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Report For December, And Summary Kor Jilt-december . 3-7

List Of Works Relating To Muhammedan Law . . . 8-17

List Of Jewish Drama 18-51

Principal Accessions In December 52-55

Principal Donors In December 56



Lafayette Street, 425. (astor.) Fifth Avenue, 8qo. (lenox.)




East Broadway, 33. (chatham Square.)

East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.)

Rivington Street, 61.

Le Roy Street, 66. (hudson Park.)

Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery.

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (ottendorfer.)

10th Street, 331 East. (tompkins Square.)

13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (jackson Square.)

22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (epiphany.)

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.)

34th Street, 215 East. Between 2d and 3d Avenues.

40th Street, 501 West. Between 10th and nth Avenues. (st. Raphael's.)

42d Street, 226 West. Near 7th Avenue. (george Bruce.)

50th Street, 123 East. Near Lexington Avenue. (cathedral.)

51st Street, 463 West. Near 10th Avenue. (sacred Heart.)

59th Street, 113 East. Near Lexington Avenue.

67th Street, 328 East. Near 1st Avenue.

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue. (riverside. Travelling Libraries.)

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A. (webster.)

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (yorkville.)

81st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (st. Agnes. Blind Library.)

96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues.

100th Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (bloomingdale.)

110th Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (aguilar.)

123d Street, 32 West. (harlem Library Branch.)

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue.

135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue.

145th Street, 503 West. (hamilton Grange.)

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (washington Heights.)


140th Street, 569 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (mott Haven.)

176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (tremont.)

230th Street. 2933 Kingsbridge Avenue. (kingsbridge.)


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue.

Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street.




Vol. XI.

January, 1907.

No. 1.


The following table shows the operations of the Reference Department of the New York Public Library for December, 1906, with the corresponding figures for the last six months, as compared with the corresponding six months of 1905:


During the calendar year ending December 31, 1906, the number of volumes actually received was 30,966 and of pamphlets 70,401, of which 13,381 volumes and 29,113 pamphlets were gifts, and 6,916 volumes and 36,404 pamphlets were received by exchange.

The number of volumes catalogued was 30,335, and of pamphlets 33,044.

There are now on the shelves of the Astor and Lenox branches of the Library, available for readers, 696,365 volumes and 268,712 pamphlets. These with the 570,789 volumes in the circulation department give a total of 1,535,866 pieces in the whole system.

The total number of readers and visitors during the calendar year was 210,065; the number of desk applicants was 180,782, and the number of volumes consulted by these desk applicants was 802,874, as shown by the following table:

Applicants. VOLUMES

Astor day service: total 146,328 684,530

monthly average 12,194 S7,°44-I6

volumes per reader, 4.67.

Astor evening service: total 20>925 43>36i

monthly average i,743.75 3,613.41

volumes per reader, 2.07.

Astor day and evening: total 167,253 727,891

monthly average I3>937-7S 60,657.58

volumes per reader, 4.35.

Lenox (9 A.m. to 6 P.m.): total 13,S29 74,9^3

monthly average 1,127.41 6,248.58

volumes per reader, 5.54.

Astor and Lenox: total 180,782 802,874

monthly average 15,065.16 66,906.16

volumes per reader, 4.44.

In 1905 the total amounted to 160,172 desk applicants and 677,946 volumes, an average of 13,346.83 desk applicants and 56.495.5 volumes per month, each reader using an average of 4.23 volumes. Increase of 1906 over 1905 amounted to 20,610 desk applicants and 124,928 volumes.

During the calendar year ending December 31, 1906, the Circulation Department (36 branches) circulated for home use 4,973,078 volumes; the number of readers consulting books from the shelves was 632,182; the adult reading-room attendance was 512,847, the total of such attendance being 807,289; the number of volumes accessioned was 96,770, giving a total of 570,789 on the shelves.

During the year four new circulation branches were opened, three of which provided new buildings for already existing branches, and one a new branch for the lower West side—the Hudson Park branch at 66 Le Roy Street, opened on January 26. The new building for Muhlenberg was opened at 209 West »3d Street on February 19, for St. Agnes at 444 Amsterdam Avenue on March 26, and for Webster at 1465 Avenue A on October 24.

The assembly rooms of the Hudson Park, Tompkins Square, 125TM Street, and Tremont branches were used experimentally by the Board of Education for the spring season oí the evening free lectures; these same four branches have been used for the same purpose since the beginning of the winter courses, in all cases the Library remaining open for half an hour after the lecture to enable the hearers to withdraw books should they so desire.



East Broadway, 33

East Broadway, 197

Rivington Street, 61

Le Roy Street, 66

Bond Street, 49

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue

10th Street, 331 East

13th Street, 251 West

22d Street, 230 East

23d Street, 209 West

34th Street, 215 East

40th Street, 501 West

42d Street, 226 West

50th Street, 123 East

51st Street, 463 West

59th Street, 113 East

67th Street, 328 East

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue.

Travelling Libraries

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A

79th Street, 222 East

81 st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue.

Blind Library

86th Street. 536 Amsterdam Avenue.

96th Street, 112 East

100th Street, 206 West

110th Street, 174 East

123d Street, 32 West

125th Street, 224 East

135th Street, 103 West

156th Street. 922 St.Nicholas Avenue.


140th Street and .Alexander Avenue...

176th Street and Washington Avenue.

Kingsbridge Avenue, 2933


Port Richmond



Totals .

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