Beria, My Father: Inside Stalin's Kremlin

Duckworth, 2001 - 397 páginas
"Despite the steady declassification of secret archives, Stalin's Kremlin has remained riddled with questions. What justified the ceaseless bloodshed? How did the megalomaniac Georgian maintain his power? Was Stalin about to unleash World War III? In this controversial memoir, Sergo Beria, son of the man Stalin called 'Our Himmler', at last offers a vivid eye-witness account of life at the heart of the 'Evil Empire'." "Lavrenti Beria, easily the most shadowy character of the Politburo, stands at the heart of his son's tale. Arrogant, given to tempestuous moods and an insatiable libido, he was feared as a sadistic spymaster who prowled Moscow's wind-swept avenues for women in his black-out Volga. Yet at home he played the family man who commanded the respect of his wife and child. This book chronicles Beria's increasing hatred of Stalin, a fellow Georgian, and the sweeping anti-Stalinist reforms which he pushed through after Stalin's death." "In addition to vivid portraits of Stalin and his father, Sergo Beria's story includes many details of the claustrophobic atmosphere surrounding the nomenklatura, his pursuit by Stalin's daughter Svetlana, and the fall of his father at the hands at the amiable Khrushchev - who had Beria arrested and shot. Contrasting sharply with Svetlana's and Khrushchev's accounts, this gripping book offers proof why, even today, Russia is unable to untangle its twisted past."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Beria, my father: inside Stalin's Kremlin

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Sergo Beria has a daunting task. He seeks not to rehabilitate his notorious father but to redress the balance so that he is not remembered solely as Stalin's sinister, perverted killer-in-chief. This ... Leer reseña completa


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Beria grew up among the Kremlin's elite and has first hand knowledge of the key players in of history's most totalitarian and criminal regimes, one of them his own father. He chose a neutral engineering career and was one of the people who briefed Stalin on the advantages of nuclear technology,a career that he was allowed to continue after the murder of his father.

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