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della Battaglia è dell' istesso Gio. Francesco Anerio. In
separate parts.
quarto. Rome, 1689.
Bound together in five parts, viz., canto, alto, tenor, basso,
and organo (the organ part of the first-mentioned work bound
in the bassus book); in a case.

198. FARR (Edmund Lacon). A Collection of Single and Double Chants, adapted to the Psalms appointed by the Church for Morning and Evening Prayer throughout the month. Compiled, arranged, and in part composed by. folio. London. 199. FASCH (Karl Christian Friedrich), Sämmtliche Werke. In folio. Berlin.



I. Zwolf Chorale.

II. Mendelssohniana.

III. Psalm; Requiem; Motett.
IV. Davidiana.

V. Psalm CXIX.

VI. Psalm LI.

VII. Missa, a 16 voci.

200. FESCA (F. E.). Der 103te Psalm. In full score.

folio. Bonn and Cologne.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

201. Fiocco (Pietro Antonio). Sacri Concerti, a Una è più Voci con Instrumenti è senza. Opera Prima. In separate parts, viz. : Soprano primo, Soprano secondo, Altus, Tenor, Bassus, Violino primo, Violino secondo, Alto et Tenor Viola, and Viola ò Fagotto. 9 books, bound in 1 volume.

quarto. Antwerp, 1691. 202. FIORAVANTI (Valentino). Pseaume 50 de Mattei, à trois voix, avec accompagnement de violons, altos, et basse. In full folio. Paris.


203. FLORIDUS (R.). "Modulorum Hortus, ab excellentissimus Musices Auctoribus, Binis, Ternis, Quaternisque Vocibus modulatus. Quorum Tertiam Selectionem R. Floridus, Canonicus de Sylvestris a Barbarano, in unum ab ipso collectam, in lucem curavit edendam." In separate parts, viz.: Cantus, Altus, Tenor, et Organum; the Bassus part being wanting.

quarto. Rome, 1647.

This collection contains compositions by Carlo Cecchelli, Florido, Filippo Mezzalancia, Virgilio Mazzocchi, Giacomo Carissimi, Silvestro Durante, Stefano Fabri, Horatio Benevoli Gio. Ant. Carpani, Francesco Vannerelli, Gio. Marciani, Francesco Foggia,-Antonelli, Bernardino Vannini, Vincenzo Giovannoni, and Carlo Valentini.

204. FLORIDUS (R.), Canonicus de Silvestris a Barbarano. Has alteras Sacras Cantiones, ab Excellentissimis Musices Auctoribus Suavissimis, modulis Unica Voce contextas. In lucem

edendas curavit.

Two books containing the Cantus part and

the Partitura or score, bound in one volume.

quarto. Rome, 1663.

These compositions are by Marco Savioni, Jacomo Carissimi, Gio. Maria Pagliardi, Giuseppe Tricarico, Bonifatio Gratiani, Giuseppe Corsi, Giovanni Marciani, D. Florido, Francesco Foggia, and Horatio Benevoli. 205. FLOWER (Eliza). Hymns and Anthems, the words chiefly from Holy Scripture and the Writings of Poets. Vol. I. In vocal oblong folio. London, 1842.


Two copies. Presented to the Society by the composer.

vocibus, quam instrumentis.

206. GABRIELLI (Giovanni). Symphoniæ Sacræ, Liber Secundus. Senis, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, et 19, tam The altus, septimus, octavus, nonus and undecimus parts only. quarto. Venice, 1615. 207. GANTHONY (J.) An Anthem for Christmas-day; also two favourite Psalm-tunes and a Canon for six voices.

In score.


In score. London.

BATTISHILL (Jonathan). Two Anthems.
COOKE (Matthew). Twelve Psalm-tunes in four parts.


In London.

s. l. 1786.


HARDY (Horace). Six Anthems. In score.
WISE (S.) Three Anthems. In score.
BOND (Hugh). Twelve Hymns and four Anthems. In score.


RODGERS (James). Anthem for Christmas-day, the 81st Psalm, with proper Symphonies adapted, and the 23rd Psalm. To which are added a Sanctus and Kyrie eleeson.

In score.

In score.



COLE (William). The Psalmodist's Exercise, or a Set of Psalm
Tunes and Anthems.
BARBER (Robert). Thomson's Hymn to the Seasons. In full
score. Bound in 1 volume.
folio. London.

208. GAWTHORN (Nathaniel). Harmonia Perfecta: a compleat Collection of Psalm tunes in four parts. Taken from the most eminent Masters, chiefly from Mr. Ravenscroft. To which is added, a Dialogue upon Death; with several Psalm-tunes, Hymns, and Anthems, never before published; with an Introduction to Psalmody. octavo. [A few additional tunes London, 1730.

inserted in MS.]

209. GIBBONS (Orlando), Mus. Doc. The tunes to George Wither's Hymns and Songs of the Church. [See Musical Literature, No. 2646.]

210. GLUCK (Christopher). De Profundis. In full score.

oblong folio. London.

Two copies, one presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

211. Goss (Sir John). Chants, Ancient and Modern, in score, with an Accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte, edited, with prefatory observations on chanting, by. folio. London. 1841. 212. GOUNOD (Charles). Messe solennelle, pour Soli, Chœurs, Orchestre et Orgue obligé. Exécutée pour la 1re fois à Paris le jour de la Féte de Ste. Cecile dans l'Eglise St. Eustache. In full score. folio. Paris.

213. GRANCINI (Michel Angelo). Giardino Spiritvale de Varii Fiori Musicali, concertati à quattro voci, nel qual si contiene Messa, Salmi, Motetti, Antifone, & Letanie della B. V. M. Opera Decima Sesta. In separate parts; viz. canto, alto, tenore, basso, e basso per l'organo. Five books.

