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1500. FELTON ([Rev.] William). Concertos for the Organ or Harpsichord, with Instrumental Parts. Two Sets, of six each, folio. London.

arranged for a Keyed Instrument.

Presented to the Society by Miss Dowling.

1501. FLUTE MUSIC. "Six Setts of Choice Opera Songs or Arietts With their Symphonys fitted for 2 Flutes, The Second Parts being compleat and Airy as the first, not thin and heavy as Second Trebles usually are: in both parts there are proper Variations for the Humour of the Flute."

Published by Walsh, London (circa 1712). 1502. FRESCOBALDI (Girolamo). Canzone da Sonare, a una, due, tre et quattro, con il basso-continuo. Libro Primo. In separate parts bound together. Portrait of the composer quarto. Venice, 1634.


1503. FRESCOBALDI (Girolamo). Toccate d'Intavolatura di Cimbalo et Organo, partite di diverse Arie e Corrente, Balletti, Ciaccone, Passaghali. Libro Primo: and

Il Secondo Libro di Toccate, Canzone versi d'Hinni Magnificat, Gagliarde, Correnti, et Altri Partite, di Cimbalo et Organo. Printed from copper plates. In one volume, large folio. Portrait of the composer. Rome, 1637.

1504. GIBBONS (Orlando), Mus. Doc. Fantazies of III. Parts [for viols.] In separate parts engraved on copper plates.

quarto. [London.]

Reprinted in score by the Musical Antiquarian Society. See No. 46.

1505. GIBBONS (Orlando), Mus. Doc. Parthenia. See No. 1478. 1506. HARPSICORD MASTER (The Second Book of The), Containing a Choice Collection of Lessons for the Harpsicord or Spinnet as Almands, Corants, Sarabrands, Ayres, Minuetts, and Jiggs, by Dr. Blow, Mr. Courtivall, Mr. Clark, Mr. Barrett & Mr. Croffts. To which is added Plain & Easy Rules for Learners. oblong quarto. London, 1700.

The same. The Third Book; the Lessons &c. "by Mr. Jer. Clark, Mr. Barrett, Mr. Croft, & other Eminent Masters. The Ayres and Lessons plac'd on five lines, it being now the Generall way of Practice. Likewise at the end of the Book is added Plain and Easy Rules for Learners made by the late famous Mr. Hen. Purcell." [The Rules are identical with those in the Second Book and printed from the same plates.] oblong quarto. London, 1702. 1507. HAYDN (Joseph). Partition des Symphonies, containing 21

symphonies, numbered respectively 1 to 12, 14, 20, 21, 21 (bis), and 22 to 26.

3 vols. folio. Paris. 1508. HAYDN (Joseph). The same; another copy, containing the symphonies numbered 1 to 15, 17 to 19, and 21 to 26.

folio. Paris. 1509. HAYDN (Joseph). The first six of the twelve Symphonies composed for Salomon's Concerts. In score, bound together. folio. Leipsic. 1510. HAYDN (Joseph). Symphony in A (known as Die Abschied Sinfonia). In score. quarto. London. 1511. HAYDN (Joseph). No. 8. Symphonie Périodique, as performed at Hanover Square Concerts, &c. In separate parts. folio. London. 1512. HAYDN (Joseph). Eighty-three Quartetts, for two violins, viola, and violoncello. In score. 6 vols. octavo. Berlin. 1513. HAYDN (Joseph). VIII. Sonates, pour le Pianoforte. Portrait. oblong folio. Leipsic. 1514. HAYDN (Joseph). VI. Sonates, pour le Pianoforte, avec accompagnement d'un Violon et Violoncelle. (The Pianoforte part only.) oblong folio. Leipsic. 1515. HECKEL (Wolf). Lautten Buch, von mancherley schönen und lieblichen stucken, mit zweyten lautten zusammen zuschlagen, und auch sonst das mehrer theyl allein für sich selbst. Gute Teutsche, Lateinische, Frantzösische, Italienische Stuck oder lieder. Auch vilfaltige Newe Tentz, sampt mancherley Fantaseyen, Recercari, Pavana, Saltarelli, und Gassenhawer, &c. [The music in a tableture differing from those used by the English and Italian writers for the lute.] oblong quarto. Strasbourg, 1562. 1516. HURLEBUSCH (Conrad Friederich). De 150 Psalmen Davids mit der Zelver Lofgesangen, gemaakt voor het Clavier en oblong quarto. Amsterdam, 1766.


