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Genealogies, cont'd.

Winfree. Winfree of Virginia. By Mrs. William C. Stubbs. (In: Gulf States Hist. Mag., Vol. 2, p. 196-203. 1903.)

Winston. Genealogy: Isaac Winston and descendants. By Elizabeth Winston Campbell Hendrick. [New York: Sackett & Wilhelms, 1899.] 8 1. f°. Title from cover.

Woods. The Woods-McAfee memorial, containing an account of John Woods and James McAfee of Ireland and their descendants in America... Also some hitherto unpublished documents which constitute a valuable contribution to the pioneer history of Virginia and Kentucky. By Neander M. Woods. Louisville: Courier-Journal Job Print Co., 1905. xiii, 503 p., 1 chart, 7 maps, 1 port, illus. f°.

Woodson. Woodson family. (In: Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart., Hist. Mag., Vol. 9, p. 254-256; vol. 10, p. 44-48, 185-191; vol. 11, p. 50-58. 19011902.)

Wyatt or Wiatt families. (In : Wm. and Mary Coll. Quart., Hist. Mag., vol. 10, p. 59-61, 260264. 1901-02.)

Yates. Memorials of a family in England and Virginia. A. D. 1771-1851. By A. E. Terrill. [Yates and Aglionby family.) [London:] printed for private circulation, 1887. viii, 383 p. 8°.

Yeardley. Sir George Yeardley or Yardley, Governor and Captain-General of Virginia, and Temperance, Lady Yeardley, and some of their descendants. By Thomas Teackle Upshur. (In: Amer. Hist. Mag., Vol. 1, p. 339-374. Nashville, Tenn., 1896.)

Same. Separate.

Young. Memorial and family tree of Michael Cadet Young of Brunswick County, Va., and of his descendants. 16— to 1895... By Nathaniel P. Young. Arranged by Capt. Calvin Duvall Cowles, U. S. A. Washington, D. C, 1895. Broadside. f°.

Local History.
Albemarle County.

Albemarle County (Virginia). A handbook giving a description of its topography.. . Edited by W. H. Seamon. Charlottesville, Va., 1888. nop. 8°.

Bibb (A. P.) & Co. Piedmont, Virginia: with notice of Charlottesville, the central city of the old Dominion. [Resources of Albemarle County, Virginia.] Charlottesville, Va.: Jefferson Book Office [1893?]. 77 p. illus. 8°.

Woods (Rev. Edgar). Albemarle County in Virginia. Giving some account of what it was by nature, of what it was made by man, and of some of the men who made it. [Charlottesville, Va.: Michie Co., 1901.] iv, 412 p. 8°.


Alexandria. Charter of the town of Alexandria, with the revised code of laws of the Corporation of said town. Alexandria: Rounsavell& Pittman, 1821. 14, 119 p. 8°.

The charter and laws of the city of

Alexandria, Va., and an historical sketch of its government... Alexandria: Gazette Book & Job Office, 1874. 112 p. 8°.

Annual statement for the fiscal year ending

May 31, 1880/1-1899/1900. nos. 101-120. Alexandria, 1881-1900. 8°.

Early issues have the school report bound with the general statement, later ones include it in the text.

Mayor. Circular and accompanying papers

[from Mayor K. Kemper] the bond holders and other creditors of the city. Alexandria: Gazette Book and Job Office, 1878. 25 p. 8°.

Ordinances. Laws of the mayor and commonalty of the town of Alexandria; to which are prefixed, Acts of the legislature of Virginia, respecting the town of Alexandria. Alexandria: Printed by John and James D. tVestcott, Printers to the Corporation [1801 ?]. 37 p. f°.

Laws of the corporation of Alexandria

as revised and passed, January 20, 1821. Alexandria: Rounsavell Sf Pittman, 1821. 119 p. 8°.

Public Schools, Superintendent of. Annual

report. 1878/81, 1881/2, 1887/8-1899/1900. Alexandria, 1881-1900. 8°.

1878-1892/3 are bound with the u Annual Statement" of those years, later reports are included in the text of the Statement.

Celebration of the first centennial of the Municipal Government of the city of Alexandria, Virginia, March 9, 1880. Alexandria, Va.: The Gazette Book and Job Office, 1880. 49 p. 8°.

