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Concertos for the Pianoforte, op. 15, 19, 37, Kunst der Fuge, 25


56, 58, 61, 73 and Fantasie, op. 80, all clear a 48 Preludes and Fugues, Vol 1, 2s 6d Peters

type editions, op. 37, Cramer, op. 73 and 80, Bach's 48 Preludes and Fugues analysed for

Breitkop and the other early editions, Students, by F. Iliffe, 4to, bds, 3s 6d

Wien, Haslinger, all in i vol, thick folio, Novello

hf bnd, 12s 6d Three Sonatas for the Piano-forte, with acc.

Five Concertos for Piano and Orchestra, tofor the Violin, op. 20, 20pp., folio, ios,

gether with op. 56 in C, Fantasia, with London, Preston (c. 1790)

Chorus, op. 80, and the Pf. Concerto are Poole (R. L.) Sebastian Bach, cr 8vo, cl, 3s

from op. 61, the Piano parts mostly in the 1882

clear type editions, ed. by Moscheles, the 8 books in i vol, over 300pp., folio, hf bound,

iOS 6d Bagpipe.-Sturrock (J. P.) Piping for Boys, Sonatas.-Ed. by Pauer, fine large type ediA Piper's Primer to enable Young Men to

tion, 3 vols, folio, ios

Augener Play the Bagpipes, sq 8vo, 3s 6d

Stirling, 1911 Balfe.-Kenney (C. L.) A Memoir of, fine portrait, 309Pp., thick 8vo, cl, 5s 1875

Beggar's Opera as it is Perform'd at both Banister (H. C.) Harmonising of Melodies,

Theatres, with the Additional Alterations cr 8vo, cl, is gd


by Dr. Arne, for the Voice, Pf. and Violin, Text Book on Music, cl, is 6d 1877

35PP., folio, ios, scarce Banjo.-Ellis' School for the 6 or 7 stringed, Bellini.—Lloyd (W. A. C.) Vincenzo Bellini,

London, G. Walker (c. 1790) 7opp., folio, is 3d Turner's March Album, and 2 other

a Memoir, portrait, 232PP., 8vo, cl, 5s Albums, 25 gd

Bennett (J.) Forty Years of Music, 1865-1905, Baptist Praise Book, prepared by Fuller,

portraits, musical examples, 423pp., 8vo, cl, Levy, Phelps, etc., Words and Tunes, 289 Bennett (G. J.) 12 Songs, with Pf., is 3d

6s 6d

1908 PP., cr 8vo, cl, 3s New York, 1872

Novello Barnett (T. F.) Musical Reminiscences and Impressions, portrait and illustrations, a

Bennett (William Sterndale) The Life of, by few of the latter wanting, 341 pp., 8vo, cl

his son, J. R. S. Bennett, illustrated, 464pp., (10s 6d net), 45

roy 8vo, cl, 7s 6d


Berlioz.- La Damnation de Faust, Full OrBarrett (W. A.) Balfe, his Life and Work, 315 pp., cr 8vo, cl, 4s 6d


chestral Score, F and G words, 410pp., bds,

cl back, 355 Bassoon.-Almenraeder (Carl) Fagottschule,

Paris, Richauli Text in French and German, 128pp., folio,

Lelio, or the Return to Life, lyric melo55

Mainz, Schott

drama, Full Orchestral Score, E F and G With Dr. Cummings' bookplate.

words, edited by Weingartner, folio, cl,

12S 6d Beatty-Kingston (W.) Music and Manners,

Breitkopf Personal Reminiscences and Sketches of

L'Enfance du Christ, Full Orchestral Character, over 700pp., 2 vols, thick 8vo, ci,

Score, with F and G word's, 25s 6d Paris 1887

Velbert Cummings' bookplate. Memoires de, 1803-1865, 2 vols in 1, 797 ppcr 8vo. 1, den


