A Complete Collection of the Genuine Papers, Letters, &c. in the Case of John Wilkes, Esq. Elected Knight of the Shire for the County of Middlesex March XXVIII, MDCCLXVIII.

1769 - 261 páginas
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Página 131 - ... on me, whom they imagined to be the principal author of bringing to the public view their ignorance, insufficiency, and treachery to your Majesty and to the nation.
Página 12 - I should never resolve him that question, till he made out the right of putting it, and that if I could have entertained any other idea, I was too well bred to have given his lordship and colonel Berkeley the trouble of coming to Bagshot.
Página 49 - Chatham has known the fweets of private friendfhip, and the fine feelings of humanity, as little as even Lord Mansfield. They are both formed to be admired, not beloved. A proud, infolent, overbearing, ambitious man is always full of the ideas of his own importance, and vainly imagines himfelf fuperior to the equality neceffary among real friends, in all the moments of true enjoyment.
Página 134 - I blufh again at the recolleftion that it has been at any time, and in any way, brought to the public eye, and drawn from the obfcurity in which it remained under my roof. Twelve copies of a fmall part of it had been printed in my houfe at my own private prefs.
Página 17 - I owe this to your apprehenfion of an action, not to your love of juftice ; and in that light, if I can believe your lordfhips' afTurances, the whole will be returned to me.
Página 188 - Easter week; but this ignominious act has not yet disgraced the nation in the London Gazette. The ministry are not ashamed of doing the thing in private; they are only afraid of the publication. Was it a tender regard for the honour of the late king, or of his present majesty, that invited to court lord George Sackville, in...
Página 173 - Jennings it was fhewn to Mr. Farmer, Mr. Faden, and the Rev. Mr. Kidgell ; that the firft application made to this deponent was by Farmer, who came, as he pretended, on his own curiofity, to fee the reft of the poem called An...
Página 24 - AN order of the houfe of commons is come to Mr. Hawkins and me, to attend Mr. Wilkes from time to time in order to obferve the progrefs of the cure, and to make a report to the houfe, together with you and Mr. Graves. You will oblige us by acquainting Mr. Wilkes with this ; and if you will let us know at what time you intend to fee Mr. Wilkes on Monday, we will be ready to meet you there. Mr. Hawkins defires that the appointment may be for fome hours after twelve.
Página 22 - Martin's making his i : mediate efcape, and no creature fhould know from Mr. Wilkes how the affair happened. Upon this they parted ; but Mr. Martin came up again in two or three minutes to Mr. Wilkes, offering him a fecond time his affiftance ; but Mr.

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