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pressed from the scores by G. A. Macfarren. Printed uniformly with, but being no part of, the Society's publications.

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DDINGTON (STEPHEN). A Collection of Psalm Tunes for Public Worship. In score.

oblong octavo. London, 1780.

Presented to the Society by Mr. R. W. Haynes.

49. AGUILAR (Emanuel). The Ancient Melodies of the Liturgy of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, harmonized by.

octavo. London, 1857.

50. AIGNER (Engelbert). Missa, quatuor vocum, tota in 'canone.


Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

In folio. Vienna.

51. ALBERT (H. R. H. Prince). Te Deum, Jubilate, Sanctus, Responses, and Anthem, "Out of the Deep." In vocal score. folio. Privately printed.

Presented to the Society by His Royal Highness.

52. ALCOCK (John), Mus. Doc. Twenty-six Select Anthems in score, a Burial Service for four voices, and part of the last verse of the 150th Psalm, in Latin, for eight voices, with instrumental accompaniments folio. London.

Bound with Christopher Bassano's Six Anthems, No. 95.

53. ALCOCK (John), Mus. Doc. Morning and Evening Service [in
E minor]. In score
folio. London, 1753.

Bound with Anthems by Buononcini, Worgan, &c.
Presented to the Society by Mr. J. A. Novello.

54. ALCOCK, jun. (John). Anthems, &c. viz.:

Behold God is my salvation. (For Christmas.)

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This is the day. (For Christmas, 1774.)

O Lord, our Governor. (For Christmas, 1775.)
Hark, the herald Angels. (For Christmas, 1776.)

Let all that are to mirth inclined. (Christmas Carol.)

Bound in a volume, with Weldon's and others' Divine Harmony, a collection of Psalms and Anthems without title (? Langdon's) and eight choruses from Handel's Messiah arranged for harpsichord or organ folio. London. 55. ALFIERI (Pietro), Raccolta di Musica Sacra, in cui contengonsi i capi lavori di piu celebri compositori Italiani, consistente in Messe, Sequenze, Offertori, Mottetti, Salmi, Inni, Responsori. 7 vols. containing the undermentioned works of Palestrina, and four compositions by Claude Goudimel, Elziar Genet, Christopher Morales, and Constantius Festa. In score.

Nine Masses.
Mottetti a 5 voci.

Cantica di Salomone.

Hymni totius Anni.
No. 396.]

folio. Rome, 1841-45.

[Printed at Venice, 1596. See No. 405.]
Quatuor vocibus. [Printed at Rome, 1589. See

Lamentationum, Quatuor vocibus, Liber primus. [Printed at Rome,


Idem. Libri II. et III.

Offertoria totius Anni.

No. 352.]

[From inedited MSS.]

Quinque vocibus. [Printed at Rome, 1593. See

Mottetti, Responsori, Antifone, Salmi, Sequenze, a sei, setti a otto voci.
Mottetti, Magnificats, &c.

56. ALLEN (George), Mus. Bac. Fifteen Anthems. In score.

57. ANDRE (Antonn). Mass for four voices.

58. ANDRE (Antonn). The same.

This and the foregoing were
French Flowers, Mus. Bac.

59. ANDRE (Antonn). The same.

folio. London, [1855].

In full score. oblong folio. Offenbach.

In vocal score.

oblong folio. Offenbach. presented to the Society by Mr. George

In vocal score.

oblong folio. Offenbach.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.

60. ANDRE (Antonn). The same. In separate parts, viz.: four sets vocal and two sets instrumental parts.

Presented to the Society by Mr. G. F. Flowers, Mus. Bac.

61. ANTHEMS (Six Easy) for two voices, chiefly adapted for ladies, by an eminent Master.

folio. London.

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stain forth.

62. ANTHEMS (Ten Full), collected from the works of several eminent

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63. ANTIPHONARIUM Romanum Juxta Breviarium Sanctæ Romanæ Ecclesiæ ex Decreto Sacro-Sancti Concilii Trident. Restitut.

quarto. Lyons, 1760.

64. ARNOLD (John). The Complete Psalmodist, or the Organist's, Parish Clerk's, and Psalm-singer's Companion. [Containing Chants, Anthems, Psalm tunes, Hymns, Canons, &c. In score.] The sixth edition. octavo. London, 1769.

65. ARNOLD (John). A Supplement to the Complete Psalmodist; containing a new set of capital Anthems, composed by John Arnold, with a new set of Psalm tunes. In score.

66. ARNOLD (Samuel), Mus. Doc.

octavo. London. Cathedral Music, being a col

lection in score of the most valuable and useful compositions for that service by the several English masters of the last 200 years; selected and revised by. 4 vols. folio. London, 1790. The fourth volume contains a separate organ part to the compositions included in the other three volumes.

67. ARNOLD (Samuel), Mus. Doc.


The same (wanting the organ

Presented to the Society by Miss Emily Gregg.

3 vols.

68. ARNOLD (Samuel), Mus. Doc. The same. Edited by E. F. Rimbault, with an arrangement for the organ, by the editor, subjoined to the vocal score. 3 vols. folio. London.

