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1451. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Symphonie en Fa. No. 8. In


octavo. Paris. Sinfonie, mit Schluss-Chor, über Schiller's An die Freude' [The Choral Symphony]. In full score. folio. Mainz and Paris.

1452. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).

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1453. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Grande Simphonie, avec Chœur, arrangée pour le Pianoforte, à quatre mains, par Charles


1454. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).

oblong folio. Leipsic. Wellington's Sieg, oder, der

Schlacht bey Vittoria [The Battle Symphony]. In score.

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1455. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Overture de Coriolan, tragèdie de M. Collin. In score.

octavo. Bonn.

1456. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Overture, No. 2, zur Oper, Leo

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1458. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Overture zum Ballet, Die Geschöpfe

de Prometheus. In score.

1459. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Orchestre. Oeuvre 124. 1460 BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Begleitung des Orchesters.

1461. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).
Op. 19. In score.

1462. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).
Op. 58. In score.
1463. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).
Op. 73. In score.

1464. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).

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In score.
Concerto für das Pianoforte, mit
15tes Werk. In score.

folio. Vienna. Concerto de Piano. No. 2. octavo. Leipsic and Berlin. Concerto de Piano.

No. 4.

octavo. Leipsic and Berlin. Concerto de Piano. No. 5. octavo. Leipsic and Berlin. Trios for Pianoforte, Violin, and Violoncello-Op. 1. (three), 11, 38, 70 (two), 97, and Posthumous (two); and Quintett for Pianoforte, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, and Horn (or Quartett for Pianoforte, Violin, Viola, and Violoncello), Op. 16. In score, with separate parts for the Violin, Violoncello, Oboe, Clarionet, Bassoon, Horn, and Viola. There are also separate parts for the Clarinet, to be substituted for the Violin, to Op. 11 and 38.

folio. Offenbach.

1465. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Trios for Violin, Viola, and Violoncello, Op. 3, 8, and 9 (Nos. 1, 2, & 3); Flute, Violin, and Viola, Op. 25; and Two Oboes and English Horn, Op. 29. In score. In one vol. 12mo. Mannheim.

1466. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Quartetten, für Zwey Violinen, Viola, and Violoncello. Nos. 1-6 (Op. 18); 7, 8, 9 (Op. 59); 10 (Op. 74); 11 (Op. 95); 12 (Op. 127); 13-16 (Op. 130—133), and 17 (Op. 135). In score. Three vols. 12mo. Vienna, Leipsic, Mannheim, and London. Quintetten, für 2 Violinen, 2 Bratschen, and Violoncello, Op. 4 and 29; Septett, für Violine, Bratsche, Horn, Clarinette, Fagott, Violoncell, and Contra-Bass, Op. 20; and Sextett, für 2 Violinen, Bratsche, Violoncell, und 2 Horns, Op. 81. In score. In one vol. 12mo. London.

1467. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).

1468. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Grand Quintetto, pour 2 Violons. 2 Alti, et Violoncello. Op. 29. In score. octavo. Paris. 1469. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Grand Septuor, pour Violin, Alto, Clarinette, Cor, Basson, Violoncelle, et Contre-Basse, Op. 20. In score. octavo. Paris. 1470. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Oeuvres Complettes, pour le Piano à deux mains. (The publication is not yet completed.) folio. Brunswick. 1471. BEXFIELD (W. R.), Mus. Doc. A Set of Fugues, for the Organ. folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Bowley.

1472. Bishop (John). A Selection of favourite Pieces by the Great Masters, adapted as solos for the Organ, with pedal obbligato (Nos. 1 to 4). folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Bishop.

1473. BLOW (John), Mus. Doc., and Henry PURCELL. A choice collection of Lessons, being excellently Sett to the Harpsichord, viz. Old Simon the King, Moteley's Maggot, Mortlack's Ground, and several others.

oblong quarto. London, 1705. and

BLOW (John), Mus. Doc. A choice Collection of Lessons for the Harpsichord, Spinnet, &c., containing four Setts, As Grounds, Almands, Corants, Sarabands, Minuets and Jiggs. oblong quarto. London, n. d. [1698].

Bound together in one volume.

1474. BOCCHERINI (Luigi). Six Sonatas for the Harpsichord or Pianoforte, with an accompaniment for a Violin or German Flute. Op. 3. (The Harpsichord part only.) Imperfect.

folio. London.

HAMMOND (John). The Air, " Fal lal la," adapted with
Variations for the Pianoforte or Harp. folio. London.
BRUHL (Count de). Six Sonatas for the Pianoforte or
Harpsichord, with a Violin Accompaniment. Opera Prima.
In score.
folio. London.

CONDELL (Henry). Six Sonatas and the Medley Overture for the Pianoforte; the subjects taken from the Dramatic Ballet of The Enchanted Island.

MARTINI'S Favorite Minuet. In score.
DUPUIS (Thomas Saunders), Mus. Doc.


London. folio. London.

Six Sonatas for

the Pianoforte or Harpsichord, with an accompanyment for

a Violin.

Op. VI.

In score.

Bound together in a volume.

folio. London.

1475. BORGHI (Lewis). Six Solos for Violin and Bass. Opera Prima.

folio. London. Twelve Sonatas for two Violins [Bound up with Handel's Seven A score is in the manu

1476. BOYCE (William), Mus. Doc.
and Bass, in separate parts.
Sonatas for the same instrument.

script volume, No. 1952.] Three books. folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. E. Spencer.

1477. BUONI (Giorgio). Svonate a due Violine, e Violoncello, col Basso per l'Organo. In separate parts, bound together (wanting the Organ part).

quarto. Bologna, n. d.