Modern Instrumentation and OrchestraGrove.—Beethoven and his Nine Symphonies,

tion, roy 8vo, cl, 6s 6d

1882 cr 8vo, cl., 6s

1896 Bizet.—Pigot (C.) Georges Bizet et Beethoven's Werke Edition, 23rd Series, Airs Euvre, cr 8vo, 3S

Modern Paris and Songs, with Pianoforte Accompani- Blaserna (P.) Sound in its Relation to Music, ments, the complete set of 43 numbers in i

cr 8vo, cl, 25

1876 vol, 200pp., folio, 159

Breitkott - 21st Series, Cantatas, The Glorious Mo- Blumenthal.-In Memoriam Book of Songs, ment, op. 136, Calm Sea and a Happy

op. 102, with Pf. Acc., 4to (4s net), 2s 3d Voyage, op. 112; 22nd Series, Songs with

Boose y Orchestra, full score, all with G. words, 3

6 Part Songs, S.A.T.B., Novello vols in 1, folio, hf bnd., neat, 2os Breitkopf Boieldieu_(A.) Beniouwosky, Full Orchestral From the library of Charles J. Hargitt with his

Score, F words, 310pp., folio, cl, 30s bookplate.

Paris, Richault Overture, op. 115, C dur, full score, 4s Le Calife de Bagdad, F words, 187PP., Breitkopi folio, cl, 30s

Par Richault Fantasia, with Chorus, op. 8o, and La Dame Blanche, Opera Comique, Full Rondo in B flat, full score, 6s 6d Breitkopi Orchestral Score, with F words, 2 vols,

24th Series, Songs with Pf., Vn., and folio, half bnd (125 francs), £2 125 6d Vilo. ((English, Scotch, Irish, Welsh and

Paris, Janet et Catelke Italian), thick folio, hf bnd, with the parts Formerley in the possession of Julian Marshal for the Vn. and Vllo. separate, 305

with his fine bookplate as well as that of Dr Breitkopf






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-, cl. 1908




CAMPARDON (E.) Les Spectacles de la Foire, Theatres, Acteurs, Sauteurs et Dans Bo.

corde, Monstres, Geants, Nains, Animaux curieux ou savants, Marionettes, Au is,

Figures de cire et Jeux mecaniques des Foires Saint-Germain et Saint-Laur io,

Boulevards et du Palais Royal, dupuis 1595 jusqu'a 1791, Documents Inedits les aux Archives Nationales, 2 vols, nearly 100opp., roy 8vo, £5

Pai Edition was limited to 330 copies, this copy is printed on Holland Paper. A remarka th

of reference on the subject treated, the volumes contain a mass of Historical, Biograp

and interesting matter. ure he Boysse (E.) Les Abonnes de l'Opera, 1783- Carbonell (Gio. Stefano) Sonate da e & 1786, with charming frontispiece by P. Violino e Viotine o Cembalo, Dei

Avril and 4 etched portraits, printed on Il Sig. Duca di Rutland, fine o

hand-made paper,356 pp., roy 8vo, 215 title in cartouche displaying th di.

Paris, 1881

Arms, engraved throughout, 651 Brahms.-5 Songs, op. 49, S or T, E and G £2 2s, rare

No imprin words, Pf. Accomp., is 3d


Carbonelli, celebrated violinist, the Herzogenberg Correspondence (The) ed.

Corelli's prominent pupils, that can

in England. leader of Drury Lane Ori by M. Kalbeck and translated by H. later attached himself to Handel as

Bryant, portrait and index, 425pp., 8vo, cl, Cathedral Organists Past and Pi ons (10s 6d), 45 od

1909 Record of Organists of the C: lin. Song of Fate, op. 54, G and E words,

Chapels Royal and Principal, Berlin

Churches, by J. E. West, 8vo, cl., 901

The late Dr. Cummings' copy with his ini,

Bridge (F.) and Sawyer (J.) Course of Har- and correctione and addenda, with c
mony, cr 8vo, cl, 2s 3d

several letters from the authors inse:

A Collection of Natis
Bristol Tune Book.—-751 Tunes, cl, 2s


hism Airs consisting of Ancient S

Broadhouse (J.) Musical Acoustics, or The

lads and Dance Tunes, interspei Phenomena of Sound

Remarks and Anecdotes (and num as connected with

uable Critical and Historical No Music, The Student's Helmholtz, with over E, by

Preceded by an Essay on English 100 illustrations, 440pp., cr 8vo, cl, 5s 6d

sy, the text and music in 2 vols, +PP.

bd., 215, scarce

Lon 1907

Brown (Jas. D.) Biographical Dictionary of

Musicians, with a Bibliography of English Cherubini.-A Course of Counter-I , bds.

