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American And English Literature.

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Alabama, Geological Survey

Allen-Nugent Company .

Amer. Monthly Review of Reviews

Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineers

Arnhem, Neth Burgemeester

Auchincloss, W. S. ...

Bangor Public Library .

Bayard, Thomas F. . . .

Belgium. BibliothequeRoyale

Belgium, Min. de l'Interieur

Breton, Mme. Jules .

Brown, Mrs. J. S

Cary, Isaac H

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry

Columbia University .

Conn. State Library . . .

Davison Pub. Co

Engineers' Club of Philadelphia

Foreign Missions Library .

Gen. Federation of Trade Unions

Gibraltar, Colonial Secretary

Good Will Home Assoc. . .

Great Britain, Patent Office

Hannover, Ger., Stadt- Bibliothek ........

Hawaiian Evangelical Assoc.

Hengelo, Neth., Kamer van Koophandel en Fabrieken

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Jamaica, Colonial Sec. . .

Johannesburg Pub. Library

Johns Hopkins Univ. . . .

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Koninklijk NederlandschMeteorologisch Instituut .

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Leeward Islands, Colon. Sec.

Lewiston, Me., School Board

Maine, Commiss. of Agriculture

Mathews, John

Mead, E. D

Minneapolis, Registrar of Water Works

Munson, Mrs. A. B. .

Nat. Council of Congregational Churches ....

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1 8 3


1 1


Neth., Dept. van Landbouw,


Neth., Min. van Kolonien .
New York City, Comptroller
New York State Chamber of


New Zealand Govt. Printer
Ontario, Dept. of Agriculture

Osaka Library

Paltsits, V. H

Payne, Mrs. H. C 1

Publishers' Weekly . . . 231 Rockford, 111., City Engineer i Rothensteiner, Rev. John . 26 St. Louis University ... 1

Schenkl, Miss 4

Schernikow, Ernest ... 5 Scribner's, Charles, Sons, 87

prints. S6minaire de Nicolet . . . Smethwick, Eng., Free Library

Somerville, Mass., Water


Sons of the Amer. Revolution 3 Sowarby, Miss A. A. . . . 93 Springfield, Mass., Supt. of


Stauffer, D. McN 2

Strobridge, Rev. G. E. . . 1 Svenska Litteratursallskapet 1

Swords, H. C 1

Toronto, City Clerk ... 1

Treat, J. H 1

Trier, Ger., Handelskammer
U. S. Bur. of Education .
U. S. Supt. of Documents
Univ. of Denver
Univ. of Iowa ....
Univ. of Maine .
Van Sinderen, Mrs. W.
Venice, Esposizione Internaz

d'Arte, 4 posters. Warschauer GegenseitigeUnfall-Versicherungs-Gesell


Watertown, Mass., Free Public Library

WestVirginia,Dept. of Mines 1 Wiener, Dr. R. G. ... 195 Woburn., Mass., City Clerk . 2 Wyoming, State Geologist . 1

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Published monthly by The New York Public Library. No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York City.

Subscription One Dollar a year, single numbers Ten Cents. Subscriptions may be sent to I. Ferris Lockwood,

Superintendent, No. 425 Lafayette Street, New York.
Entered at the Post Office at New York, N. Y., as second-class matter, January 30, I8q7, under Act of July 16,

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Volume XI • Number 9

Report For August 407-410

American Naval Affairs, 1798-1802 411-419

List Of Works Relating To Nautical And Naval Art And

Science, Etc. Part IV. (Conclusion.) 420^36

Principal Accessions En August 437-455

Principal Donors In August 456


William W. Appleton.

John Bigklow.

John L. Cadwalader.

Andrew Carnegie.

Cleveland H. Dodge.

John Murphy Farley.

Samuel Greenbaum.

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy.

John S. Kennedy.

Edward King.

Lewis Cass Ledyard.

Alexander Maitland.
J. Pierpont Morgan.
Morgan J. O'brien.
Stephen H. Olin.
Alexander E. Orr.
Henry C. Potter.
George L. Rives.
Charles Howland Russell.
Edward W. Sheldon.
George W. Smith.
Frederick Sturges.

George Brinton Mcclellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio.
Herman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio.
Patrick F. Mcgowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio.


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D.
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D.
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq.
Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street.
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway.
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street.

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Lafayette Street, 425. (astor.) Fifth Avenue, 8qo.



East Broadway, 33. (chatham Square.)
East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.)
Rivington Street, 61.
Le Roy Street, 66. (hudson Park.)
Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery.
8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (ottendorfer.)
10th Street, 331 East. (tompkins Square.)
13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (jackson Square.)
22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (epiphany.)

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.)
Between 2d and 3d Avenues.
Between 10th and nth Avenues. (st. Raphael's.)

Near 7th Avenue. (george Bruce.)

Near Lexington Avenue. (cathedral.)

Near 10th Avenue. (sacred Heart.)
Near Lexington Avenue.

34th Street, 215 East.

40th Street, 501 West.

42d Street, 226 West.

50th Street, 123 East.

51st Street, 463 West.

58th Street, 121 East.

67th Street, 328 East. Near 1st Avenue.

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (riverside. Travelling Libraries.)

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (webster.)

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (yorkville.)

81st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (st. Agnes. Blind Library.)

96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues.

100th Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (bloomingdale.)

noth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (aguilar.)

123d Street, 32 West. (harlem Library Branch.)

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue.

135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue.

145th Street, 503 West. (hamilton Grange.)

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (washington Heights.)


140th Street, 321 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (mott Haven.)
176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (tremont.)
230th Street. 3041 Kingsbridge Avenue. (kingsbridge.)


St. George. Stuyvesant and Hyatt Streets.
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street.
Stapleton. Canal and Brook Streets.
Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue.

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