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1409. GUGLIELMI (Pietro).

tire." In full score.

1410. HANDEL and others.

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oblong folio. Venice.

Six Concertos for the Harpsichord or Organ, by G. F. Handel. (The accompaniments for stringed instruments are not included.) folio. London.

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A Cantata and Four English Songs, by Dr. Greene. (For Book II. of Dr. Greene's English Songs, see No. 856.) folio. London.

The Songs in the third act of Dr. Arne's opera, “Eliza.” In full score. folio. London. Sonate, a Violin e Basso per il Cembalo, per Antonio Vivaldi. folio. Amsterdam. Solos for a Violin, with Thorough-bass for the Harpsicord, or Bass Violin; composed by Michele Mascitti.

folio. London.

1411. MUSICAL TIMES (The Music published in The), consisting of Anthems, Motetts, Glees, Madrigals, Chorusses, &c. In vocal score. Vols. I. to IV., bound in two volumes.

octavo. London.

1412. ORPHÉON. Repertoire de Musique Vocale en Choeur sans accompagnement a l'usage des jeunes éléves et des adultes. Composes de pieces inédites et de morceaux choisis dans les meilleurs auteurs par B. Wilhem. In vocal score.

1413. PURCELL (Henry) and others.

9 vols. octavo. Paris, 1846-51. The Collection of Music published by Mr. Goodison, and generally known as "Goodison's edition of Purcell." In full score.

2 vols. folio. [London.]

The contents are as follows:-


Music in "The Tempest'

Ditto "The Indian Queen"

Ode for Queen Mary's Birthday, commencing "Celebrate
this Festival"

Commemoration Ode, performed at Christ Church, Dublin
Voluntary for the Organ

Anthems, viz.

O God, Thou art my God

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Blessed are they that fear the Lord

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Duetto for Soprano and Alto, "Placidissime catene
"O felice l'onda


Handel. Charles Quarles.

Ditto Two Sopranos, “Libertà, libertà” (the first 21
bars only)

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Steffani. ditto.

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ditto. Sarti.

H. Purcell. ditto.

Ditto Two Sopranos, "Ah! proteggete, O Dei”

The Music in the Yorkshire Feast Song

The Masque in the Tragedy of "Edipus

King Arthur. The First Act, and a few bars of the first
song in the Second Act, only.


1414. SMITH (John Stafford). Musica Antiqua; a selection of Music of this and other countries, from the commencement of the twelfth to the beginning of the eighteenth century; comprising some of the earliest and most curious Motets, Madrigals, Hymns, Anthems, Songs, Lessons and Dance Tunes; some of them now first published from manuscripts and printed works of great rarity and value. The whole calculated to shew the original sources of the melody and harmony of this country, and to exhibit the different styles and degrees of improvement of the several periods. In score. Two volumes in one. folio. London, 1812.

1415. TURLE (James) and Edward TAYLOR. The People's Music Book. In Three Parts, containing, 1. A collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes; 2. Anthems, Hymns, Sacred Songs, &c.; and 3. Glees, Rounds, Duets, Trios and Madrigals, from the works of the best composers. In vocal score.

3 vols. octavo. London, 1844.

1416. VOGLER (Abate). Die Scala, oder personifizirte Stimbildungs und Singkunst. In full score.

folio. Offenbach.




DSON (John). Courtly Masquing Ayres, composed to 5 and 6 Parts for Violins, Consorts and Cor


The Cantus and Bassus parts only.

quarto. London, 1611.

Bound with Bevin's Introduction to Music, and odd parts

of Morley's Canzonets and Consort Lessons by Morley and Rossetor.

1418. AGUS (Giuseppe). Sonate, a Violino Solo e Basso.

folio. London (?).

1419. AGUS (Joseph). A choice collection of Catches and Glees, adapted for a Violin and Violoncello. In score.

folio. London. 1420. ALBERTI (Giuseppe Matteo). Concertos for Three Violins, an Alto Viola, and a Through Bass for the Harpsicord or Bass Violin. Opera Prima. In separate parts. Six books. folio. London [1713].

1421. ALBINONI (Tomaso). Sonate di Chiesa, a Violino e Violoncello

o Basso Cont.

folio. London. Suonate a Tre, doi Violini e Violoncello col Basso l'Organo. In separate parts.

1422. ALBINONI (Tomaso).

small folio. Amsterdam.

folio. London.

