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Free Church Congress (The Proposed), 312

Ghost Stories. By A. Taylor Inncs, 113
Gibson (Rev. Dr. Monro). Biographical Sketch, 170

The Sign: A Babe, 207
Gladden (Dr. Washington), on the Natural History of Heresy

Hunters, 133
Gladstone (Right Hon. W. E.), on the Reunion of Christen-

dom, 5
Gladstone (Right Hon. W. E.), on the Ancients and Immor-

tality, 51
Gorst (Sir John), on the Church and Labour Problems, 241
Greek Mythology and the Bible, 418
Griffiths (Rev. W.). "To the Review of the Churches," 3
Grindelwald. The Reunion Party at, 321
Conference (July and Sept.) 325

An Evening with the Reviewers of the Churches

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at, 432

Growing Unity. By the Archbishop of Canterbury, 206

Happy Homes for Poor Children, 48
Harwood (Rev. W. H.). Father: A Cry and a Hope, 208
Hell, The Mediæval, 120
Hodge and His Parson, 411
Holland (Canon Scott), on-

The Christian Leaven, 64

The Prince and the Cardinal, 356
Horton (Mr. R. F.), on--

The Inspiration of the Old Testament and the "Higher

Criticism, 39!

The Use of Speech in God's Service, 205
Hughes (Rev. H. P.), on-

The Reunion of Christendom, 14
By W. T. Stead, 43
On Reverence in Public Worship, 266
The Christian Extra, 357

Innes (A. Taylor), on, Are there Reliable Ghosts ? 113
Inspiration and Criticism. By Rev. Professor Iverach, 270
Inspiration of the Old Testament and the Higher Criticism. By

Rev. Principal Cave, D.D., 383
Rev. Professor Davison, M.A., 388

Mr. R. F. Horton, M.A. 391
Iverach (Rev. Professor), on Inspiration and Criticism, 270
Journalistic Welcome to " The Review of the Churches,” 149
Labour (A) Church, 342
Leaders of Religious Thought and Action.

Bourne, Rev. F. W., 97
Brown, Rev. Dr. 21
Carlisle, The late Bishop of, 169
Ferguson, Rev. Dr., 95
Fraser, Rev. Dr., 382
Gibson, Rev. Dr. Monro, 170
Griffin, Colonel, 172
Marshall, Rev. H. T., 94
Myers, Rev. M. T., 96
St. Asaph, The Bishop of, 19
Spurgeon, Rev. C. H., 349
Stephenson, Rev. Dr., 93

Tillett, Ben, 250
Leading Articles of the Month, 43-50, 107-114, 195-199, 261-

268, 337-343, 408-415
London Street Life. By Rev. A. R. Buckland, 341
Love and Law. By Rev. W. J. Dawson, 66
Love and Marriage in Japan. By Sir Edwin Arnold, 408
Lunn (Rev. Dr.), on The Progress of the Churches, 167
Macdonald (Rev. F. W.), on the Place of the Christian

Minister in Politics, 179
Mackennal (Rev. Dr.), on the Progress of the Churches, 36-40,

80-82, 158-161, 232-234, 304-307. 374-376
Maclaren (Rev. Dr.), on the Follies of the l'ise, 65
Macleod (Rev. Dr.), A Night on the Mount of Olives, 267

Manning (Cardinal), on the Reunion of Christendom, 89

Biographical Sketch, 337
Martineau (Rev. Dr.), on the Reunion of Christendom, 92
Meath (Right Hon. Earl of), on How Norwegian Drunkenness

has been Minimised, 197
Methodist Mill, The Defence of the, 265

Itinerancy, A Plea for the, 418

Theologians, An Official Methodist Attack upon, 410
Minister, The Little. By J. M. Barrie, 282
Minister's Library, Requisites for a, 223
Ministerial Tone, How to Avoid, 344
Mission Lands, Lapses in, 62
Missionary Expenditure of the World, 63
Missionary Progress and Problems, 60-63, 123-128, 210-213,

278-282, 360-364, 426-427
Mohammed and Mohammedanism, 128
Mount of Olives, A Night on the, 267
Natural History of the Heresy Hunter. By Dr. Washington

Gladden, 133
Nelson (Right Hon. Earl), on the Reunion of Christendom, 9
New Year, A Word for the. By Mark Guy Pearse, 277
Norwegian Drunkenness. By the Earl of Meath, 197
Nursery Tales in East-end Dress, 343
(Ecumenical Conference (Methodist). By W. J. Dawson, 85
One Flock, One Shepherd. By Rev. Stopford Brooke, 358
Orr (Mrs. Sutherland), on Was Robert Browning a Christian ?

Our Children's Shelter. By the Baroness Burdett Coutts, 413
Pages for Preachers, 51-59, 116-122, 200-205, 267-272, 344-347,

Parker (Rev. Dr.), on the Reunion of Christendom, 11
Pastorates, Benefits of Long, 346
Pearse, (Rev. M. G.), A Character Sketch. By Rev. W. J.