Writings on Music, 640pp., thick 8vo, cl, Fugue, roy 8vo, cl., 4s hauli 155, scarce


Hymnes Sacres, No. 7, Motett A useful Dictionary of Musicians for those unable etc., vocal work of, 21pp., folio, h to obtain a Groves Dictionary


Mayenc Bumcke (G.) Zwei Quartette fur Vier Saxo- From Dr, Cummings' library with his bitkoph phone, op. 23, score, 8vo (5s net), 2s 3d

Faniska, full orchestral score, Berlin

400pp., folio, cl. (250 francs), ra [Burge (Wm.)] On the Choral Service of the

Anglo-Catholic Church, 6opp., 8vo, bds, 5s, Requiem C moll, full score, L.

London, 1844
From Dr. Cummings' library with his bookplate.

With dr. Cummings' bookplate
Cadaux (Justin) Collette, Opera Comique,

Full Orchestral Score, F words, 409PP.,
folio, cl (350 francs), £3 3s,
Paris, Richault

Callcott (Dr.) Musical Grammar, 4to, is


Kleczynski (J.) Chopin's Greater Wo 1875 Campanology.–Magii (Hieronymi) De Tin

ludes, Ballads, Nocturnes, Polonna

Mazurkas : How they should be un Songs tinnabulis, Liber


Sweertius Notis illustrabat, Editio novissi-

translated, with additions, by N. ma aucta, emendata et figuris enlis exorna

cr 8vo, cl, 55

Liszt.-Life of Chopin, translated i ta, 12mo, original vellum, 18s, scarce

Amstelodami, 1664
lish by J. Broadhouse, cr 8vo, cl, 5

Bound in with above is the same authors work on

"De Equiles" with illustrations of the tortures Chorley (H. F.) The National Mus

World, many musical illustrations
Camidge (Matthew) A First and Second Sett cl, 4s 6d
of Easy Preludes for the Pianoforte, 8pp., Clarinet and Pf.—Holbrooke (J.)
London, Printed for the Author

IS 3d

Clarinet and Pf.-Luscomb, Ameri Cantiques Populaires avec Musique, 8vo, cl.,

ional Fantasia, is 6d

Paris, 1885 Clarke (J.) Exercises in Harmony Carafu (M.) Le Solitaire, Opera Comique, Study of Music and the Practice

Full Orchestral Score, F. words, 491 pp., ough Bass, folio, half bound (158), folio, cl (100 francs), 30s Paris, Champine)


melound G 0. I,

nestral Paris



t son & Paris Vusic.


!s 3d Booser Novello hestral

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ichaul! 187pp. pichault

folio, 35

ie, Full 2 vols, 6d Catelke Marsbal lat of Dr



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COMIC OPERAS-VOCAL SCORES. Curious. The Oracle, or the Resolve
Belle of New York and San Toy, bound in i Questions, with their Proper Answer
vol, limp cloth, ios

Divinity, Law, Love, Matrimony, etc.,
Chinese Honeymoon, 4s

terspersed throughout with folding pl
Country Girl, used copy, 3s

of Songs, many by Arne, 223pp., cr

Don Juan (Lutz), 3s 6d

old bds, leather back, 6s 6d

Falka, 3s 6d

London, Printed for Mary Newc.

Geisha, limp cloth, 5s

Names of various owners on fly-leaves the ear

dated 1776.

