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"Fruitful earth," Glee for 3 voices. 1777

"Hail, Music," Occasional Ode for 4 voices. 1778. [See also Vol. Da]

Organ Fugues in G major, and B flat major; all unfinished

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"UT RE levet," Canon for 4 voices. 1780. [See also Vols. Da and H]

"Peace to thy feeling heart," Glee for 4 voices. 1780 Reversing the volume, are the following compositions for keyed instruments :

"A set of German Lessons for the Organ with pedals, consisting of 12 Toccata. Believed to be in print, but the Author's name forgot."

"Cyclopeia Harmonica, cum Variationibus."

Overture, Dr. Ilsice.

The 8th Concerto of Corelli, arranged for the Harpsichord.
Allemand in D major.

Ciacona in G major.

Fugue (or Voluntary), by Dr. Benjamin Rogers.


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"Daughter of Jove," (Hymn to Adversity), Glee for 4 voices. [See also Vols. Db and E]

"But thou, O Hope," Air, from Collins' "Ode on the Passions." [See also Vol. Da]

"Fearing that he must resign," Cantata

Dr. Cooke.



"Let your light shine," Solo Anthem. 1776. [See also Vol. Db]


"Orchestral Symphony to the Anthem, 'Behold, how

good and joyful.'

[See also Vol. Db]


Overture to Collins' "Ode on the Passions." [See

also Vol. G].


"O Music," the last Chorus in Collins' "Ode on the Passions"

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"UT RE levet," Canon vel Rota." 4 voices. [See also Vols. Da and G]


"The busy din of day is o'er," Glee for 3 voices. [See

also Vol. Db].


Service in G, consisting of Te Deum, Jubilate, Kyrie, Credo, Magnificat, and Nunc Dimittis. 1778 and 1780


Chants in A major and A minor, by Dr. Cooke; and in E, Anonymous.

"When all Thy mercies," Air and Chorus. [See also

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This is probably the original sketch, as it does not contain the counter-tenor part in the last verse. [See also Vols. D and M.]

Concerto (for an Orchestra) in E flat. 1764. [See

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4 voices. [See

1750. Anthem. 1763

Ravenscroft & Dr. Cooke.
Dr. Cooke.



Dr. Aylward.

"Ponder my words," Solo Anthem.


"In Thee, O Lord, do I put my trust," Anthem, with

instrumental accompaniments


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"I will exalt Thee," Full Anthem
"Hosanna to the Son of David," Full Anthem
"The Lord is full of compassion," Verse Anthem (the
Organ part only)

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"The Lord, even the most mighty God," Verse Anthem "I will seek unto God,"


"The Lord, even the most mighty God," do.

[The Organ part only, transposed from D into C] "Thus saith the High and Lofty One," do. 1774. "O Lord, I will praise Thee," do. (with instruments) "Remember not, Lord," Full Anthem

Double Chant in E

"I am the Resurrection" (the commencement of the Burial Service)

Dr. Aylward.

Henry Purcell.

Dr. Tye.

Orlando Gibbons.

Jeremiah Clark.

Dr. Greene.



Dr. Cooke. 7. S. Smith. Dr. Cooke,


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"Our fruits, whilst yet in blossom," do. (Joseph) The March in "Judas Maccabeus" (for a keyed instrument)



"Come, Divine Inspirer." Air (Joseph)

“Sophrosyne, thou guard unseen," Glee for 5 voices. 1785

"I have been young." [See also Vol. D] do.` 1781
"Have you seen the virgin snow?" Glee for 4 voices.

1782. (The original sketch)

"As now the shades of eve," do.

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"To fair Fidele's grassy tomb," Elegy for 4 voices.

