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William W. Appleton.

John Bigblow.

John L. Cadwalader.

Andrew Carnegie.

Cleveland H. Dodge.

John Murphy Farley.

Samuel Greenbaum.

H. Van Rensselaer Kennedy.

John S. Kennedy.

Edward King.

Lewis Cass Ledyard.

Alexander Maitland.
J. Pierpont Morgan.
Morgan J. O'brien.
Stephen H. Olin.
Alexander E. Orr.
Henry C. Potter.
George L. Rives.
Charles Howland Russell.
Edward W. Sheldon.
George W. Smith.
Frederick Sturges.

George Brinton Mcclellan, Mayor of the City of New York, ex officio.
Herman A. Metz, Comptroller of the City of New York, ex officio.
Patrick F. Mcgowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, ex officio.


President, Hon. John Bigelow, LL.D.
First Vice-President, Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, D.D., LL.D.
Second Vice-President, John S. Kennedy, Esq.

Secretary, Charles Howland Russell, Esq., 425 Lafayette Street.
Treasurer, Edward King, Esq., Union Trust Company, 80 Broadway.
Director, Dr. John S. Billings, 425 Lafayette Street.


Lafayette Street, 425. (astor.) Fifth Avenue, 8qo. (lenox.)



East Broadway, 33. (chatham Square.)
East Broadway, 197. (Educational Alliance Building.)
Rivington Street, 61.
Le Roy Street, 66. (hudson Park.)
Bond Street, 49. Near the Bowery.
8th Street. 135 Second Avenue. (ottendorfer.)
10th Street, 331 East. (tompkins Square.)
13th Street, 251 West. Near 8th Avenue. (jackson Square.)
22d Street, 230 East. Near 2d Avenue. (epiphany.)

23d Street, 209 West. Near 7th Avenue. (muhlenberg. Department Headquarters.)
Between 2d and 3d Avenues.
Between 10th and nth Avenues. (st. Raphael's.)
Near 7th Avenue. (george Bruce.)
Near Lexington Avenue. (cathedral.)
Near 10th Avenue. (sacred Heart.)
Near Lexington Avenue.
Near 1st Avenue.
190 Amsterdam Avenue. (riverside. Travelling Libraries.)
1465 Avenue A. (webster.)

34th Street, 215 East.
40th Street, 501 West.
42d Street, 226 West.
50th Street, 123 East.
51st Street, 463 West.
58th Street, 121 East.
67th Street, 328 East.
69th Street.
77th Street.

79th Street, 222 East. Near 3d Avenue. (yorkville.)

81st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue. (st. Agnes. Blind Library.)

96th Street, 112 East. Between Lexington and Park Avenues.

100th Street, 206 West. Near Broadway. (bloomingdale.)

noth Street, 174 East. Near 3d Avenue. (aguilar.)

123d Street, 32 West. (harlem Library Branch.)

125th Street, 224 East. Near 3d Avenue.

135th Street, 103 West. Near Lenox Avenue.

145th Street, 503 West. (hamilton Grange.)

156th Street. 922 St. Nicholas Avenue. (washington Heights.)


140th Street, 321 East, cor. Alexander Avenue. (mott Haven.)
176th Street. 1866 Washington Avenue. (tremont.)
230th Street. 3041 Kingsbridge Avenue. (kingsbridge.)


Tottenville. Amboy Road, near Prospect Avenue.
Port Richmond. 12 Bennett Street.




Vol. XI.

May, 1907.

No. s.


Reference Department.

During the month of April there were received at the Library by purchase, 2,578 volumes and 649 pamphlets; by gift, 1,287 volumes and 2,723 pamphlets; and by exchange, 199 volumes and 9,562 pamphlets, making a total of 4,064 volumes and 11,934 pamphlets.

There were catalogued 3,579 volumes and 2,098 pamphlets; the number of cards written was 10,836, and of slips for the copying machine 2,507; from the latter were received 9,490 cards.

The following table shows the number of readers, and the number of volumes consulted, in both the Astor and Lenox Branches of the Library, also the number of visitors to the Print Exhibition at the Lenox during the month:


Circulation Department.

The most popular books of the month were (in non-fiction): Ibsen's Plays, Benson's "Upton Letters," Van Dyke's "Studies in Pictures"; (adult fiction): Chambers's "Fighting Chance," Mason's "Running Water," Nicholson's "Port of Missing Men"; (juvenile fiction): Lang's Fairy Books, Barbour's "On Your Mark," Aldrich's "Story of a Bad Boy."


East Broadway, 33

East Broadway, 197

Rivington Street, 61

Le Roy Street, 66

Bond Street, 49

8th Street. 135 Second Avenue

10th Street, 331 East

13th Street, 251 West

22d Street, 230 East

23d Street, 209 West

34th Street, 215 East

40th Street, 501 West

42d Street, 226 West

50th Street, 123 East

51st Street, 463 West

59th Street, 113 East

67th Street, 328 East

69th Street. 190 Amsterdam Avenue.

Travelling Libraries

77th Street. 1465 Avenue A

79th Street, 222 East;

81st Street. 444 Amsterdam Avenue.

Blind Library

96th Street, 112 East

100th Street, 206 West

110th Street, 174 East

123d Street, 32 West

125th Street, 224 East

135th Street, 103 West

145th Street, 503 West

156th Street. 922 St.Nicholas Avenue.


140th Street and Alexander Avenue...

176th Street and Washington Avenue.