Dawson, 198.
Pearse (Rev. M. G.), A Word for the New Year, 277
Pentateuchal Discussion, 53
Peyton (Rev. W. W.), On the Critics and the Fourth Gospel,

Philanthropies, The Great. By Archdeacon Farrar

Introduction, 23
Barnardo's (Dr.) Homes, 24
B. and F. B. S., 252
Education of the Blind, 393
Polytechnic, Regent Street, 98
S.P.G., 327

Temperance Organisations, 185
Pierson (Dr.) on How and What to Preach. 419
Place of the Christian Minister in Politics. By

Rev. Canon Barker, M.A., 173

W. Tuckwell, 174
J. Guinness Rogers, 177
F. W. Macdonald, 179

Canon Wilberforce, 181
Polytechnic, The Regent Street. By Archdeacon Farrar, 98

Amos, Mrs. Sheldon, 316
Argent, The late Wm. (Methodist Missionary Martyr), 72
Arthur, Rev. William, 85
Bangor, Bishop of, 77
Barker, Rev. Canon, 173
Barnett, Rev. S. A., 244
Baynes, Rev. H. H., 77
Bedford, Bishop of, 77
Bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 84
Booth, General, 428
Booth, Mrs. Bramwell, 318
Bourne, Rev. F. W., 97
Bowley, Samuel, 187
Brown, Rev. Dr., 22
Broomhall, Mr. B., 115
Bruce, Rev. Prof., A. B., D.D., 90
Bunting, M.A., Mr. P. W., 298
Purgess, Rev. William, 304

Burns, Rev. Dr. Dawson, 189
Butler, Mrs. Josephine, 313

Tait, The late Archbishop, 195
Tillett, Ben, 251
Toy, Professor Crawford H., 46
Tuckwell, Rev. W., 175

Caine, Mr. W. S., 184
Caldwell, Bishop, 333
Canterbury, His Grace the Archbishop of, 186
Carlisle, The late Bishop of, 168

Bishop-Designate, 227
Cave, Principal, D.D., 386
Clarence, The late Duke of, 299
Clifford, Rev. Dr., 226
Cook, Rev. Thomas, 237
Cotton, Bishop, 334
Crowther, The late Bishop, 278

Wakefield, Bishop of, 240
Wakeley, Mr. Charles, 191
Waugh, Rev. Benjamin, 295
Wilberforce, Rev. Canon, 184
Williams, Mr. George, 189
Wright, Rev. Dr., 255

Davidson, Rev. Dr. Thain, 115
Davison, Rev. Prof. W. T., 163 and 389
Derry, The Bishop of, 274
Diggle, Mr., 155

Farrar. Ven. Archdeacon, 2
Ferguson, Rev. Dr., 95
Forest, Very Rev. Dean, 115
Fraser, Rev. Donald, D.D., 74 and 382

Preach, How and What to. By Rev. Dr. A. T. Pierson, 419
Prince (The) and the Cardinal. By

The Dean of Westminster, 355
Archdeacon Farrar, 355
Canon Scott Holland, 356

Rev. J. Guinness Rogers, 357
Progress of the Churches. By
Archdeacon Farrar, 32-35, 75-78, 155-157, 227-230, 299-

303, 371-374
Rev. Donald Fraser, D.D., 35-36, 78-79, 157-158, 230-

232, 303-304
Rev. Alexander Mackennal D.D., 36-40, 80-82, 158-161,

232-234, 304-307, 374-376
Rev. John Clifford, D.D., 40-41, 82-85, 161-162, 234-236,

307-309, 376-379
P. W. Bunting, M.A., 42, 162-164, 236-238, 309-311,

Commissioner Railton (of the Salvatior. Army), 165-166

Rev. Dr. Lunn, 167
Proselytism, What is It ? 62
Public Worship, Reverence in. By Rev. H. P. Hughes, 266
Pulpit, Its Authority. By Prof. Tucker, 116.
Pure Word in the Foul Plot, 57

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Railton, Commissioner, on the Salvation Army on the Conti-

nent, 165
Readers, To our, 4
Religious Wars, A Plea for. By the late Professor Elmslie,

Resurrection, Modern Science and the. By Dr. Joseph Cook,

Lawson, Sir Wilfrid, M.P., 184
Livesey, J., 187
London, The Lord Bishop of, 184
Lunn, Rev. Dr., 370


Macdonald, Rev. F. W., 180
Mackennal, Rev. Dr., 154
Macleod, Rev. Dr. Donald, 295
Manning, Cardinal, 88
Marshall, Rev. H. T., 94
Martineau, Rev. Dr. James, 92
Mitchell, Mr. Robert, 102
Mwanga, King of Uganda, 360
Myers, Rev. M. T., 96

Nelson, Right Hon. Earl, 10

Parker, Rev. Joseph, D.D., II
Paull, Rev. Major, 256
Pearse, Rev. M. G., 115

Reunion Conference at Grindelwald (July and September), 325,

404, 444
Reunion of Christendom. By
The Rt. Hon. W. E. Giadstone, M.P., 5

Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ripon, 6

Hon. Earl Nelson, 9
Rev. Joseph Parker, D.D., II

Hugh Price Hughes, 14
His Eminence Cardinal Manning, 89
Rev. Prof. A. B. Bruce, D.D., 90