214. GRATIANI (Bonifatio). Motetti a due e tre voci.



215. GRAUN (Carl Heinrich). Te Deum Laudamus.


Milan, 1655. In separate Rome, 1667. In full score. Leipsic, 1757.


Two copies, one presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

216. GREATOREX (Thomas). Parochial Psalmody; being a Collection of the most approved Psalm tunes, harmonized for four voices by. In score.

oblong quarto. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.

217. GREEN (James). A Book of Psalmody, containing Chanting tunes for the Canticles and the Reading (!) Psalms, with eighteen Anthems, and a variety of Psalm tunes in four parts. In score. octavo. London, 1734. 218. GREENE (Maurice), Mus. Doc. Forty Select Anthems, in score. Two vols. in one. folio. London, 1743. 219. GREENE (Maurice), Mus. Doc. The same, another copy. Two vols. in one [with two anthems in the composer's autograph (for a description of which see catalogue of manuscript music) bound up with them]. London, 1743.

220. GREENE (Maurice), Mus. Doc. The same. A new edition published by Lonsdale. folio. London.

2 vols.

221. GREENE (Maurice), Mus. Doc. Nine Anthems, in score, principally from manuscripts never before published. [Printed uniformly with the preceding.]

folio. London.

222. GREGOIRE (Saint). Antiphonaire de. Fac simile du Manuscrit de Saint Gall. Accompagné 1o. D'une notice historique. 2o. D'une dissertation donnant la clef du chant Gregorièn, dans la antiques notations. 3e. De divers monuments, tableaux neumatiques inedits, &c. &c. par le R. P. L. Lambillotte. quarto. Brussels, 1867.

223. GROSSI (Carlo). Moderne Melodie [Mottetti] a voce sola, con due, tre, quattro, i cinque stromenti, è partitura per l'organo. In separate parts; the Violino primo wanting.

quarto. Antwerp, 1680.

Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

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224. HAGUE (Charles), Mus. Doc. By the waters of Babylon," an Anthem for voices and instruments, in score, composed for his

Bachelor's Degree in Music.

folio. London, 1794 (?).

There is another copy in the vol. of printed music, No. 448.

.225. HAKENBERGER (Andreas). Harmonia Sacra in qua Motectæ VI, VII, VIII, IX, X et XII. concinnatæ vocibus continentur, una cum Basso generali pro Organo. In separate parts; the Tenor part wanting. 12 books. quarto. Frankfurt, 1617. Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

226. HAMMERSCHMIDT (Andreas). Vierter Theil Musikalischen Andachten. Geislicher Moteten und Concerten, mit 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 und mehr Stimmen, nebenst einem gedoppelten General-bass. In 10 separate parts. Portrait of the composer. small folio. Freyberg, 1646. See No. 207.

227. HARDY (Horace).

Six Anthems.

228. HASLER (John Leo). Cantiones Sacræ de Festis præcipuis totius anni, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & plurium vocum. Editio Tertia. Six separate parts in 1 vol. quarto. Nuremberg, 1607. 229. HASSE (Joachim Adolph). Te Deum Laudamus (in D). In vocal score, with arrangement for the organ. Latin and Gerfolio. Leipsic.

man text.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth. 230. HASSE (Joachim Adolph). "Salve Regina." In full score. folio. London.

Two copies, one presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth, the other by Mr. William Henry Husk.

231. HAVERGAL (Rev. W. H.) Old Church Psalmody; a manual of good and useful tunes, either old or in old style, selected, harmonized, and arranged, with prefatory remarks and historical notices, by.

oblong folio.


232. HAYDN (Joseph). [16] Masses, in vocal score, with accompaniment for the organ arranged by Vincent Novello. 5 vols.


233. HAYDN (Joseph). Messe No. 1.

In full score.


oblong folio. Leipsic.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

234. HAYDN (Joseph). Messe No. 7 [No. 15 of Novello's edition]. In full score. oblong folio. Leipsic.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

235. HAYDN (Joseph). Stabat Mater, a 4 voci, coll' accompagnamento dell' orchestra. In full score, Latin and German text.

folio. Leipsic.

236. HAYDN (Joseph). The same.

In full score.

folio. London (?).

237. HAYDN (Joseph). The same.

In vocal score, with arranged folio. London.

accompaniment by Vincent Novello.

238. HAYDN (Joseph). Te Deum, a 4 voci, coll' accompagnamento dell' orchestra. In full score.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

folio. Leipsic.

239. HAYDN (Joseph). "Insanæ et vanæ curæ," Motett for 4 voices with orchestral accompaniments. In full score. Latin and German texts. folio. Leipsic.

Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

240. HAYDN (Joseph). "Salve Regina," for 4 voices.


oblong folio.

In vocal


Bound with M. Haydn's Requiem and Romberg's Pater Noster.
Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

241. HAYDN (Michael). Litania de Venerabili Sacramento, 4 vocibus In full score. Latin and German text.

comitante orchestra.

Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

242. HAYDN (Michael). Requiem. In full score.

folio. Leipsic.

oblong folio. Leipsic.

This work was left unfinished by the composer at the end of the fourth triplet of the hymn "Dies ira."

Bound with J. Haydn's Salve Regina and Romberg's Pater Noster.
Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

243. HAYES (William), Mus. Doc. Cathedral Music, in score,
posed by. Portrait of the composer on title-page.


folio. Oxford, 1795.

244. HAYES (Philip), Mus. Doc. Eight Anthems, composed by. In


folio. Oxford.

There is another copy of this work in the volume of printed music described under No. 1405.

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