Gondoliers, 45

Merry Widow, limp cloth, 5s

The Pendulograph: A Series of

Mikado, limp cloth, 5s 6d

Pendulum Writings of the 20 Ratios of

Miss Hook of Holland, limp cloth, 5s

Musical System or Sound seen in Sile
Pirates of Penzance, limp cloth, 5s 6d

by the Rev. J. Andrew, numerous diagra
San Toy, 45

sq 8vo, cl, 5s, scarce London,

Yeoman of the Guard, limp cloth, 5s 6d

Curwen.-How to Observe Harmony, 6th

Cox and Box, used copy, is 3d

cr 8vo, cl, is gd

Memorials of John Curwen, compiled

his son, cr 8vo, cl, is 3d

Czerny (Chas.) Rondo Brillant, op. 17, a

Grand Exercise di Bravua, op. 47, 2 pie

for Piano, Original Editions, 56pp., fo-
Case. — Instructions for the Concertina, folio,

half bd, is 6d

Paris, Richa
half bound, 2s gd

Boosey Dances.-Soria (Henri de, fils) Manuel
(G. T.) New and Complete Instructions

Maintien et de la Danse, with numer
for Concertina, 33PP., folio (5), is 9d
Simpson (John) Method of Learning the Con- Dancing.- Johnston (Reg. St.) A History

diagrams, 112pp., imp 8vo, 4s 6d Ра

certina, including a fine selection of Opera- Dancing, illustrations, 8vo,"ch, 35

tic Airs and Melodies, 252pp., folio, 7s 6d

Dannreuther (E.) Editing, Transcribing a

Rescoring (Extracted), 12pp., cr 8vo, IS

Concertos. Mendelssohn, First Concerto,

Five Two-Part Songs, S.T., Is 3d


29pp. (8s), is 6d

David (F.) Le Desert, Ode Symphonie, F

Conducting. Schroeder (Prof. C.) Hand- Orchestral Score, with F. and G. wor

book of Conducting, cl, 2s

I2s 6d

Mayence, Sch

Corder.—The Orchestra and How to Write

With Dr. Cummings' bookplate.

For It, folio, cl, 7s 6d

Modern Davy (John, of Exeter) Six Quartetts

Corelli.—Celebrated Twelve Concertos adap-

Voices, Opera Prima, Fig. Bass Accom

ted for Organ, Harpsichord or Piano

List of Subscribers, 37pp., folio, 28

London, Printed for the Aut)

Forte, 57pp., folio, 6s 6d
Goulding, Phipps, D'Almaine & Co. Delibes.-Sylvia Ballet, 147pp., roy 8vo,


12 Concertos, adapted by T. Billington Descriptive Catalogues of Musical Inst?

for Organ, Harmonium or Pf., with figured ments in the South Kensington Museum,

bass, 3s 6d

Augener C. Engel, is


Costa (M.) Naaman, Oratorio, Full Orches- Dibdin.--Songs of Charles Dibdin, chrono

tral Score, E. words, cl (63s), 205

gically arranged, with Notes, Historic

Lamborn & Cock

Biographical and Critical, and the Mu

Cowen (Sir Fred. H.) My Art and My of the best and most opular melodies, wi
Friends, A Brief Record of the Most Im-

pf. accompaniment, with Memoir of the A

portant Events of a Life-time, 319PP., 8vo, thor, by G. Hogarth, portrait, 2 thick vo

cl (10s 6d net), 6s

1913 8vo, cloth, ios


Conran (D., Irish Writer) Musical Research, Dibdin's talent lay in hitting off in a fine brei

style the lights and shades of a seafairing 1:

or General System of Modulation, 4to (no

of these “Tom Bowling" ranks, of course, fii

title), 35

Dublin, 1840

Cornet-a-Pistons, Instructions for the, 27pp.,

Dickson (W. E.) Fifty Years of Church Mus

frontispiece, cr 8vo, cloth, 23


folio (75 6d), is 6d

Keith Prowse

Dictionary of Musicians from the Earlie
Craven (Lady Helen) Notes of Music-

Ages to the Present Time, comprising t

.Lover, 316pp., cr 8vo, cl, 4s


most important Biographical Contents

Croger (T. R.) Notes on Conductors and Con- Gerber, Choron, Orloff, Burney, Hawkir
ducting, cr 8vo, cl, 2s