Chataigne's Alexandria City, [Va.,] directory ...1881/82. [ Washington, cop. 1881.] 8°.

[McKim (Randolph H.)] Washington's church. An historical sketch of Old Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia. Together with a brief description of the centenary services therein, November 20 and 21st, 1873. Alexandria, 1894. 32 p., 1 1. 8°.

Packard (Joseph). Recollections of the old Chapel. A discourse delivered at the consecration of the new Chapel of the Theological Seminary of the Diocese of Virginia [at Alexandria] on Thursday, June 23, 1881. Philadelphia: Matlack &• Harvey [1881]. 24 p., I pi. 8°.

Richmond's directory of Alexandria, Va. 1897/8, 1899/1900, 1900, 1901. Washington, 1897-1901. 8°.

Slaughter (P.) Address on the centennial anniversary of Washington's inauguration, in Christ Church, Alexandria, 1789-1889. Alexandria: R. Bell's Sons, 1889. 16 p. 8°.

Alleghany County.

Meek (Fielding Bradford). Descriptions of new species of fossil plants from Alleghany Co., Virginia, with some remarks on the rock seen along the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad, near the White Sulphur Springs of Greenbrier county, West Virginia. 2 plates. (Bulletin of the Philosophical society of Washington, v. 2, apx. p. 26-44.) (Smithsonian Inst. Misc. coll., v. 20 (no. 423). Washington, 1875-1880.)

Amelia County,

Farrar (F. R.) Amelia County, Virginia. An outline of the soil, productions, minerals, etc. Richmond: Everett Waddey, printer, 1888. cover title, 16 p. 8°.

Local History, cont'd.


Decker (Karl), and Angus Mcsween. Historic Arlington; a history of the national cemetery from its establishment to the present time, with sketches of the historic personages who occupied the estate previous to its seizure by the national government—Parke Custis and his times—the career of Lee, with descriptions of life in Virginia during the early part of the century. Washington, D. C: Decker & McSween Pub. Co. [cop., 1892.] 104 p. 8°.

Lossing (Benson J.) The historic buildings of America. The Arlington House, p. 81-88. 8°.

Ext. from Potter's American Monthly, Feb., 1876.

Osborne (John Ball). The story of Arlington. A history.. .of the estate and national cemetery, containing a complete list of officers of the army and navy interred there, with biographical sketches of heroes of the Civil and Spanish Wars, and notable memorial addresses and poems... Washington, D. C.i [J. F. Sheiry,] 1899. 106 (l)p., 1 map, 9 pi., 1 port. 8°.

United States.—Statutes. A bill authorizing the erection of a monument in memory of those buried at Arlington who lost their lives in the war with Spain. Introduced in the House by Mr. Fitzgerald, April 28, 1900. n. p., 1900. 1 1. 4°. (55. Cong., H. R. 11129.)

Augusta County.

Jones (Calvin). Description of Wier's cave, in Augusta county, Virginia. Albany, 1815. pi. 8°.

Peyton (J. Lewis). History of Augusta County, Virginia. Staunton, Va.: S. M. Yost cV Son, 1882. vii, 387 (8) p. 8°.

Waddell (Joseph A[ddison]). Annals of Augusta County, Virginia. [Richmond, Va., 1886?]

55 P- 4°.

Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, with

reminiscences illustrative of the vicissitudes of its pioneer settlers; biographical sketches... a diary of the war, i86i-'5, and a chapter on reconstruction, with a supplement. Richmond, Va.: J. W. Randolph cV English, 1888. vii, 460 p., 2 maps. 8°.

Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from

1726 to 1871. Staunton, Va.: C. R. Caldwell^ 1902. x, 545 p., 2 maps. 2. ed., rev. and enl. 4°.

Bedford City.

Colgate (G. L.) & Co. Bedford City, Va. A souvenir. New York: South Pub. Co. [cop. 1890.] 41. 16°.

Bedford, the richest in natural resources of the counties in Piedmont, Virginia... Homes to the grazier, dairyman... stock-raiser... and all others in search of cheap homes... with... advantage. Bedford City, the county town... a great educational centre... [Bedford:] Bedford Index Print [1893]. 48 p. 8°.