Kingsbridge Avenue, 2933


Port Richmond



Among the gifts received during the month may be mentioned those from: Francis R. Abbott, "Studies in plant and organic chemistry," by Helen Abbott Michael, with biographical sketch, Cambridge, 1907; from the city of Bergen, 12 volumes, city documents; from Charles Edward Cheney, a copy of his "The second Norman conquest," Chicago, 1907; from the East Africa Protectorate, a copy of the " Handbook for East Africa, Uganda and Zanzibar," 1907; from John Henry Hill, 9 prints, including 6 etchings and 2 mezzotints by himself; from Herman Hollerith, a collection of reports, 95 volumes and 35 pamphlets, relating to the first general census of the population of Russia, 1897; from the Secretary of State, Iowa, 15 volumes and 2 pamphlets, Iowa documents; from Hall N. Jackson, 18 volumes, the Cincinnati Weekly Times, and the Weekly Star; from the Central Committee of the Jewish Colonization Association, St. Petersburg, 4 volumes, 24 pamphlets, and a number of broadsides, including the reports of the committee, pamphlets in the Russian and Hebrew languages relating to emigration, etc.; from Dr. George Wilds Linn, a copy of his " History of a fragment of the Clan Linn," 1907; from Prof. Diocleziano Mancini, his translation of "Dal Canzoniere di Beranger," Terni, 1907; from L. N. Mandelstein, no volumes in Russian, Hebrew, and German; from A. R. Mander, 3 volumes and 3 pamphlets, theosophical works; from Prof.D.Panajotov, 7 pamphlets, including "Kniga o Yevreyima . .. par S. A."; from David C. Preyer, a copy of "Whistler, notes and footnotes and other memoranda," by A. E. Gallatin, New York, 1907; from J. D. Smillie, 131 engravings by R. Hinshelwood, comprising 136 plates; from J. W. Smith, 4 volumes of "The Mentor," a magazine relating to the blind; and from Sir Charles E. Howard Vincent, a copy of his "The police code and general manual of the criminal law," 14th ed., London, 1907.

Picture bulletins and temporary collections of books on special shelves at the circulation branches were as follows: East Broadway, Birthdays of celebrated men and women, Edward Everett Hale, Out of door books, Washington Irving; Rivington Street, Cuba; Bond Street, Flowers, Polarized light, Mediasval Japan, Picturesque New Zealand, American composers,Wireless telegraphy; Hudson Park, City of Washington, Cowboy life, Southern California, Home Culture, Indians; Ottendorfer, Japan,Wild animals of Africa; Tompkins Square, Gardening, House and home; Muhlenberg, Bismarck,Gladstone, Modern Government, Song and song writers; 34TH Street, Geography of North America; George Bruce, Old time gardens; Sacred Heart, Shakespeare; 67TH Street,Gardeners' books; Riverside, Country homes, Play hour, Telephone and engineering; Yorkville, First aid to injured, Nature stories; St. Agnes, Sea tales, Famous pictures, Peace conference; 96TH Street, Printing, Ancient Egypt, Trial by jury, Great Charter, Wallace and Bruce, Hundred years' war, Chaucer and Caxton, Discovery of Gold in California and Alaska, New York State Government, Causes of American Revolution, Japan, Robert E. Lee, Debtors' prisons; Bloomingdale, Candy country, Birds' nests, Celebrated paintings; Aguilar, Porto Rico, The Bermudas, Jamaica, Colorado, Austrian Tyrol, Turkey, Cuba, Chili, Peru, Antarctic region, Consumption; 125TH Street, West Indies,Concord and Lexington,Gardening, Surveying; 135TH Street, Nature study, School stories; Mott Haven, Benjamin Franklin ; Tremont, Ancient Egypt, Pyramids, Aninrals of Africa, Bird notes, Edgar Allan Poe, Gardening, History of settlement work, Japan, New York Aquarium, Suez Canal, The coming people; Port Richmond, Books for girls, Outdoors in April; Tottenville, The garden.

In addition there were bulletins on Arbor Day at eleven branches, on Spring at seven branches, on Jamestown Exposition at seven branches, on new books at seven branches, on birds at three branches, on Panama Canal at two branches, and on astronomy at two branches.

At the Lenox Branch, the exhibition of American engravings was continued. The exhibition of etchings by the late Dr. L. M.Yale was open until the ijth April, and was replaced on the isth by an exhibition of bookplates and other engravings by the late E. D. French.

At the Astor Branch, Martin's "Oriental carpets" remained on view during the month. On the 6th of April Champier's "Les anciens almanachs de Paris" were replaced by a collection of American etchings, lithographs and engravings, and by Robert Shaw's Etchings of historic spots.

The new building for the Scth Street Branch of the library (henceforth to be called the 58тн Street Branch) was formally opened on Friday, May 10, at 4.30 P.m. This building, which is situated at 121 East 58th Street, is noteworthy for the width of its front—65 feet—and the fact that it has separate entrances for children and adults. The branch occupying this building was formerly one of the branches of the Aguilar Free Library, and from February, 1898, until its consolidation with the New ¿York Public ; Library on March i, 1903, it served also as the headquarters of the Aguilar Library. At the opening exercises the City was represented by the Hon. Patrick F. McGowan, President of the Board of Aldermen, and the trustees by Dr. Billings, Director of the library.

Music was furnished by the Palley String Quartet, and by Mrs. Speke-Seeley.

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