[See also Vol. E]

"How sweet these airs," Glee for 3 voices. 1781
"Come, oh come, etherial guest," do.
"Call forth such numbers" (two copies) do. for 4 voices
"O Venus, Regina Cnidi,"


do. for 5 voices

“Let us eat, let us drink," Round for 4 voices. 1786. [See also Vols. A, Ab and E]

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"The merry dance," Air (Richard Cœur de Lion).
"One night in darkness," Duet
Two Songs for 3 voices, copied, in fac-simile, from the
MS. in the British Museum (Add. MSS. 5,465)
usually called the Fayrfax MS., viz. :-"Ay be-
sherewe you, by my fay," by William Cornyssh,
junior; and "Who shall have my fayre lady?'
[See also Vols. Aa and Db].

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"Whilst with village maids," Air (Rosina)
"Henry cull'd the flow'ret's bloom," do. (do.).





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Marquis of Carmarthen.

"When first my dear laddie," Duet (Gentle Shepherd)
"At setting day and rising morn," Air.
"My heart is quite sunk,'

"One summer eve,"



T. Linley.

Dr. Howard.

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T. Linley.

Dr. Cooke.

"In my pleasant native plains," Air. (Carnival of


"Let not age,"

"Non dubitare,"

"Sento che in seno,"

"Di questo core," do.




"O Lord, look down," Verse Anthem (imperfect) "In vain from Semira," Air

"Ho scherzato," Duet

"Nella casa troverete," Round for 3 voices

"In a vale clos'd with woodland," Glee for 3 voices


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Consists of Exercises in Harmony and Composition, with a few Examples from different composer's works.


Is of a similar description. The following compositions are dispersed throughout the volume::

Il Miserere, che si canta la Settimana Santa nella Capella del Papa, à Roma, a 5 voci, posta in Musica dal Sign' Allegri.

Reveille Matin, de Kelleri.

Fugue, del Signor Kelleri.

Sonata per il Cembalo, del Signor Kelleri.

Toccata per
il Cembalo, del Signore Domenico Scarlatti,
"Alla Caccia," Cantata, del Signor Porpora.
"Grazie all' inganni tuoi," Aria Veneziana.
Leandre, Cantata, par J— B— F— S—cen.
"Or si m' aveggio," Cantata, Nicola Porpora.
"La sorte mia tiranna," Air.

"What art thou? from what causes," Cantata.
"O God, Thou art my God," Solo Anthem.


"Parce mihi," Motett, 4 voices

"Peccavi, quid faciam Tibi," Motett, 4 voices (in

Orlando di Lasso,


"All Hayle, Contente," Glee, 3 voices. 1782.

"Pater, peccavi," Motett, 5 voices (incomplete).

"Wherewithal shall a young man," Verse Anthem

(incomplete). [See also Vols. D and H]

Concerto for Stringed Instruments

"Blessed be the Lord God," Solo Anthem

Concerto Second

"Let the trumpet sound," Air

"Dame Fortune and Honour," do.

"That after these jars," do.

[These three Airs appear to belong to some dramatic piece on the subject of Don Quixote.]

Two Sonatas for 2 Violins and Bass.

"God's Providence for needy souls," Anthem with in

"He that will not when he may," Catch for

strumental accompaniments

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'Jolly Bacchus," Glee for


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H. Cooke.

Dr. Cooke.

H. Cooke.









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"Give the King Thy judgments," Verse Anthem Organ Voluntary

Four Sonatas, for 2 Violins and Bass (forming, with the two contained in a former part of the volume, a set of Six)

Epitaph on a favourite Cat

"Whence comes my love?" Glee for 3 voices

Various Fragments of unfinished compositions.



do. do.

"The Lord in His wrath," Anthem, with instrumental accompaniments, composed by Dr. Cooke. 2 Canto primo, 2 Canto secondo, 2 Alto, 2 Tenor, 2 Bass, 4 Violino primo, 3 Violino secondo, I Viola, I Violoncello, I Contra Basso, 1 Hautbois primo, 1 Hautbois secondo, I Clarinetto primo, 1 Clarinetto secondo, 2 Bassoons, I Corno primo, 1 Corno secondo. [See a MS. full score, No. 1935.]