James Martineau, D.D., 92
Reunion Party at Grindelwald. By Rev. A. R. Buckland, 321
Reunion Trip to Norway. By the General Editor, 147
REVIEW OF THE CHURCHES, To the. By Rev. Wm. Griffiths, 3
Revised Version, Dean Burgon and the, 268
Rice, Rev. Henry, on Mohammed and Mohammedanism, 128
Ripon, Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of, on Rev, C. H. Spurgeon,

Ripon, Rt. Rev, the Lord Bishop of, on the Reunion of

Christendom, 6
Ripon, Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of, on the late Bishop of

Carlisle, 169
Rogers, Rev. J. Guinness, on the Place of the Christian Minis-

ter in Politics, 177
Rogers, Rev. J. Guinness, on the Prince and the Cardinal, 357
Round Table Conferences-

Inspiration of the Old Testament and the Higher Criti-

cism, 382-392
The Church and Labour Problems, 237-247
The Place of the Christian Minister in Politics, 173-181
Reunion of Christendom, 5-17, 89-92

Woman's Place in Church Work, 313-319
Royal Normal College for the Blind. By Archdeacon Farrar,


Rae, Mr. Robert, 188
Raper, Mr. J. H., 190
Rees, Rev. Allen, 164
Ripon, Right Rev. The Lord Bishop of, 6
Rogers, Rev. J. Guinness, 178

St. Asaph, Right Rev. Lord Bishop of, 18
Seabury, Bishop, 331
Simpson, Rev. W. B., 280
Smart, Rev. H. T., 246
Smith, Mr. Frederick, 192
Sodor and Man, Bishop-Designate of, 228
Spurgeon, Rev. Charles Haddon, 348
Stephenson, Rev. Dr., 93
Studd, Mr. J. E. K., 100

Russell, Mr. George E., on Archbishop Tait, 195

Stokes, Rev. Professor, on Modern Discoveries and the Chris-
Ryle, Professor, on Canon Driver, 271

tian Faith, 199

Stundist Martyrs, 264
St. Asaph, The Lord Bishop of, Biographical Sketch of, 19
Salvation Army in India. By General Booth, 428

Tait, A High Church Attack on Archbishop. By Mr. George
Salvationists in Argentina, 47

E. Russell, 195
Samson: A Character Sketch. By the late Professor Elmslie, Temperance Organisations, The Chief. By Archdeacon Farrar,

Sanday. Professor, on Dr. Schürer on the Fourth Gospel, 54 Theological Degrees for Nonconformists, 50
Satan Sifting St Peter, 204

Thoughts, Great, from Recent Sermons, 59
School Board, The London. By the Hon. Lyulph Stanley, 192 Tillett, Ben, on the Church and Labour Problems, 248
Schürer, Dr., on the Fourth Gospel. By Professor Sanday, 54

Sketch of his Life. By Rev. J. C. Carlile, 250
Science, Modern, and the Resurrection. By Dr. Joseph Cook, Towers, Spires, and Domes, 415.

Tucker, Professor, on the Authority of the Pulpit, 116
Scientific Theology, The Duty of, to the Church of To-day, 419 Tuckwell, Rev. W., on the Place of the Christian Minister in
Scientist's Defence of the Miraculous, A. By Dr. Dallinger,

Politics, 174
Scripture Inerrancy. By Principal Cave, 345

Unity of the Church. By Rev. Dr. Dale, 132
Sermons of the Month, Great, 64-67, 129-134, 206-209, 273-
277, 355-359

Vampire Literature, 44
Sermon Outlines for Special Times, 58, 121-122, 134, 204, 347,

Wakefield, The Bishop of, on the Church and Labour Problems,
Sign! The, A Babe. By Dr. Monro Gibson, 207

Sixteen Miles on a Wheelbarrow, 63.

Westminster, The Dean of, on the Prince and the Cardinal, 355
Smart, Rev. Henry T., on the Church and Labour Problems, Whitefield's Power, The Secret of. By Archdeacon Farrar, 49

Wilberforce, Rev. Canon, on the Place of the Christian Minis-
S.P.G. By Archdeacon Farrar, 327.

ter in Politics, 181
Speech, The Use of, in God's Service. By R. F. Horton, M.A., Woman's Place in Church Work. By

Mrs. Josephine Butler, 313
Spirits be Photographed ? Can. By Dr. Joseph Cook, 118

Mrs. Sheldon Amos, 315
Spurgeon, Rev. C. H. By Dr. Cliford, 349

Mrs. Bramwell Booth, 317
By the Bishop of Ripon, 417

Worship, True, 59
Stanley, Hon. Lyuïph, on the London School Board Election,

Young, Hon. John Russell, on New Life in China, 10
Starve ? Must People. By Rev. Stopford Brooke, I.L.D., 275
Stead, W. T., on Rev. Hugh Price Hughes, 43

Zechariah. By the late Professor Elr.slie, 56

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