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1827. PAISIELLO (Giovanni). "La Passione di Gesù Cristo," an oratorio by Metastasio. In full score.

oblong quarto.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

1828. PASQUALI (Nicolo).

David," an oratorio. In full score.

2 vols. oblong quarto.

1829. PERGOLESI (Giovanni Battista). "S. Giuseppe," an oratorio.

In full score.

oblong quarto.

1830. PICCINNI (Nicola). “Gionata,” an oratorio. In full score, in the composer's autograph.

oblong quarto.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

1831. SPOHR (Louis). “The Last Judgment,” an oratorio. In full score, with English and German text. composer is inserted.

A portrait of the

oblong large folio.

1832. SPOHR (Louis). "Des Heilands letzte Stunden" [The last hours of the Saviour], an oratorio, known in England under the titles of the Crucifixion,' and 'Calvary. In full score, with the English text by Professor Taylor.

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A memorandum, in the autograph of the composer, referring to the first performance of this oratorio by the Society, on 5th July, 1852 (at which he was present), is written at the foot of the title-page.

1833. STANLEY (John), Mus. Bac. The Fall of Egypt, an oratorio by Dr. Hawkesworth. In full score. 3 vols. oblong folio. 1834. STANLEY (John), Mus. Bac. Jephthah," an oratorio by Dr. John Free. In full score.


Presented to the Society by Mr. M. S. Forristall.


1835. STRADELLA (Alessandro). "San Giovanni Battista," an oratorio,

in full score.


oblong folio.


NFOSSI (Pasquale).


In full score.

"L'Amante Confuso," an opera.

2 vols. oblong quarto.

1837. ANFOSSI (Pasquale). "La Clemenza di Tito," an opera composed by, "nel Real Teatro di S.

Carlo, 1772." In full score.

3 vols. oblong quarto.

1838. ANFOSSI (Pasquale).

"La Finta Giardiniera per Amore,” an In full score.

opera, composed at Rome, 1774.

3 vols. oblong quarto.

1839. BANISTER (John). Music for Charles Davenant's Circe, Act I. (See No. 1921).

1840. BIANCHI (Francesco). "La Vendetta di Nino," an opera.

In full score.

1841. BIEREY (G. B.?)

oblong quarto. Naples. "Rosette, oder Das Schweitzer Hirten

Madchen," an opera. In full score. 3 vols. oblong quarto. 1842. BONONCINI (M. A.) "Camilla," an opera, translated from the Italian by Owen Swiny. In full score. folio. circa 1706.

See the printed copy of the songs, No. 737, and the libretto, No. 2809. 1843. BOYCE (William), Mus. Doc. The Masque in Shakspere's play of "The Tempest." In full score. oblong quarto.

This music, consisting of a song, two duets, and two recitatives for the characters of Ceres and Hymen, was written for one of the altered versions of the play.

1844. BOYCE (William), Mus. Doc. The Secular Masque, written in the year 1700 by John Dryden. In full score, in the composer's autograph.

1845. BRAHAM (John) and M. P. KING.

oblong quarto.

The Americans, a comic

opera, by S. J. Arnold. In full score.

oblong quarto. [1811.]

Beyond the name of Braham being affixed to one song and three duets, there is no indication of each composer's share in the piece.

1846. BRAHAM (John) and Charles Edward HORN. The Devil's

Bridge, an opera, by S. J. Arnold.

In full score.

1847. CIMAROSA (Domenico).

full score.

oblong quarto [1812]. The name of Horn is affixed to the overture, but the shares of the two composers in the rest of the opera are undistinguished. "Il Pittore Parigino," an opera. In oblong quarto. 1803. 1848. DITTERSDORFF (Carl). "Il Tribunale di Giove," serenata (with a prologue), composed in 1774. In full score. 2 vols. folio. 1849. ECCLES (John). The Music in Shakspere's tragedy of "Mac

beth." In full score.

1850. ENTERTAINMENT (A Musical). In full score.

quarto. folio.

This piece is without title, but is described in the prologue (spoken in the character of Momus) as "A new fram'd Entertainment, no Comedie, no Tragedie, no Opera, no Pastoral, no Farce." It seems a kind of extravaganza, or mixture of masque, pantomime and musical farce. Descriptions of several of the scenes are given. The name of James Kremberg, one of the Musicians in ordinary to Queen Anne, is affixed to some of the music as composer, and it is probable that the whole is by him.


1851. FINGER (Godfrey). "The Virgin Prophetess, or, the Fate of

Troy," an opera, by Elkanah Settle. In full score.
folio. circa 1701.

The greater part of the spoken dialogue is given in addition to the
See also the instrumental music in No. 1591.


1852. GALLIARD (John Ernest). The Rape of Proserpine, a musical

entertainment, by Lewis Theobald.

scribed by A. T. Roffe.


In full score. quarto. [London, 1861.]

1853. GREENE (Maurice), Mus. Doc. Florimel; or, Love's Revenge, a dramatic pastoral, by Dr. John Hoadly, composed in 1737. In full score. oblong quarto. A printed copy of the libretto, quarto, Winchester, n. d. ; is inserted.

1854. GREENE (Maurice), Mus. Doc. The same.

In vocal score,

oblong quarto, with separate parts for the stringed quartett, 4 books.



1855. HAYDN (Joseph). Armida," an opera, composed in the year 1783. In full score, in the autograph of the composer.

oblong quarto.