"This is the month," a Christmas Ode, composed by Dr. Cooke. 2 First Treble, 2 Second Treble, 3 Alto, 3 Tenor, 2 Bass, 3 Violino primo, 3 Violino secondo, 1 Viola, 2 Violoncello, 2 Contra Basso, 2 Oboes, 2 Horns, and 1 Organo. [See also a MS. full score, No. 1935.] Ode on the First of April, commencing, "While Rumour from his brazen lungs," composed by John Stafford Smith. Instrumental parts only, viz. :-1 Violino principale, 4 Violino primo, 4 Violino secondo, 3 Viola, 2 Basso, Oboi primo et secondo.

"Te Deum and Jubilate," in B flat, by King. One set of vocal parts and organ part.

Sanctus, by Savage, Organ part and two sets of vocal parts.

The First Part of Handel's Oratorio "Samson." A set of vocal and instrumental parts (wanting the Horn and Trumpet parts).

"As the hart pants," Anthem, by Dr. Cooke. Chorus parts only, viz. :— I Canto, 2 Alto, 3 Tenor, 3 Bass. [See score in Vols. Db and Dd.] Concertino, by Geminiani. 2 Violino primo, 2 Violino secondo, 1 Viola, 1 Violoncello, I Organo.

Parts of the Service in G. Dr. Cooke [see score in Vol. H], viz. : "Te Deum" and "Jubilate.” 1 Treble, 4 Alto, 3 Tenor, 4 Bass, 3 Violino primo, 3 Violino secondo, 1 Viola, 3 Basso, 1 Oboi, I Corni.

The score of this Service does not include the instrumental parts.


"Magnificat" and "Nunc Dimittis," 2 sets of vocal parts.
"Magnificat." 2 Violino primo, 2 Violino secondo, I Viola,

5 Bassi.

"Let your light," Anthem, by Dr. Cooke.
H.] 6 chorus parts.

"All the earth," Anthem, by Dr. Cooke.

[See score in Vols. Db and

[See score in Vol. F.] 17

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vocal and 12 instrumental parts.
Ode on Chatterton. Dr. Cooke.
choral and instrumental parts.
Ode on Handel. Dr. Cooke. [See score in Vol A.]
parts, and an organ part.

Two sets of vocal

Dr. Cooke.


"When Beauty's soul-attracting charms," Ode.
score in Vol. D.] A set of vocal parts.
"Genius of England," Air, by Purcell, as altered by Dr. Cooke. [See
score in Vol. D.] 48 vocal and 29 instrumental parts.

"O Margarita," Motett. Perez. [See scores in Vol. D.] A set of


parts of each.

1934. COOKE (Benjamin), Mus. Doc. "Behold, how good and joyful," an Anthem with instrumental accompaniments, composed for the Installation of the Bishop of Osnaburgh (afterwards Duke of York) as a Knight of the Bath, June 15th, 1772. In full score, in the handwriting of Henry Cooke, the composer's son. oblong folio. 1935. COOKE (Benjamin), Mus. Doc. Ode for Christmas Day, “This is the month," written by Taylor White, composed 1763, and Anthem, "The Lord in His wrath," composed in 1764 for the funeral of William, Duke of Cumberland. Scored from the separate parts in the Cooke collection of MSS. by W. H. Husk, Librarian to the Society.

Presented to the Society by Mr. W. H. Husk.

1936. INFANTAS (Ferdinand de las). Plura modulationum genera, quæ vulgò contrapuncta appellantur super excelso Gregoriano Cantu. A transcript by Ephraim Kelner, amanuensis to Dr. Pepusch, of the edition of this work printed at Venice in 1579. quarto.

1937. MADRIGALS, Motetts, &c., in score, in the handwriting of John

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Deus, Tu conversus


Motett, 5 voc., "Ad Te levavi "

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Missa pro defunctis, 8 voc., "Requiem and Kyrie" only Edvardi Lupi.

Madrigal, 5 voc., "O dolce sonno

"Thyrsis, vouloit morir "

Duet, "O she is heavenly fair."

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Madrigal, 5 voc., " Poi ch'el mio largo pianto".

"O d'amarrissimi onde "

A. Pevernage.

G. Verdoncq.

O. di Lasso.


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