Bedford County.

Some early marriages in Bedford County, Va. (William and Mary College Quarterly, Vol. II, p. 280-282. Richmond, Va., 1903.)

Berkley. Berkley. The charter and ordinances of the town of Berkley. Published by authority of the

council, 1890. Norfolk: Eagle Printing Co., 1890. 32 p. 8°.


Once old Battletown, but now the growing and progressive city of Berryville. [ Washington, 1891.] 3 1. 8°.

Clipping from Washington Post, May 13, 1891.

Big Stone Gap.1

Proctor (John R.) Big Stone ,Gap, Virginia. [With prospectus of Big Stone Gap Improvement Co. New York: J. J. Little 6* Co.,1890.] 32 p., 2 1., 4 maps. 4°.

Title taken from cover.


Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, Blacksburg. Catalogue, 1872/3,97/8. Danville, 1873-98. 8°.

Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College. Its history and organization, n. p. [1872?] 36 p. 8°.


[Harland (Marion), pseud. ofM. V. (H.) TerHune.] Some old Virginia homesteads. Brandon —Lower and Upper, n. p., 189-? 7-15 p. 8°.

Ext. from "The Home-Maker.",

Brandon on the Lower James [the home of the Harrison family of Virginia], (In: Glenn (T. A.) Some colonial mansions, vol. 1, p. 401-429. 1898.)

Historic homes in the Valley of the James, Virginia. Upper and Lower Brandon. [Baltimore, Md., 189-.] 1 p.l., 8 p. 8°.

Mounted clipping from the " Baltimore Sun."

Bristol Parish.

Chamberlayne (Churchill Gibson). The vestry book and register of Bristol Parish, Virginia, 1720-1789. Richmond, Va.: privately printed, 1898. vii, 419 p. 4°.

Slaughter (Philip). A history of Bristol Parish, with a tribute to the memory of its oldest rector, and an appendix, containing the epitaphs of some of its early officers and friends. Richmond, Va.: B. B. Minor, 1846. 51 p., 1 pi. 8°.

Interleaved copy. Autograph [letter from 'the author, and newspaper cuttings inserted.

A history of Bristol Parish, Va., with genealogies of families connected therewith, and historical illustrations. Richmond: J. W. Randolph cV English, 1879. x*. 237P- 2. ed. 8°.

Buena Vista. Buena Vista Company. Facts worth knowing about Buena Vista.... New York: the Giles Co. [1890.] 24 p., 1 map. 12°.

Caroline County.

Caroline County.—Board of Supervisors. A hand-book of Caroline County, Virginia. Bowling Green, Va.: Caroline Sentinel Print., 1888. 6 1., 1 map. 8".

Cedar Mountain.

Cedar Mountain. [Addresses, poems, &c, at the dedication of the monument to the 28th New York Volunteers, Culpeper, Va., Aug. 8, 1902. Prepared by Gen. Horatio C. King. n. t.-p. 1892.] 32 p., 1 pi. ports. 8°.

Local History, cont'd.


Beale (James). Chancellorsville. A paper read before the United Service Club, Philadelphia, Penna., on Wednesday, February 8, 1888. Philadelphia: James Beale, 1892. 2 p.l., II p., I 1., 5 maps. 2. ed. ob. 12°. Maps included in pagination.

Dodge (Theodore Ayrault). The Campaign of Chancellorsville. 2. edition. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin &• Co. [c. 1881.] 8°.

Doubleday (A.) Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. New York: Scribner's Sons, 1882. 12°. (Campaigns of the Civil War. v. 6.)

Same. 2. ed. New York. 12°.

Hotchkiss (J. D.), and Wm. Allan. Battlefields of Virginia: Chancellorsville. New York, 1867. maps, port. 8°.

Charlotte County. Gaines (R[ichard] V.) Hand-book of Charlotte County, Virginia. Its history, physical characteristics, climatic conditions, social, moral and religious advantages, statistical and other information ... Richmond, Va.: E. Waddey, 1889. 78 p., 1 1., 1 map. 8°.

