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The Warden of Toynbee Hall, 243
Rev. Henry T. Smart, 245

Mr. Ben Tillett, 248
Church Bells (Illustrated), 109
Church of Ireland : Its Future. By the Bishop of Derry, 273
Clifford (Rev. Dr.) on

Progress of the Churches, 40-41, 82-85, 161-162, 234-236,

307-309, 376-379 Colonel Griffin, 172

Rev. C. H. Spurgeon, 349 Cook (Dr. Joseph) on Modern Science and the Resurrection, 118 Cirmes against Working Girls, III Critics and the Fourth Gospel, 119

Abbott, Dr. Lyman, on the Abundance of the Trees, 65
Abundance of the Trees. By Dr. Lyman Abbott, 65
American " Summer School ” (Illustrated), 45
Amos, Mrs. Sheldon, on “Woman's Place in Church Work,”

315 Ancients and Immortality. By the Right Hon. W. E. Glad

stone, 51 Arnold, Sir Edwin, on Love and Marriage in japan, 408 Australian Irrigation Colonies, 440

Problems. By General Booth, 412 Autumn, 58 Banks, Rev. L. Albert, on Crimes against Working Girls, Barker, Rev. Canon, on “The Place of the Christian Minister

in Politics," 173 Barnardo's (Dr.) Homes. By Archdeacon Farrar, 24 Barnett, Rev. S. A., on the Church and Labour Problems, 243 Barrie, J. M., The Little Minister, 282 Beliefs (ancient) in Immortality: A Reply to Mr. Gladstone.

By Professor Cheyne, 200 Bible Society, British and Foreign, 252 Blavatsky, A Last Word about Madame, 342 Book Reviews (Illustrated), 68-72, 135-142, 214-223, 292-296,

365-368, 436-439
Books, The Best Books for Young Preacliers, 347

The Most Popular, 49, 110
Booth, General, on Australian Problems, 412

on the Salvation Army in India, 428
Booth, Mrs. Bramwell, on Woman's Place in Church Work, 317
Briggs, The Andover Review on Professor, 272
Broad Church Manifesto, 267
Brooke, Rev. Stopford, on "Must People Starve ?” 275

on “One Flock one Shepherd,” 358 Brown, Rev. Dr., Biographical Sketch, 21 Browning, Was he a Christian ? 203 Bruce, Rev. Prof., on The Reunion of Christendom, 90 Buckland, Rev. A. R., on the Reunion Party at Grindelwald, 321

on London Street Life, 341 Bunting, M.ä., p. "w., on the Progress of the Churches, 42,

162-164, 236-238, 309-311, 380-381 Burdett-Coutts, Our Children's Shelter, 413 Burgon (Dean) and the Revised Version, 268 Butler (Mrs. Josephine) on “ Woman's Place in Church Work,"

313 Canterbury (Archbishop ot), on Growing Unity, 206 Carlile (Rev. J. C.) on Ben Tillett, 250 Carlisle (the late Lord Bishop of). By the Bishop of Ripon, 169 Catholicism, A Story of my Conversion To, 112 Cave (Principal) and Canon Driver, 201

on Scripture Innerrancy, 345

on The Inspiration of the Old Testament and

Higher Criticism, 383
Cheyne (Professor) on Ancient Beliefs in Immortality. A Reply

to Mr. Gladstone, 200
Cheyne (Professor) and Canon Driver, 344
China, New Life In. By Hon. John Russell Young, 110
Christian (The) Extra. By Rev. Hugh Price Hughes, 357
Christian (The) Leaven. By Canon Scott Holland, 64
Church (The) and Labour Problems. By

The Bishop of Wakefield, 239
Sir John Gorst, 241

Dale (Rev. Dr.) on the Unity of the Church 132
Dallinger (Rev. Dr.), A Scientist's Defence of the Miraculous,

Darkest England, Progress out of, 261
Darkness to Light, From, 112
David and Jonathan, 57
Davison (Rev. Prof.), On the Inspiration of the Old Testament

and the Higher Criticism, 388 Dawson (Rev. W. J.), On Love and Law, 65

Methodist Ecumenical Conference, 8;

On Mark Guy Pearse, 198 Derry (Bishop of), On the Future of the Church of Ireland,

273 Discoveries (Modern) and the Christian Faith. By Prof.

Stokes, 199
Disestablishment, Prof. Goldsmith Smith on, 46
Driver (Canon), Principal Cave and, 201

Prof. Cheyne and, 314

Prof. Ryle on, 271
Dykes (Dr."Oswald), Dr. Fraser's Memorial Ser.non, 422

The late Dr. Fraser, 382

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Education, A Radical Reform in, 411
Elmslie (the late Prof.), on-

Zechariah, 56
Samson, 117

A Plea for Religious Wars, 267
Epitaphs in Westminster Abbey. By Archdeacon Farrar, 198

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Farrar (Venerable Archdeacon) on

British and Foreign Bible Society, 252
Dr. Barnardo's Homes, 24.
Epitaphs in Westminster Abbey, 198
Progress of the Churches, 32-34, 75-78, 227-230, 155-

157, 299-303, 371-374
Secret of Whitefield's Power, 49
The Chief Temperance Organizations, 185
The Education of the Blind, 393
The Prince and the Cardinal, 355
The Regent Street Polytechnic, 98

The S. P. G., 327
Father : A Cry and a Hope. By the Rev. W. H. Harwood, 208
Follies of the Wise. By Dr. Alexander Maclaren, 65
Fourth Gospel; The Critics and the, 119
Fraser (Dr. Donald), Biographical Sketch, 382

Memorial Sermon, 422

on the Progress of the Churches, 35-35, 78-79, 157-158, 230-232, 303-304

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