancient Jews, Greeks, Romans, and others, with their concern for and care to prevent the abuse thereof; and also an account of the immorality and profaneness which is occasioned by the corruption of that most noble science in the present age. octavo. London, 1711. 2062. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Etudes de Beethoven. Traité d'Harmonie et de Composition, traduit de l'Allemand, par F. Fetis. Portrait of Beethoven and view of his tomb. 2 vols. octavo. Paris, 1833. 2063. BERLIOZ (Hector). A Treatise upon Modern Instrumentation and Orchestration. Translated from the French by Mary Cowden Clarke.


2064. BERTEZEN (Salvatore). Principi della Musica.


London, 1856.

London, 1781.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

2065. BERTI (Lorenzo). Regole di Canto Gregoriano.

quarto. Rome, 1836.

2066. BERTON (Henri Montan). Traité d'Harmonie, suivi d'un Dic

tionnaire des Accords.

2067. BERTRAND (Gustave). Les

dans le Drama Lyrique.


4 vols. quarto. Paris [1814]. Nationalities Musicales, Etudiées

duodecimo. Paris, 1871.

2068. BEVIN (Elway). A Brief and Short Introduction of the Art of Music, to teach how to make Descant of all proportions that are in use. Very necessary for all such as are desirous to attaine to knowledge in the Art, and may by practice, if they can sing, soone be able to compose three, foure, and fiue parts: and, also to compose all sorts of Canons that are used by the directions of two or three parts in one, upon the plain song. (The title and first two pages in MS.)

quarto. London, 1631. Bound with odd parts of Canzonets by Morley, and Instrumental Music by Adson, Morley and Rossetor.

2069. BOETHIUS (Annius Manlius Torquatus Severinus). [Tractati] de Arithmetica, de Musica, et de Geometria.

folio. Venice, 1499.

2070. BONA (Joannes). Di Divina Psalmodia, ejusque Causis, Mysteriis et Disciplinis, De que variis Ritibus omnium Ecclesiarum in psallendis Diuinis Officiis. Tractatus Historicus, Symbolicus, Asceticus.

Editio secunda.

quarto. Paris, 1663.

2071. BREMNER (Robert). The Rudiments of Music; or, A Short and Easy Treatise on that subject. To which is added, a Collection of the best Church-tunes, Canons and Anthems. small octavo. Edinburgh, 1756.

2072. BREMNER (Robert). The same.

Another edition.

octavo. London, 1763.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

2073. BROSSARD (Sebastian de). Dictionnaire de Musique. Troisième


octavo. Amsterdam, n. d. 2074. BROWN (Rev. Dr. John). A Dissertation on the rise, union, and power, the progressions, separations, and corruptions, of Poetry and Music; to which is prefixed "The Cure of Saul," a sacred ode. quarto. London, 1783. 2075. BROWNE (Richard). Medicina Musica; or, a Mechanical Essay on the effects of singing, music and dancing on small octavo. London, 1729.

human bodies.

2076. BURROWES (J. F.). The Thorough Bass Primer: containing Explanations and Examples of the principles of Harmony. duodecimo. London, 1826.

Presented to the Society by Mr. W. O. Mitchell.

Fourth edition.

[blocks in formation]

2077. BUSBY (Thomas), Mus. Doc. A Musical Manual, or Technical Dictionary containing explanations of all the Terms used in the Harmonic Art, &c.

octavo. London, 1828.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

2078. BUSBY (Thomas), Mus. Doc. A Complete Dictionary of small octavo. London.

Music. 2079. BUTLER (Charles). The Principles of Musik, in singing and setting; with the two-fold use thereof [Ecclesiasticall and Civil.] octavo. London, 1636. Presented to the Society by the Rev..F. J. Stainforth. 2080. CALLCOTT (John Wall), Mus. Doc. A Musical Grammar, in four parts, viz. 1. Notation; 2. Melody; 3. Harmony; 4. Rhythm. duodecimo. London, 1806. 2081. CALMET (Augustin). A Critical Dissertation on the Musical Instruments of the Hebrews. [Being No. III. of the work entitled "Antiquities, Sacred and Profane: or, A Collection of Curious and Critical Dissertations on the Old and New Testaments. Done into English with Notes, by N. Tindal, M.A."] Plate. quarto. London, 1724. 2082. CAMPAGNOLI (B.). Nouvelle Méthode de la Mécanique Progressive du Jeu de Violon. French and German text. Plates. folio. Leipsic. 2083. CAMPION (Thomas). "A New Way of making Foure parts in Counter-point, by a most familiar and infallible Rvle. Secondly, a necessary discourse of Keyes and their proper Closes. Thirdly, the allowed passages of all Concords, perfect or imperfect, are declared. Also, by way of Preface, the nature of the Scale is expressed, with a briefe Method teaching to Sing." small octavo. London, n. d. [1618?] 2084. CAMPION (Thomas), Mus. Doc. The same, under the title of "The Art of Setting or Composing of Musick in Parts . . . . The second edition, with large annotations thereon by Mr. Christopher Sympson." small octavo. London, 1655. 2085. CAMPION (Thomas), Mus. Doc. The same. Title, "The Art of Descant or Composing of Musick in Parts .. The last edition with Annotations thereon by Mr. Christopher Simpsmall octavo. London, 1664. Generale Invito alle Grandezza e Mara


2086. CASALI (Ludovico).

viglie della Musica.

2087. CATEL. Traité d'Harmonie. French and German text.

quarto. Modena, 1629.

folio. Leipsic.

2088. CHERUBINI (Louis). A Course of Counterpoint and Fugue. Translated by J. A. Hamilton. Portrait. 2 vols.

octavo. London, 1837.

2089. CHORLEY (Henry F[othergill]). Handel Studies.

octavo. London, 1859.

Presented to the Society by the Author.

2090. CHORON (Alexandre). Principes de Composition des Ecoles d'Italie, adoptés par le Gouvernement Français pour servir à l'instruction des Elèves des Maitrises de Cathédrales. 3 vols. folio. Paris.

2091. CHRIST (Wilhelm) and M. PARANIKAS. Anthologia Græca octavo. Leipsic, 1871.

Carminum Christianorum. 2092. [CLAGGET (Charles)]. A Discourse on Musick, to be delivered at Mr. Clagget's Attic Concert at the King's Arms, Cornhill, October 31, 1793. Portrait. octavo. London [1793].

Songs, &c., in the Night's Entertainment.

Bound with other Pamphlets.

octavo. Ibid.

2093. CLARK (Richard). An Examination into the derivation, etymology, and definition of the word "Madrigale.”

octavo. London, 1852.

Presented to the Society by the Author.

2094. CLARK (Richard). An Address on the existing high pitch of the Musical Scale. octavo. London, 1845.

Bound up with De la Fage's Tonique Unité.

2095. CLARKE (James). A Catechism of the Elements of Harmony. octavo. London, n. d. [1863?]

Presented to the Society by Mr. John Bishop.

2096. CLEMENTI (Muzio). Second part of his Introduction to the Art of Playing on the Pianoforte; being an improvement on his work formerly called an Appendix to his Introduction, containing Preludes, &c., &c. Arranged and fingered by him. folio. London.

2097. CLEMENTI (Muzio). Gradus ad Parnassum; ou, L'Art de jouer le Pianoforte démontrie par des Exercises dans le style sevère et dans le style élégant. Livre 1er. folio. Milan.

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.

2098. CLEMENTI (Muzio).

Gradus ad Parnassum, or the Art of Playing on the Pianoforte. Volumes I, and II.

folio. London.

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