Charlottesville. Sec also Albemarle County above. Charlottesville. Blank proposals and advertisement. . .Street improvement bonds...Bids will be received until.. .April 15th, 1903. [Charlottesville, 1903 ?] 2 1. 8°.

Daily Progress (Illustrated edition). Charlottesville, Virginia. "The Athens of the South." Edited by A. E. Walker. Charlottesville : Progress Pub. Co., 1906. 46 p., 1 1. f°.

Chase City. Chase City. Blank proposals and advertisement. . .6$ improvement bonds.. .Bids will be received until...May 19th, 1904. [Chase City, 1904 ?] 2 1. 8°.

Chesterfield County. Baker (W. W.) Description of Chesterfield County, Va.. .[Manchester, Va.: Manchester Leader Print, 1888 ?] 15 p. 24°.

Culpeper County.

Green (Raleigh Travers). Genealogical and historical notes on Culpeper County, Virginia. Embracing a revised and enlarged edition of Dr. Philip Slaughter's history of St. Mark's Parish. Culpeper, Va.: [Exponent Print. Offlce,] 1900. 5 p.l., viii, 120, I 1., 160, xxvi p., 1 1., 1 pi., 1 port. 8°.

Slaughter (Philip). A history of St. Mark's parish, Culpeper County, Virginia; with notes of old churches and. . .families, and illustrations of the manners and customs of the olden time. [Baltimore: /nnesA' Co.,] 1877. x, 200 p., 1 map. 12°.

History of St. George's Parish, in the

county of Spotsylvania, and diocese of Virginia.. . Edited by R. A. Brock, with a biography of the author and a continuation, embracing the history of St. George's and Trinity Churches to the present time. Richmond, Va.: J. IV. Randolph <5r" English, 1890. xix, 78 p., 1 pi., I port. 8°.


Committee of Forty. Danville riot, November 3, 1883. Report of Committee of Forty, with sworn testimony of thirty-seven witnesses, &c. Richmond: Johns fir" Goolsby, 1883. 47 p. 8".

Danville.— Water, Gas and Electric Light Dept. Annual report. 1903-1905/6. nos. [2830J. Danville, 1903-1906. 8°.

Turner's 5th, 7th, annual directory for the cities of Danville and North Danville, Va. 1890/91, 1892/93. Danville, 1890-1892. 8°.

Elizabeth City County.

Elisabeth City Co., Va. Its soil, climate and health fulness. . .The many places of interest in the locality. 2 1. f*.

Clipping from the Hampton Home Builder, Oct. 27, 1888.

Tombstones in Elizabeth City County. (William and Mary College Quarterly, Hist. Mag., vol. 14, p. 167-173. 1906.)

Essex County.

Garnett (Henry Wise). Historical address on the history of Essex County, Virginia, delivered .. .at Occupacia, Essex Co., Virginia, on July 4, 1876. Washington: Judd Detweiler, 1876. 34 P. 8°.


Marriage bonds in Fairfax. (William and Mary College Quarterly Hist. Mag., vol. 12, p. 256258. 1904.)

Washington's neighbors.. .Virginia freeholders and their election franchise before the Revolution. Historic names in Fairfax County 12 p. 8°.

Mounted clippings from the Washington Evening Star. April 5, 1889.


Farmville Agricultural and Mechanical District Fair. Premium list. 1889. Lynchburg, Va., 1889. 8°.

Fort Monroe.

Patterson (H. K. W.) War memories of Fort Monroe and vicinity. Containing an account of the memorable battle between the " Merrimac" and "Monitor," the incarceration of Jefferson Davis, and other topics of interest concerning the fort and neighborhood. Fort Monroe, Va.: Pool fir* Deutschle, 1885. 3 p.l., 102 p. 8".


Braxton (C. M.) Map of the battlefield of Fredericksburg [by B. L. Blackford], explained by extracts from official reports; also Gen. Robt. E. Lee's report of the battle. Lynchburg, Va., 1866. 8°.

Ehlers (E. M. L.) Address at the dedication of the monument erected by Major-General Daniel Butterfield at Fredericksburg.. .to commemorate the services of the fifth corps, Army of the Potomac, Memorial day, 1901. [New York: J. J. Little fir" Co., 1901.] 16 pp. 8°.

