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The Excellent History of the Merchant of

Venice. With the extreme cruelty of Shylock the Jew towards the saide Merchant, in cutting a iust pound of his flesh. And the obtaining of Portia, by the choyse of three Caskets. Written by W. Shakespeare. Printed'byJ. Roberts, 1600. 401. 4°.

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The first 3 acts appeared first in Der nayer Gayst {New York, 1898. 4°.)

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Gives two pound-of-flesh stories, in one of which a Christian was the claimant against a Jew before Pope Sixtus V. No reference is made to the Merchant of Venice.

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I Zapolska (Gabryela v.)]

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"The result of the inquiry will be almost purely negative."

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Individual Plays.

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German title: Emina W'haskula (Glauben und Wissen). Allegorisches Drama in fiinf Acten.

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German title: Jesch-Tikwah. Schauspiel in 3 Acten aus dem judischen Leben in der Gegenwart. Wurde das erste Mai auf der Stadtbiihne in Brody [in 1893] aufgefiihrt.

286a. Luzzatto (Moses Chayyim ben Jacob Chay). of Padua, 1707-47. La-Yesharim Tehillah . .. [Praise for the upright. A drama in 3 acts and a prologue, and inverse. Written in honor of his pupil Jacob ben Moses di Gavis on the occasion of his wedding to Rachel da Vega Enriques.] Ms. Amsterdam, n. d. 4 p.l., 25, (1) f. 8°.

A copy of the first ed. (Amsterdam, 1743)? Sq. char, and

the pref. in Rashi char. Hand-made paper. Was presented in 1859 by its owner, Jacob Meir Lehren at Amsterdam, to another man (Getschlik ben Sucsskind?) of the same city.

La-Yesharim Tehillah... [2. ed., with a

preface by Solomon of Dubno.] Berlin, 1780. 42 1. 12°.

Another ed. [With an approbation signed

by Joseph ben Jacob Isaac Hochgelehrnter, Rabbi at Samoscz, and Abraham ha-Cohen Chasid of Amsterdam; reprinted from Isaac Aryeh ha-Levi Margaliot's ed. of Lemberg, 1799.] Jozefow: D. S. I.

Wax, 1826. 92 p. 12°.

The publisher remarks that he was loath to ask the rabbis of his own generation for approbations, as he knew them to be generally opposed to poetical writers; wherefore he reproduces instead the rabbinical approbation given in a previous edition.

Another ed. Wilna: R. M. Romm, 1849.

xii, 60 p. 12°.

Another ed. Warsaw: I. Goldman, 1884.

80 p. 12°.

La-Yesharim Tehillah (dem Verdienste

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...Laj'scharimT'hillah ins Deutsche ttber

setzt von J[eremiah] Musen. . .[Hebrew and German.] Lemberg: S. L. Kugel, 1874. 109 p. 12 .

Buch La-Yesharim Tehillah ubersetzt vun

Leschon Kodesch. .. vun Gedaliah ben David haCohen Berger mi-Dubno. [Ms. Judeo-German.] [Dubno?] 1876. 81 p. 16*.

German cursive characters.

Only to.the beginning of the 5. scene of the 3. act.

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Shire Kodesh we-lahem Mashal u Melizah

. . .[2. ed., enlarged.] Warsaw: N. H. Herzog, 1877. 156 p. 240.

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Translations Into Hebrew.

289. Berquin (Arnaud). MusarNaarRa. [A play for children in 18 scenes. Translated from the French by I. M. Salkind.j Warsaw: " Tuschijah," 1903. 54 p. 12°. (Li-Bene ha-Neurim. 83-84.)

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Goethe (Johann Wolfgang von). Faust. He brew translation by M. Letteris. See Section 1} Elisha ben Abujah (end of first and beginning o second centuries).

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German title: Abinadab nach G. E. Lessing Philotas, ein Trauerspiel in einem Aufzug, in's Hebraische frei ubersetzt in Dubno . . . 1820.

Die Juden. Nathan der Wise. See Section II.

292. Sarah Bat Simson. [Miss Sara Sampson.

A drama in 5 acts; translated into Hebrew prose by PeliTsrael Frenkel. ] Warsaw: M. Lewinsii, 1887. 90, (1) p. 8".

293. Maffei (Francesco Scipione). Merab. La Merope. Tragoedia. .quam ex Italico sermone in linguam sacram classicam convertit.. .S. A. Romanelli. Nuncprimum cum prcefatione et notis.. . edita e manuscripto autographo translatoris... editoris T. A. Weikert.. .Italian and Hebrew. Roma: F. Pustet, 1904. xvi, 205 p., 1 facsim. 8°.

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295. Shakespeare (William). Hamlet... [Translated from the English into Hebrew by Chayyim Jehiel Bornstein.] (Ha-Zefirah. v. 27S8. Warsaw, 1900-1901. f°.)

