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Volume XI • Number 12

Report Fob November 559-564

List Of Works Relating To Hydraulic Engineering, Part II. 565-626

Principal Accessions In November 627-631

Principal Donors In November 632


William W. Appleton.

John Bigelow.

John L. Cadwalader.

Andrew Carnegie.

Cleveland H. Dodge.

John Murphy Farley.

Samuel Greenbaum.

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy.

John S. Kennedy.

Edward King.

Lewis Cass Ledyard.

J. Pierpont Morgan.
Morgan J. O'brien.
Stephen H. Olin.
Alexander E. Orr.
Henry C. Potter.
George L. Rives.
Charles Howland Russell.
Edward W. Sheldon.
George W. Smith.
Frederick Sturges.

George Brinton Mcclellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex offici
Herman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio.
Patrick F. Mcgowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio.


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D.
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D.
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq.

Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street.
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway.
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street.

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Lafayette Street, 425. (astor.) Fifth Avenue, 8qo.



East Broadway, 33. (chatham Square.)

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.)

Rivington Street, Ox.

Le Roy Street, 66. (hudson Park.)

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery.

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (ottendorfer.)

10th Street, 331 East. (tompkins Square.)

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (jackson Square.)

23d Street, 228 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues. (epiphany.)

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.)

Between 2d and 3d Avenues.
Between 10th and nth Avenues. (st. Raphael's.)
Near 7th Avenue. (george Bruce.)
Near Lexington Avenue. (cathedral.)
Near 10th Avenue. (sacred Heart.)

Near Lexington Avenue.

Near 1st Avenue. 69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (riverside. Travelling Libraries.) 77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (webster.) 79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (yorkville.) fiist Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (st. Agnes. Blind Library.) 96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues. tooth Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (bloomingdale.) noth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (aguilar.) 123d Street, 32 West. (harlem Library Branch.) 125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue. 135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue. 145th Street, 503 West. (hamilton Grange.) 156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (washington Heights.)


140th Street, 321 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (mott Haven.)
176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (tremont.)
230th Street. 3041 Kingsbridge Avenue. (kingsbridge.)


St. George. Stuyvesant and Hyatt Streets.
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street.
Stapleton. Canal and Brook Streets.
Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue.

34th Street, 215 East 40th Street, 501 West. 42d Street, 226 West. 50th Street, 123 East. 51st Street, 463 West. 58th Street, 121 East. 67th Street, 328 East.




Published monthly by The New York Public Library at 433 Lafayette Street, New York City. President, John Blgelow, 495 Lafayette Street; Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, 413 Lafayette Street; Treasurer, Edward King, 80 Broadway; Director, John S. Billings, 433 Lafayette Street.

Subscription One Dollar a year, current single numbers Ten Cents.

Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, 1897, under Act of July 16, 1894.

Vol. XI.

December, 1907.

No. 12.


Reference Department.

During the month of November there were received at the Library, by purchase, 1,210 volumes and 336 pamphlets; by gift, 2,853 volumes and 2,023 pamphlets; and by exchange, 43 volumes and 1,038 pamphlets, making a total of 5,106 volumes and 3,397 pamphlets.

There were catalogued 5,191 volumes and 1,655 pamphlets; the number of cards written was 5,309, and of slips for the copying machine 2,480; from the latter were received 13,133 cards.

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes consulted, in the Astor and Lenox Branches during the month:




East Broadway, 33

East Broadway, 197

Rivington Street, 61

Le Roy Street, 66

Bond Street, 49

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue

10th Street, 331 East

13th Street, 251 West

23d Street, 228 East

23d Street, 209 West

34th Street, 215 East

40th Street, 501 West

42d Street, 226 West

50th Street, 123 East

51st Street, 463 West

58th Street, 121 East

67th Street, 328 East

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue

Travelling Libraries

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A

79th Street, 222 East

81 st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue

Blind Library

96th Street, 112 East

tooth Street, 206 West

110th Street, 174 East

123d Street, 32 West

125th Street, 224 East.

135th Street, 103 West

145th Street, 503 West

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue


140th Street and Alexander Avenue..

176th Street and Washington Avenue

Kingsbridge Avenue, 3041

St. George

Port Richmond





The most important gifts of the month came from J. Pierpont Morgan, the illustrated catalogues of the "Pictures in the collection of J. Pierpont Morgan at Princes Gate & Dover House, London," with an introduction by T. Humphry Ward and biographical and descriptive notes by W. Roberts, (London, Privately printed, 1907), three folio volumes bound by Zaehnsdorf in full brown crushed levant, and "Catalogue of the collection of miniatures, the property of J. Pierpont Morgan, compiled at his request by G. C. Williamson," privately printed at the Chiswick Press, 1906, on Japanese vellum with hand-colored facsimiles, bound in full green crushed levant, this being no. 7 of the 40 copies printed on Japanese vellum.

Mrs. Henry Draper gave a copy of Henri Bouchot's "La miniature française, 1750-1825" (Paris, 1907, 5 volumes, quarto) ; a set of the Hollyer prints of New York city; and several interesting manuscripts. The latter included a portion (10 folios, 4" x 2.5") of a miniature Koran in Cufie characteis of the pth or loth Century, A. D., two leaves (7" x 5") of the Koran containing portions of the i8th Surah, in old Neski characters of the loth or nth Century, A. D., and two leaves of about the same size containing portions of the pth Surah, in old Cufie characters, of about the eighth century A. D., and an impression in clay of a seal and of an early coin with Pehlavi inscription. A further gift consisted of a bronze tablet <3* x 4"), the "tabella posterior" of one of the "diplomata militaría" or "constitutiones veteranorum" with inscription in Latin conferring the privileges of Roman citizenship upon Gaius Nicia son of Lucius, dated 22 November 139 A. D. (x. Kal. Dec. Justino et Basso consulibus).

Other gifts worthy of mention came, From Dr. S. T. Armstrong, 17 volumes and 16 pamphlets, including José Montero y Vidal's "Historia general de Filipinas" (Madrid, 1887-1895, 2 volumes), and a copy of "Historia de uno de los iniciadores de la revolución filipina" por Matatag, Nueva Caceres, 1899, and severa! other interesting Philippine imprints of about the same date; from Willard Parker Butler, 28 volumes, French and German novels, etc.; from the executors of the estate of James C. Carter, through Lewis Cass Ledyard, eleven copies of "Law: its origin, growth and function" by James Coolidge Carter, New York, 1907; from E. D. Church, "A catalogue of books relating to the discovery and early history of North and South America, forming a part of the library of E. D. Church," compiled and annotated by George Watson Cole, volumes 1-4, New York, 1907; from the General Convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America, "Emanuel Swedenborg's Memorabilia or Spiritual diary from the year 1747 to the year 1765," a facsimile of the original manuscript reproduced by means of photo-typography, (Stockholm, 1901, 1905, 3 volumes) ; from Mrs. Cadwalader Jones, a copy of "The History of the rise, increase and progress of the Christian people called Quakers intermixed with several remarkable occurrences, written originally in Low-Dutch, by William Sewel and by himself translated into English" (London, 1722) ; from H. W. Mesdag, a copy of the "Catalogue of the pictures, drawings, etchings and objects of art at the Mesdag Museum," (The Hague) compiled by Ph. Zilcken, 1906; from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, "Communications to the Trustees" relating to problems of

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