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973. SPOHR (Louis). Der Berggeist, romantische oper. In vocal


974. SPOHR (Louis). Jessonda, grosse oper.

oblong folio. Leipsic. In vocal score.

oblong folio. Leipsic.

Two copies, one presented to the Society by Mr. Snoxell.

975. SPONTINI (Gaspard). La Vestale, tragédie lyrique, de

folio. Paris [1807].

976. STORACE (Stephen). A Collection of English Operas, composed

M. Jouy. In full score.

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977. STORACE (Stephen). English Operas. viz.

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979. TERRADELLAS (Domenico). Operas, viz.


Bellerofonte. Mitridate. See No. 842.

980. THALIA; a Collection of Six favourite Songs, occasionally introduced into several dramatic pieces, the words by David Garrick, and the music composed by Dr. Boyce, Dr. Arne, Mr. Smith, Mr. M. Arne, Mr. Battishill and Mr. Barthelemon. In score. folio. London.

Bound with Songs by Shield (see No. 1360) and Vernon (see No. 983). 981. The Triumph of Fidelity; an operatical pantomime. In vocal score, with the dialogue. oblong octavo. London [1790]. See No. 842.

982. VENTO (Matteo). Artaxerxes. 983. VERNON (Joseph). The New Songs in the Pantomime of The Witches; the celebrated Epilogue in the Comedy of Twelfth Night; a Song in The Two Gentlemen of Verona; and Two favourite Ballads sung by Mr. Vernon at Vauxhall. In score. folio. London [1762?]

Bound with Shield's First Book of Songs (see No. 1360), and Thalia (see No. 980).

984. WALLACE (William Vincent). Lurline; an opera by Edward folio. London [1860].

Fitzball. In vocal score.

985. WEBER (Carl Maria Von). Abu Hassan; oper gedicht von J. F. Hiemer. In vocal score.

oblong folio.

986. WEBER (Carl Maria Von). opera. In vocal score.

987. WEBER (Carl Maria Von).

Bonn and Cologne [1810]. Il Franco Arciero (Der Frieschutz), Italian text. folio. Paris [1823?]. Oberon; or, the Elf King's Oath;

an Opera, by J. R. Planchè. In vocal score.


London [1826].

988. WESTMORELAND (John Fane, 11th Earl of). Il Torneo, an opera, composed when Lord Burghersh. In vocal score. folio. London.

Two copies, one presented to the Society by Mr. F. D. Burwash.

989. WESTMORELAND (John Fane, 11th Earl of). Catherine, or, the Austrian Captive, an opera. [A re-setting of Cobb's opera, The Siege of Belgrade, originally set by Storace.] In vocal folio. London, 1830.


Two copies; one presented to the Society by Mr. Charles Lyon, the other by Mr. A. T. Roffe.

990. WINTER (Peter). Castor et Pollux; oper.


In vocal score. Paris [1804?] and

La Serva Padrona; intermezzo a due voci, musica del Sig' Giovanni Paisiello. In full score. In one vol.

folio. Paris.

991. WINTER (P.) Il Ratto di Proserpina, opera. In vocal score.


992. WINTER (P.) Das Labyrinth; oder, Der

London [1804]. Kampf mit den

Elementen (Zweyter Theil der Zauberflote). In vocal score. oblong folio. Offenbach [1798]. 993. WINTER (P.) Babilons Piramiden; eine grosse heroisch komische oper; der erste aufzug von J. Gallus, der Zweyte aufzug von P. Winter in musik gesetzt. In vocal score. oblong folio. Leipsic [1797].

Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.

994. ZUMSTEEG (Johann Rudolph). Die Geister Insel, ein singspiel,

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oblong folio. Leipsic [1798].

The subject of this opera is from Shakspere's "Tempest."





RNE (Thomas Augustine), Mus. Doc.

An Ode upon

dedicating a building to Shakespeare, which was
erected by the subscription of the Noblemen and Gen-
tlemen in the neighbourhood of Stratford-upon-Avon.
In vocal score.
oblong folio. London [1769].

996. BEETHOVEN (Ludwig Van). The Praise of Music, a cantata for four principal voices, with chorus. In vocal score. English folio. London. 997. BENEDICT (Sir Julius). Undine; a lyrical legend, the words by John Oxenford. In vocal score. folio. London [1860]. The May

998. BENNETT (Sir William Sterndale), Mus. Queen; a pastoral, by Henry F. Chorley.


999. BENNETT (Sir William Sterndale), Mus. Doc. the Opening of the International Exhibition, Tennyson, Poet Laureate. In vocal score.


In vocal score.

London [1858].

Ode, written for 1862, by Alfred

folio. London [1862].

1000. BLOW (John), Mus. Doc. A Second Musical Entertainment, performed on St. Cecilia's Day, November XXII, 1684. The Words by John Oldham. In score.

small quarto. London, 1684.

For the first Entertainment see Purcell, No. 1029.