1478. BYRD (William), Dr. John BULL and Orlando GIBBONS. Parthenia, or the Maydenhead of the first musicke that ever was printed for the Virginalls. Engraven on copper.

folio. London, n. d. [1611].

This work was reprinted by the Musical Antiquarian Society. See No. 46.

1479. CERVETTO (James), jun. Six Solos for the Violoncello and a

Bass. Opera Terza.

1480. COOPER (Joseph Thomas). Cambridge Chimes."

1481. COOPER (Joseph Thomas). Op. 32.

folio. London.

Voluntary for the Organ, "The oblong folio. London [1870?]. Sonata Ecclesia for the Organ. folio. London [1870?].

Presented (with the preceding) to the Society by the composer.

1482. CORELLI (Arcangelo).

and a Bass, in score. Corrected by several most eminent

Four Setts of Sonatas, for Two Violins

Masters, and revised by Dr. Pepusch.

Portrait of the com




1483. CORELLI (Arcangelo). The same Sonatas, in separate parts, viz.: Violino primo, Violino secondo, Violoncello, and Organo. Portrait of the composer in the First Violin part.

4 vols. folio. London.

Two copies, one presented to the Society by Mrs. Nairne.

1484. CORELLI (Arcangelo). Twelve Solos for the Violin, with a Thorough-bass for the Harpsichord or Violoncello.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. J. D. Vidler.

1485. CORELLI (Arcangelo). Sonate, a Violino e Violone, o Cimbalo. Op. 5, Parte Prima. Portrait of the composer.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. J. D. Vidler.

1486. COURTLY Masquing Ayres: containing Almaines, Ayres, Corants, Sarabands, Moriscos, Jiggs, &c. of Two Parts, Treble and Basse, for Viols or Violins. Composed by several excellent Masters, viz.: Charles Colman, Dr. in Musick, Mr. William Lawes, Mr. John Jenkins, Mr. Mathew Lock, Mr. Benjamin Rogers, Batchelor in Musick, Mr. Davis Mell, Mr. John Banister, Mr. William Gregorie, [and Mr. Thomas Gibbes.] Two parts bound together.

oblong small quarto. London, 1662. 1487. CROFT (William), Mus. Doc. Six Sonatas or Solos, Three for a Violin and Three for the Flute, with a Thorough Bass for

Compos'd by Mr. folio. London, 1700.

ye Harpsicord, Theorboe or Bass Viol. William Crofts & an Italian Mr. 1488. CZERNY (Carl). Die Künstlerbahn des Pianisten; oder, Die Kunst des Practischen Pianofortespiels, in fünf Werken, nämlich :-I. Die Schule der Gelaüfigkeit, Op. 229; II. Die Schule des Legato und Staccato, Op. 335; III. Die Schule der Verzierungen, Vorschlage, Mordenten, und Triller, Op. 335; IV. Die Schule der Linken Hand, Op. 339; V. Die Schule des Fugenspiel, &c., Op. 400. 5 parts. folio. Vienna. 1489. CZERNY (Carl). Die Künst des Präludirens auf dem Pianoforte. Op. 300. Portrait of the composer. folio. Vienna. 1490. CZERNY (Carl). 40 Tägliche Studien auf dem Pianoforte. folio. Vienna.

Op. 337.

1491. CZERNY (Carl). 101 Passagen Ubungen für das Pianoforte. folio. Vienna.

Op. 261. Three parts.

1492. DANCE TUNES. A Collection of the Newest Minuets, Riga

doons, and French Dances perform'd att Court and Publick Entertainments. The Tunes proper for the Violin, Hoboy, or Flute. Printed on single leaves.

oblong octavo.

London, 1716. 1493. DANCE TUNES. The newest Minuets, Rigadoons and French Dances perform'd at the Ball at Court on His Majesty's Birthday, 1725, and at the Installation Ball of the Knights of the Bath. The Tunes proper for the Violin and Hoboy. Printed on single leaves. oblong octavo. London, 1725. Twenty four Country Dances with proper Tunes and Directions to each Dance, as they are perform'd at Court, Bath and all Public Assemblies for the Year 1758.

oblong octavo. London, 1758. 1494. DANCING MASTER (The), or, Directions for Dancing Country Dances, with the Tunes to each Dance for the Treble Violin.

Volumes 1 and 2. Oblong octavo. Vol. I. the 18th edition.

Vol. II., the 4th edition.

London, n.d. London, 1728.

1495. DIVISION VIOLIN (The), containing a Collection of Divisions upon several Excellent Grounds for the Violin. Two Parts. (The first part, the sixth edition; the second part, the fourth edition.)

oblong quarto. Published by Walsh. London (n. d.) circa 1705-10. Quatuors pour deux Violons, Alto 122, et 124. In score.

1496. ELLERTON (John Lodge).

et Violoncello. Op. 61,

octavo. London.

Presented to the Society by the composer.

1497. ESTE (Michael), Mus. Bac. The Seventh Set of Bookes, Wherein are Duos for two Base Viols, so composed though there be but two parts in the eye, yet there is often three or foure in the eare. Also Fancies of 3 Parts for two treble Viols and a Base Violl: so made as they must be plaid and not sung. Lastly, ayerie Fancies of 4 Parts that may be as well sung as plaid. Lately set out by, In separate parts, bound together. quarto. London, 1638. 1498. ESTE (Michael), Mus. Bac. Fantazies of Two, Three and Four parts for Viols. In separate parts. quarto. London, n. d.

This is the same as the preceding, with the exception of a different title-page, bearing the imprint of John Playford.

1499. FEDELI, DETTO SAGGIONE (Giuseppe). Sonate, a Violino e folio. Paris, 1715.

Basso. Opera Prima.

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