etc., with upward of 100 original memoi
Crowest (F. J.) Phases of Musical England,

of Living Musicians, 2 vols in 1, thick


8vo, half calf, ios, scarce,

324pp., cr Evo, cl, 3s

London, 18

A valuable and useful work of reference.
The Great Tone Poets, Short Memoirs Diehl (Alice M.) The True Story of My Lit
of the Greater Composers, 373Pp., cr 8vo, cl,

an Autobiography, portrait, 347pp., 8vo, <




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nce, ms,


cl., 55



y oi


= ipont (T.) Gradus ad Parnassum, op. 52, Bks. Eighteenth Century Woman Music

ir 1-4, for Violin, with Accopt. of 2 Vn., Viola lisher.-A Catalogue of Vocal and I ates and Vilo., containing 19 pieces, 45 Leipzig mental Music printed for and sold by Bvo, Dover Musical Record (The) Nos. 1 to 12, beth Randall, No. 13 Catharine Stre

Dec., 1900 to June, 1906, with numerous the Strand, a folio list so headed conta mobranits.john woh itstick.cokevos Clothing as 64

particulars of publications of over powland ()

publications by the great composers Ayres, of Four Parts, scored from the First period, ios, rare

(c. Bi.

Edition printed in 1597, preceded by a life Elizabeth Randall was no donbt the widow ihe of the Composer by W. Chappell, 91pp.,

Randall successor to Walsh the largest ar folio, 215, scarce Musical Antiquarian Soc.

eminent of music publishers, during te Dowland, Old English composer and Lutenist,

century. E. R. apparently controlled the

cation of the Works of Handel and prac c. 1562 881

all the best music published in England Brinking Songs.- Prodels (Octave) Le Vin et time. It is a remarkable catalogue. ed.

la Chanson, Orne de 71° illustrations, 411' Elvey (Lady) Life and Reminiscenc PP., 8vo, 55

Paris A br

George J. Elvey, illustrations, 349PP. Songs of the Vine, with a Medley for

Malt Works, selected and edited by W. G. Engel (Carl) An Introduction to the Stu and Hutchison, 344pp., cr 8vo, cloth, 5s 1904 National Music, comprising Researche eces

A collection of Songs (words] relating to Ale and Popular Songs, Traditions and Cus

its fellows, wine, and strong waters generally with music examples throughout, an auli

from the 12th century to the present time. du Duncan (Ed.) Six Declamatory Songs, op. English Minstrelsie.—A National Mon

dex, 435PP., 8vo, cl, scarce, 255 115, with pf. acc., IS

Modern Faris Duets or Canzonets for 2 Voices, Guitars, or

of English Song, the Music through 2 German Flutes and a Bass, composed by

both Notations, Collected and Edited,

Notes and Historical Introduction 1906

Jomelli, Haase and other eminent Italian and Masters, Bks. 4 and 9, ob. folio, 2s each

Baring-Gould, 8 vols., folio, cl., 325 66 Es 6d London, ). Walsh

Edinburgh, Dyce (Wm.) Preface and Appendix to Book 1877

Erk's Deutscher Liederschatz.–First of Common Prayer, with Plain-Tune, Ob

lection, with pf. acc., G. words, 213PP vello servations on the use of that kind of music,

25 gd Full and a reprint of the music to the Prayer-, Exposito (M.) Deirdre (a Cantata), E. W

D ords.

book of 1549, which subsequent changes ren- அப்பாவை
dered obsolete sm. 4to, 6s 6d scarce,

Ferrari (Signor Domenico) Six Sonata Scholt

Trios for 2 Violins or German Flutes,

London, 1844
Early Music & Musical Notation.—Sang und

the Thorough Bass for the Harpsichor Klang aus Alter Zeit, Hundert Musikstucke,

of parts, folio, scarce, 255 omp., aus Tableaturen des XVI. bis XVII. Jahr

To be had of John Lavo at Mr. Paisahunderts, Gesammelt und uberfetzr von Wm.

the Half Moon in Compton Street, So

by do Tapport, mit portrait und Zahbreichen Nachbrendungenalter Notenschristproben

Ferrari, one of Tartini's best pupils.