1001. BLOW (John), Mus. Doc. "An Ode on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell, the words by Mr. Dryden." In full score.

small folio. London, 1696. "An Ode, perform'd in the Senate House at Cambridge, on the First of July, 1749, at the Installation of His Grace the Duke of Newcastle, Chancellor of the University. The Words by William Mason, M.A. To which is added an Anthem [“ O be joyful in God"] perform'd ye following day, at St. Mary's Church, being Commencement Sunday." In full score. folio. [London].

1002. BOYCE (William), Mus. Doc.

Two copies, one presented to the Society by Mr. Vincent Novello. 1003. COOKE (Benjamin), Mus. Doc. Collins's Ode on the Passions.

In full score.

folio. London, 1784.

Two copies; one presented to the Society by John Lucius Dampier, Esq., the other by the Rev. F. J. Stain forth.

1004. COOKE (Benjamin), Mus. Doc.

An Ode on Handel [by the

Rev. Dr. Scott], performed at the Commemoration Dinner,
May 26th, 1785.
oblong folio. London.

In score.

The original MS. of this composition is contained in the collection of MS. music, No. 1933.

1005. COSTA (Sir Michael). The Dream, a serenata written by William Bartholomew on occasion of the marriage of the Princess Royal and Prince Frederick of Prussia. In full folio. London [1858].


1006. COSTA (Sir Michael). The same, in vocal score.

folio. London [1858].

1007. COWEN (Frederic H.) The Rose Maiden; a cantata, adapted from the German by R. E. Francillon. In vocal score.


Presented to the Society by Mr. A. Durlacher.


1008. CROFT (William), Mus. Doc. Musicus Apparatus Academicus, being a composition of two Odes, with Vocal and Instrumental Musick; performed in the Theatre at Oxford, on Monday, July the 13th, 1713. The Words by the Reverend Mr. Joseph Trapp, A.M. large folio. London [1713?].

These odes (one in English and the other in Latin) were performed as an exercise for the composer's Doctor's degree.

1009. CROTCH (William), Mus. Doc. Ode to Fancy, by Dr. J. Warton; set to Music, and performed as an exercise for his Doctor's degree, by.

folio. London.

1010. DAVID (Felicien). Le Désert, ode symphonie. In vocal score. English and Italian text. folio. London.

1011. ECCLES (John). The Judgment of Paris; a pastoral composed for the Music Prize. In full score. And

PURCELL (Daniel). The same. one volume.

1012. GLOVER ([William] Howard). poetry by Robert Burns.

In full score. Bound in

folio. London, circa 1700.


Tam O'Shanter; a cantata, full score.

folio. London [1856].

1013. HAGUE (Charles), Mus. Doc. The Ode ["Thou, from the

realms"] performed in the Senate House at Cambridge, 29th June, 1811, at the Installation of William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester, as Chancellor of the University. In folio. London [1811]

full score.

1014. HAYES (William), Mus. Doc. by W. Collins. In full score.

the title-page.

The Passions, an ode, written Portrait of the composer on folio. Oxford.

In this composition some lines by the Earl of Lichfield, Chancellor of Oxford University, are substituted for the latter portion of Collins' Ode, commencing with the words "O Music!"

Presented to the Society by the Rev. F. J. Stainforth.


See also No.

1015. HILLER (Ferdinand). Ver Sacrum; oder, Der Gründung Rom's; gedicht von L. Bischoff; für solostimmen, chor und orchester, in musik gesetzt. In full score.

1016. JACKSON (William) of Masham. words selected from various poets.

1017. MACFARREN (George Alexander).

folio. Leipsic [1860]. The Year; a cantata, the

In vocal score.

folio. London [1859]. Lenora. Bürger's Lenore, set to music for solo voices, and chorus. The English version by John Oxenford. In vocal score. German and English Text. folio. London.

1018. MACFARREN (George Alexander). May Day; a cantata for soprano solo, chorus and orchestra, written by John Oxenford. In vocal score.

1019. MACFARREN (George Alexander).

[blocks in formation]

folio. London [1856].

Christmas; cantata written folio. London. Die Erste Walpurgis


Nacht, ballade für chor und orchester, gedichtet von Goethe.
In full score.
folio. Leipsic.

1021. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). The First Walpurgis
Night (die Erste Walpurgis Nacht), a poem by Goethe,
with an English version written and adapted by Wm.
Bartholomew. In vocal score. English and German text.
folio. London [1844?].
The same.
In separate

1022. MENDELSSOHN BARTHOLDY (Felix). vocal and instrumental parts. folio. London and Leipsic.


poem, To the Sons of Art.
tholomew. In vocal score.

Cantata from Schiller's English version by W. Barfolio. London.

1024. MONK (Edwin George), Mus. Doc. The Bard; a selection from Gray's ode, set to music [as an exercise for the degree of Doctor in Music.] In vocal score. folio. London, 1856.

Presented to the Society by the composer.

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