1423. ALDRIDGE (John), jun. A First Set of Six Duets, for two clarionets. In score. 1424. ALEXANDER (J.). Potpourri pour le Violoncello, avec accompagnement d'un Violin et d'une Basse. In separate parts. folio. Leipsic. 1425. ANDROUX (Giovanni Giacomo). Six Trios, for two German Flutes, or two Violins, with a Thorough-Bass for the Harpsichord. In separate parts. folio. London.

1426. ARNE (Thomas Augustine), Mus Doc. VIII Sonatas, or Lessons, for the Harpsichord.

1427. ARNE (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc.

oblong folio. London.

Six Favourite Con

certos for the Organ, Harpsichord, or Pianoforte, with instrumental parts for Public and Private Concerts [Arranged for a keyed instrument only.] Portrait.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. T. Roffe.

1428. ARNE (T. A.), Mus. Doc. Overtures to King Arthur, &c. See No. 1586.

1429. ARNOLD (Samuel), Mus. Doc. A Set of Progressive Lessons for the Harpsichord or Pianoforte, expressly calculated for the use of beginners. Book II. oblong folio. London. 1430. ASTORGA (Jean Oliver). Six Sonates à Violon et Basse. Oeuvre I. folio. London.

1431. BABELL (William). Suits of the most Celebrated Lessons, collected and fitted to the Harpsicord or Spinnet by. [Book III.] folio. London [1712?].

1432. BACH (Carl Philipp Emanuel). Clavier Sonaten, Erste Sammoblong folio. Leipsic, 1776.


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1433. BACH (John Christian). Three Sonatas for the Pianoforte, with an accompaniment for a Violin. In score.

folio. London.

1434. BACH (John Christian). Fuge, fur das pianoforte oder die Orgel, componirt uber die buchstaben seines namen.

oblong folio. Leipsic.

1435. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Die Kunst der Fuge. In score of four parts, with harpsichord arrangement subjoined.

oblong folio. Zurich.

1436. BACH (Johann Sebastian). The Art of Fugue; to which is added, from the 'Sacrifice Musical,' the Fugue on a subject by Frederick II. and a Ricercata in 6 Parts, on the same subject. Edited, with a Preface, by Charles Czerny.

folio. London. 1437. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Le Clavecin bien Tempéré, ou Preludes et Fugues, dans tout les Tons et Demitons du Mode Majeur et Mineur. Two parts (each containing 24 Preludes and Fugues). In one vol. oblong folio. London and Leipsic. 1438. BACH (Johann Sebastian). 48 Preludes and 48 Fugues. Edited by C. Czerny. folio. London.

1439. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Claver Sonaten, mit Obligater Violine;


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1441. BACH (Johann Sebastian).

Concert en Ut mineur pour deux Clavecins avec deux Violons, Viola et Basse. In score.

folio. Leipsic.

1442. BACH (Johann Sebastian).

Sechs Preludien und Sechs Fugen, fur Orgel oder Pianoforte,
mit Pedal.
Three Preludes and Fugues, for the Organ or Pianoforte.



Three Toccatas and Fugues, for the Organ or Pianoforte.


Chromatic Fantasia, for the Pianoforte


Grandes Suites, dites Suites Angloises, pour le Clavecin.

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Six Preludes, à l'Usage des Commencants, pour le Clavecin.


Fantasie, pour le Clavecin. No. 1.


Toccata, par Clavicembalo. No. 1.


Bound together in a volume, oblong folio.

1443. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Grand Studies for the Organ, consisting of Preludes, Fugues, Toccatas, and Fantasias. Eight books bound together, oblong folio, with a separate part for the Double Bass arranged from the pedale. folio. London. 1444. BACH (Johann Sebastian). A Grand Fugue, the Principal Theme being the first four bars of St. Ann's Psalm Tune. Arranged for two performers on the Organ or Pianoforte, by

B. Jacob.

1445. BACH (Johann Sebastian).

Four parts.

1446. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).

folio. London. Choral-Vorspiele, für die Orgel. folio. Leipsic.

Symphony in C, No. 1, Sym

phony in D, No. 2, and Symphony in E flat, No. 3 (Eroica).

See No. 1539.

1447. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Si b majeur). In score. 1448. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van).

In score.

Quatrième Grande Simphonie, (in octavo. Bonn and Cologne. Cinquième Sinfonie (en Ut Mineur). octavo. Leipsic.

1449. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Sixième Sinfonie (Pastorale). In


octavo. Leipsic.

quarto. Vienna.

1450. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). Siebente Grosse Sinfonie in A

dur. In score.

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