Fredericksburg, Va., and vicinity. The home of Washington, Mary, the mother of Washington, Richard Henry Lee, Light-horse Harry Lee, and their descendants. New York: University Pub. Co., 1876. 24 p. 12°.

Greene (J. L.) Gen. William B. Franklin and the operations of the left wing at the battle of

Local History, cont'd. Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862. Hartford, Ct.: Belknap cV Warfield, 1900. 38 pp., I map, I port. 8 .

Henderson (George Francis Robert). The campaign of Fredericksburg. November-December, 1862. A tactical study for officers. 3. ed. xviii, 1 1., 145 pp., 4 maps, 2 pi. London: Gale cV* Polden, 1891. 12°.

Howison (Robert R.) Fredericksburg: past, present and future. Published under the direction and for benefit of the Fredericksburg Library and Lyceum Association. Fredericksburg, Va.: R. B. Merchant, 1880. 52 p. 8°.

McGuire (Rev. Edward C.) Centennial commemoration. A sermon, delivered in St. George's Church, Fredericksburg,.. .Oct. 4, 1835, on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of said church. Fredericksburg: Arena Print. Off., 1835. 43 p. 8°.

Report of the proceedings in connection with the monument erected by Major-Gen. Daniel Butterfield, U. S. V., at Fredericksburg, Va., in honor of the Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac, and presentation of a tablet by the 12th N. Y. Regiment Association to the Oneida Historical Society. Utica, N. Y. [1902?] 39 pp., 2 pi., 1 port. 8".

Sickles (Daniel E.) Oration.. .before the Society of the Army of the Potomac, at Fredericksburg, Va., May 25, 1900. n. t.-p. Washington: The Society [1900?]. 24 pp. 8.

Slaughter (Philip). History of St. George's parish in the county of Spotsylvania, Virginia. Edited by R. A. Brock, with a biography of the author, and a continuation, embracing the history of St. George's and Trinity churches to the present time. Richmond: J. W. Randolph & English, 1890. xix, 78 p., 1 pi., 1 port. 12°.

United States.—Statutes. A bill to establish the Fredericksburg and adjacent national battlefields Memorial Park. Introduced in the Senate, by Mr. Sewell, February 24, 1898. «. /. [1898] 22 pp. 40. (55- Cong. S. 3910.)

GermannaHinke (William J.) The first German reformed colony [at Germanna, Orange Co.] in Virginia, 1714-1750. (Journal of the Presbyterian Historical Society, Vol. 2, p. 1-17, 98-110, 140-150. Philadelphia, 1903.)

Gloucester County.

Robins (Sally Nelson). Gloucester. One of the first chapters of the commonwealth of Virginia... [Richmond, Va.: West, Johnston &• Co., 1893.] 21 p., 8 pi. 12°.

Cover title: "History of Gloucester County, Virginia, and its families."

James (Edward Wilson). Census Gloucester Co., 1782-83. (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Vol. 12, p. 14-16, 185-187, 269-271, 414-416. 1904-05.)

Gunston Hall. Rowland (Kate Mason). Gunston Hall, Virginia. »./., 1890. p. 21-28. 8°. Ext. from -'The Home-Maker," 1890.

Hampden Sidney. Hampden Sidney College. Catalogue. Dec, 1824, 1873/4-75/6, 77/8, 79/80-81/2, 91/2-92/3, session no. 49, 98-99, 100, 102. 104-106, 116-117. Richmond, 1825-93. 8°.

The charter and laws of^Hampden Sidney

College, 1829. n. p. [1829] 36 p. 8°.

Hampden - Sidney magazine. Published

monthly by the Union society and Philanthropic society, v. 8, no. I (Oct. 1890). Hampden-Sidney, 1890. 8°.

Harrison (Jesse Burton). Discourse on the prospects of letters and taste in Virginia, before the Literary and Philosophical society, Sept., 1827. Cambridge, 1828. 8°.

Maxwell (William). An oration on the improvement of the people spoken before the Literary and Philosophical society... Sept. 28, 1826. Norfolk: T. G. Broughton, 1826. 52 p. 8°.

Pryor (R.) The religious and secular culture. An address before the alumni.. .June, 1873. New York: Evening Post Steam Press, 1873. 26 p. 8°.

