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Longfellow, Indians, Telephone engineering; Webster, Japanese, Birds, Plants; Yorkville, Sea yarns; 96TH Street, Abraham Lincoln, Cotton, Puritans in England, New York in Colonial times, Oliver Cromwell, Paradise Lost and its author? Holy Grail, House of Commons, New Amsterdam; Bloomingdale, Dante, Minerals, School stories, Lists for grade work in public schools; Aguilar, Japan, Mexico, West Indies, Ireland, European travel, Travel in the North West; 125TH Street, Indoor games, Mexico, Good books, Country homes; Mott Haven, New Amsterdam, Pilgrims, Children of Holland; Tremont, Evolution of kindness, Impressment of American seamen, Jamestown celebration, the Pirate, Snakes, Solar system; Port Richmond, The drama, Gardening; Tottenville, Staten Island birds.

In addition there were bulletins on Easter at twelve branches, on Thomas B. Aldrich at six branches, on new books at five, on Spring at four, on the opera at three, on St. Patrick's day at three, on music at three, and on the Chinese Empire at two branches.

At the Lenox Branch, a tenth exhibition of the work of American artists was opened on March 2d. This exhibit comprises a selection from recent accessions of work by contemporary artists, and serves to call attention to the extensive collection of the work of these various artists in the print room.

At the Astor Branch, the exhibition of Martin's "Oriental carpets" was continued, and Smith's "Venice of to-day" was replaced on March 9th by plates from Champier's "Les anciens almanachs illustreV



Part III.



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1888, etc.

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1889, etc.

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