1517. Jozzi (Giuseppe). VIII. Sonate per Cembalo.

oblong folio.

Amsterdam. 1518. JUST (J. A.) Six Divertimentos pour le Clavecin, avec l'accompagnement d'un Violon. Oeuvre I. In separate parts.

Two books.

folio. London. 1519. JUST (J. A.) Six Sonatines pour le Clavecin, a l'usage des commençans. Oeuvre Troisieme.

oblong quarto. The Hague.

1520. KELLY (Thomas, Earl of). Minuets, &c. In score. Portrait Edinburgh, 1836.

and plates Privately printed.

1521. KELLY (Thomas, Earl of). Six Overtures

See No. 1586.

1522. KRUMPHOLTZ (J. B.). Trois Sonates pour la Harpe, avec ac

compagnement de violon ad libitum.

separate parts.

Oeuvre XVI. In oblong folio. Paris.

A similar set of Sonatas. Oeuvre XVII. In separate

parts. oblong folio. Paris. 1523. LOCATELLI (Pietro). XII. Sonate a Flauto Traversiere solo, e Basso. Opera Seconda. The composer's autograph on the title-page. folio. Amsterdam. 1524. LOCATELLI (Pietro). VI. Sonatas for two German Flutes, or two Violins, with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord or Violoncello. Opera Terza. In separate parts.

folio. London.

1525. LOCKE (Matthew) his Little Consort of Three Parts, containing Pavans, Ayres, Corants and Sarabands, for Viols or Violins. In two several Varieties: The first 20 are for Two Trebles and a Basse: The last 20 for Treble, Tenor and Basse. To be performed either alone or with Theorbos and Harpsecord. In separate parts (in a case).

oblong quarto. London, 1656. 1526. MARINI (Carlo). Sonate a Violino Solo col Basso Continuo. Op. Ottava.


s. l. v. a.

Bound up with Albinoni's Sonate di Chiesa, and Visconti's Sonate. 1527. MATTEIS (Nicola). Arie, Preludij, Alemande, Sarabande, &c. per il Violino. Libro Primo. Altre Arie &c. . . piu difficile è studiose per il violino. Libro Secondo. Bound together. oblong octavo. Ayres for the Violin to wit, Preludes, Fuges, Alemands, Sarabands, Courants, Gigues, Fancies, Divisions, And likewise other Passages, Introductions and Fugues for Single and Double stops with divisions somewhat more artificial for the Emproving of the Hand upon the Basse Viol or Harpsichord. The Third and Fourth parts.

oblong octavo. s. l. v. a. [London]. 1528. MATTHESON (J.) Pièces de Clavecin, en deux volumes, consistant des Ouvertures, Préludes, Fugues, Allemandes, Courentes, Sarabandes, Gigues, et Aires.

Two vols. in one.

folio. London.


Symphonie, No. 3 [in A

octavo. Leipsic.

minor, usually called The Scotch Symphony.] In score.

1530. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). Drei Concert-Overturen, Der Sommernachstraum, Die Fingals-Höhle, Meerestille und glückliche Fahrt. In score. octavo. Leipsic.

1531. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). Overture zum Mährchen von der Schönen Melusine. In score. octavo. Leipsic. Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

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1532. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). Overture zu Ruy Blas," für Grosses Orchester. In score.


octavo. Leipsic. Concerte für das Piano

forte mit Begleitung des Orchesters. No 1, G moll. Op. 25. No. 2, D moll. Op. 40. In score. octavo. Leipsic. 1534. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). Preludium für die Orgel. "Composed for Henry E. Dibdin." Fac-simile of the original manuscript.

quarto. Edinburgh.