Thornton (William M.) The demands of modern life upon the school. An address before the society of alumni of Hampden Sidney College, delivered June nth, 1890. Wytheville, Va.: D. A. St. Clair, 1890. 16 p. 8°.

Hampshire County.

Memorial of sundry citizens of Hampshire County, State of Virginia. January 29, 1821. Washington: Gales 6V Seaton, 1821. 11 p. 8°. (U. S. 16. Cong., 2. Sess., H. doc. 78.)

Congressional petition relative to regulation of import duties.


Hampton Board of Trade. Hampton illustrated, a brief but accurate sketch of Hampton, Virginia, and its surroundings. Together with the history of its development, resources and commerce from its settlement to the present time.. .Akron, O.: The Werner Ptg. cV Litho. Co., 1892. 39 p. 16".

Hopkins (Mark). Sermon.. .delivered May 20th, 1886, at the dedication of the Memorial Church, a gift by Mr. Elbert B. Monroe, from the estate of the late Frederick Marquand, to the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. Hampton, Va.: Normal School Steam Press, 1886. 37 p. 12".


Patton (J. H.) The triumph of the Presbytery of Hanover; or, Separation of Church and State in Virginia; with a concise history of the Presbyterian Church in the United States from 1705 to 1888. New York : A. D. F. Randolph &• Co. [cop. 1887] x, 137 p. 12°.

Harper's Ferry.

Anderson (Osborn P.) A voice from Harper's Ferry. A narrative of events at Harper's Ferry; with incidents prior and subsequent to its capture by Captain Brown and his men. Boston: the Author, 1861. 72 p. 12°.

Brown (John). Testimonies at Harper's Ferry; with his address to the court. New York: Amer. Anti-slavery soc, i860. 16 p. 12°. (Anti-slavery tracts. New series, no. 7.)

Local History, cont'd.

Cheever (George Barrell). The curse of God against political atheism: with some of the lessons of the tragedy of Harper's Ferry. A discourse... in the Church of the Puritans, New York... Nov. 6, 1859. Boston: Walker, Wist & Co., 1859. 24 p. 8°.

Clarke (James Freeman). Causes and consequences of the affair of Harper's Ferry. A sermon... preached in the Indiana Place Chapel... Nov. 6, 1859. Boston: Walker, Wise cV Co., 1859. 14 p. 8°.

Connelley (William Elsey). An appeal to the record: being quotations from historical documents and the Kansas. .. press, refuting "False claims" ... written for... Charles Robinson by G. W. Brown... Topeka, Kan.: The author, 1903. 130 p. 12°. (Connelley's historical pamphlets, no. I.)

[Drew (T.)] The John Brown invasion: an authentic history of the Harper's Ferry tragedy... Boston: J. Campbell, i860. 112 p., I port. 8°.

Garrison (Wendell Phillips). The preludes of Harper's Kerry, Two papers. [I. John Brown,

fradical shepherd. II. John Brown, Guerrilla.] Boston, 1891.] 21 p. 8 .

Rcpr.: Andover Rev. Dec. 1890, Jan. 1891.

Featherstonhaugh (Thomas). The final burial of the followers of John Brown. (New Eng. Maga. v. 24, p. 128-134. Boston, 19OI.)

Hinton (Richard J.) John Brown and his men. With some account of the roads they traveled to reach Harper's Ferry. New York: Funk cV WagnallsCo., 1894. 752 p., 1 port. 12°. (American reformers.)

Holat (Hermann Eduard von). John Brown [translated by P. Marcou]: edited [with an appendix], by F. P. Stearns. Boston: Cupples &• Nurd [1888]. 1 p.l., 232 pp., 2 pi., 1 port. 12°.

Kapp (F.) Die erste politische Hinrichtung in den Vereinigten Staaten. John Brown. (In: DemokratischeStudien. ..Hamburg, 1860-61. 8°. [v.i.] p. 289-312.)

"Last (The) moments of John Brown.'' Painted by Thomas Hovenden, N. A., 1884... Etched by Thomas Hovenden, N. A., 1885... [A brief sketch of the subject of the painting, and opinions of the press concerning the painting.] Philadelphia: G. Gebbie, 1885. 16 p. sq. 16°.