This opera was sent to England by Haydn, in fulfilment of an engagement entered into by him when in this country, to furnish an opera for the King's Theatre. During the interval between the making of the engagement and the sending the opera, an alteration had taken place in the management of the theatre; and on arrival of the work, the new manager refused to receive it, and it was consequently never brought


1856. JOMELLI (Nicolo). Airs from the opera "Argentina," composed in 1757. In full score.

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oblong quarto.

"Non so trovar."

"Se un ingrata."

1857. LAMPE (John Frederick). The Dragon of Wantley: a burlesque opera, by Henry Carey. In full score. In the handwriting of Thomas Barrow, gentleman of the chapelroyal.

See also No. 852.

1857* MAYER (Johann Simon). Elisa, an opera.


In full score.

2 vols. oblong quarto.

1858. MEYERBEER (Giacomo). The Demon, a grand opera, adapted

from Robert le Diable for performance at Drury Lane Theatre, and scored by Sir H. R. Bishop, T. Cooke, R. Hughes and M. Corri. The instrumental score only in the autographs of the adapters.

2 vols. oblong quarto. London, 1832.

1859. PEPUSCH (John Christopher), Mus. Doc.

a masque, by Colley Cibber.

Venus and Adonis,

In full score, with separate

parts for First Violin (2), Second Violin (3), Tenor, Bassi (3), and First and Second Hautboys.

1860. PEPUSCH (John Christopher), Mus. Doc.

quarto. circa 1715. Apollo and Daphne,

a masque, by John Hughes. In full score.

quarto. circa 1716.

1861. PEREZ (David). A collection of Italian operas, written (except one) by Metastasio; composed chiefly for the opera at


In full score.

Didone abbandonata, 1751.

(2nd and 3rd Acts only.)

Demetrio, 1752.

(Airs from 1st and 2nd Acts only.)

Adriano in Siria, 1752.

Artaserse, 1753.

19 vols. oblong quarto. L'Eroe Cinese, 1753.

(The recitatives omitted.) Ipermestra, 1754.

Solimano, 1757.

(The recitatives omitted.)

1862. PLAYS, &c. (Music for the following). In full score. quarto.

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Vanbrugh and Cibber's Provoked Husband (Songs in).
Coffey's Devil to pay (Songs in).

1863. PURCELL (Daniel). "The Grove; or, Love's Paradise," an opera, by John Oldmixon. In full score. folio. circa 1700. 1864. PURCELL (Henry). Music in the play of "Timon of Athens' (as altered from Shakspere by Thomas Shadwell), consisting of an overture, instrumental music, and a masque. In full



The first three movements of the overture are identical with the

'The same

"Trumpet Sonata " contained in the MS. described under No. 1933,
Vol. I., save that the trumpet part is omitted in this copy.
three movements (slightly altered) also form the overture to the ode for
the Duke of Gloucester's Birthday, 1695. (See No. 1921)

1865. PURCELL (Henry). Part of the Music in the Indian Queen. See No. 1663.

1866. PURCELL (Henry). The Fairy Queen, Act IV. (See No. 1921.) 1867. Rossi (Luigi). Il Palazzo Incantato, overo, La Guerriere Amante, an opera, by Giulio Ruspigliosi, performed at Rome in 1642. In full score. 2 vols. oblong quarto. 1868. ROSSINI (Gioachino). Nouveau Final de Guillaume Tell, pour reduire l'ouvrage en 3 actes. In full score.

See a printed full score of the opera, No. 958.


1869. SALIERI (Antonio). "Palmira, Königinn von Persinn," an

opera. In full score.

oblong quarto.

1870. SALIERI (Antonio). “Palmira, Regina di Persia,” an opera. In vocal score, with Harpsichord accompaniment arranged

by Taddeus Weigl. Italian text.

2 vols., oblong quarto. Vienna.

1871. SARTI (Giuseppe). “Il Giulio Sabino," an opera. In full


1872. SCHWEIZER (Kappellmeister).

drama. In vocal score.

Carnevale, 1746."

oblong quarto. Elisium, ein musikalischer

oblong quarto.

1873. SELLITTI (Giuseppe). "L'Orazio," an opera, composed "nel In full score. 3 vols., oblong quarto. 1874. SMITH (John Christopher). Teraminta, an opera, by Henry Carey. In full score.

quarto [1732]. 1875. STANLEY (John). Arcadia, or, the Shepherd's Wedding, a dramatic pastoral, written by Robert Lloyd in honour of the marriage of King George III. and Queen Charlotte. In full score.

quarto. 1761.

1876. STORACE (Stephen). "No Song, no Supper," a comic opera, by Prince Hoare. In full score.

oblong folio. 1790.

1877. YATES (William). The Choice of Apollo, a masque.


In full

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LARI (Giovanni Carlo Maria). Madrigals and other

pieces for two and three voices.

Madrigals for two voices.
*Fuoco è la chioma bionda.
*Quando col mio s'incontra.
Dov'è quell' usignuole.
Nel suo bel prato ameno.
Volle speranza ardita.
Lontan dalla sue Fille.

Madrigals for three voices. *Dove, ah dove, oh pastori?

Con Fille un giorno.

Quant 'e soave amore.

Fra mille dubbi.

Bella sorte.

Nice da Te lontano,


In score. 4 vols.,

oblong folio.

Cantando un di sedea.

Spesso amor.

Quando tramonta.
In sogno mi parea.

Al bosco, al prato, al fonte.
Clori deh mira.

Givite pur gioite (Cantata).

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E ver che Dori.

Ecco Amore.

Dal Nilo al nostro Lido.

*Si Lodi pur amore.

Addio campagne.
Con bel diletto.

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