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69. ARNOLD (Samuel), Mus. Doc., and CALCOTT (John Wall), Mus. Doc. The Psalms of David, for the use of Parish Churches. The words selected by the Rev. Sir Adam Gordon, Bart., M. A.; the music selected, adapted, and composed by. In folio. London, 1791. 70. ATKINSON (G. G.) The Abbey Bell; a collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, with Chants, Responses, Glorias, and a Sanctus. octavo. London, [1861]. 71. ATTWOOD (Thomas). "O Lord, grant the King a long life!" Anthem composed for the Coronation of King William IV. In full score. folio. London, 1831; and, "I was glad,"

In score.

Anthem composed for the Coronation of King George IV. In full score (wanting the title-page). folio. London, 1821. 72. ATTWOOD (Thomas). Cathedral Music. Four complete Services, Eight Anthems, &c. Edited, and the organ accompaniment arranged, by Thomas Attwood Walmisley, M. A. and Mus. Doc. In score. Portrait of the composer. folio. London. 73. ATTWOOD (Thomas). Evening Service in F; Dirge for the See Nelson's (Lord) Funeral Music, No. 380. 74. AYRTON (Edmund), Mus. Doc. "Begin unto my God," an anthem for voices and instruments, in full score, composed as an exercise for the degree of Doctor in Music. folio. London. See another copy, No. 377.


75. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Six Motetts, in score, with German and English text (the English version by W. Bartholomew). Portrait of the composer. folio. London, 1851.

76. BACH (Johann Sebastian.) The same, in separate parts. Eight


77. BACH (Johann Sebastian.) Kirchen Musik.

folio. London. In vocal score. oblong folio. Bonn.

78. BACH (Johann Sebastian). 371 Vierstimmige Choralgesänge,

79. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Choräle

oblong octavo. Leipsic. mit bezifferten Bass,

herausgegeben von C. F. Becker. oblong quarto. Leipsic. 80. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Mehrstimmige Choralegesänge und Geistliche Arien. In score. oblong folio. Leipsic, 1850. 81. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Magnificat, a cinque voci, due violini, due oboi, tre trombi, tamburi, basson, viola, e basso-continuo. In full score.

folio. Bonn.

At the end is a Chorus for 5 voices, violin, and basso, to the words, "Gloria in excelsis Deo," &c.

82. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Messa, a 8 voci reali e 4 ripieno, coll' accompagnamento di due orchestre. No. 1. In full score. folio. Leipsic.

83. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Missa [Kyrie et Gloria], à 4 voci, due flauti, due violini, viola ed organo. No. 1. In full score. folio. Bonn and Cologne.

Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

In vocal score.

84. BACH (Johann Sebastian). The same.

85. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Missa [Kyrie

oblong folio. Bonn. et Gloria], quatuor

vocibus cantanda, comitante orchestra. In full score.

oblong folio.


Presented to the Society by Mr. Francis Deffell.

86. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Messe in H moll (the Kyrie and Gloria only). In full score. folio. Zurich and Bonn. 87. BACH (Johann Sebastian). Die Hohe Messe in H moll. In vocal score. Oblong folio, and three sets of separate voice parts,


Presented to the Society by Mr. G. F. Flowers, Mus. Bac.


88. BAETENS (Charles M.) Mass of the Assumption, for four voices, with an accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte. In score. folio. London.

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.

89. BAETENS (Charles M.) Mass of the Annunciation, for four voices, with an accompaniment for the organ or pianoforte. In score. folio. London [1857].

Presented to the Society by the composer.

90. BANKS (Ralph). Te Deum, Jubilate, Sanctus, Kyrie Eleison, Nicene Creed, Anthems, and Chants. In score.

folio. London. 91. BARNARD (Rev. John). "The First Book of Selected Church Musick, consisting of Services and Anthems, such as are now used in the Cathedrall and Collegiat Churches of this Kingdome. Never before Printed. Whereby such Bookes as were heretofore, with much difficulty and Charges, transcribed for the use of the Quire, are now, to the saving of much Labour and expence, publisht for the generall good of all such as shall desire them, either for publick or private exercise. Collected out of divers approved Authors, by John Barnard, one of the Minor Canons of the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, London." In separate parts; the Primus Contratenor, Secundus Contratenor, Tenor, and Bassus Decani, and the Medius, Secundus Contratenor, Tenor and Bassus Cantoris ; the Medius Decani, Primus Contratenor Cantoris, and Organ part being wanting. Eight vols. folio. London, 1641.

No perfect copy of this work is known. For nearly 90 years the library of Hereford Cathedral enjoyed the distinction of possessing the least imperfect set, having eight of the ten vocal parts, viz.: the Medius, First and Second Contratenors and Tenor Decani, and the two Contratenors, Tenor and Bassus Cantoris, several of them being damaged. In January, 1862, however, the set above described, also consisting of eight vocal parts, was offered for sale and purchased for the Society's library. It is remarkable that each of these two sets contained the two vocal parts which were deficient in the other. Shortly afterwards a copy of the Bassus Decani part was purchased for the Hereford Library, and a transcript of the Society's copy of the Medius Cantoris part (unfortunately imperfect) was permitted to be made for it, thereby placing it in its former position of pre-eminence as to the number of parts possessed by it. The library of Lichfield

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