Life (The), trial and execution of J. Brown> known as "Old Brown of Ossawatomie," with... insurrection at Harper's Ferry. .. Cooke's confession... New York: R. M. De Witt [cop. 1859]108 p., 7 pi., 1 port. 8°.

Block (The) auction. Ossawatomie sold, a mock heroic poem. With portraits and tableaux, illustrative of the characters and actions of the world-renowned order of Peter Funks. Richmond, Va.: J. W. Randolph, i860. 261 p., 10pi. 12°.

New Vork Democratic Vigilant AssociationRise and progress of the bloody out-break at Harper's Ferry...New York: The Association [1859?]20 p. 8°.

Newhall (Fales Henry). The conflict in America. A funeral discourse occasioned by the death of John Brown of Ossawattomie... Dec. ..2, 1859. Boston: M. J. Hewes, 1859. 22 pi. 8°.

Newton (John). Captain John Brown of Harper's Ferry. A preliminary incident to the great Civil war of America. New York: A. Wessels Co., 1902. xi, 288p., 1 1., 6 pi., 1 plan, 2 port. 12°.

New York City. Official report on the great union meeting, held at the Academy of Music, New York, Dec. 19, 1859. New York: Davies &* Kent, 1859. 176 p. 8°.

New York News Letter. May-June, 1901. vol. 34, no. 3. Harper's Ferry and Fredericksburg. New York, 1901. 32 p. 8°.

Phelps (R. N. R.) How Harper's Ferry fell, new light on the hard fight in the mountains from a Federal point of view. [Presented and enlarged with new notes and corrections by the author.] (Royal Blue. v. 5, p. 15-19. Baltimore, 1902.)

Redpath (J.) The Public life of Capt. John Brown, with an auto-biography of his childhood and youth. Boston: Thayer and Eldridge, i860. 408 p., 1 port. 12°.

Sanborn (Franklin Benjamin). The life and letters of John Brown. Boston: Roberts Bros., 1885. 1 p.l., viii, 1 1., 645 p., 1 fac-sim., ipl., 3 port. 8°.

Wright (Marcus Joseph). The trial and execution of John Brown. (Amer. hist, assoc. papers, v. 4, p. 439-452. New York, 1890.)

Henrico County.

Description (A) of Henrico county, Virginia. 1888. Richmond: D. Murphy, 1888. 8 p. 8°.

Flory (John S.) The University of Henrico. (Southern Hist. Ass'n, Pub'ns, vol. 8, p. 40-52. 1904.)

Henrico County.—Board of Supervisors. Henrico County, Virginia: a handbook, embracing an outline of its history and a description of its resources and advantages as a home... Richmond, Va.: Whiffet &> Shepperson, 1893. 46 p. ob. 4°.

History of Henrico University. (Johns Hopkins University Circulars, v. 21, p. 67. Baltimore, 1902.)

Henrico Parish.

Brock (Robert Alonzo). The vestry book of Henrico Parish, Virginia, 1730-1773, from the original manuscript, with notes and appendix. 221 p. (In: Moore (J. S.) Annals of Henrico Parish... Richmond, Va. [cop. 1904.] 8°.)

Burton (Lewis W.) Annals of Henrico Parish, diocese of Virginia, and especially of St. John's Church, the present mother church of the Parish from 1611 to 1884. Richmond, Va.: Williams Ptg. Co., 1904. 8". (In: Moore (J. S.) Annals of Henrico Parish.. . p. 1-54.)

Brock (Robert Alonzo). The vestry book of Henrico Parish, Virginia, i73o-'73, comprising a history of the erection of, and other interesting facts connected with the venerable St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia, from the original manuscript, with two notes and an introduction. . Richmond, Va., 1874. 3 p.l., xvii, [2]-222 p. 4°. (Wynne's Historical Documents from the Old Dominion. No. 5.)

No. 41 of 100 copies printed.

Moore (J. Staunton). History of St. John's Church, Richmond, Virginia, from 1884 to 1904. (In his: Annals of Henrico Parish.. .Richmond, Va., cop. 1904. p. 55-541. 8°.)

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