Presented to the Society by Mr. H. E. Dibdin.

1535. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). Quartetten für 2 violinen, bratsche und bass. No. VI. In score. octavo. Leipsic. 1536. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). Andante, Scherzo, Capriccio und Fuge für 2 violinen, bratsche und violoncell. Op. 81. In score.

octavo. Leipsic.

1537. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). Lieder ohne Worte. Original Melodies for the Pianoforte.

1538. MORLEY (Thomas). The First Booke

Six Books, in one vol. folio. London. of Consort Lessons,

made by divers exquisite Authors for sixe Instruments to play together, viz: the Treble Lute, the Pandora, the Citterne, the Base Violl, the Lute, and the Treble Violl. Collected by Thomas Morley Gentleman, and now newly corrected and inlarged. The Treble Violl part only.

quarto. London, 1611.

Bound with other Instrumental Music by Adson and Rossetor, Canzonets by Morley, and Bevin's Introduction to Music,

1539. MOZART (W. A.) and L. VAN BEETHOVEN.

"A Complete Collection of Mozart and Beethoven's Symphonies, in Score." 4 vols. small quarto. London.

These volumes contain Mozart's Symphonies in E flat, D, G minor, and C (Jupiter); and also (under the name of Symphonies) his Overtures to Die Zauberflote and Le Nozze di Figaro; and Beethoven's Symphonies in C, D, and E flat (Eroica). The numbers affixed to most of the com. positions are different from those by which they are ordinarily known. 1540. MOZART (W. A.) Ouvertures pour le grand Orchestre des Opéras. In score.

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octavo. Berlin.

Cosi fan tutte.
Die Zauberflote.

1541. MOZART (W. A.) [Sechs] Clavier-Conzerte in partitur. folio. Offenbach.

1542. MOZART (W. A.) Quartetten, für zwey violinen, viola, und violoncello. In score. 12mo. Mannheim.

MOZART (W. A.) Quintetten, für zwei violinen, zwei

In score.

12mo. London.

violas, und violoncello. 1543. MOZART (W. A.) Grand Fugue in G minor, (the only one composed) for the organ. Edited, with an Introduction, by

Joseph Thomas Cooper.

1544. MOZART (W. A.)

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Presented to the Society by the editor. Quartetts. See Nos. 1557 and 1558. 1545. MOZART (W. A.) Requiem, arranged for Organ or Pianoforte solo, by Josiah Pittman. folio. London [1854].

Presented to the Society by Mr. Pittman.

1546. MUSICA BELLICOSA, or, Warlike Music. Being a choice Collection of sixty-eight Marches and Trumpet Tunes for the German Flute, Violin and Hautboy, with a Through Bass to the whole, to which is added Geminiani's and Dubourg's Seranading Trumpet Tunes and a Scale of the Gamut for

the Bassoon. Two Parts.

small oblong quarto. Published by Walsh, London. Presented to the Society by Mr. Victor Schoelcher.

1547. MUSICK'S RECREATION on the Lyra Viol. Being a choice collection of New and Excellent Lessons for the Lyra Viol, both easie and delightfull for all yong Practitioners. To which is added some few plain Directions as a Guide for Beginners.

oblong small quarto. Printed for John Playford. London [1656?].

1548. NOVELLO (Vincent). Cathedral Voluntaries, from the works of Church composers of the English school; selected and arranged for the organ. 2 vols. folio. London, 1831. 1549. OSWALD (James). The Caledonian Pocket Companion, containing all the favourite Scotch tunes with variations for the German flute. Eight books in one volume.

quarto. London.

1550. PEPUSCH (John Christopher), Mus. Doc. "Mr. Pepusch's Aires for Two Violins Made on Purpose for the Improvement

of Practitioners in Consort."


1551. PORPORA (Nicola). Sinfonie da Opera II. In separate parts.

In score.

Published by Walsh, London.
Camera a Tre Istromenti.

folio. London, 1736.

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