American Journal of Archaeology: The Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America, Volumen 2;Volumen 11

Macmillan Company, 1907

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Página 385 - Series Vol. I. (1881.) 1. Historical Introduction to Studies among the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico. 2. Report on the Ruins of the Pueblo of Pecos. By AF BANDELIER. 8vo. Pp. 135. Boards.
Página 386 - CROW; with a Survey of the Pnyx, and Notes, by JOSEPH THACHER CLARKE. 5. Notes on Attic Vocalism. By J. McKEEN LEWIS. Published in 1888. 8vo. Pp. 277. Illustrated. Boards. $2.00. Vol. V. (For
Página 386 - CD BUCK, and FB TARBELL. 8. Discoveries at Thisbe in 1889. By JC ROLFE and FB TARBELL. 9. Discoveries in Plataia in 1889. By same. 10. An Inscribed Tombstone from Boiotia. By JC ROLFE. 11. Discoveries at Plataia in 1890. By
Página 251 - Brown, The Care of Ancient Monuments. An account of the legislative and other measures adopted in European countries for protecting ancient monuments.
Página 37 - at the end of the fifteenth or the beginning of the sixteenth century. The
Página 50 - AM ; and the Annual Meeting of the Managing Committee of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome was held on
Página 386 - 8vo. Pp. viii 262. Boards. Illustrated. $2.00. Vol. II. (For 1883-84.) An Epigraphical Journey in Asia Minor in 1884. By JR SITLINGTON STERRETT, with Inscriptions, and two new Maps by H. KIEPERT. Published in 1888. 8vo. Pp. 344. Boards. $2.50. Vol.
Página 393 - introduced a new canon into art, " capita minora faciendo quam antiqui, corpora graciliora siccioraque, per quae proceritas signorum major videretur
Página 386 - Bulletin II. Memoir of Professor Lewis R. Packard, Director of the School in 188384, with the Resolutions of the Committee and a Report for 1883-84. (1885.)
Página 385 - JC HOPPIN, AM LYTHOOE, R. NORTON, RB RICHARDSON, EL TILTON, HS WASHINGTON, and JR WHEELER. In two volumes. Large quarto. Boston and New York • Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Vol. I., 1902: Vol.

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