Fetis (F. J.) How to Play from Score, I 145PP., ob. 4to, 178 6d, scarce Berlin (1906) From the library of T. L. Southgate. Only a

ise on Accompaniment from Score or limited number issued. The music pieces are

Organ or Pianoforte, cr 8vo, cl., 35 € transcribed into modern notation, many exam

Мо ples of the old Tablutures are given.

Fielitz (A. V.) Drei Lieder, op. 10, G. ar Orical , Early Organ Music.—Sammlung der Besten words, with pf. accompt. Low Voice, Meisterwerke des 17 u. 18 Jahrhunderts fur

Brei die Orgel zum Gebrauch beim Gottesdienst Fioravanti. - I Virtuosi Ambulanti, C und zum Studium Gesammelt und heraua- Buffa, Original Edition in full Score, gegeben von F. Commer, with list of sub- F. words, 198pp., folio, old leather, scribers, 177Pp. folio, £2 2s, scarce Berlin

Paris, Works by the following composers, amongst Florimo (Cavaliere Francesco, Architest others, are included Frescobaldi, Froberger, Real Collegio di Musica)Genno Storico Muffat, Claudio Merulo, Nicol Bruhhs, Doben. Sculoa Musicale di Napoli, with occas ecker, Joh. Pachelbel, 1. G. Walter, F. W. Zachau, J. S. ,

music examples, a valuable work of rese 1894 Ella tonn, Founder and Director of the Mu. historical and biographical, with Ind

2,266pp. 2 vols., thick roy. 8vo, orig sical Union) Musical Sketches, Abroad and

wrappers, 155

Napoli, at Home, 363Pp., cr 8vo, cl (7s 6d), 5$ 1869

With Dr. Cummings' bookplate.
Autographed presentation copy to A. Schloesser.

Inserted at end is the scarce little “Supplement
to the Second Edition," a 14 page brochure

issued in 1871.

Berbiguier, 18 Exercises or Studies, is - (Prof.) Lectures on Dramatic Music,

Breii with musical illustrations, 41pp., 4to, 5s Carte (Richard) Complete Course of Ins

London, 1872 tions for the Boehm Flute, folio, hf. Elterlen (E. von) Beethoven's Pianoforte Son. 8s 6d atas Explained, Preface by Pauer, cr 8vo, Another copy, unbound, wanting cl., 25


5 for

uthor vo. Os Paris

nštrucm, br!

1870 Fonolo


, with

ne Au. & vols.




ng life, se, first



7g the

ents of wkins, emoirs aick ci , 1824

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IS 6d



FOLK SONGS. Collard (A.) Rondon Staccato Exercises Folk Songs from Dorset, collected by H. (6s), ios

Collard & Co. D. Hammond, music and words, 4to, 25 Drouet's Method of Flute Playing, intended Onze Historische Volksliederen van Voor

for those who have already made some pro- Godsdienstige berserten der 16de eeu gress, 113PP., folio (used, a poor copy) (215), Door Dr. P. Fredericq, mer achittien za: 2s 6d

Cocks So Co. gwijen, 119pp., roy. 8vo, 8s Gent, 180 Jansen (L.) 12 Fav. Scotch Airs, od

The music, words and critical and historical note Parry (John) Minstrel Lays arr. for the Flute, Wirth (Dr. H. F.) Der Untergang des Mede 144pp. in 2 vols., 4to, half bound, 5s

landischen Volksliedes, mit Beilagen, fir London, 1. Power

uncut copy, 357PP., roy. 8vo, 22s Haag, 19 Schindler (F.) 40 Daily Studies for the Cul

tivation of Tone, Technique and Expression, 2 Books, 126pp. 6s 6d

Modern, Breitkop Form and Design in Music.-A Brief Ou Weiss (Chas. N.) 200 Studies, 73 pf., folio

line of the Æsthetic Conditions of the Ar (155), 6s

Cocks Su Co.

