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147. CHERUBINI (L.) Deuxième Messe Solennelle [in D], à quatre parties, avec accompagnemens à grand orchestre. In full


Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

folio. Paris.

148. CHERUBINI (L.) Third Mass, for three voices, adapted from the full score for the organ or pianoforte, and a fourth voice part added, by Haydn Corri. folio. London. 149. CHERUBINI (L.) Quatrième Messe Solennelle [in C], à 4 & à 5 partes, avec récits, chœurs, & accompagnemens à grand orchestre. In full score.

Presented to the Society by Mr. F. Deffell.

folio. Paris.

150. CHERUBINI (L.) The same, in separate parts. (The Offertorium and Graduale each separate from the Mass).

Presented to the Society by Mr. F. Deffell.

folio. Vienna.

151. CHERUBINI (L.) Petite Messe de la Saint Trinité, ou autres Fêtes de l'Année, sur les Chants de l'Eglise en Contrepoint mésure, à troix voix, avec accompagnement d'orgue. In score. folio. Paris.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

152. CHERUBINI (L.) Requiem, à quatre voix, et à grand orchestre. In full score, with an arrangement for the pianoforte by A. F. folio. Bonn et Cologne.


153. CHERUBINI (L.) The Same. In full score.

folio. Paris.

154. CHERUBINI (L.) Deuxième Messe de Requiem, pour voix

d'hommes. In full score.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

folio Paris.

This work was composed in 1836, when the author was 76 years old, and was performed at his funeral in 1842.

155. CHERUBINI (L.) Six Oeuvres choises de Musique Réligieuse.


In full score.

folio. Paris [1820?].

This work, which was presented to the Society by Mr. Vincent Novello, contains the following Motetts, viz. :

[blocks in formation]

CHERUBINI (L.) "Confirma hoc, Deus" [Motett, ou Chour],

à trois voix, composé pour le Sacre de Charles X.

France, A.D. 1825]. In full score.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

[Roi de



157. CHETHAM (Rev. John).

A Book of Psalmody containing a

variety of Tunes for Psalms, with Chanting tunes and Fifteen
Anthems, all set in four parts. Seventh edition.
octavo, London, 1745.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

158. CHETHAM (Rev. John). The same. Ninth edition.

octavo. Leeds, 1767.

159. CHILD (William), Mus. Doc. Choise Musick to the Psalmes of David, for Three Voices, with a Continuall Base either for the Organ or Theorbo. Two copies; one with the 4 separate parts in a case, the other with the 4 parts bound in one volume. small oblong folio. London, 1656. This curious publication is not (as might be supposed from the title) a collection of psalm tunes, but twenty short anthems, for two trebles and bass, the words selected from the Psalms.

160. CLARKE (John), Mus. Doc. Cathedral Music, composed by. Consisting of A Service and Six Anthems. Morn

In score.

Two vols.

ing and Evening Services and Chants. Twelve Anthems. 3 vols. folio. London, 1805. 161. CLARKE (John), Mus. Doc. Favourite Anthems, selected from the compositions of Croft, Greene, William Hayes, Boyce, Kent, Nares, John Clarke, &c., with a separate accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte, by. In score. (each containing fifteen Anthems) in one. folio. London. 162. COLE (William). Psalmodist's Exercise. See No. 207. 163. COLONNA (Giovanni Paolo). Defonti, a otto voci pieni. in a volume.

Messa, Salmi, e Responsori per li In separate parts, bound together quarto. Bologna, 1685.

For another copy see No. 352, and a MS. score, No. 1682. 164. COLONNA (Giovanni Paolo). Psalmi, octo vocibus, ad ritum Ecclesiastica Musices concinendi, et ad primi et secundi organi sonum accommodati. Liber Tertius. Opus Undecimum. In separate parts; ten books, engraved frontispiece to each. quarto. Bologna, 1694.

165. COMMER (Francis). Collectio Operum Musicorum Batavorum, Sæculi XVI. In score. Eight books.

[blocks in formation]

Jubilate, Cantate Domino, and Deus Misereatur, with eight

Anthems, three Collects, and a Sanctus. In score.

folio. London.

168. COSTA (Sir Michael). "Suffer little children to come unto me," a Baptismal Anthem. In score, with one set of separate chorus folio. London [1853]. Presented to the Society by the composer.


169. COSTA (Sir Michael). Date Sonitum, an Offertorium, for a bass voice and chorus. In vocal score. folio. London.

170. COTTON (Very Rev. J. H.), D.D., Dean of Bangor. Bangor Cathedral Collection; being a selection of Anthems and Sacred Music, adapted to English words from the works of various composers. In vocal score, with an arranged folio. Chester, 1848.


171. Cozzi (Carlo). Salmi per la Compieta con le Antifone e Letanie della B. V. concertata a 3 e 4 voci, con la quinta parte, si placet. In separate parts, bound in one volume. quarto. Milan, 1649. 172. CROCE (Giovanni). Motetti, a quattro voci, nuovamente ristampati e corretti. Libro Primo. In separate parts in a case

(the bass part wanting the title). 173. CROFT (William), Mus. Doc.

quarto. Venice, 1602. Thirty Select Anthems in score, to

which is added the Burial Service, as it is now occasionally
performed in Westminster Abbey.
2 vols.

174. CROFT (William), Mus. Doc.

Portrait of the composer. folio. (Two copies). London. The same. Portrait. Two vols.

folio. London.

in one.