[Hamlet's monologue; translated by Judah

Loeb Gordon.] (In: Col Shire J. L. Gordon. v. 5, p. 81-82. Wilna, 1898. 8°.)

Smolensky (Peter). [Hamlet and Faust compared, a criticism; with a translation of several passages from Hamlet, including the monologue.] (In his novel: Simchat Chanef, chap. 20-21, first published in his mag. Ha-Shachar, v. 3. Wien, 1S72. 8°.)

296. Ha-Melec Lear...[King Lear. A

tragedy in 5 acts. Translated from the English into Hebrew blank verse by Samuel Loeb Gordon. Warsaw: " Tuschijah" 1899. 2 pt. in I v. 12°. (Bibliotheca Ibrit. 61-62.)

297. Macbeth. [A tragedy in five acts.

Translated into Hebrew verse from Friedrich von Schiller's German translation, by Isaac Barb.] Drohobycz: Zupnik 6> Knoller, 1883. 123(1) p. 8°.

298. Ithiel ha-Cushi mi-Venezia. ..[Othello.

Translated into Hebrew blank verse by Isaac Eliezer Salkinson. With an introduction by Peter

Smolensky.] Vienna: Spitzer &• ffolzwartk,Jun., 1874. xxxv, (1), 19S, (2). 12°.

English title: Othello ... Translated into Hebrew by J. E. S. Edited by P. Smolensky.

Comp. P. Smolensky in his Ha-Shachar, v. 5, p. 295-296. (Wien, 1874. 8°.)

299. Ram we-Jael... [Romeo and Juliet.

Translated into Hebrew blank verse by Isaac Eliezer Salkinson. With a letter to the translator by Peter Smolensky.] Wien: G. Brog, 1878. xii, 167, (1) p. 12°.

English title: Shakespeare's. Romeo and'Juliet.'.Translated into Hebrew by J. E. S.

Comp. P. Smolensky in his Ha-Shachar, v. 9, p. 237, 287288, 146-351, 406-408. (Wien, 1878. 8°.)

I Sudermann (Hermann). Johannisfeuer.] Klausner (Joseph). Esh Johanan. [A review. Hebrew.] (In: Ha-Dor. v. 1, no. J7>P- r3_I5- Krakau, 1901. f°.)

300. Vulpius (Christian August), Lahakat haShodedim... [" Rinaldo Rinaldini, der Rauberhauptmann eine romantische Geschichte unseres Jahrhunderts" (Leipzig, 1798), combining simple narrative with dialogue, and interspersed with songs; translated from a Polish translation by Chayyim Goldstein of Piotrkow. With the approbation of Aryeh Judah Jacob Meisels, rabbi of Piotrkow. Published by the translator's son, Jacob Goldstein.] Warsaw: N. Schriftgisser, 1858. 2 pt. in 1 v. 12°.


301. Behar (Jakim). La famiflija misteriosa. Teatro in 4 actos in poesia. [Wien: J. Schlesinger,] 649 [1889]. 56 p. 12°.

Rashi characters. The only drama in this dialect known to Max Gruenbaum. See his Judisch-spanische chrestomathie. (Frankfurt a. M., 1896. 8". p. 145-146.)

Judeo-german Dramas.
Original and adaptations.

302. [ Abramowitsch (Shalom Jacob).] Die Taxe, oder die Stodt-Baale-Toboth. Gedruckt beHischtadluth Mendeli-Mocher-Sforim. Wilna: S. J. FUnn & A. Z. Jiosenkranz, 1872. 88 p. 8°.

Die Taxe. New York: J. Katzenelenbogen,

1899. 99 p. 8°.

303. Avramovitz (Max). Mein Theater-Magazin. Eine Erzahlung Uber Schmendrik's GlUck und Ungltlck, seine ganze Lebens-Biographie, zusammengesetzt aus 237 Namen von Theater-Stucke seit idisches Theater existirt vun 1877 bis 1895. New York: E. Zunser [1895]. 12 p. S°.

English title: My theatrical magazin.

304. Axenfeld (Israel). Mann un Weib, Schwester un Bruder... a Theaterstuck in 2 Akten. Odessa: M. Bertinson, 1867. 68 p. 8°.

305. Beckermann (Simeon). [Hadassah] Die Ch'luzah. A Drama in vier Akten. Odessa, 1883. 108 p. sq. 8.

Ma. German cursive characters.

Hadassah die Ch'luzah.. .Varfasst auf dem

Art von Schomer. Warsaw: J. Unterhendler, 1884. 112 p. 8°.

306. Ben-Zion (Benedix). A Familien-Drame oder die falsche Kiduschin. A Drame in fUnef Akten. An emethe Geschichte, far der judischen BUhne ausgearbet... Odessa, 1883. I p.l., 85 p. sq. 8°.

Ms. German cursive characters.

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