addressed to General Readers, by H. Sta tham, music examples throughout, 114PP 8vo, cl (55), 2s 3d

189 2 FLUTES. Berbiguier, 3 Duets,' op. 45, IS

Fowle (E.) Studies in Musical Graces, 8vo, c Gazul (A.) 3 Concertante Duetts, 28


190 Haydn's Rondo, 6d

Franz (R.) 35 Lieder und Gesange, G. words Kuffner (J.) Deux Duos Concertans, op. 84, with Pf. acc., folio, 35

Breitkop Mozart. Overture Nozze di Figaro and Flauto Freemasonry:-Northcott (R.) A Short His Magico gd each

tory of the First Masonic Opera, “The Gen Berbiguier, Duetts Concertante, op.

Freemason” (1722), together with 3


Words and Music (by Henry Carey), CE ISS od Pleyel, Celebrated Concertante, 60; Six

"Neptune's Masonic Ode,” is 3d! Duetts, and set and 3rd set, is each Rossini, Overture, Il Barbiere an. Gebauer,

iod Romberg, Trois Duos, op. 62, is 6d

FULL SCORES, OCTAVO. 3 Flutes and Piano.—Rialpo (N.) 12 Valses, Bach.--St. John's Passion, G. words, with the 3 parts, 45


English written in, 16s
Beethoven. Symp. No. 2, op. 36, 3s; and
No. 7, 2s gd


Cherubini.—Die Abenceragen, and Anacreon, Carrer and Pizzi, Fantasie concertant, “Il

is gd each

Breitkop Giuramento” (mercadante) is 6d

Milano Czerny, Carafa's Air "O Caro Memoria," iod Gade (N. W.) Sinfonie No. 4, B dur, op. 20. Doppler (F.) Nocturne, op. 17, IS

bds (1os net), 5s 6d, Kistner; Michel An. Duvivier (A. D.) Two Songs without Words

gelo, Concert Overture, op. 39, 4s 6d; Im (6s), is 3d

Rudall, Carte

Hochland, Schottische Overture, op. 7, cl, Elesban (J. L.) Fantaisie Brillante, op. 20 (9

35 60, Leipzig; Nachlange von Ossian francs), 2s


Overture, op. 1, cl, 3s, Breitkopf Farrenc, Air with Var. (Rode), gd

Haydn.-Symphonie No. 4, D dur, 25 od: Furstenau, Nocturne, Is 3d

No. 6, G dur, 2s 6d; No. 11, G dur, 3s 6d ; Gregory (A.) Fantasia, Sweet Sweet Bird of No. 13, G dur, cl, 2s 6d Breitkop! Spring, 6d

Kalliwoda J. W.) Concert-Overture, No Heller and Ernst, Les Gages d'Amitie, 13

17, op. 242, cl, 3s 6d

Leipsig Pensees Fugitives, transcribed by Minasi, the set of 13 Nos. (44s 6d), 7s 6d

Kreutzer. Overture, Das Nachflager in Kummer (G.) Fantaisie Heirlich Tyolerlied

Granada, cl, 35

Offenbach de Proch, gd

Krug (A.) Symphonischer Prolog zu Shake Saynor (S. J.) Var. on Air from L'Elisire speare's Othello, op. 27, 45 d'amore, 8d

Modern, Leipzig Weidner (J. C.) Into. and Air with Var. Liszt.-Symphon. Dichtung, Mazeppa, 6s 6d “There's nae Luck about the House,” iod

Breitkop Mendelssohn. -Klavier Concerto, G moll, op.

25, 4s 6d; Ditto, D moll, op. 40, cl, 45,

Breitkopi; Overture to Ruy Blas, op. 95: FLUTE AND VIOLONCELLO.

cl, 3s, Leipzig, Kistner Linlty (F.) 4 solos, is 6d

Symphony No.

3, op. 56 (16s 6d), Saust (C.) 3 Fav. Airs with Variations, is Breitkopf; No. 5 (The Reformation), op.

107 (15s net), Novello; both clear type early editions, 5s each

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