This copy appears to be a reprint from the plates of the original edition. The author's preface is omitted.

175. CROFT (William), Mus. Doc. The same. A new edition, published by Lonsdale. Two vols.

folio. London.

176. CROFT (William), Mus. Doc. The same, with an accompaniment for the organ, by Vincent Novello, printed under the score. Two vols. folio. London.

The vocal score only, of the two anthems for which Dr. Croft composed orchestral accompaniments, is printed in this edition.

177. CROFT (William), Mus. Doc. Te Deum, Jubilate, Cantate Domino, and Deus Misereatur, in the key of E flat. Edited by William Hawes. In score. folio. London.

178. CROTCH (William), Mus. Doc. Ten Anthems. In score.


London (?). 179. CUTLER (William Henry), Mus. Bac. An Anthem [“O praise the Lord'], in score, with an adaptation for the pianoforte ; composed as an exercise for the Degree of Bachelor of Musick. folio. London [1812].

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

180. D'EVE (Alphonso). Genius Musicus. Divinis, Marianis, ac Sanctorum laudibus decoratus, et Ecclesiastico Ritui, una, 2, 3, 4, 5, tam vocibus quam instrumentis officiosus. Opus Primum. Eleven separate parts in a case.

181. D'EVE (Alphonso). Philomela

small folio. Delectans,

Amsterdam. seu Missa et

Mottetta, una, 2, 3, 4, tam vocibus quam instrumentis decan-
Opus Tertium. In separate parts.


small folio. Antwerp, 1708.

182. DE GOUY (Jaques). Le Compagnon Divin, ou les Airs a quatre parties, sur la Paraphrase des Pseaumes de Messire Antoine Godeau, Composez par Monsieur. Esquels on a ajoûtés quelques Airs de la Composition de Monsieur Henry Dumont, et une Nouvelle Piece. In separate parts, viz., Premier Dessus, Haute Contre, Taille, and Basse-Contre. Four vols. oblong octavo. London, n. d. 183. DE LALANDE (Michael Richard). Motetts, in full score. Livres IX. à XVI. Two vols. [Tom. 3 and 4.] folio. Paris, 1729. 184. DONIZETTI (Gaetano). Miserere, for several voices, with chorus. In vocal score, with accompaniment for pianoforte or organ, adapted by the composer. folio. London.

Two copies, one presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth; the other by Messrs. Wessel and Stapleton.

185. DRUMMOND (George), Mus. Bac. “O give thanks unto the Lord." Anthem, composed as an exercise for the Degree of Bachelor in Music. In full score.

folio. London.

186. DUMONT (H.) Motets à deux voix, avec la basse-continue. In separate parts, bound in one volume.

quarto. Paris, 1668. 187. DUPUIS (Thomas Saunders), Mus. Doc. Cathedral Music, in score, composed by. Selected from the original manuscripts, and carefully revised, by John Spencer. Three volumes; the third volume containing a separate organ part to the compositions in the first and second volumes, and a portrait of the composer. folio. London, 1797. 188. DYKE (Rev. William). Original Sacred Music, consisting of Hymns, Anthems, Communion-Services and Chants, composed by. In score. folio. London.

189. EBDON (Thomas). "Sacred Music for the use of the Choir of Durham." In score; and

A Second Volume of Sacred Music, in score, consisting of

sixteen Anthems, two Kyrie Eleesons, and six Double Chants. In one volume.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

190. ELLERTON (John Lodge). Mass in D. In vocal score.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by the composer.

191. ELLERTON (John Lodge).

Messe, à trois voix, avec


pagnement d'orgue ou pianoforte. Op. 59. In score.

Presented to the Society by the composer.

folio. Brussels.

192. ELLERTON (John Lodge). Felix es sacra, Motett for four

voices. In vocal score.

O Salutaris Hostia, Aria. In vocal score.

folio. London [1856].

folio. London [1856].

Presented to the Society by the composer.

193. ESTE (Michael) Mus. Bac. The Sixt Set of Bookes, wherein are Anthems for Versus and Chorus of 5 and 6 Parts; Apt for Violls and Voyces; newly composed by. In separate parts bound together. quarto. London. 1624.

For the other sets published by this author, see Madrigals and Instrumental Music.

194. EVANS (Charles S.) Two Anthems. See Nares (James), Mus. Doc., No. 378.

195. EVISON (James). A Complete Book of Psalmody, containing variety of Psalm Tunes, Hymns, Anthems, &c. Second edition. octavo. London. 1751. 196 EYBLER (Joseph). Dritte Messe (de Sancto Leopoldo).


full score.

Bound with Bach's Passions Musik, &c.

See No. 530.

In Vienna.

197. FALUSI (Michaele Angelo). Responsoria Hebdomadis Sanctæ, una cum Benedictus, Miserere, ac Antiphonis, quatuor vocibus cum organo. In separate parts (the bassus part wanting). quarto. Rome, 1684. TRABACIUS (Joannes Maria). Psalmorum pro Vesperis et Completorio totius anni, cum antiphonis quæ in fine horarum per totum annum recitari solent, et quarta Missa, quatuor vocum. In separate parts (the organ part wanting).

quarto. Venice, 1608. PALESTRINA (Giovanni Pierluigi). Messe a quattro voci del Palestina, cioè, del Papa Marcello ridotta à 4, da Gio. Francesco Anerio, Iste Confessor, & Sine Nomine; e la Quarta


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